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Discussion in 'Archives' started by Catch the Rain, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. Peace and War Bianca, you minx!

    May 25, 2007
    Cisgender Male

    White K-Wrap

    Give me a tune, I want to start the song
    Going to make it up as I go along

    The words tell the story, my whole little life
    While the bass, guitar stops the strife,

    The blind can see the beauty and the beat
    Just listen with heart, tap with your feet.

    Raise your hands, sway them side to side,
    Clap them together and fill that divide

    One day I’ll die, music will live on
    So just shut up and go turn that tune on.​
  2. Diamond Angel Merlin's Housekeeper

    May 5, 2008
    I Love The Music When The Music's In Me

    never posted in here before, at least i don't think.


    I love the melody flowing through me
    I love the urban originality
    I love the sound of music in me
    I love the insanity
    I love the control over me

    I love the way I move about
    I love the happiness that I never wanna pout
    I love the electricity insdie and out
    I love the never ending shout

    I love the tempo so fast tonight
    I love the habits, I wanna dance all night
    I love the energy, won’t rest with all my might

    I love the melody flowing through me
    I love the urban originality
    I love the sound of music in me
    I love the insanity
    I love the control over me
    I love the senselessness of dancing

    I love the imagination
    I love the nervous motion

    I love the magic of the feel today
    I love the energy that I feel in every way

    So scream it out with me:
    I love the music when the music’s in me

    Ok, hidden sentence. Long title. Anymore surprises?
  3. Sumi suicidé

    Jan 12, 2008
    the void
    break the peace
    scream a high B flat
    let pain flow through your intrument
    let the flute take your greif away
    and release it with a bittersweet tune

    whisper a low F natural
    and whisper your forbidden hope
    silence birds and the rustling of leaves
    as you break the neighorhood peace

    tune out any disbeliefs with D natural
    sing in harmony with no nature
    as you break its only wish for peace
    replace it with your wish for music
  4. Catch the Rain As the world falls down ♥

    Apr 2, 2007
    The Labyrinth
    Poetry Contest: September 2008

    Winner for August was Diamond Angel. We loved the idea of the secret message. The repetition worked well which is a good thing as more often than not repetition can have a negative effect on a piece. Congratulations <3

    Theme for September is: Conflict.

    We have decided to remove the line limits from this contest onwards.

    Deadline: September 30th
    Results posted: October 2nd

    Good luck loves <3 and thank you for your continued participation.​
  5. Peace and War Bianca, you minx!

    May 25, 2007
    Cisgender Male
    congrats, DA, you did great. ^^

    I really thought i'd win that time though, guess my rap just weren't up to scrap. XD
    And yes i'll stop the rhymes in sentences if I can remember.

    My Old Friend

    I just want to run away, from the struggle,
    I just want to sink away, from our conflicting minds,

    You were my best ever friend,
    Showed it by the love I'd send,
    What happened to turn you from friend to foe?

    You raise your hand to strike me down,
    Each and every time, in public, in town,
    Just want to make yourself feel strong,

    Want to get away, from you
    Want to feel like i'm worth more than you say,
    Want to show how bad it can feel,
    To take so so many pills,

    Oh how long will I stay so unhappy,
    And feel so crappy,
    By not being loved by you?

    Tell me, oh why, oh why, before I die...

    Oh friend, why did you trade your curing palm,
    Into the fist that breaks my heart...and arm...​
  6. T3F Chaser

    Mar 16, 2008
    omg! Congratulations diamond angel! You should really do these more often

    my entry will be soon
  7. robert the yogurt Traverse Town Homebody

    Nice one diamond angel! ACROSTIC POEMS RULE! the first letter of every sentence spells all together THE CONFLICT

    Their life is great. Playing eith their toys.
    Here WE are being played with, their life is luxurious.
    Everyone elses? Guess what we are? We are the toys.

    Conflict between us and them.
    Our army is small and the soldiers refuse to fight.
    National victims that won't fight for they can't hurt a person deliberately.
    Fire burns in some of our eyes, some of us still think we can escape, not me.
    Like bugs trying to escape their feet we don't fight we run.
    Inside our hearts we know we can't run from them but we run anyway.
    Conflict all around, some of us turn traitor and join them to save themselves.
    This is the conflict we must vanquish all that call themselves chavs or emos.​
  8. Xaale Sylph of Hope

    Nov 22, 2007
    Land of Autumn and Angels
    Sanctuary of the Dead

    Battling the tears in the sanctuary
    The place where the dead lie
    You fight the things that held you back
    And fight the power to deny

    You want back what was yours
    Before the scoundrels steal
    Those thieves, the burglars
    The ones who cause ordeal

    Now as you rest at the grave of the loved one
    A flower carressed on the ground
    You fight back the pain of those who took
    Everything that you and him found.

    Auctioned? Stolen? Destroyed?
    What has become of the things he cared for?
    He might have been narcissistic, yes
    But in the end what does it matter?

    As you sit in the sanctuary of the dead
    You wonder why he did it.
    Was it because of his childhood
    Or because of his girlfriend's relationship?

    She was fed up with him, and left him
    Alone and depressed in the world
    For once he wasn't in company of himself
    He was truly alone in the dirt.

    So what he did ended his life
    To live with the dead in this place
    As you look at his grave, your grave
    You regret being full of yourself.

    Ah, the ordeals of a narcissistic person. He commited suicide and was looking at his own grave, if you didn't get it.

    I haven't written poetry in a while XD​
  9. TheMagicalMisterMistoffelees Professional Crazy

    Aug 5, 2008
    The other side of the monitor
    I just heard about the poetry contest... so I dug this out of my pile of old poetry last night.

    Darkened Paradise
    The fireflies
    are our only light,
    On this darkened side of paradise.
    I looked into their eyes,
    with such surprise,
    to see that their hearts
    are just like mine.

    I gathered the light
    that held off the night
    In the brighter side of paradise.
    I held it tight,
    and crushed the light,
    to show this world
    my awesome might.

    Now I hear their cries
    and saddened sighs,
    and wonder if what I had done was right.
    I see my lies,
    and look into their eyes,
    to find that their hearts
    are just like mine.​
  10. robert the yogurt Traverse Town Homebody

    Wow some good poetry around here. Are there any famous people on this site that write books and stuff?
  11. Clawtooth Keelah se'lai!

    Mar 14, 2007

    I remember the shots over no-mans-land
    The gas shells
    The Flares and sirens
    I remember the bayonets peircing arms
    The Trenchfoot
    The Cold
    I remember Turning my back on the enemy
    Running and running
    With bloody feet and fatigued head.
    I remember reaching rest
    The releif
    the joy
    I remember being taken and blindfolded
    The dark
    the fear
    I remember spending my last night alone
    the empty barn
    the mice and rats
    I remember being led out at crack of dawn
    The offices
    The squad
    I remember the rope on my wrists
    The shout
    the wrattle
    I remember my heart like the beat of the drum
    The first shot
    The impact
    Nothing ...

    Sorry if that sucked ^_^;

    Also darkrequiem I hate you, you made me lose the game.
  12. T3F Chaser

    Mar 16, 2008
    Uh-oh, no wins for me this month ^_^'
    But, You can't knock it till you try it-am I right?

    Ok, mine:

    Conflict is for eternity
    Going through everyones head
    Men are discussing to fight others
    Why fight? Just talk instead!
    Your life given up, it is a shame
    What it has led you to
    But to conclude, conflict should not exist
    You want to stop it, but what can you do?

    Very short, but sweet. notice how conflict is spelt digonally? That took ages to figure out. nevertheless, enjoy!
  13. Diamond Angel Merlin's Housekeeper

    May 5, 2008
    Oh my God! I WON! Wow, first entry and I won, I didn't even know what I was doing! Ah well. Nice poems everyone! SoS, ur learning from the master herself, Our english teacher. As a result, not bad! I won't post this time. But I shall be back!
  14. Sexy Sheva Banned

    Jul 22, 2007
    don't turn around
    This month, i'm doing a poem on a real conflict... it seemed better to do that to make one up <3

    Don't Close Your Eyes

    My eyes are on you
    and only on you
    The phone attached to my ear
    The quiet sobs are all you hear.

    Your little body, too weak
    my eyes continue to leak
    Your meow makes me cry
    Because i know, you're about to die

    "Put him down" they say
    I didn't want you away.
    In my hands, there you lay
    Waiting for the end of the day

    I move your body, on the towel
    i can hear your low growl
    You cough and twitch
    because, your position, i switch

    Your breathing stops
    and here come more sobs
    as your dead in my hands
    and i take my final stand

    Your eyes are open wide
    and my knees shook as i cried
    Oh how i wish you would rise
    But you left peacefully, with your open eyes.

  15. Styx That's me inside your head.

    Sep 16, 2008
    Wire Saw

    You used the ties that bound to strangle me
    I'll use the thread our history hangs from

    My best friend
    Two ends, one rope
    My best friend
    You were
    You Since-we-go-back-a-long-way-I-figured-I'll-make-it-as-slow-and-painful-as-possible Me


    And into a pool
    A thing I call
    Which is really
    Just a need
    I had to fulfill

    You And-the-ties-that-bound
    They-snap Me
    Like the wire...​
  16. Juicy Chaser

    May 29, 2008
    Off the top of my head, 'cause I'm like that.

    Conflict you say...

    I watched him fall
    My friend, my love
    The life snatched away from his beautiful eyes
    Cruel death,
    his claws have gripped my heart

    An endless struggle
    They say there is no beauty
    Without pain
    But I can't take it; I saw him fall
    His eyes wide, his life gone
    The bullet torn through his bones
    Oh, how I'd love to go home.
    But once there;
    Life would go on
    Away from war, trouble, strife
    But I don't know
    How could I go on?
    Knowing my friend had just lost his life.

    Erm this is my first time posting here, hope you like it <3
  17. sweet_and_silent Merlin's Housekeeper

    Peace or war?

    Peace or war?
    Happiness or sorrow?
    Nice or mean?
    They choose war.
    They choose to inflict sorrow.
    They have chosen to be mean.
    A million bullys surrounding.
    No time for wounds to heal.
    There is no last resort.
    If it were my choice.
    I would choose peace.
    I would choose happiness.
    I would have chosen nice.
  18. vampires are our friends Merlin's Housekeeper

    this will be my first poetry contest
    hope you like it:)

    (In loving memory of my Uncle Bobby)

    Sleep well
    My love

    Sleep well
    You fell
    My love

    I’m always near
    I’ve gone above
    My dear
    I know you remember my love,
    My love

    We cried for each other
    We cried for ourselves
    We lied to each other
    We lied to ourselves

    You fell at my death
    Your memory of me
    Was all that was left

    My image in our head you couldn’t see
    All that was left was me in your dreams

    My dear
    I will always be near
    I’ll always be here for you

    You might not notice
    But at times you will
    Feel me here
    Feel me near

    I’m sorry
    My dear
    You fell at my death
    Shed so many tears

    My dear
    Oh my dear
    I’m always near
    I’m always near

    It’s okay to let go once in a while
    My child

    It’s okay
    ‘Cause I’m near you always
  19. Wulphie! Gummi Ship Junkie

    Jan 20, 2008
    Right behind you .
    This I wrote a couple days ago.

    Random is a thing I do
    For a little cheer.
    Random is a thing I do
    To enjoy things quite sheer.

    Random is a thing I like
    Because it is quite fun.
    Random is a thing I like
    WAY more than a pun.

    Random is a thing we all do, admit.
    When life becomes quite boring.
    Random is a thing we all do, admit.
    When we all end up snoring.
  20. Xaale Sylph of Hope

    Nov 22, 2007
    Land of Autumn and Angels
    Ooh, all you late poets, you might want to finish up.

    The deadline is today, and I'd like to see a couple more :3

    More competition, 'y know?

    I have to say I'm really pleased with these poems. You all are really good writers D:​
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