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    Project Description: As a celebration of Pokemon's 20th anniversary, I'm putting together Project KISEKI! The goal of Project KISEKI is to produce a multilingual cover of Kiseki, the end credit theme from Pokemon X and Y, featuring the talents of Pokemon fans from all over the world. (This project is also being promoted via Tumblr and Reddit.) The final product will be uploaded to YouTube and Soundcloud on Pokemon Day, February 27, using the #Pokemon20 hashtag to hopefully be featured on Pokemon's official 20th anniversary website!

    Project Deadline: All recordings must be submitted by 11:59 PM ET on February 13, or they will not be featured.

    Recording Information: Choose one language to sing the song in: We need English, French, Japanese, Korean, German, and Italian. However, the first repetition of the final chorus will be sung in French, and the last repetition in English. Lyrics are available in all seven languages here. (If you'd like to record the song in a language that isn't listed, feel free to do so, but also make a recording in one of the seven listed; if alternate languages don't receive enough recordings, they may not make it into the final cut.) You must sing to the official soundtrack version of the song (embedded above); recordings in different keys or tempos will not be accepted. Please only send vocals; recordings already mixed with backing music will not be accepted.

    Recording format: MP3

    Saving Lines: Please send recordings via email! Put "Project KISEKI--[chosen language]" in the subject line, and include the name you want to be credited as and the country you live in in the body of the email.

    Naming Lines: Please title your recording Kiseki_[chosen language]_[name].mp3

    Contact Information: Send recordings to fistbumpdatabase@gmail.com. Questions can be asked in this thread, via PM, or via email.

    Looking forward to receiving recordings!~