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    I decided to start my own pokemon based story so here is my opening chapter so enjoy

    Prologue: A Journey begins

    On a beautiful Sunday morning a young red headed boy was running down a field heading to a small town called Pallet Town. The boy had a smile on his face because today was the day his life would change forever, the day he gets his first pokemon. He had been thinking about this day for so long he knew instantly which pokemon he would pick when he gets to the professor's lab. After running for what seemed like hours Pallet Town ws in sight. He didn't waste a second as he sprinted straight towards the town butwas going so fast he couldn't stop himself when a Rattata ran into his path. Seeing a tree branch just ahead he quickly jumped and used the branch to swing himself over the pokemon and continue his run towards the lab.

    Reaching the town the boy slowed down and walked to the lab following the path he learned from his town map. Afer five minutes the boy was at the lab gates when he saw a man in a lab coat waiting there. "Excuse me sir are you Professor Oak?" asked the boy. The man laughed, "No I amhis Aide, The professor is out on his morning rounds and will be back shortly. May I ask what brings you here?" asked the Aide. "My name is James Pyrian, I came here from my home on Cinnabar Island for my first Pokemon" said the boy very excitedly. "Ah yes, we were not expecting you until this afternoon but please follow me" said the Aide as James followed him into the lab.

    The Aide took James into the lab waiting room and present him with a hot chocolate. "Thanks Sir but can we get to me getting my first Pokemon now please" said James after taking a sip of the drink he was given. "Sorry James but I am not authorized to distribute Pokemon to new trainers. We will have to wait until Professor Oak gets back" said the Aide causing a didappointed look to appear on James' face. "Your wait is over young man I have returned" said a grey hair man in a lab coat. "Professor, you are back early" said the Aide to which Oak nodded as he approached James. "You are James correct?" asked Oak to which James nodded and smiled.

    "I was not expecting you until this afternoon and haven't had chance to prepare Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle yet I'm afraid" said Oak. "It is alright Professor I have already decided on Charmander for my first Pokemon" said James. "I see well then, why don't you follow me to Charmander's habitat here in my lab" said Oak as James quickly jumped onto his feet and rushed to Oak's side. Professor Oak, His Aide and James then proceeded to the part of the Lab designed with fire Pokemon such as Charmander in mind. "Wait here a second while I gather the Charmander" said Oak as he blew in a Charmander Whistle and within seconds a line of ten Charmanders stood before Professor Oak.

    "Now then James, why don't you pick which Charmander you would like" said Oak shocking his Aide. "But Professor! It doesn't work that way! You are supposed to examine and pick which one is best suited to be a starter Pokemon for a new trainer" said the Aide. "Yes that is how things normally work but this is a special case. While I was out on my rounds a baby Rattata ran into the path of an young man running at top speed. There was no way he could have stopped himself before reaching the Pokemon and the baby was too scared to move. But thanks to some quick thinking from the young man upon noticing a tree branch he was able to swing himself over the Rattata protecting it from harm. That young man was James here and for quick thinking I believe a reward like picking which Charmander to start his journey with is only fair" said Oak causing James to Blush and the Aide to back off and nodd in agreement.

    "Go ahead James, pick your own first Pokemon my boy" said Oak as James gulped and walked up to the Charmander nervous about picking one of them. The first Charmander was quite shy and hid it's face behind it's tail flame. Then second one just seemed pretty normal standing in the famous Charmander pose not really standing out at all. The third and forth were in battle seeming to be trying to prove they are the strongest of the group. The fifth and sixth still seemed quite young and were distracted by the clouds in the sky. The seventh, eighth and ninth were each trying to catch James' attention canceling out each other's attempts while the tenth and final Charmander was leaning on a near by rock seeming not interested in being picked at all. With no idea which to pick James looked back at Oak and his Aide seeming to have a few things on his mind.

    "James if you have some questions to ask feel free to do so" said Oak which James nodded to looking at the Charmander then back at Oak. "If I am right the first Charmander is female and doesn't do well under pressure, the second is a very basic male matching the guidelines for start pokemon to a T. The third and forth are both male and are trying to prove they are strongest because they are siblings and the children of the fire Pokemon leader. The fifth and sixth are both female and have only hatched about two months ago. The Seveth and ninth are both male while the eighth is female, the three were hatched at the same time and grew up together,they most likely have seen a few contests andbelieve showing off is the key to being picked. While the tenth is male and doesn't see the point to acting so stupid, not caring if he gets picked or not. From what I can gather you would have picked the second Charmander for me. Am i right Professor?" asked James.

    "That is amazing!" Declared the Aide catching James by surprise. "James my boy everything you just said was completely correct. Most trainers can not tell the difference between a male and female Pokemon let alone recognize each pokemon's origin, personality or age with such ease" said Oak quite impressed. "I grew up with Pokemon and have been able to notice such things but professor I still don't know which to pick for my first Pokemon" said a troubled James. "If you can not decide with your head then decide with your heart, close your eyes and think about your perfect Charmander, think about achieving your dream with Charmander at your side. With that in mind think about who that Charmander was when you first met them" said Oak. Taking Oak's advice James did just that and within seconds he knew which Charmander to choose.
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    There are a few grammatical errors and some added punctuations needed. Also when James talks about the origins of the charamders I feel like he was talking at top speed but he didn't have that breathless or excited tone that I was hoping for.

    BESIDES for that I really did enjoy this. I hope James picks the lazy charmader xD