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  1. Destined Working for WDW

    May 6, 2007
    Lost in the Rockies

    The water crashes against the pebbled beach,

    Six years have shown strength’s and hardship beat upon this surf.
    But as I watch the tide drift out,
    I notice our troubled past set sail into the sunset.

    Alone I rest on the rough sand.
    Memories flood my conscience,
    Recollecting on our wild experiments
    And love for music.

    Music drifts apon the moonlight water surge,
    Lyrics escape my soul, setting a jubilant note.
    Madrigals has intertwined us as one,
    And nay alteration is unfathomable.

    Your unlimited energy can only be countered
    With your ability to make those around you laugh.
    The tide may sail away,
    But we shall sing together again…
  2. Catch the Rain As the world falls down ♥

    Apr 2, 2007
    The Labyrinth
    Poetry Contest: January 2009

    Again I know I'm a jerk, so sue me D:

    Sorry loves <3 life in the world of CtR is about as far from the theme of December's contest as is humanly possible.

    On with the show :ninjacat:

    The winner of last months contest has been decided as being Miketymike, his use of imagery was delicious and it had a great feel to it.

    Now I must say, please, no-one IM me or PM me complaining about who won. Deal with it maturely please D:

    So here we are, first contest of the year, so perhaps it is only fitting that this month's theme is New Starts. When something ends, something else begins, with the last year behind us, lets continue onwards with the poetry I know you guys are capable of <3

    Deadline: January 31st

    Results: xD; I'm aiming for February the 2nd. I'll apologise in advance if it is delayed. I'm in my final semester now @_@

    <3 Good luck
  3. sinister King's Apprentice

    Oct 5, 2007
    i don't live...
    hurrah for great poetry!!
    well done everyone who wrote their own poetry!

    ...i might try one for this month...
    but i'm just going to fail....
  4. Sonic the Hedgehog The Blue dude is back!!

    I've been writing poetry alot lately.But I know I'm gonna lose.I'm not even gonna enter.
  5. robert the yogurt Traverse Town Homebody

    micketymike - Well done it was lovely poem.

    sinister - You don't know til you try you may just win again. Your poetry is eally good.

    Sonic The Hedgehog - Its not all about weather you win or not. Win or lose it could be a great poem. You never know what'll happen till you try. Please just give it a shot.

    You and I.
    We failed for the first time.
    Where did it go wrong?
    I loved you so much.
    But then the loathing built up.
    You hated me.
    Your giving it to me easier now.
    My love please forgive me Let me show how much you mean to me.
    We'll go somewhere nice to celebrate you.
    Just please please lets use this chance to turn things around.
    Look at what your doing.
    You've reduced me to begging you.
    Please just give me the old you back.
    Please this is my final oppurtunity.
    Please give me my old life back.
    Not for me but for the loved ones of mine.
  6. Fayt-Harkwind Where yo curly mustache at?

    Mar 16, 2007
    God I haven't written poetry in a while, so sorry if it seems odd XD

    Starting with a laugh.
    Dare you do fail.
    Lost for lyrics?
    Fall not into despair,
    as music begins.
    Echo of reality,
    What must I do?
    Patience to the end.

    Kinda a read between the lines type thing.
  7. Rayku Kingdom Keeper

    Jan 10, 2008
    Gotham City
    Ugh, this suckkks

    Starting Anew

    Going down the winding roads, Lost for words, Unable to find you.
    Turning, Turning, Turning…Going in circles just to find you. Roads leading into dead ends.
    Day becomes night, and night becomes day. Stars seem to keep me alive for you. Can I continue on without you without turning to you in the morning? My soul may leave but my body shall start anew for another day, another dream.
  8. Spunk Ransom you're already perfect

    Oct 29, 2006
    Our Division
    I see you there,
    but I fight to ignore you.
    I see your glare.
    as the wind blew,
    I knew,
    I knew that I had to
    start anew.

    You were deceitful,
    and unfair.
    I tried to stay cheerful,
    but you wouldn't dare
    to look me in the eye
    and say, "You were my prayer."

    I thought we would be together forever,
    but I should of have been a bit more clever,
    to ever believe,
    that there could be a thing as you and me.

    As I see you now,
    I know I made the right decision,
    to brake our vow,
    And begin anew with our division.​
  9. T3F Chaser

    Mar 16, 2008
    Nice work micketymike! here is my failure!:

    Never Again

    Never again will i slip and fall
    Never again will i say nothing at all
    Never again will I not belong
    Never again will I do something wrong
    Never again will i be this weight
    Never again will I have to hate
    Never again will I be afraid
    Never again will i have to be saved
    Never again will I be so shy
    Never again will i even try
    Never again will i fail
    Never again will I break a nail
    Never again will i make the wrong choice
    Never again will i have to hear your voice
    Never again will I listen to the boss
    Never again will I have a loss
    Never again will I fall in love
    Never again will I push and shove
    Never again will there be something i miss
    Never again will I write a poem like this

    Hopefully with these, I'll succeed
    To meet the goals I want to achieve!
  10. Yuki276 Merlin's Housekeeper

    Jan 1, 2009
    Brunei..so far from you , i know
    Beginning of friendship,
    starts with small steps,
    Just like new day,
    Till the sun sets.

    But friendship would never set down,
    Because you were always around,
    You're smile that shines so bright,
    Brings a hope of flight to my heart.

    Sometimes time turns the wrong fate,
    To forgive was never to late,
    Forget the mistakes that was done,
    But to learn from it is never undone.

    When one day we have to depart,
    Just like the sun that sets into the dark,
    i pray we meet again,
    And to never lose hope.

    Because no matter what happens,
    It will always be a new day for me and you,

    hmmm confuses a bit ?? its been a while since i worte my last poem
  11. robert the yogurt Traverse Town Homebody

    How comes you guys are all being so negative? Every time you enter the theme is different so you may have really good ideas for 1 theme but not for another...Trying is what counts.
  12. Juicy Chaser

    May 29, 2008
    Robert, that post was unnesscesary >:

    I watched the leaves last Autumn,
    The gold and bronze facade,
    I wandered free last Winter
    And spent Summer in the shade,

    I watched the leaves roll over,
    Knew my life might drift away,
    The ice of night ate up my hopes
    And by winter my heart was stray,

    But soon those leaves were green,
    I watched the world go on by,
    Maybe, just maybe, if the world can start afresh,
    Maybe, just maybe, so could I.

    Ummm, not sure where my mind was going with that poem :V
  13. robert the yogurt Traverse Town Homebody

    Sorry. It just bugs me to see people being negative about themselves. And that is a good poem by the way.
  14. Redeyesblackdragon Twilight Town Denizen

    Apr 12, 2007
    Anew Sprout

    A Poem by Redeyesblackdragon (Tim)

    The Wind was Blowing

    The Sky was blue

    The Sun Was Shining

    A Sprout Came Up From The Ground

    What Could That Be In This Here Ground?

    Could It Be Anew Sprout?

    I Bent Down To Observe This New Sprout

    It Looked At Me Like A Green Dart

    Shiny and New Ready To Bloom

    New And Old It Will Always

    Look at you with that same

    Warming look of A New Beginning
  15. T A F F Y シ Hollow Bastion Committee

    Jun 9, 2008
    France, Marseille
    Lost in the White Snow

    I was walking in the thick snow
    Finding a way to get home
    I was feeling like a lonely foe,
    Looked like I was trapped in a white dome.

    The breeze was slapping my face like thick ice,
    My legs were so numb that it looked like I was on air.

    Then I was rolling down the snow like a dry dice,
    This was a cold hell that nobody could bear.

    I opened my eyes and hoped for help,
    I went beyond tears.

    There was nobody except myself,
    And nothing but fear.

    At first I saw a black dot,
    And then it was enlarging,
    But it was very hard to spot,
    It looked like they were foraging.

    I was running with my powerless body,
    They put me on a stretcher.

    I knew it was somebody,
    Then I felt a bit fresher.

    So this is my painful truth,
    Lost in the white winter.

    I did not believe I made this way Through,
    If you were me,
    You would feel like a dry splinter.

  16. Rayku Kingdom Keeper

    Jan 10, 2008
    Gotham City
    How are we going to get the results if CTR isnt here D:
  17. xJoshuax Merlin's Housekeeper

    Dec 13, 2008
    New Star, Bright Start

    A star glimmers,
    Telling of a new start,
    Bringing new hope,
    Washing away dismal thoughts.

    The stars shine big and bright,
    A cluster of people gather,
    Rallying their dreams and hopes,
    Together they form a circle,
    The circle of hope,
    The circle of dreams.

    A voice whispers,
    A whisper among the shouting,
    A whisper of hope,
    Bringing down walls of old hate,
    Building walls of new dreams.

    We all head in a new direction,
    A new direction in a new year,
    Just like a new star begins its bright start,
    We head off to a new start.
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