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Discussion in 'Archives' started by Catch the Rain, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. Catch the Rain As the world falls down ♥

    Apr 2, 2007
    The Labyrinth
    This month is going to be hella tough with deciding xD;

    I love all of these @@

    Good luck loves <3

  2. Catch the Rain As the world falls down ♥

    Apr 2, 2007
    The Labyrinth
    Poetry Contest: October 2008~

    Guys you seriously have no idea how hard it was this month for us to find a winner. I am so proud of you guys for the poems you are continuously pulling out.

    After much thought (including taking another day to decide) the winner for September was decided to be Styx. This was amazing, the flow and control that you showed was brilliant. I look forward to seeing more from you <3

    Theme for October: the senses. You can make it about any of the senses, or a combination, your choice <3

    There are no rules for this one.

    Deadline: October 31st,
    Results: November 2nd.​
  3. T3F Chaser

    Mar 16, 2008
    OMG! Congrats man! This is probably a bit early but this is my entry :

    The Sound of Silence

    The sound of silence
    Fills me with fears
    The sound of silence
    Brings out my tears
    It destroys me inside
    It makes me want to hide
    So how is it music to my ears?

    The sound of silence
    Fills me with despair
    The sound of silence
    Shows nothing is there
    It haunts me at night
    It conquers me with fright
    So how does this seem so fair?

    The sound of silence
    Fills me with envy
    The sound of silence
    Makes me want to flee
    It makes me wait
    It’s my horrible fate
    So why doesn’t it just kill me?

    The sound of silence
    Got to me today
    The sound of silence
    Killed me in every possible way
    It finally spoke
    It finally awoke
    So the sound of silence is away
  4. sinister King's Apprentice

    Oct 5, 2007
    i don't live...
    i liked amethyst hearts entry...

  5. keybladeofdarkness4 Twilight Town Denizen

    i guess i could enter the short elegy of mine:

    Roses Are Dead

    Roses are Dead,
    The Violets are Too,
    And if i died right now,
    I'd be right there with you.
  6. T3F Chaser

    Mar 16, 2008
    Aw, thanks man!
  7. sinister King's Apprentice

    Oct 5, 2007
    i don't live...

    well, it's true!

    um...i guess i have to make one of my own then...

    the senses we hold:

    my purpose for my eyes is only to see you,
    to watch thy beauty and grace move in passion.

    my purpose for my ears are only to hear thy sweet voice echo in the night,
    as your movements is silent so is my love for you.

    my purpose for my nose is only to smell the beauty you are looking at me,
    even trees sway to your side for the scent you give.

    my purpose for my skin is only to feel your warm touch embracing me,
    as my heart beats with absolute haste my love for you feels complete...

    my only pupose in life is to love you,

    I LOVE YOU....

    shoot...i never make poems without rhyming...it doesn't fit me at all...
    neither does thi poem....
  8. Styx That's me inside your head.

    Sep 16, 2008
    Thanks, people! Competition was really tough! I wasn't expecting this.

    Iwazaru's Curse

    Five of them this martyr owns
    While his friends have only four
    Unlocked to beauty and the moans
    Of the wickedness of yore
    The other two sat on higher thrones
    Convict the Wisdom they abhor
    Now time licks his flesh from bones
    Speaks not since he never did before
    And this living still life still atones
    For ignorance is bliss and more

    In case you were wondering, this poem is about the Three Wise Monkeys.
    Competition is tough once again, I see.
  9. sinister King's Apprentice

    Oct 5, 2007
    i don't live...
    i never thought that i would win..
    i just wanted to do something...ehehe...
  10. robert the yogurt Traverse Town Homebody

    Do not let me win. I do this and post it here because it helps me find myself how I feel and for fun. Whoever started these competitions...THANKS!

    A song for the unfeeling

    I will sing a song for the unfeeling.
    The unseeing to.
    The people deprived of all the senses that make a human.
    The unfeeling will know and cannot know anything of the song.
    This is my song for them.
    I will sing even if they can't hear it.
    I will shout it out loud.
    Hey all you people!
    You things that cannot feel.
    Cannot taste.
    Cannot smell.
    Cannot hear.
    Cannot see.
    This is your song.
    The song for the broken.
    The song for the damned.
    I love you all.
    I will never let go until...
    My song has now ended and your time has come.
    Hasta la vista!
  11. sinister King's Apprentice

    Oct 5, 2007
    i don't live...
    ]nice sir!
    it's kind of you to do that![/FONT]
  12. Juicy Chaser

    May 29, 2008
    Well done Styx! xDD

    Ill be posting my entry later :3
  13. Xaale Sylph of Hope

    Nov 22, 2007
    Land of Autumn and Angels
    Heh, I thought I did pretty well last time :P

    Ah well, here we go.

    Sound of the Unknown

    I hear from the abyss
    A slight grumble above me
    It evolves into a fearsome roar
    Then it dies down again.

    What could it be?

    Should I turn to run?
    The noise has stopped.
    No, I hear it again.
    What should I do?

    It's no longer above me.

    A shuffle from the shadows
    A piercing whistle
    And then-

    Massive footsteps.

    The earth below me shakes
    The noise is on my level of earth
    The time between stomps
    It's shortening.

    The creature is starting to run.

    I lose my balance, turning to flee.
    The beast is close, I can hear
    The sloshing of it's mouth
    The clamping of teeth

    The noise of the unknown.

    I shout for help
    My voice is nothing
    compared to the noise
    of the monster

    There's no one to help!

    The roar sounds again
    The clacking of its feet
    The whistle of its nose
    The grumble of its anger

    There's no escape.

    I shield my eyes
    The light from the beast
    It goes through my barrier
    I see red in my closed eyes

    It sees me.

    I open my eyes
    My mother is clutching my hand
    She steers me towards the monster
    She isn't afraid.

    Why would you do this to me?

    The monster is still.
    It has jet black skin
    No eyes are on its head
    nor a mouth.

    Just an opening to its stomach.

    My mother drags me
    I scream, she ignores me
    We enter the beast
    She sits down, then I have to

    Why are there other people here?

    The grumble, the roar.
    I hear it from the creature
    The deafening whistle
    It pierces my ears.

    The monster starts to move.

    Tears welled in my eyes
    I ask above the
    noise of the unknown
    to my mother

    "Why am I here?"

    I trusted her
    She isn't scared at all
    Not the roar
    The scream


    She smiles at me
    Ignoring how scared I am
    She strokes my hand
    Opens her mouth

    "It's just a train"

    That's my poem. It's about a little girl with her mom standing underground in a little used trainstation in the countryside. She's scared to death because it's dark, and above her she can here another train pass. She has no idea what a train is, and thinks it's a monster trying to get her. That's why she's afraid to go in, and angry and shocked at her mom.

    ಠ_ಠ it's not that good, I just did it off of the top of my head.
  14. Clawtooth Keelah se'lai!

    Mar 14, 2007
    I'd like to know how well I did because I've entered god knows how many times but I've never seemed to get it, oh well.
  15. vampires are our friends Merlin's Housekeeper

    There were some great poems last month.
    I wonder if i'll win?

    Day Of Death

    In your death bed
    you lay dead.
    But “It’s Okayâ€
    “it’ll be okay.†They said.
    But it can’t be okay
    cause you’re dead.

    Now i’m empty, i’m
    Can I survive this first night?
    While you’re gone,
    while you’re dead.

    I look around
    and I can’t see anything
    that surrounds me.
    Life is a blur.
    It’s nothing without you here.
    I feel nothing.

    I saw your body frozen,
    I saw your scared eyes,
    even now,
    I wonder,
    did you know you were going to die?
  16. TheMagicalMisterMistoffelees Professional Crazy

    Aug 5, 2008
    The other side of the monitor
    The senses, huh? Okay, hold on a sec....
  17. Daenerys Targaryen ok

    Apr 4, 2007

    Silent Tree,Hear.Nothing,See.Nothing.Real or Not..Swaying,Dying as the cold bites its leaves.

    Silent Rain..You come down: to feed the flowers and roots of beautiful plants,whose names I don't know.


    Should I feel an urge to dance as you rain on me?

    Silent Wind,whipping against my face..making the air cooler.
    Kissing my tears as they fall from my eyes.


    What to do?

    Silent Lovers, nothing to say..Just to lie there..With no feeling at all.

    Silent Sunlight,brighter and brighter against my cheeks to dry away the pain,for at least a little while.

    Silent Phones,Loneliness..No missed calls,does anyone want to care?

    Silent Depression,not speaking up..'I don't want to die alone!'

    Silent Tears, Rush down my face,I feel better for awhile.The wetness wets my long hair,making it curl and wave.

    Silent Parents,I don't know if they are proud of who I am..Because I'm not always perfect.I wonder if they feel alarmed.Am a bad child?

    Silently,you touch my face..bruised on the inside..broken on the outside.
    You make me feel safe.
    Try to help me..Don't give up on me.
    YOU WON'T.
    You will fight for me,because Mom you've made it better before.
    Silently,you touch my cold hands,rubbing them together with yours.
    You make me feel safe.
    Try to warm me...Don't leave me here.
    YOU WON'T.
    You will die for me,because Dad you've came close before.
    Silently,you kiss my cheek and rub my arms.
    You make me feel safe.
    Try to comfort me..Don't leave me unprotected.
    You will be there for me at all times,because sister you always were.
    Even when it gets tough never give up,because one day..Not too far away eternal silence will come your way.Never let your guard down,and if you do make sure anyone who is close to you..remains close and never leaves you.

  18. Juicy Chaser

    May 29, 2008
    Murmured voices.
    A whisper, a sigh,
    I feel your heart beat next to mine.
    My lips to yours;
    Or perhaps you're just my angel,
    My guide through the dark,
    I can taste it
    Finally, some of that stuff they call "joy"
    I hold you tight,
    I can't let go,
    The icy wind blowing the sensual snow
    Onto your pale cheeks,
    I brush them away,
    Your skin velvet,
    And now I know
    In my mind,
    This was meant to be,
    This is my time.
  19. Chevalier Crystal Princess

    Jan 8, 2008
    Trapped on an Island
    Here's my entry, i made something simple , nothing special, but here i go.

    Waning Sense

    Strech the sight of life.
    and reach for the sun with your hands.

    the celestial favor of light is within grasp.
    like the tree is always close to the wasp.

    Smell the flowers that grow on the ground
    moving all directions they are all around.

    hear the maiden that hides her voice
    through the silent disguise of noise.

    taste the rain that falls in sanctuary.
    like the spirit unto virgin Mary.

    the senses i hold dear...
    ....might be cause of great fear

    Right.....and in this i'm not.... Wrong

    Reveal...another..., Reflect.... each other.
    taste darkness
    touch...the heavens
    Discover...another....Find...each other​

    The piercing burns of light.
    greatly destroyed my eyes.

    as i tried to grasp the shining sun.
    i was repelled away in disgust.

    the celestial misguideance
    flew me closer to the darkness.

    Flowers once blessed the ground with their aroma.
    they all turned to dust where i lay ridden with glaucoma.

    the banshee wails wihout remorse
    breaking away all traces of peaceful noise.

    The gentle rain pierces the sense.
    just like the devil just swayed a saint.​
  20. Sumi suicidé

    Jan 12, 2008
    the void
    5 senses

    I feel
    your warm breath
    your smooth gentle arms
    wrapping around my body
    like a vine around a tree

    i see
    your pale blue eyes
    staring straight into my brown
    peircingly beautiful
    like an arctic ice
    yet warm
    like the fire of driftwood

    I smell
    your sweet aroma
    like a pure whie rose
    blooming arond us
    and encasing us

    I hear
    soft, comforting words
    coming from your delicate lips
    and your breathing
    (mine ceased the moment I saw your face)

    Suddenly I taste
    pure bliss
    a sugar, bitter yet sweet
    like the darkest of chocolates
    screaming acrossmy lips

    My senses become
    of caresses and kisses

    My Inspi. is pretty dry...>_<
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