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  1. sweet_and_silent Merlin's Housekeeper

    OK I gave a little thought into this one, this is how I see the seasons

    dreading winter
    Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
    Seasons 4 together mark a year.
    First comes Spring.
    Blossoming with flowers and sunshine thawing the cold devastation of Winter
    Next comes Summer.
    The warmest season of the year with sunshine lots of people outside at the beach, Winter slowly approaches.
    Next my favourite Autumn.
    Leaves of different colours fall, some brown, some red its just a pretty sight at autumn but there is a hint of Winter standing right next to Autumn.
    Finally Winter is here.
    Cold with no hint that Spring will ever return, snow monsers running around, people being poisoned by snow.
    Will Winter ever end?
    Still all the other children enjoy it throwing snowballs at me which is worse? Them? Or the monsters?
    Only two things can warm the Winter.
    Christmas a time of giving and being with family.
    Then at last.
    Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
    Seasons 4 mark a year.
    First comes Spring
    Blossoming with flowers and sunchine thawing the cold devastation of Winter​
  2. Peace and War Bianca, you minx!

    May 25, 2007
    Cisgender Male
    Haha, thank you for the honurable mention, judges, it honurs me greatly! ^^
    Now to get a winning poem up and running! :D (though it won't probably be this month but I could get lucky)
    Oh and good luck everyone!

    Summer's Shining Hope

    Summer, comes but once a year,

    With the green green grass,
    Running through my fingers,

    I fall back to the bed of flowers,
    The smell is like a rare perfume,

    The sun's embrace,
    So warm and tender,

    My eyes, gazing at worlds endless sky,
    The endless blue, of unknown,

    My love, my Sky,
    Don't you ever stop,
    Being you,
    You are the smile on my face,

    A hug for love, a kiss of good luck,
    And next year...
    You'll have me...
    And I...
    For You......​
  3. Catch the Rain As the world falls down ♥

    Apr 2, 2007
    The Labyrinth
    Poetry Contest: July 2008~

    A few things to say guys.

    Firstly the response to these has been decreasing for a while now, and with the low turnout in last month's contest it appeared that it was dead ;_;

    However since I have had a couple of PMs regarding the contests from people who want them to carry on then carry on they shall <3

    Last Month's Winner is:

    This one is the best that we have seen from you love, and the repetition at the end worked great, linking it back to the start in a reflection of the continuous nature of season.

    This months theme shall be fear.

    As always:

    7 lines minimum.

    Deadline will be July 30th
    Results will be posted 31st
  4. sinister King's Apprentice

    Oct 5, 2007
    i don't live...
    is this alright?

    a star is born in blackened sky,
    higher up than wings can fly,
    seen by humans, seen by trees,
    seen by wolves and cats and bees,
    it glows with spirit of the light,
    seen by every infants sight,
    light is naught but death so far...., said the glowing pretty star...

    i'm sorry but that stank!!!
    god i suck at this
  5. Clawtooth Keelah se'lai!

    Mar 14, 2007
    congratz to s&s!

    and now mine:


    Dark corners,
    Reverent mourners,
    Stony coffins,
    Flocks of griffins

    Needles piercing in our flesh,
    Knives slicing cutlets fresh,
    Spiders spinning, fire burning,
    The revolver barrel slowly turning.

    Screams of terror,
    A doctor's operation error,
    The droplets fresh of new-shed blood,
    The river running going to flood.

    Mad axeman running to you're door,
    Snakes sliding across the floor,
    Even the though of this poem now,
    May scare someone, somewhere, somehow.

    But the darkness lit, the funeral done,
    The coffin buried, the griffins outrun,
    The needles and knives are blunt and done,
    Spider squished, fire put out and the bullets, there are none

    The scream is that of merry laughter,
    The operation was successful after,
    The blood is paint and therefor fake,
    The river will never leave the lake.

    The axeman is only your best friend,
    The snake, a cable you need to mend,
    The tale you may be happy to know,
    Is over and I may end your woe.​
  6. Jiku Neon Kingdom Keeper

    Jul 24, 2007
    Moe, Victoria

    Always The End

    There are those who know I’m average
    Others that know I’m not
    There are places to take anchorage
    Others where you’ll be shot
    There are worlds and worlds of life
    Thousands more of death
    Alone struggle we through strife
    Crawling forwards to our last breath
    There are those who say that’s life
    Others that say it’s death
    But who of us is to really say
    Of all of us standing here today
    Of all of us who fear today
  7. sinister King's Apprentice

    Oct 5, 2007
    i don't live...
    aw...i don't stand a chance....
    um...can you make several poems....
    cuz i made mine in only 2 minutes and that's pretty stupid....
    you'r poems are awesome
  8. T3F Chaser

    Mar 16, 2008
    It doesn't really have anything to do with fear, just read it.

    I cry
    On the telephone
    For you to come home
    Tell me
    That I’m right

    I cry
    In the middle of the night
    Will you be alright
    Tell me
    That I’m right

    Then I see your face on the television
    Tell me I’m not seeing it
    Then I stare into your eyes In the photograph
    And I know that you’ve ended it

    I stood by you
    For as long as I could
    I helped you through
    For as long as I should
    But I knew it
    Wasn’t right

    Now I sit here
    Thinking over it
    And I couldn’t
    Stop it
    But I knew it
    Wasn’t right
  9. sweet_and_silent Merlin's Housekeeper

    Like wow, I never actually thought i'd win but hey I won. And thank you for congratulating me Clawtooth. I was never intending on winning anyhow I just like composing poems but I never really get much time and I like to know what my good and bad points are so if I post online I know

    Look what you have done.
    You have brought this feeling upon me.
    Fear runs through my veins faster than blood because of you.
    I wish I never knew.
    Wake me from my real life nightmare.
    I am so scared and lonely.
    It's all because of you.
    You are the fear.
    You terrorize me and laugh like it's a game.
    Like putting somebody afraid of heights on the tallest building.
    Please, please stop!
    You hate everything about me.
    I am too scared to run.
    I'd know you were after me.
    Look what you have done.
    You have destroyed me forever...​
  10. Peace and War Bianca, you minx!

    May 25, 2007
    Cisgender Male
    It Takes Just You

    It Takes Just You

    My beautiful friend, how you've grown,

    Tap,tap,tap on the metal,
    As I crawl along the walls,

    10 years ago? The last time we met?

    Mmmmmm, tasty,
    Licking my lips looking at your soft neck,

    I forget, years pass like falling leaves to me,

    I can hear your heart...beating and beating,
    That blood of yours, a delicate taste,

    But only you can see that, I'm as young as ever,

    Not long left,
    for my teeth to pierce the skin,

    And for that You have to go, far away,

    Don't be afraid, don't fret,
    I'm here, for you,
    Now you die,
    Raa, your neck so weak, to click,
    Forget me not, when you visit hell,
    I'll be visiting soon.​
  11. Sexy Sheva Banned

    Jul 22, 2007
    don't turn around
    Hearth Thumping, Shakiness, Frightened. What is your true fear?
    A monster in the closet? Or a little harmless deer?
    Someone who is mean, Someone who is nice
    A few little bugs, or maybe some mice.
    Fear of Love or Fear of hate.
    Too much to fear is not so great.
    Light and Dark, Dark and light
    One at morning and one at night
    Fear of getting up, fear of laying down
    fear of losing you or getting around
    "Fear is nothing, fear is your friend"
    Don't let it get to you, or it will be the end.
    Conquer your dark, conquer your hate
    conquer your fear, it's never too late.
  12. Tora-chan Traverse Town Homebody

    May 6, 2008
    It lingers in the darkness
    Just barely out of sight
    And when you dare to look that way
    It gives you quite a fright.
    You run without moving
    Gain while you're losing
    Forced to stand still
    Against all your will
    Its cold fingers grip tight
    Your heart beats with all its might
    You shut your eyes and then you see
    What Fear can truely be.
  13. Pistol Schoolboy Gummi Ship Junkie


    Congratulations, sweet_and_silent, on the win !


    I'm not one for jail, but it seems as if I'm in this cell.
    The cell with the blunt gray letters saying out to me "reality".
    Trying so hard, I ride my wings,
    I try to love my family and friends,
    However, karma is knocking at my door, and asking for her friend payback.
    I can't help but tear the teal,
    As I wish that maybe someone would loock in a different cell.

    Breaking out, discovering torture,
    Why is it the innocent must commit suicide so early?
    Is it because the world is distorted with the socialism of a hamster?
    Or am I just the only one who has never discovered it in the first place?
    These answers that fade even before interragation,
    I can't stand the confusion any longer.

    Why can't the bullet of heartbreak just take my beating existence away?
    Not even my own consciousness, the one who has been saving my life from the truck of death,
    Can't even answer the complex shatters of my phantasm.
    Off topic, off subject, my life is all that follows.
    Data being erased second by second as the thoughts of cessation run quietly through my intellect.
    So, I ask you this now, and only once shall I ever let it escape my lips,

    Why must I not be an evanescence?
  14. Shuhbooty moon child

    Mar 12, 2007
    It’s a Bitter sweet taste
    It was difficult to watch you
    Walk in my house
    All upset about something I did

    Your eyes are shot blood red
    You look scared,
    As I taste this bitter feeling

    I blink my eyes
    To see you gone
    I scream your name
    But receive only silence.

    The bitter taste strongly grows
    As the lights to my house goes out,
    The music I make with your name
    Draws out all silence that was left

    Sharp pain flows threw me,
    I flip around, to find you
    Right in my face with a grieve expression

    I belch your name one last time
    The pain returns, as I run into a wall
    Tripping on objects, I run for the door
    The bitter taste increased so much,
    It's flowing down my face.

    The pain shoot up my spine
    As I howl for help
    The light return, to see you
    As you and I, drenched in a gleaming dark color
    I choke one countless things, unable to belch
    My fear
  15. Catch the Rain As the world falls down ♥

    Apr 2, 2007
    The Labyrinth
    Poetry Contest: August 2008~

    Winner of July is Tora-Chan, whilst all the poem entered in July were excellent, this one was felt to have something within in that called out. Congratulations.

    Theme for August: music.

    7 lines minimum like always.

    Keep up your standards guys, some of you are improving greatly <3

    Deadline: August30th
    Result: September 2nd

    Good Luck <3
  16. Tora-chan Traverse Town Homebody

    May 6, 2008
    *shock* really? thank you so much CtR! :D
    I'll post a little music poem I just came up with:

    Music is the season.
    It's the simple reason.
    It links every soul,
    Makes a half feel whole.
    It has more expression than the human face
    Is never considered out of place.
    It soothes, inspires,
    With keys and strings and brass and wires.
    Thank the world for music
    Because without it,
    We are nothing.
  17. Sexy Sheva Banned

    Jul 22, 2007
    don't turn around
    The melody quickly fills the room at a certain tempo, ever so lightly
    The fingers pressing against the instrument, strumming the notes ever so gently.
    The black and white keys glowing through the flow of the one playing the song
    Be careful not to mess up or your melody will turn out wrong
    The room echoing through the light song, becoming more and more upbeat
    Soon the cool air around you, makes it harder to breathe and then here comes the heat
    The shaking chords and the rumbling notes soon fade through at a quiet end
    The applause started, and one thing caught your mind, your faithful friend
  18. GhettoXemnas literally dead inside

    Jun 9, 2007
    Music is flowing
    Like wind is blowing
    Notes in the air
    Like lice in your hair
    Music is expression
    Like a first impression
    So write some lyrics and play some notes
    Use some beats and some fly quotes
    To let us know how you feel
    Please be for real
    Because I will listen
    And now I am finished
    Peace out
    G's out
    Bleed out
    /Bored x___x

    Jan 30, 2007
    czar casm
    I sat in the roomed, filled with people, they talk, they laughed as they drank merrily
    I watched the trio of violinist's getting ready, then the minute the bow hit the strings
    I walked to the front, A girl also did
    the minute we hit shoulders,
    We danced, we laughed, We romanced, We shared our love for the music that made us meet
    As if it shall be destiny
  20. robert the yogurt Traverse Town Homebody

    OK i'm new here, but I saw this contest and thought I'd give it a crack. Anyway good luck everyone and may the best poet win. :) (:

    Deadly Music

    I sit alone in my room.
    My headphones in my ears.
    The music flows through me like poison.
    spreading, both calming my soul and worrying it.
    the melodys of the tune are so soothing.
    But the words just eat away to panic.
    The music is so hard to fight I gave up fighting.
    The final words that panic my soul dies away.
    The next song is a soothing one putting me to rest.
    Saving me from the rest of the world.
    So now the barrier is set, all I have to do is listen.
    And enjoy the loneliness.
    And so all I do is two things now.
    As the song ends and takes e back to panic.
    I listen to the critical words that hit me like rocks and.
    I sit alone in my room.
    My headphones in my ears.
    The music flows through me like poison...
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