KH-Vids Podcast Podcast Prelude: Staff Questions III

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    Hey everyone! We're excited to be having yet another Staff Questions podcast!


    For those unfamiliar with the Staff Questions podcasts, basically, we post a thread in which you guys can send in questions. These questions can be directed at a specific staff member, or to the entire group. The host--in this case, me!--will ask our staff members these questions over the podcast!

    The following staff members will (hopefully!) be appearing, so feel free to direct questions either to one of them or the group!
    • Kites
    • Krowley
    • Mike
    • Peace and War
    • Stardust
    Stuck for question ideas? Consider inquiring about any of the following!
    • Our lives (work, school, friendships)
    • Our hobbies and interests outside of KH-Vids
    • Advice, opinions, suggestions, concerns
    • Kingdom Hearts
    • or any you want to ask us about or tell us!
    Please remember that this is a PG-13 podcast, so all questions should fall under that category. If you would like a question to be anonymous, feel free to send it to me in a personal conversation--I promise I won't tell! We may not be able to get to every question, but we'll try our hardest. Make sure you indicate who you want the question to be directed to--if no one, just write "group," or something along those lines!

    To avoid being overloaded with questions, please try to be equal in your asking--for example, don't ask eleven questions to Kites and none to Krowley.

    Get your questions in, because this thread will be locked on Friday, February 1st!
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Misty, Jan 28, 2013.

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    1. Rean
      Do we ask our questions in this thread or PM them to you, Misty?
    2. Misty
      Ask them in this thread, if you want it to be confidential you can message them to me but for organization's sake, it's easier if it's all in this thread.
    3. Airi Ban
      Airi Ban
      To each of the group- How did you find Khv and what made you decide to join?
    4. Cat~
      Okay, I'll probably be repeating some questions from the last podcast since unoriginal Cat is unoriginal. ;-;

      Everyone: Has your time on staff lived up to any previous expectations you'd had?
      Mike: Not a question but we love you! If a demo version of the HD Remix is released on PSN, will you do another review podcast?
      PaW: Are you nervous about running the podcast alone?
      Stardust: Would you ever have members judge for the Top 5 or help you out at all? *hint hint*
      Everyone: Where do you think you'd be right now if KHV hadn't been a part of your life?

      Will edit/add if I come up with any~
    5. Plums
      Kites: You're picking me up for the GRAND CANADA TOUR right?
      Everyone: If you could trade places with one member on the forum, who would it be and why?
    6. Rean
      • What do you do in your everyday life? Do you enjoy school or work and find it easy to make friends and keep a relationship with them?
      • What are are your interests, hobbies, etc. outside of KH-Vids?
      • Which Kingdom Hearts game is your favorite and why?
      • Which Kingdom Hearts boss battle in the game you chose is your favorite and why?
      • What was your most embarrassing moment, the most embarrassing thing done to you, and / or the most embarrassing thing you did?

      • Question Time's already passed for you, but back then, I only asked things like, "Do you like me as a friend?" and whatnot. What would you say your past and current impressions of me are?
      • If we lived in the same area, would you go out with me and do you think we could commit to a relationship?
      • What do you like when going to places like McDonald's or Subway?

      • You already answered this in Question Time, but tell us in voice why you chose Krowley.
      • What were your biggest fears as a kid?
      • What was your biggest achievement?

      • If we lived in the same area, do you think we could build a great relationship?
      • Have your family and friends been very accepting that you're bi and warm to you?
      • What is your favorite thing to cook?

      Peace and War:
      • Are you a boy?
      • Why are you a boy?
      • What's the difference between Amaury and Peace and War?

      • Are you a girl?
      • Why are you a girl?
      • What do you hope to accomplish in the near future?
      • Cookies or cake and why?

      Hope I did this right.
    7. Cat~
      You should've asked Ash-shot-
    8. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      I feel like I shkuld ask suff but i'm not sure if that's or not? XD

      PaW: Why are you so great? : 3
    9. libregkd
    10. Cat~
      PaW: Why are you asking why you're so great?
    11. Plums
      Just for reference, Misty's only hosting haha. She won't be answering questions cuz she sucks

      The questions are specifically for the people listed (especially PaW, Krowley and Kites since they've never had one before).
    12. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      I was expecting an "Why is your spelling terrible, PaW?"

      But anyway seriousness for now:

      All - pick a favourite fruit
      Kites - Favourite Mass effect character (not Garrus!) and why? Favourite Mass Effect game?
      Krowley - Hug me please? : )
      Mike - Why don't I see any of your sexy pics on in the PYP thread anymore? D:
      Star - Are you still in love with Monkey Island or has or the jokin killed it for you? D:
    13. Graxe
      All: You all randomly meet each other somewhere one day and you can only say one thing to everyone before leaving. What do you say to the others?

      Stardust: Does this description describe or at least resemble your origins? And yes, stairs.

      Mike: You know of the infamous scene involving you in Resident Evil 4, yes? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

      Peace and War: What is your most and least preferred alignment (Chaotic Evil, etc.) when applied to real life? The stupid versions (Lawful Stupid, Stupid Evil, etc.) are included.

      Kites: What would be your preferred method of time travel and why?

      Krowley: A door materializes in your room. Opening it leads you back into your room through your computer screen. Why is the door there?
    14. Mike
      Wow! That's SO weird. I just came on to upload a picture of myself in that section...and then I saw your comment PAW. Well I got a new picture of myself recording lines as Roxas. Hehe

    15. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      And the world is right again.
      I'll think of a better question when we're on the pod together!

      Actually I do have a nother question i wanna ask you all:
      On Staff, who has the best knowledge about Kingdom Hearts in your opinion?
      Or if not on Staff (because you have no clue) then any member.
    16. jafar
      Group: Hot sauce?
    17. Fork
      What do you like most about KHV?
      Who's your favorite super moderator? ;3

      What do you want to study in college/Uni? (keyblade masters aren't real)
      Do you drink vodka before going to bed? (you know, because you're russian)

      What pixar character, besides Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, do you wish was real?
      Do you like whales?

      What do you usually do in your free time? (Besides KH related stuff)
      Can you give us your best impression of Scar from The Lion King? or you know, just basically do a Jeremy Irons impression

      Would you ever consider a job in voice acting?
      Excited for Britney's next album?

      What is your favorite memory from when you were a kid?
      You're the only person in the podcast who's not from North-America. How does that make you feel?
      Sing for us?
    18. Dinny
      What is the greatest life lesson you have learned from the Kingdom Hearts series?
      If you were stuck in a mountain with little resources to survive, which staff member, premium member and normal member would you like to have with you?

      I'm just wondering, how do you do your make up? Cause oh my glob it's always so fantastic - I hope you don't mind me asking!
      If you could have any one fantasy creature as a pet what would it be?

      What would you have been in your past life?
      What made you want to be a reporter for KHV?

      Can you please do your best Jesse McCartney-one line from Just So You Know voice over/ singing cover?
      If you were invited to one crazy gameshow, which one would you like to be invited to and why?

      If you were a teacher would you be the tardiness-is-a-sin-i-will-murder-you-strict teacher or would you be the cool-i'm-one-of-you-guys teacher?
      If an apocalyptic plague happened tomorrow, how would you prepare yourself today?

      Pixie dust?
      What would you do if you were teleported to Traverse Town right now?
    19. Mike
      Are you talking about his song?
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