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    NOTE: This story is a sequel to the Re: Mario's High School Days RP (created by Nutheadbros-K), and will act as an important bridge to the RP's upcoming sequel. As such, the story will rely heavily on HSD canon, so if you aren't familiar with the events of the RP (particularly the end), you will get lost by many story elements. Anyway, without further ado, I give you... Spark of Rebellion!


    Around two weeks ago, November 7, 2013... the world as many knew it came to an abrupt end. Harold Saxon, the new Japanese prime minster, initiated the 'Great Purge' as many call it now. Governments, militaries, and a large number of specific individuals around the world... were all eradicated by the prime minister's private army of Cybermen. Additionally, the Crystal Order, a terrorist group that has been terrorizing the world for more than 25 years, was declared by Saxon to have been nothing but a conspiracy created by foreign powers afraid of Japan's status as the world's lone superpower, with all members of the Crystal Order exonerated from any wrong-doing. But the most drastic change of all was the emergence of the New World Order, a totalitarian regime that now rules all of Earth with an iron fist. Harold Saxon is now Supreme Leader of the New World Order, a title he now shares with his stepfather, Al Mualim. How the New World Order came to be in such a short time, I cannot explain. But if I had to guess, it certainly feels like something that has been planned for many years in advance. Regardless... the important thing for me now is to survive. My name is Connor Kenway, a survivor of the Great Purge. I currently go by the name of Ratonhnhaké:ton to keep my identity safe from the New World Order as it continues to hunt for those it calls 'subversives'. Everyday of my life since the Great Purge has been a race to stay alive, and I do not know how much longer I can go. This is the story of how I reunited with those I care for, how I decided to make a stand, fight for what I believe in... and how a spark of rebellion was born...




    Loneliness. I have only felt it once before... when my mother was killed. And now, I am feeling it again. Achilles, the man who looked after me for so many years, is dead. I do not know for sure what happened to any of my friends. If any of them are alive and not being hunted down, then being near them would bring them harm. But if any of them are targeted by the New World Order, then I do not know if they would be alive right now. All I have now is myself, and my mother's grave to visit. As I kneel and place my hand on my mother's gravestone, I am overcome with the same pain I felt the day I lost her.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Mother. Achilles is gone. The world has changed drastically for the worse. Everyday is an attempt to avoid getting killed. Now, I am overcome with a feeling that you died for nothing. Mother, I have never been more lost than I am now. I wish you were still here to guide me, because if there is one thing I desperately need right now, it is guidance. Mother... I miss you so much. Please... help me understand what I can do now.

    As I wiped the tears from my eyes, I kissed my mother's gravestone goodbye, and got up to walk away. On my way to the cemetery's exit, I noticed the grave of someone else who was important to me, despite the fact I never met him. It was the grave of my grandfather, Edward Kenway, a military hero. I will admit, even though I have always admired my grandfather, I never had a chance to visit his grave. Walking towards my grandfather's grave, I struggled to think of what to say.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Edward... Grandfather. We never met before. You died years before I was even born. But I was told of the things you did, how you heroically fought to defend your country of Japan. Despite what my father... your son... did to tarnish the Kenway name... you made me proud to be a Kenway. And while all that you have fought for appears to be gone, I promise to carry on your legacy in whatever way I can. Farewell, Grandfather. May we meet in the next life.

    Before I left, I observed a familiar emblem located on my grandfather's grave. If I am not mistaken, I believe this is the Kenway family emblem, which I included in my outfit when designing it. Perhaps it can be of use one day. But for now, I must leave before I am potentially located by Cybermen.


    ~The Capital - Ledge of a Building~


    The Capital. Hard to believe that not too long ago, this city was called Tokyo. But once the New World Order came to be, this city was renamed to 'The Capital', serving as the government headquarters for the rest of the world. As I stood on the ledge of a building, looking around, I cannot help but feel that the mood of the city felt... darker. Ever since the New World Order took over the world, the city has not had a single day where the sky was clear. Cybermen now roam the streets, looking out for any potential subversives. And everywhere you look, there is some form of propaganda. Speaking of which, the billboard located on the building across is currently displaying news. I wonder what Malva shall be discussing today...


    [Malva (footage from billboard)]: Today is yet another glorious day for the New World Order. Three villainous Power Rangers have been apprehended in New Orleans, and executed on sight for crimes against the state, with their bodies hanged over the streets of the city to serve as an example to anyone who would dare join their nefarious cause. Cybermen continue to search for any other survivors of the Great Purge, as well as other potential subversives. Remember, if you see or hear anything, contact your local authorities immediately, or you will be considered just as much of a threat. And now, a message from Croix.


    [Croix Meridies (footage from billboard)]: Thank you Malva. Folks, this is a quick reminder for all magic users out there that the deadline to convert entirely to the Sorcery Solution System is one week from today. Remember, all wands must be turned in to the New World Order. And if you wish to continue using magic, you may either download the free SSS app on your smartphone, or request a standardized wand delivered to you. All free of charge. Time is running out, so be sure to fulfill your duty to the New World Order! Thank you, and have a glorious day.

    [Malva (footage from billboard)]: Thanks Croix. And now, here is a list of remaining subversives not accounted for. Contact the local authorities if you see any of them.

    As the billboard went down the list of individuals being sought by the New World Order, I noticed my name was, yet again, on the list. Other than my name, there were some that I recognized, others that I did not. Among those that I recognized... Dick Grayson... my best friend. I wonder why the New World Order would be after someone like Dick. Nevertheless, I hope he is alright. Another name that I recognized was Katniss Everdeen... the girl I love. Before the Great Purge, Katniss and I were planning on having a date together. Oh, how our lives have changed since that fateful day. Seeing that she is still listed as a wanted subversive brings me hope that she is still alive, and that it is possible to see her again. However, I am surprised to see that she is listed as being a Rider. That certainly explains why the New World order is after her. But, how long was she a Rider? Was she planning to tell me at some point? Either way... it does not matter. All I care is that two people I care about are safe. Dick... Katniss... there are so many things I would like to discuss with you two. However, until we meet again... I must continue being vigilant in order to survive. Noticing a truck with old mattresses driving in the street below, I took the chance to perform a leap of faith, diving off of the ledge I was standing on, and falling until I landed safely in the cushiony mattresses. Ah yes, the leap of faith. A trick I learned not too long after the Great Purge. When trying to evade capture, I realize that, if done right, performing a leap of faith may be the best option if I am trying to escape a building that is surrounded by enemies. And even when not trying to escape, a leap of faith is very useful to avoid the risk of detection by taking a shortcut all the way down when I wish to leave a building. And surprisingly, I have noticed that there are a lot more safe spots to land in than I expected, whether it be a mattress truck or a dumpster. Speaking of which, I made sure to jump out of the mattress truck I landed in earlier, returning to the streets and continuing on my way. Besides learning how to do a leap of faith, I also noticed that the vision powers I received around three months ago have evolved. Whenever an eagle flies nearby, I am able to telepathically connect with it, seeing whatever it sees as it flies high above the ground. And just as I am able to see an aura around individuals, I can also see these same auras through the eagle's vision. Eagle... vision. Hmm... I suppose that is what I shall call my powers. As for the auras I keep seeing, I was able to make an assumption regarding their color. Should an individual have a blue aura, it means he or she is not a threat. Those with a red aura, however, are enemies of mine that I must be careful around. Every Cyberman I have come across was surrounded by a red aura. So, using my Eagle Vision, I have been able to avoid encounters with Cybermen, for the most part. It is a simple life, relatively speaking. But at times, I do feel a sense of repetitiveness. Even as I walk down the street, I do not know where I am going, or what I am supposed to do. Am I to keep doing this for the rest of my life? Living in an alleyway, stealing food and water from street vendors in order to survive. Clearly this cannot go on forever. But when will things change? Sadly, I wish I knew, but that is one question that no one has an answer to. I suppose I will have to continue like this, for now.

    As I reached the corner of the street, I noticed a government official placing three New World Order propaganda posters on the side of a building before going back to his car and driving away, possibly to place more of those posters elsewhere. Walking towards the posters, I notice one is promoting citizens to join a new army of soldiers called Stormtroopers to fight for the New World Order...


    Hmph, as if Cybermen were not enough. The other two posters were basically messages from the New World Order informing citizens of who would be considered a so-called threat. One showed Power Rangers, and the other one showed the Sailor Scouts...


    If I did not know any better, I would say these posters are very reminiscent of the propaganda that was used in Nazi Germany against those who were targeted during the Holocaust. The Power Rangers... up until recently, I never knew the identity of any one of them. But with the list of surviving subversives continuously shown everywhere, I learned that some individuals from Nintendo High were in fact Power Rangers... such as Tommy Oliver and Dante. These revelations had certainly surprised me, and given me new perspective into where some of them may have been during certain events in the past. As for the Sailor Scouts... I am surprised that the New World Order does not know of their identities yet, despite not having much trouble identifying Rangers and Riders. I wonder if some, or all of them, were from Nintendo High as well. Whoever the Sailor Scouts are, I will say there is something familiar about them. It feels as though I have known them for years, as though we have met before in a past life. I cannot say why I feel this way. Either way, I must keep going before any Cybermen catch me. However, just as I turn, I find someone in the distance walking on his own. What was strange, however, was that the aura surrounding him was not red or blue, but was gold. In addition to that, I could not help but feel a sense of familiarity with this person. Maybe I should talk to him.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Excuse me?

    Upon hearing me, the figure starts running away without looking back.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Wait, come back!

    I did not know why, but my instinct was telling me that I must find him. So, I started running towards him.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Hold on! I just want to talk!

    The figure pushed aside citizens on the street as he ran, while I tried my best to avoid hitting anyone. He was too fast. How can I ever reach him? Eventually, my luck was finally starting to change as the figure noticed Cybermen in the distance, coming to a halt as he turned left and headed for an alley. Following the figure into the alley, I saw him trying to climb a fence to get to the other side.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Hold it right there!

    I grabbed the figure before he could leap over, finally able to speak to him face to face.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Do not worry, I will not hu-

    Before I could finish my sentence, my heart sank as I noticed who the figure was...


    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Dick?

    As he looked at me in the eyes, I can only conjecture that Dick was going through the same feelings I had in that moment.

    [Dick Grayson]: Connor... is that you?


    ~Holonet News Transmission~


    This is Malva with the first transmission of many for the only news that matters, the Holonet News. As part of Earth's transition from its uncivilized past to the glory of the New World Order, all news outlets around the world have been shut down due to their attempts at spreading fake news over the years. In their place, the Holonet News was established, providing accurate and trustworthy news to our citizens through every television channel and smart device, as decreed by our supreme leaders. And while many newscasters, reporters, and journalists cowardly rejected generous offers by the New World Order to join the ranks of the Holonet News, there were quite a number who rushed to the opportunity to provide citizens of Earth with actual news. Those heroes include, but are not limited to... Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Alex Jones, Piers Morgan, Tucker Carlson, and the cast of Fox & Friends, whose voices will be heard pretty soon on the Holonet News. This has been Malva, for the Holonet News.


    ~Somewhere in Africa - Hidden High Tech Facility~


    My name is Katniss Everdeen. Not too long ago, I was a high school senior happily attending Nintendo High School with my friends... and my boyfriend... as well as a loving family, including my trustworthy Pikachu, Haymitch. In addition to that, I was a Rider, fighting alongside fellow Riders and Power Rangers against evil forces. Yes, life wasn't perfect... but I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, my life as I knew it came to an end after the Great Purge. During a mission on a cliff in Madagascar with fellow Riders and Rangers, we were ambushed in a surprise attack by an airship that we thought was an ally. I'm not sure what happened to the others, or where they would have gone if they did survive, given Alpha's warning that was on constant replay on my communicator before deactivating it for good. One thing's for sure though... I know there were at least four survivors from that attack. Myself, of course. And Haymitch, who decided to sneak into my bathroom as I was washing my face after I had breakfast...


    [Haymitch]: Pikapika!

    As I chuckled and pet Haymitch, I am reminded of how lucky I am that he is still with me, reminding me of my life before the New World Order came to be. Besides myself and Haymitch, the other two survivors I mentioned were Hiccup, a fellow Rider who saved me during the ambush in Madagascar, and his dragon, Toothless. While Haymitch, Toothless, and myself were able to survive mostly unscathed, Hiccup was... a different story. When the ambush happened, the four of us fell off the cliff we were in right into the ocean. Hours later, we were washed ashore somewhere in Africa. I remember feeling surprised that we survived, but horrified to see Hiccup was unconscious and heavily wounded in his left leg. I desperately cried for help in that moment, not sure if any help was going to come. Thankfully though, a group of men riding a truck passed by us. Although they were armed, I didn't have much of a choice, and begged them to help us, which they did, taking us all the way to where I am today. Speaking of which, I am still surprised such a place like this exists here in Africa. I know, it's pretty stereotypical to assume that every place in Africa has that 'poor third-world country' feel to it. But I was in complete shock upon arriving to this place. I may not be an expert when it comes to technology, but this place felt more futuristic than anything I have ever seen in my life. When I arrived, I learned that this place was a secret hideout, one of many throughout Africa built by Wakandan architects should something happen to their country of Wakanda. And considering what the New World Order has done, it's no surprise that this facility is now being used. Which reminds me... I need to check on Hiccup. He hasn't regained consciousness since we were washed ashore, but I was reassured by those taking care of him that he should be waking up any day now. While I try to keep hope that he'll awaken, my hope lessens day by day, wondering if he ever will get up. Once Haymitch climbed up my shoulder, I quickly exited my bathroom, and headed straight for the door, leading to the hallway outside. As I was walking in the direction leading to Hiccup's room, I was greeted by a friendly face...


    [Shuri]: Good morning, Katniss!

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Morning, Princess.

    Truth be told, I didn't know Shuri was royalty when I first met her. When I arrived to this place, she and her brother, T'Challa, welcomed me, introducing themselves simply as the custodians of this place. It wasn't until later that I learned that they were actually members of the royal family of Wakanda. Their father, T'Chaka, was king of Wakanda until he was killed, along with almost every other world leader at the U.N. headquarters during the Great Purge. T'Challa was supposed to take his father's place as the new king of Wakanda immediately, but with Japan annexing the entire world and creating the New World Order, he and his sister would've certainly been targets. So, they evacuated to this facility here, with their goal being to try and help anyone escaping the New World Order in Africa. While T'Challa is almost always busy, most of my time is spent with Shuri, who's gotten to be a really good friend of mine. And it certainly helps that she has a liking for Haymitch. And the thing about Shuri I admire most is that, despite being a princess and about two years younger than me... I truly believe that she may be the smartest person in the world. The tech, everything around me... was based on her designs. I doubt even Tony Stark has an IQ as high as hers. As far as I'm concerned, she is the next Stephen Hawking.

    [Shuri]: Katniss, how many times do I have to tell ya? Just call me Shuri. We're friends now, ok?

    [Katniss Everdeen]: I know, I know. It just, I still feel like we're intruding. You've provided us with a place to stay, fed us, and continue to help Hiccup with his condition.

    [Shuri]: Think of nothing of it, okay? Or I'll get annoyed. Heh, do you want me to get annoyed?

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Hehe, I suppose not. Anyway, I'm gonna go check on Hiccup right now.

    [Shuri]: Alright. T'Challa is there right now. Oh, and I almost forgot. I just finished encrypting your phone. Still working on Hiccup's. Now, you don't have to worry about the New World Order monitoring where your phone is. Unfortunately, the only way you can make conversations is if someone calls you. If you call someone, the New World Order will be able to track you and the one you are calling. It's a bit tricky to figure out a way so that you can call, but I'll let you know once I find out. Here you go. You can switch it back on anytime you like.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Thanks, Shuri. I'll see you around.

    [Shuri]: Alright. Bye, Haymitch!

    [Haymitch]: Pikachu!

    As Shuri walked away while Haymitch waved goodbye to her, I looked at my cell phone, the one Shuri handed back to me, and continued on my way to Hiccup's room. When I first arrived to this place, Shuri advised me to switch my phone off. She's been working on it as well as Hiccup's phone ever since to make sure we can never be tracked by the New World Order. It's a bit unfortunate that I won't be able to make calls, but I'm sure Shuri will find a way. Still, I'm curious if anyone's left me voicemail messages ever since that fateful day. Anyway, as I arrived to Hiccup's room, I found T'Challa and his friend, Thorax, inside along with Toothless, who has never left his master's side since we arrived here...


    [Thorax]: Katniss, perfect timing!

    Thorax, part of a very small race known as Changelings that live in Africa. They were ruled by a queen, named Chrysalis, who despised outsiders so much. Ironically, she is now the New World Order's regional governor of Africa. But long before the New World Order came to be, Thorax escaped Chrysalis's enclave, wanting to see the world outside. He eventually found himself in Wakanda, where T'Challa took him in, and looked after him, becoming good friends with the Changeling. Sorta like what T'Challa and Shuri did with myself and Hiccup.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: How come?

    [T'Challa]: It looks like your friend is waking up.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: REALLY?!

    I couldn't believe what I heard. Can Hiccup truly be waking up after so long? I rushed to his bed, and noticed Hiccup was groaning and moving his head. Getting closer to Hiccup, Toothless, who was certainly the most excited among us to see Hiccup wake up, began sniffing his master and licking him. However, Hiccup began muttering words I wasn't able to identify, and then quickly got up, gasping as though he'd seen a ghost. Without hesitation, I immediately tried calming him down.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Hiccup, Hiccup, it's okay... you're alright...

    As Hiccup began to relax and slowly breathe, he noticed us, where we were, and was visibly confused.

    [Hiccup]: Katniss? Toothless?

    Before I could even respond, Toothless quickly embraced Hiccup and licked him.

    [Hiccup]: Okay, okay, Toothless, I missed you too bud. Where are we? Weren't we in Madagascar? I remember falling off, and then...

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Hiccup... that happened two weeks ago.

    [Hiccup]: T-two weeks ago? You mean... I've been asleep this whole time?

    As Hiccup was trying to collect his thoughts while I tried to think of a way to explain to him what had happened, Hiccup placed his hand over his head, and immediately noticed his hair has grown quite a bit after leaving it uncut for two weeks.

    [Hiccup]: My hair feels... different.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Here, have a look.

    I immediately handed Hiccup a mirror so he can see how he looks with his new hair. And as he observed himself, Hiccup seemed to be okay with it.

    [Hiccup]: Huh, you know, I think I like it. But, other than that, my left leg feels a bit weird.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Yeah, about that...

    I didn't know how to break it to him. I looked at T'Challa and Thorax, trying to get some help from them, but it seemed they too didn't know how to properly tell Hiccup what happened to his leg. But before anyone was able to say anything, Hiccup himself took off his blanket, and was stunned as he saw what became of his left leg, with Toothless sniffing it.

    [Hiccup]: It's... metallic...

    After Hiccup's left leg was wounded when we fell off that cliff in Madagascar, the doctors here tried their best to save it. But, in the end, it had to be amputated. So, Shuri designed a metallic leg to replace it.

    [Hiccup]: So, I guess this was from the fall?

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Yeah.

    [Hiccup]: I see. Did anyone else survive?

    [Katniss Everdeen]: To be honest, I'm not sure. But a lot has happened since the attack. It'll take a while to explain everything.

    [Hiccup]: Well, I'm all ears.


    ~The Capital - Sewer Hideout~


    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: So... this is where you have been hiding since the purge?

    After our reunion earlier, Dick led me to his hideout in the sewers, and I noticed that he filled the place with old discarded items to make it feel like a home, such as beanbag chairs, a mattress, and a television that, besides a chipped corner, seems usable. I have to admit, if one can get past the odor, this place is not so bad.

    [Dick Grayson]: I know, I know... it's not much. I admit. But it's not too bad. Those beanbag chairs are pretty comfy. And the TV has built-in wifi, so I got it connected to some nearby barber shop's free wifi connection. Now we can watch anything we want... as long as it's free.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: It is a nice place, Dick, all things considered.

    [Dick Grayson]: Please, have a seat.

    Once both Dick and myself sat in the beanbag chairs, I noticed the look on Dick's face indicated he was going to ask me something uncomfortable, and I had a feeling what he was going to ask.

    [Dick Grayson]: So... I've been hearing the news. And I'm aware you were a target. What happened?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: After we last spoke, a Helicarrier appeared near our apartment building, and began to shoot. Achilles... was killed instantly. I, on the other hand, was sent flying straight to the balcony from a powerful blast, and fell down to a dumpster on the ground. I suppose, since our apartment was not too high, the fall did not kill me. Once I got up, I started running away, trying to avoid getting captured at every turn. What about you?

    [Dick Grayson]: Sorta the same. Helicarrier appearing outside my home, started firing. Bruce was killed the moment the ceiling fell right on top of him. If I didn't get under the table, I'd be a goner right now. Guess I should be lucky for all those mandatory earthquake drills at school, huh?

    As it was getting closer to the evening, I chuckled a bit, happy to finally have a conversation with a friendly voice, especially when it is from my best friend. However, I still could not help but feel like this was all wrong. Yes, I was reunited with Dick. But... are we to continue living like this?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Dick... are you... happy with how you are living your life now?

    [Dick Grayson]: Are you kidding me? Hell no! Everyday's a struggle trying to stay alive! I gotta keep stealing food to survive, or if I'm lucky, grabbing some edible leftovers in garbage cans. AND... I keep trying to avoid getting caught by those damn Cybermen! You know what I'm afraid of every night, Connor? That the New World Order finds out about this place. If that were to happen, then I'm as good as dead. Connor... I don't know how much more of this I can take...

    Dick was stressed out in a way I have never seen him before. It was clear to me that he has been living in constant fear for the past two weeks. It then occurred to me... why should he? Why should Dick and I continue living like this, hiding from the New World order as though we were roaches trying to survive. Something must be done. Someone must take a stand.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Dick... I feel your pain. More than you think. This is no way to live. Something must be done.

    [Dick Grayson]: And what would that be? Picking a fight with the New World order and getting killed?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Well, I certainly agree to taking the fight to the New World Order... but without dying.

    [Dick Grayson]: Hmph, and how do you plan on doing that Mr. Genius? In case you haven't noticed... there are only two of us! Meanwhile, the New World Order's got a bajillion Cybermen all around the world, and they'll soon be recruiting Stormtroopers to assist Cybermen. Oh, and I didn't even mention how the media is completely controlled by the New World Order. So, anything they'll say, the public will believe. Now then... what was that about standing up to the New World Order?

    Dick had a point. There would be no way the two of us would survive by challenging the New World Order in a gung-ho style. The only way the New World Order can be defeated is if enough individuals stand up to it. But resistance from within Japan is not enough. As Dick mentioned, the New World Order lingers across the entirety of Earth. A successful attempt to fight the New World Order would require help from all over. The more I thought about it, the more daunting the task appeared. Maybe Dick was right... maybe I was a fool to think anything can be done. But... if I do not take action, what guarantee is there that someone else will? And if someone else does decide to take action, when will that happen? Two days from now? Two years? Twenty years? No... I cannot sit idly by and pretend that things will resolve by themselves. The more I thought about this matter, the more I am reminded of a paper I did on Gandhi last year. Specifically, a quote by Gandhi, where he says, "Be the change you want to see in the world." If I truly want to see a change in the world, I must embrace it. No matter how long it will take, I decided to do something about the New World Order.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: You are correct... there are only two of us. But... there is strength in numbers. I believe we will need some help.

    [Dick Grayson]: Help? From who?

    As I began to think of who I should seek help from, I began to reminisce back to the stories Achilles would tell me of my grandfather, Edward, and those who fought alongside him. I did promise my grandfather that I would carry on his legacy, so what better way to start a resistance against the New World Order in my grandfather's name than to seek out his old comrades.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: I might have an idea. However, it is getting late. We should rest for the night. The real work starts tomorrow.

    [Dick Grayson]: Oh boy. Can't wait... that was sarcasm by the way, in case you forgot what sarcasm sounded like.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Heh, no, I perfectly remember what sarcasm is like.

    [Dick Grayson]: You've changed a lot man. But there are some things about you that no purge can ever take away. Damn, I missed you. Anyway, night man.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Goodnight, Dick.


    ~The Flying Dutchman - The North Sea~


    The Sirens. A trio consisting of three demon sisters who, for centuries, terrorized seafarers, luring them with their songs to their doom. For example, while it is widely believed that the Titanic sank simply because it hit an iceberg, the real reason it sank was because of the Sirens' interference, causing the crash that led to the ship's demise. Before I became the British Minister of Magic, my predecessor, Rufus Scrimgeour, sentenced the three to be banished to an uninhabited island in the North Sea. And now, two and a half years since their banishment, I stand here on Governor Davy Jones's ship, the Flying Dutchman, as it sails in the misty body of water nestled between Great Britain and Scandinavia, looking for that same island where we expect to find the Sirens. And once we find them, I will offer them a deal they can't refuse.

    [Davy Jones]: Land ho!

    Upon hearing what Jones said while he commandeered the ship, I rushed to the bow of the ship, trying to see if I can find the island. And, lo and behold, as the mist began to clear, I was able to see a small island in the distance.

    [Dolores Umbridge]: I see it!

    Once we got close enough to the island, the Flying Dutchman docked, and I was escorted to the island on a small boat by one of the Cybermen from the ship. The moment the boat reached the island's shore, I waved my hand to the Cyberman escorting me to indicate I had no desire for protection. It wasn't necessary, really.

    [Dolores Umbridge]: Thank you, but I can take it from here.

    As I left the Cyberman and started walking towards the center of the island, I immediately took out my wand to remove the Protego Maxima spell that had been keeping the Sirens trapped in this island. And with a quick flick of my wand, I started to notice the barrier covering the island start to disappear. Once the barrier was entirely gone, I was surprised to see that none of the Sirens were there. That's not possible. They could not have escaped the Protego Maxima spell without destroying themselves. Unless... they never got out in the first place. Of course... the spell also covered part of the sea surrounding the island. They must be underwater. As soon as I reached the other end of the island, I figured this would be a good spot to call out to the Sirens.

    [Dolores Umbridge]: I know you three are out there! Come out! I have something I would like to discuss.

    A few moments later, I watched as three geyser-like springs erupted from the water surrounding the part of the island I was standing on, covering my face to protect my eyes from all the water. As soon as I felt the air around me calm, I removed my hand and looked up to see the three Sirens in their monstrous forms, floating in the air as they looked down at me...


    I must say, their monstrous forms are certainly bigger than I thought they would be. I imagine they must be around 25 feet tall. In their current forms, they resemble the mythical hippocampus, with the bottom part of their bodies resembling a fish, and the top part resembling a horse... albeit with fins, scales, gills, gems on their chests... and very sharp fangs. No wonder they were able to stay underwater for so long. However, I truly wish they were in their normal forms, as what I wish to discuss requires spoken input from them, something not quite possible when they are currently beasts that can only communicate with roars and growls. No matter, I suppose I should start.

    [Dolores Umbridge]: Good day to the three of you. I'm sure you all know who I am. Now I know you're wondering why I came here.

    Before I could continue, the Sirens started to descend, and bent towards me, relaxing their front legs on the shore as I came face to face with them. I remained calm as they started to sniff me. The three then started growl as they opened their muzzles, revealing their sharp fangs. Surprisingly, the fear of getting eaten by them was not my biggest qualm at the moment. Rather, it was that horrid breath of theirs. They really have been eating nothing but fish all this time. Though, to be fair, the Ministry of Magic never did give them a choice. Anyway, I really should say something.

    [Dolores Umbridge]: Are you really going to eat me when I come here to offer you an olive branch? In case you haven't noticed, I just removed the very barrier that has trapped you here the whole time.

    The Sirens suddenly stopped growling once they heard what I said, and looked at each other, appearing to think about what they should do.

    [Dolores Umbridge]: If you are willing to talk, then I will gladly do so.

    Once the golden-colored middle one, Adagio Dazzle, nodded her head, the Sirens began to transform into their regular forms, taking the form of teenage girls...


    [Adagio Dazzle]: Well, well, well... if it isn't the Minister of Magic. Or should I refer to you with your new title... Grand Moff Dolores Umbridge... am I correct?

    [Dolores Umbridge]: So, I see you've been up to date with what's been happening.

    [Adagio Dazzle]: Oh yeah. It was in the last issue of the Daily Prophet that was graciously delivered to us two weeks ago. Aria?

    [Aria Blaze]: Got it.

    I then watched as the one known as Aria Blaze take out a copy of the Daily Prophet hidden... under her shirt?! She's been keeping a newspaper hidden between her breasts?! What a ghastly thing to do! They may be centuries older than me, but it appears they still have the pubescent mindset of teenage girls! No matter, Dolores. Just relax. You are not concerned whether they act like proper ladies. I am here for something much more important. After closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, I once again open my eyes to see Aria handing Adagio a copy of the Daily Prophet.

    [Aria Blaze]: Here you go.

    [Adagio Dazzle]: Thanks. So, let's recap what the Daily Prophet had to say. Hmm... Azkaban's been permanently shut down, with all inmates transferred elsewhere on a case-by-case basis... Dementors have been completely eradicated, making them extinct... the magical community of the U.K. is now forced to integrate with non-magicals... oh, and as a result of the entire world being annexed by Japan and being reorganized into the New World Order, the Ministry of Magic was officially declared as null and void, while you have been promoted to the role of a Grand Moff. And... oh my... all forms of media throughout the world have been ordered to shut down, including the Daily Prophet, officially making this their final issue. What a shame... I really enjoyed playing those extremely difficult crossword puzzles on page 18 for the past two and a half years.

    [Sonata Dusk]: For realsies? Because I thought those puzzles were the worst.

    [Aria Blaze]: I think you're the worst, Sonata.

    [Sonata Dusk]: Oh, yeah? Well, I think you're-

    [Adagio Dazzle]: Ergh! I'll tell both of you one thing! Being stuck here with you two for the past two and a half years never made banishment any more bearable!

    [Dolores Umbridge]: Umm, pardon me... but may I interrupt this sibling feud?

    [Adagio Dazzle]: Huh, almost forgot you were here. So what's this about an olive branch offering?

    [Dolores Umbridge]: In return for your freedom, the New World Order will be needing your services.

    [Aria Blaze]: Hmph, and why should we trust you?

    [Adagio Dazzle]: Yeah, you've been the Minister of Magic not too long after we were sentenced, and you didn't even bother doing anything about us all this time.

    [Dolores Umbridge]: Well how could I? Suspicions would've certainly arisen if I tried freeing you. My hands were tied. Freeing you now was only possible because the ministry no longer exists. Also, I feel like I need to mention that I am responsible for the death of Rufus Scrimgeour. I'm sure you were all ecstatic when you heard.

    [Sonata Dusk]: You know, she has a point.

    [Adagio Dazzle]: Okay... suppose we join the New World Order... what's in it for us... besides our freedom?

    [Dolores Umbridge]: Riches, beyond your wildest imaginations. Whatever you desire, the New World Order will grant you all your wishes.

    [Aria Blaze]: Anything we want, huh?

    [Sonata Dusk]: Even tacos?!

    [Dolores Umbridge]: Heh, of course. Even tacos.

    [Adagio Dazzle]: I'll admit... it's hard to resist your deal. But... out of curiosity... what would the New World Order need from us?

    [Dolores Umbridge]: Well, with any change, there will be resistance. And with the kind of change the New World Order brought to the world, there is bound to be resistance to us at some point. So, to prepare for any potential uprisings, the New World Order is taking many different precautions, including the creation of a group known as Inquisitors to snuff out any potential rebel cells out there. You three are several of the candidates we are considering to join this group.

    [Aria Blaze]: Why us?

    [Dolores Umbridge]: Well, isn't your specialty feeding off of other's negative energy and making them fight one another? That to us seems like a useful ability in our eyes.

    [Adagio Dazzle]: Could you excuse us for a moment?

    As I nodded in response, I watched as Adagio huddled together with her sisters, discussing the terms of my deal. They'd be fools to reject what I offered. I would also hate to look at Al Mualim, my love, in the eyes and and tell him that I've failed him on this task. Anyway, after around a minute or so of discussing it, Adagio turned to face me.

    [Adagio Dazzle]: You got yourself a deal.

    [Dolores Umbridge]: Excellent! May this be the beginning of a beautiful alliance.


    ~Holonet News Transmission~


    This is Malva with the only news that matters, the Holonet News. While the vast majority of citizens have welcomed the New World Order with open arms, preferring it over the less prosperous state of Earth before, there are some who threaten the New World Order's existence. Groups such as the Rangers, Riders, and Sailor Scouts, just to name a few, continue to roam this Earth, ready to strike and scare citizens into going back to our primitive ways when we were separated by borders. The New World Order reassures fellow citizens that it will not rest until every one of these subversives are tracked down and dealt with permanently. It also asks citizens to report any suspicious and illegal activity to prevent our order from crumbling. Remember, if you purposefully fail to report such activity, you will be viewed as a subversive as well. This has been Malva, for the Holonet News.


    ~The Capital - Alleyway~


    [Dick Grayson]: You sure about this?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: According to the stories Achilles would tell me, Jack Sparrow was a good ally and friend of my grandfather. I believe he can help us.

    [Dick Grayson]: Uh-huh... and you're sure this Jack Sparrow is the only guy who can help us?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: The only one that I know of who is alive, not being hunted by the New World Order, and lives close by. There are two others, but they reside in Vermilion City. And then there is Odin, the father of Thor and Loki...

    [Dick Grayson]: Oh yeah... that'll never work out.

    Odin would certainly have been my first choice to seek help from. However, because of what my father apparently did to Odin in Iraq years ago, Odin can never walk without a cane. And because of that, I have always been at odds with his two sons, Thor and Loki. Hence why I decided to seek out Jack Sparrow instead.

    [Dick Grayson]: So, how do we find Sparrow?

    I silently pointed Dick to an old payphone across the street. The phone book included with the payphone should have Jack Sparrow's address listed.

    [Dick Grayson]: A payphone, huh? I'm surprised these things still exist. So, do we just walk over to it?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Wait a moment.

    Having telepathically connected with a nearby eagle, I was able to see through its vision, and realize that there were Cybermen marching across the street. Once I motioned Dick to remain where he was, the two of us watched as those same Cybermen that I detected with my Eagle vision were slowly marching across the street.


    Had Dick and I tried crossing the street to get to the payphone, we surely would have been caught.

    [Dick Grayson]: Aaaaand.... they're gone! Phew, that was a close one! How did you know those Cybermen were gonna be there?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Eagle vision.

    [Dick Grayson]: Okay then... I'm gonna pretend I know what that is and just go with it.

    Once we were sure the coast was clear, the two of us crossed the street and walked over to the payphone, whereupon I immediately opened the phone book to look for Jack Sparrow's address information.

    [Dick Grayson]: Let's see... 'S' for Sparrow. Ok, here... Alan Sparrow, Sally Sparrow, ah, there it is! Jack Sparrow.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: He lives in the Minato district. That is not far at all.

    [Dick Grayson]: Great!

    I ripped out the page containing Jack Sparrow's address and handed it to Dick, intending to do something else with the payphone.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Before we go, I need to use the payphone.

    [Dick Grayson]: Seriously? Who're you gonna even call?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: ... Katniss.

    [Dick Grayson]: Dude... I don't know if that's even worth it. I mean... what if the New World Order tracks her or something?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Her phone is off. I tried calling her shortly after the purge, before I knew she was wanted, but I was redirected to the voicemail. I tried calling her again multiple times, and the same thing happens. Yet the fact that the New World Order is still looking for her gives me hope that she is somewhere out there trying to survive, just like us. Even if I just leave voicemails, I want her to know that I am alright.

    [Dick Grayson]: Alright, dude. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. I'll be waiting for you over there.

    I nodded in response as I watched Dick wait near a store window. Taking out whatever coins I still have from my pocket, I insert them into the slot and dial the number to contact Katniss. As expected, I am immediately redirected to the voicemail. Now to think of what to say.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Katniss, it is me. Not a day goes by when I do not think of you, hoping that the two of us reunite. Since my last voicemail, I actually came across Dick. Just like us, he too is being hunted by the New World Order. He is just as lost as I am. And when I saw him, and felt the pain he had with this horrible new life... I had an epiphany. We cannot keep hiding forever. I decided to take a stand, and do something. I promise to explain more later. But right now, Dick and I are off to meet with someone who might help. Take care of yourself, Katniss. I love you.

    Once I hung up, I waved to Dick to indicate that I was done. Once he nodded back at me, the two of us began our trek towards the Minato district. I did wonder though, whether Jack Sparrow would be willing to help us, or if he would automatically shun me because of what my father has done. Only one way to find out. Thus, my journey has officially began.


    ~Somewhere in Africa - Hidden High Tech Facility~


    I spent the rest of the day yesterday trying to explain what had happened around the world to Hiccup. As expected, it was a bit too much for him to handle. But today, he seems to be in a more cheerful mood, evidenced by his friendly discussion with T'Challa, Shuri, and Thorax during breakfast.

    [Hiccup]: So, Wakanda, huh? Gotta say, it feels pretty cool that I'm dining with royalty.

    [T'Challa]: We are not royalty now, Hiccup.

    [Hiccup]: Yeah, yeah, I know. New World Order took over, and you're in hiding. Still, I think you guys are pretty cool.

    [Shuri]: Aww, thank you, Hiccup.

    It's amazing. Even after losing his leg, Hiccup is still the same guy I remember before the Great Purge. It'll certainly take more than a purge to destroy his spirits. But my smile quickly faded as I heard the usual alarm sound throughout the facility.

    [Hiccup]: W-what's that?

    [Thorax]: A Helicarrier with TIE fighters is passing by.

    [Hiccup]: Umm... TIE fighters?

    [T'Challa]: I'll show you.

    As T'Challa tapped on one of his Kimoyo Beads, a monitor in the ceiling was lowered until we can all see it. It then switched on to show live footage from the sky outside...

    We watched as the screen showed a New World Order Helicarrier flying near our area, accompanied by a number of TIE fighters on its sides, before flying off elsewhere.

    [Hiccup]: What are they doing?

    [Thorax]: Probably just some recon. Those things are all around the world, and they pass near us every couple of days.

    [T'Challa]: They are part of the New World Order's air force.

    [Hiccup]: Wow... guess they were pretty serious about asserting their control over the world.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Good thing this place has an invisibility mode.

    [Shuri]: That and no records of this place exist in any computer back in Wakanda. I heard of a hideout in Japan that was discovered by the New World Order because of the rather primitive mistake of keeping a record of it in a server.

    [Hiccup]: So, how did you know where to find this place when you escaped Wakanda?

    [T'Challa]: With these.

    T'Challa and Shuri both pointed to the Kimoyo Beads they had on their wrists. At first glance, one would think those were just nice-looking beads, nothing more. But they are in fact advanced devices used by the Wakandan royal family and those close to them for a variety of tasks, whether it be to contact someone, or control devices around you.

    [Shuri]: They are Kimoyo Beads, a Wakandan invention, only known to those in Wakanda. Foreigners see these, they think they are just normal beads. However, they are in fact very useful devices that can display holograms, contact others, and other useful tricks. Sort of... like a very advanced smartphone.

    [Hiccup]: Wow... so any information on this place-

    [Shuri]: Can only be accessed by our beads, yes.

    [Hiccup]: Amazing.

    [Shuri]: By the way, Katniss... have you opened your phone yet?

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Thanks for reminding me, I completely forgot about it.

    [Shuri]: By the way, Hiccup, I'm almost done with your phone.

    [Hiccup]: Thanks, and I know you told me that I can only talk to someone if I receive calls. But... is there even service around here?

    [Shuri]: I took care of that as well.

    [Hiccup]: Wow, you are good.

    Taking out my cell phone, I switched it on after being off for so long. Battery was full, and there was service, just as Shuri said. And as I expected, I had quite a lot of voicemail messages, though I wasn't sure of the numbers.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Well, whaddya know? I got many voicemail messages, but I'm not sure who they're from. Eh, might as well start listening to them.

    As I played the first message in speaker mode, my heart sank, gasping upon recognizing the voice in the voicemail message.

    [Voice from Voicemail Message]: Katniss... I am speaking to you from a payphone. I wanted to reach out to you as soon as I could. It has been very chaotic lately, and I only needed to know that you were alright. I do not know if you heard, but Achilles is dead. I tried to reach out to Dick after noticing his place was also targeted, but I cannot get in contact with him. I am not sure if he is even still alive. I just wanted to let you know that I am alright, and I am still trying to fully understand what happened. If you see Rue and Ritchie, give them my regards. I will try contacting you later. In the meantime, please be careful. I love you...

    [Haymitch]: Pikapi!

    Just like me, the cheerful Haymitch figured out whose voice that was, happy to hear his voice. It was Connor! He's been trying to reach me all this time!

    [T'Challa]: Katniss, who was that?

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Someone... very important to me.

    [Hiccup]: It was Connor, wasn't it?

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Yeah...

    [Shuri]: Ah, I think I know how important he is to you.

    [Thorax]: Is he okay?

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Well, there are other voicemails from the same number, so I hope so. Plus, he did say that he called from a payphone, so maybe these other numbers are him too.

    Connor is out there, wondering where I am. I feel wrong staying here while he is looking for me. I miss him so much, and I'd do anything to be with him again. Staying here may be the safest thing for me to do, but I am willing to risk my life to go to him. I will do what I must.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: I'm sorry, but I have to go back to Japan.

    [T'Challa]: Absolutely not. The New World Order will kill you.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: I can't live with myself without knowing if Connor's okay. T'Challa, I am begging you... please, you have to let me go back to Japan.

    [T'Challa]: How can I let you go alone out the-

    [Hiccup]: I'll go.

    [Thorax]: Wait, what?

    [Hiccup]: Katniss, you don't need to go alone. Toothless and I can accompany you as well.

    Once Hiccup said that, I noticed Toothless eagerly nodded his head in response, while Haymitch climbed up to my shoulder, appearing to be excited by the prospect of going back to Japan.

    [Haymitch]: Pikapika!

    [Katniss Everdeen]: And it looks like Haymitch will join me too.

    I waited for a response from T'Challa, who remained silent as he and Shuri exchanged looks with each other before T'Challa turned his attention back to me.

    [T'Challa]: This Connor... do you love him?

    [Katniss Everdeen]: More than you know.

    [T'Challa]: Very well. I will see what I can do.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: T-Thank you, thank you so much.

    I almost felt like crying tears of joy at that moment. Hang in there, Connor, I'm coming for you.


    ~Holonet News Transmission~


    This is Malva with the only news that matters, the Holonet News. Having been a principal of a school himself, Supreme Leader Al Mualim understands the importance of educating our bright young citizens. However, while he does believe education is important, the supreme leader does believe that we must control what is being taught to our children, and avoid indoctrinating them with ideas that go against the very things that the New World Order stands for. And I'm sure we couldn't agree more. Thus, in order to ensure our young citizens receive a proper education, all schools around the world will be following a standardized curriculum, focused on strengthening children physically through rigorous forms of physical education, as well as strengthening them mentally through advanced classes. Of course, all students will be expected to pass their courses with flying colors, as there is no room for failures in the New World Order. This has been Malva, for the Holonet News.

  2. Meilin Lee RPG (Red Panda Girl)

    Nov 2, 2011
    ~Minato District: Jack Sparrow's Home~


    After arriving to the Minato district, and asking for directions a couple of times, we finally reached our destination... Jack Sparrow's home.

    [Dick Grayson]: Hmm, looks like this is it.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Yes.

    [Dick Grayson]: Guess we should knock.

    As Dick knocked on the front door lightly, I could sense someone approaching the door to answer.

    [Jack Sparrow]: No need to bang on the door so loud, mate! I'm coming!


    As the door opened, Dick and I saw who we believed to be Jack Sparrow, appearing to be drunk while holding a bottle of rum.

    [Jack Sparrow]: I'll have you know, I promise to atone for my sins... at a later point, thank you.

    [Dick Grayson]: W-What?

    [Jack Sparrow]: Well, you are Jehovah's Witnesses, aren't you? Isn't that why you knocked?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: No...

    [Jack Sparrow]: Oh, my apologies. Then please, come in good strangers.

    As we entered Jack's home while he closed the door, the look on Dick's face told me that he had similar thoughts as I did. Was this really THE Jack Sparrow I heard so much about?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: So, are you really Jack Sparrow?

    [Jack Sparrow]: Who wants to know, lad?

    [Dick Grayson]: Are you drunk?

    [Jack Sparrow]: I actually prefer calling it "Hakuna Matata". It means no worries in Swahili... I think.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: "No worries"? So what are you doing? Drinking away your problems?

    [Jack Sparrow]: For your information, I happen to find it very useful when dealing with many problems going on right now, like the New World Order, and even my own neighbor and mate, Logan, forced to become a Stormtrooper.

    I noticed Dick looking around, and noticing pictures of the wall of Jack with a young pony who I assume Jack takes care of.

    [Dick Grayson]: You have a kid... and you're getting drunk.

    [Jack Sparrow]: Not to worry... little Pip is at school right now. And once he comes home, I'll be completely sober, savvy?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: I have to say, you are nothing as I imagined, Mr. Sparrow.

    [Jack Sparrow]: Oh, so you have heard of me... I must say, I'm quite flattered.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Of course I did. You knew my grandfather. Whenever I was told stories of him, you were mentioned as being one of his closest friends, fighting courageously side-by-side in battles...

    I stopped explaining to Sparrow how I knew about him once I noticed that he had dozed off, just like that, and was snoring rather loudly while remaining standing. It cannot be... Dick and I have been searching for... this? The great Jack Sparrow I had imagined was not some lunatic who drank his problems away. Before I could say anything, Dick started snapping his fingers trying to wake sparrow up.

    [Dick Grayson]: Helooo... Mr. Sparrow?

    [Jack Sparrow]: Oh... I'm so sorry. Were you still talking? I believe I nodded off a bit.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Jack... do you realize the risks Dick and I have taken to get here, to see you? Are you sure you are THE Jack Sparrow?

    [Jack Sparrow]: Real question is, who are you? You look rather... familiar. Have we met?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: I currently go by the name of Ratonhnhaké:ton. But before, I was known as Connor Kenway, son to Haytham Kenway, and grandson of Captain Edward Kenway.

    [Jack Sparrow]: Ugh... you're the evil spawn of that villain, Haytham? Aren't you supposed to be in some glorious mansion, pampered at every step you take by an infinite number of servants, considering your daddy's status as a Grand Moff?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: The New World Order tried to kill me.

    [Jack Sparrow]: Oh... well that'll certainly lead to very awkward dinner conversations with your father.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: I am not my father, Jack. In fact, I never met him. When I was a child, I was raised by my mother until I was 11, when she was killed by Crystal Order thugs... or as the New World Order claims, was an act instigated by foreign nations. After her death, I was taken care of by Achilles Davenport, until he was killed during the Great Purge.

    [Jack Sparrow]: God rest his soul. So... you really think what the New World Order says about the Crystal Order is a bunch of bollocks?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: I suppose that is one way of saying it.

    [Jack Sparrow]: Well, then I believe we're finally finding some common ground.

    [Dick Grayson]: So you'll help us?

    [Jack Sparrow]: Never said that, mate. I don't even know what it is you want with me.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Of course, I suppose I should explain...

    I spent as much time as I could explaining to Jack of what I planned to do, how I wanted to start a movement, something that can become much bigger, and put an end to the evil tyranny of the New World Order. Jack Sparrow, to me, was intended to be the first of many to become part of this movement. Whether he wanted to help or not, I was not sure.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: ... and that, Jack Sparrow, is why we need your help.

    [Jack Sparrow]: And you came to me?

    [Dick Grayson]: We didn't really know where else to start.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Jack... my grandfather surely must have thought very highly of you. Everything I wish to do in this fight, it is all in his honor. Please, help me Jack.

    Jack appeared to ponder my words for a while. I still was not sure if he would accept my request. Surprisingly, Dick and I noticed him put his bottle of rum away, as though he were sober and had no intention of getting drunk.

    [Jack Sparrow]: Before he died, Edward Kenway made me promise on his deathbed that I reach the rank of Captain... something I was never able to fulfill. I will help you... on one condition. If you were told stories about your grandfather, then you must surely know who Lt. Surge is.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Surge... as a matter of fact, I do know him. However, does he not live in Vermilion City?

    [Jack Sparrow]: Correct. He happens the be the leader of the Pokemon Gym over there. I'll be visiting him tomorrow. You want my help, convince him to join you as well.

    [Dick Grayson]: You want us to go to Vermilion City?

    [Jack Sparrow]: I am willing to take you there myself. I understand it would be difficult for someone of your nature to use public transportation these days.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Then I accept your challenge.

    [Jack Sparrow]: Splendid! So I suppose I'll see you two tomorrow?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Indeed. We will return here tomorrow around the same time. But for now, Dick and I need to leave.

    [Jack Sparrow]: Then I bid you, farewell.

    As I nodded in reply to Jack, I exited his home with Dick, and the two of us began our trip back to the sewer hideout.

    [Dick Grayson]: So, you really think you can convince Surge to help out.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Hope so. I was able to convince Sparrow, for the most part. If Lt. Surge is anything like him, then it should not be difficult.


    ~Somewhere in Africa - Hidden High Tech Facility~


    Today was the day. Hiccup and I, along with Toothless and Haymitch, were finally going back to Japan. All our things were packed. We were ready. I felt both excited, yet worried to see how things have changed after the New World Order came to power. Either way, there was no turning back. The four of us were standing in front of the exit, and T'Challa waiting for us outside with a ride. It was time.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Well, ready to go?

    [Hiccup]: Yup.

    [Haymitch]: Pikachu!

    Once Toothless nodded, I knew it was time to finally step out of this facility. Taking a deep breath, I pressed on a button near the door, causing it to open up for us. And out there was T'Challa, waiting for us next to Nakia, the person he said would take us to Japan.


    [Katniss Everdeen]: Alright, let's go.

    As Haymitch climbed up to my shoulder, Hiccup and I walked down a ramp, carrying our backpacks while being followed by Toothless. I have to say, I'm impressed by how quickly Hiccup got used to his artificial leg. It's almost as though he never even lost his leg. He was definitely ready to fly back to Japan. Still, it would have been nice to use our teleporters to teleport back to Japan. Too bad they stopped functioning after the Great Purge. Oh well.

    [T'Challa]: So, are you ready?

    [Katniss Everdeen]: I certainly am.

    The area surrounding the facility constituted lush vegetation and several mountains. It was a beautiful sight, and I felt a bit disappointed I never got out of the facility to check it out ever since I first got here.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: We already said our goodbyes to Shuri and Thorax.

    [Hiccup]: So, you're Nakia?

    [Nakia]: That's right. I'll be flying you to Japan.

    [Hiccup]: But... I don't see a plane anywhere.

    [Nakia]: How about now?

    I watched as Nakia tapped on one of her Kimoyo Beads, and just like that, an aircraft appeared next to T'Challa and Nakia. If I had to guess, that just had to be invisibility cloaking on the plane.

    [Hiccup]: Woah!

    [T'Challa]: This is my personal aircraft, the Royal Talon Flyer. You like it?

    [Hiccup]: Definitely. Umm, was that invisibility cloaking technology that kept it hidden?

    [Nakia]: It is. No radar can detect it either. If we are to avoid detection from the New World Order while taking you back to Japan, this aircraft is our best option.

    [Hiccup]: Sweet!

    As Nakia tapped on her Kimoyo Beads once again to open T'Challa's aircraft, with a ramp lowered for those wanting to go inside, I looked at T'Challa, feeling thankful for all that he is done for us, and hoping we'd meet again in the future.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Well, this is it. I have to say, after what happened to myself and the others, I thought I was done for. But... thanks to you, Hiccup, Toothless, Haymitch, and I are all alive and well. And now it's goodbye...

    [T'Challa]: Don't say that, Miss Everdeen. I am sure we will meet again. Which reminds me, I know Shuri told you and Hiccup that you cannot make calls on your phone.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: That's right.

    [T'Challa]: Well, that is true only to an extent. If you call phones that received the same modification, you will not be tracked either.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Really?

    [Hiccup]: So, if, say... I called Katniss, then neither of us would be in danger because both of our phones were modified.

    [T'Challa]: Correct. And since Shuri modified her phone as well as my phone, we will be able to contact you two wherever you are without any danger.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: That's great! Then we'll definitely be in touch!

    After T'Challa shared a hug with me and shook hands with Hiccup, I finally went into T'Challa's plane with Hiccup, Toothless, and Haymitch. And as I waited in the plane's ramp for Nakia, I noticed that T'Challa was telling her something.

    [T'Challa]: Nakia... please be careful.

    [Nakia]: Do not worry, my king. They will be safe, and so will I.

    The two exchanged nods before they both placed a hand on the other's cheek. Are they... in love? Either way, Nakia shifted her attention to T'Challa's plane, and joined us inside.

    [Nakia]: Time to go.

    Nakia then immediately started to pilot the plane, with the aircraft slowly ascending above the ground.

    [Haymitch]: Pika...

    [Katniss Everdeen]: That's right, Haymitch, we're flying.

    Haymitch and I watched as T'Challa waved goodbye to us from outside, while Hiccup and Toothless observed Nakia piloting the plane.


    ~Holonet News Transmission~


    This is Malva with the only news that matters, the Holonet News. The New World Order remains ever grateful for the Cyberman army in thwarting Earth's old regimes, and replacing them with the glorious new world we live in now. But as mighty as the Cyberman army is, more soldiers are still needed to help keep the peace and squash any threats before they spread. That is why our Supreme Leaders have decreed that, along with the Cyberman army, an army consisting of heroic soldiers called Stormtroopers will stand alongside them to help defend our beautiful planet. As part of the decree, at least one off-duty soldier from every military household around the world will be required to register to become a Stormtrooper. The decree also states that those attending military schools will be transferred to Stormtrooper duties, effective immediately. And of course, for any citizens out there wishing to do their part in preserving the glory of the New World Order, registrations to be part of the Stormtrooper army are open. Remember, the New World Order thanks you.


    ~The Royal Talon Flyer: In the Air~


    [Nakia]: We are getting close to the Japanese mainland.

    This was it. We were finally going back to Japan. Yet, as good as it felt to be going back home, I didn't think I was ready to see what became of it after the New World Order came to be. There is so much I want to do, yet don't think I'll be able to. I want to make sure my family is safe, to see that Ritchie and Rue are alright, and find out if anything happened to Zordon. But given my current status of being a subversive, I feel that may not be possible. For now, I just want to be reunited with Connor. Speaking of Connor, during the flight, I switched my phone on, and noticed that he sent another voicemail, indicating that he and Dick were on their way to Vermilion City to get help. He didn't elaborate on what he meant by "help", but I'm sure it's something important to him. Either way, it looks like we'll need to go to Vermilion City.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: If you could, land us near Vermilion City.

    [Nakia]: Of course.

    [Hiccup]: Why Vermilion City?

    [Katniss Everdeen]: I got another voicemail from Connor. He said he'll be there.

    [Hiccup]: Ah, gotcha.

    [Haymitch]: Pika!

    [Katniss Everdeen]: That's right, Haymitch. We're going to see him again!

    [Nakia]: Your boyfriend?

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Yeah... he is.

    As I blushed during my response, I could see Nakia smiling as she looked at me before turning her attention back to piloting the aircraft. There was something I've been wanting to ask her since we left Africa, and seeing as how we were almost to our destination, now may be the best time to ask her.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: So... is there a thing going on between you and T'Challa?

    [Nakia]: For a while, yes. Not anymore though.

    [Hiccup]: Wait... you're his ex-girlfriend?

    [Nakia]: Yes. I still love him, and I have a feeling he feels the same way. But as he began to focus more on royal duties, while I focused on my own work as a spy for Wakanda... we started to realize we couldn't maintain our own relationship. Katniss... the one you love... never let go of him.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Don't worry. I won't.

    [Nakia]: Good. Anyway, we are approaching Vermilion City.

    I watched as the aircraft gently descended towards Vermilion City, landing somewhere in the forest surrounding Route 6, just a little north of Vermilion City.

    [Nakia]: And we made it!

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Wow, we're actually here.

    As Nakia pressed a button near the cockpit, the aircraft's ramp lowered, allowing Hiccup, Toothless, Haymitch, and myself to exit while carrying our things.

    [Nakia]: Well, looks like this is it.

    [Hiccup]: We're really grateful for what you did, Nakia. You sure you don't wanna join us?

    [Nakia]: I'd love to, Hiccup. But, I have duties elsewhere.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: It's okay. We understand. Let's go, Haymitch.

    [Haymitch]: Pikachu!

    Once Haymitch climbed up to my shoulder, I led Hiccup and Toothless outside, walking down the ramp as we arrived to the forest outside. Turning around, I noticed the aircraft's exterior was invisible, just like the way we first saw it. Before taking off, Nakia walked over to the top of the ramp to wish us goodbye. While Hiccup waved goodbye, I decided to say farewell using a traditional Wakandan salute that Shuri taught me. So I crossed my arms diagonally over my chest, with Nakia doing the same once she recognized what I was doing.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Wakanda forever!

    [Nakia]: Wakanda forever!

    Walking back to the cockpit, Nakia began to fly the aircraft once again, with the exit being closed off with the ramp. Though invisible, we could still hear the Royal Talon Flyer as it flew farther away. Once we could no longer hear it, Hiccup, Toothless, Haymitch, and myself turned to see what looked like Vermilion City.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Well this is it... let's go.

    [Hiccup]: Right. By the way, what was that thing you and Nakia did?

    [Katniss Everdeen]: It's a traditional Wakandan salute. Shuri taught it to me.

    [Hiccup]: Huh...

    Hiccup began to practice the salute with himself while we walked towards Vermilion City. Upon reaching it... we could definitely see how things have changed for the worse. The damned things known as Cybermen were roaming the streets, New World Order flags were displayed everywhere, and a large display screen on top of a building was displaying constant propaganda, such as who was currently wanted. Now I know how it must've felt to live in Nazi Germany.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: We better keep a low profile.

    [Hiccup]: Agreed.

    Noticing an alley, the four of us rushed there so we wouldn't be detected by any of the Cybermen. Question now was... what to do next?

    [Hiccup]: So... now what?

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Still trying to figure that out.

    As we waited and waited, remaining hidden from the rest of the city, I was beginning to realize that we were achieving nothing. Maybe putting ourselves at risk might somehow be a better plan. However, before I was able to say anything, I noticed Cybermen passing by the street in front of us. Once we were relieved they didn't notice us, I saw a group of three people arrive to the spot where the Cybermen were. One of them looked like a pirate, the other was... Dick? But wait, if Dick's in that group, then that means...


    [Haymitch]: Pikapi!

    It looks like Haymitch certainly recognized the third person in the group as none other than Connor himself! He was here! I was finally reunited with him!


    **5 minutes earlier**


    ~Vermilion City~


    As promised, Jack Sparrow was taking us to Vermilion City so that I may meet with Lt. Surge. However, the method in which he was taking us was not exactly the way we would have wanted. Dick and I were wrapped in large garbage bags, and crammed into the trunk of Sparrow's car. It was certainly not the most comfortable way to go there. However, it would have been dangerous for myself and Dick to ride in the car normally, given the security checkpoint on the road from The Capital to Vermilion City. We would certainly have been apprehended. Luckily, upon arriving to the checkpoint, Jack informed the Cybermen there that he only had dirt inside garbage bags in his trunk. And once the Cybermen opened the trunk, they were not suspicious upon noticing the bags that contained Dick and myself. And once that was taken care of, we were back on our way to Vermilion City. Speaking of which, I felt the car come to a complete stop just now. Have we arrived?

    [Jack Sparrow]: Alright you two, we're here.


    As Jack opened the trunk, Dick and I wasted no time getting out of the garbage bags, happy to finally breathe normally. I was rather surprised we lasted so long given how much we suffocated inside them.

    [Dick Grayson]: 'Bout time! Never make me do that again!

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Then let us hope Lt. Surge can help. So Jack, where is the Vermilion Gym?

    [Jack Sparrow]: Right that way. Follow me.

    Once Dick and I got off the trunk, we started following Jack, making our way through the city to reach the gym. Meanwhile, I noticed an eagle flying nearby, and connected to it telepathically to use Eagle Vision and see if there were any Cybermen close by.

    [Jack Sparrow]: Shouldn't be too far from here, lads. Just across the street from the-

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Get down!

    I quickly dragged Jack and Dick behind a parked bus, watching as Cybermen were coming in from the other side of the street, turning as they started walking in the direction we were walking.

    [Jack Sparrow]: Huh... good catch, lad.

    [Dick Grayson]: Let me guess... Eagle Vision?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Yes.

    As soon as the Cybermen passed by without detecting us, we returned back to the path we were taking to the gym. However, upon passing by an alleyway, we heard what appeared to be a Pikachu calling out to us. There was something that felt a bit familiar about that Pikachu's cry. No... it cannot be... could it? Turning to my left, I saw them. Katniss and Haymitch, and the two of them appeared to be accompanied by Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless...


    [Dick Grayson]: Connor, it's... Katniss.

    [Haymitch]: Pikachu!

    As Haymitch ran towards me, I was feeling a sense of joy I last felt when I reunited with Dick. Only this time, I was also feeling... optimism. For once, I had a sense of optimism inside me I had not felt in a long time. Added to that, I was overcome with a sense of nostalgia as I caught Haymitch after he jumped towards me, feeling him cuddle me.

    [Haymitch]: Pika!

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Hehe... I missed you too old friend.

    After my reunion with Haymitch, I saw Katniss look at me with what appeared to be teary eyes. After Haymitch climbed up to my shoulder, Katniss and I started walking together until we were at a very close distance to each other. I could tell just by looking at her that Katniss, like me, was struggling on what words to say. But even by just looking at each other, I got the impression that we could feel what the other was feeling. So instead of speaking, the two of us smiled at each other, and placed a hand on the other's cheek, until we the two of us finally shared a kiss, which felt every bit as magical as our first kiss.

    [Jack Sparrow]: What a truly revolting sight.

    [Dick Grayson]: Hey, give them their space, Jack. They haven't seen each other for more than two weeks.

    [Hiccup]: Dick, you're looking lively.

    [Dick Grayson]: Nice to see you too, Hiccup. Love the new look you've got by the way.

    [Hiccup]: Thanks. So who's this guy?

    [Dick Grayson]: An old friend of Connor's grandpappy.

    [Hiccup]: Ah. Cool.


    ~Outside the Vermilion City Gym~


    While Jack Sparrow went inside the Vermilion City gym in order to fetch Lt. Surge, Katniss and I were sitting next to each other on a bench outside, joined by the others as we were catching up on what happened to each other. Katniss informed me of how she became a Rider, and that Rue knew about her secret identity. I also learned that while she and Hiccup were on a mission with other Riders and Power Rangers, they were attacked by a Helicarrier, just like Dick and myself. They were then rescued by T'Challa, prince of Wakanda, who was also able to provide them a transport to come here undetected. Meanwhile, I explained my plan to her, and the reason I was in Vermilion City.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: So, you were a Rider for almost three months?

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Yeah. Sorry I never told you.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: It is alright. All that matters to me is that you are safe.

    [Haymitch]: Pikapika!

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Hehe, and of course, you too, Haymitch.

    As Haymitch climbed up to my laps to cuddle me, my attention shifted towards Hiccup and his metallic leg. Katniss said that he lost his leg saving her life when they were attacked by a Helicarrier during the Great Purge.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Hiccup... you risked your life to save Katniss, and lost your leg in the process. If it was not for you, I would not have been reunited with her. No amount of words can truly express my gratitude towards your selfless act.

    [Hiccup]: Aww, don't mention it, Connor. All in a day's work for a Rider such as myself.

    [Dick Grayson]: You know, I still can't believe that you and Katniss were Riders. And not just you two. Apparently several guys from Nintendo High were Rangers and Riders. Harry... Sirius... even Philip, the librarian for crying out loud.

    [Hiccup]: Well, what can I say? We were pretty good at keeping it a secret.

    [Dick Grayson]: Yeah. Still, too bad about what happened, what with the New World Order declaring you all enemies of the state and hunting you down...

    [Hiccup]: Yeah...

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Do you know what happened to the Riders and Rangers who joined you on your mission in Madagascar?

    [Katniss Everdeen]: No, unfortunately. Everything happened so fast. I hope they're okay.

    [Hiccup]: I'm sure they can take care of themselves. By the way, Connor... what exactly are you planning to do with this idea of yours to stand up to the New World Order?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: I hope to start something that will become a much bigger movement.

    [Hiccup]: And you need this Surge guy's help because...?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Well, I have to start somewhere. He and Jack are military veterans who knew my grandfather. Given the nature of my plan, who better to ally with than those with a military background.

    [Dick Grayson]: Speaking of which... is it me, or is Jack taking too much time inside?

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Speak of the devil...


    Sparrow had just exited the Vermilion Gym, looking at me with an unsure look on his face that honestly had me worried that things may not have went as I had hoped inside.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Well?

    [Jack Sparrow]: So, I spoke with Surge, relayed what you asked me to. But, I think he'd prefer to talk to you.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Alright. Where is he?

    Before Jack could reply, we saw Lt. Surge himself step out of the gym building, appearing to want to face me...


    Getting up myself, I walked over to Surge, though the look he gave me indicated he did not seem in a very welcoming mood.

    [Lt. Surge]: So... you're dat Kenway kid Jack's been talkin' about, huh?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Correct.

    [Lt. Surge]: Right. So how 'bout youse do me a favor and get outta my sight.

    [Dick Grayson]: Umm, rude much?

    [Hiccup]: Yeah, seriously... what's your problem?

    [Lt. Surge]: Do ya guys realize who his dad is? Well I'll tell ya! His dad's Haytham Kenway, one of the Grand Moffs, and a really bad guy despite what that stupid book the government released said 'bout him.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: So I take it you don't like the New World Order.

    [Lt. Surge]: No, I do not. Ever since they took ovah, I can't even get in touch wit' my daughter in Tokyo... or as it's now called, the Capital. And, they forced my friend's daughter to join their Stormtrooper army. So, lemme rephrase what I said earlier. I HATE the New World Order.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Lt. Surge... I completely understand your feelings.

    [Lt. Surge]: Hah, do ya?! An' why should I believe you, huh? For all I know, you could be a New World Order spy!

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: For your information... I am actually wanted by them, and have been hiding from them since the Great Purge. I may be Haytham Kenway's son, but I am not my father.

    [Lt. Surge]: But ya still kept his last name, didn't ya?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: I kept the name Kenway not because of my father, but to honor the legacy of my grandfather... Edward Kenway, the only Kenway I care for. You were his friend, were you not?

    Surge did not respond immediately to what I said. I could tell from his face that what I had just said about my grandfather seemed to have an effect on him. Now it was just a matter of waiting, and hoping, that he actually decides to help us with our plan.

    [Lt. Surge]: So, youse wanna prove that you're nothin' like Haytham, huh? Alright. Here's da deal. Got a Pokemon?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: No.

    [Lt. Surge]: Good. Meet me at da gym in one hour for a Pokemon battle. I'll make a decision after our battle.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: But I just said I do not have any Pokemon.

    [Lt. Surge]: Ain't my problem. You figure somethin' out. And remember... one hour. I'll be waitin'.

    As Surge went back inside the building, I was feeling flabbergasted... to put it mildly. I was beginning to feel like getting Lt. Surge on my side was not worth it. But then I remembered that Jack said that getting Surge's help would be the only way he would assist me himself. I was out of options. Either I somehow take part in Surge's Pokemon challenge, or I completely forget about my plan. I knew this was not going to be easy, but I never anticipated this.

    [Jack Sparrow]: I do apologize for Surge's behavior, lad. But, there was a history with Haytham, and it wasn't pretty. It was always going to be hard for him to trust someone related to Haytham.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: I completely understand, Jack. Still, now I do not know what to do next.

    [Hiccup]: I'd let you borrow Toothless, but since this is a Pokemon battle... using Toothless would disqualify you.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: I know...

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Connor, why don't you use Haymitch? He'll be happy to help you out!

    [Haymitch]: Pikachu!

    Haymitch seemed to be enthusiastic about the idea of battling for me. However, this was going to be my first Pokemon battle, and there was going to be a steep learning curve that I would have to overcome in one hour.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: I appreciate it... truly. However, there is the issue of never having taken part in a Pokemon battle before.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: You've seen others take part in Pokemon battles before, right?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: A bit, yes.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Then you should have a good idea of how they go. And don't worry, I can help you memorize all of Haymitch's known moves before the match.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Thank you, Katniss. Then I suppose it is time we get started...

    --- Post updated ---
    ~Vermilion City Gym~


    An hour had passed. During that time, Katniss was hopefully able to teach me enough basics to suceed in this match. I stood on one side of the arena, while Surge was standing on the other side, accompanied by a man who I assume was Adewale, another friend of my grandfather. And in the middle of the arena was Surge's son, Finnick, who would be refereeing this match, while everyone else was watching from the side.

    [Finnick Surge]: The following will be a one-on-one match between Lt. Surge and Connor Kenway. Victory will be achieved when the opponent's Pokemon faints, or if the opponent decides to forfeit. Do the two of you understand the rules?

    [Lt. Surge]: Yeah.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Yes.

    [Finnick Surge]: Then please, bring out your Pokemon!

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: I choose you, Haymitch!

    [Haymitch]: Pikapika!

    Haymitch jumped off of Katniss's shoulder, and made his way to the arena, nodding to me to indicate that he was ready to battle. As I smiled back at Haymitch, I noticed a grin on Lt. Surge's face as he took out a Pokeball, which admittedly made me feel a bit uneasy, making me wonder what Pokemon he was planning to send out.

    [Lt. Surge]: I choose you, Raichu!

    Damn! Surge is going with the evolved form of Pikachu... now this match was going to be a real challenge. All I could do was stand silently as I watched Surge throw his Pokeball into the air, with his Raichu coming out of it and landing in the arena...


    [Lt. Surge' Raichu]: Rairai!

    [Dick Grayson]: A Raichu?!

    [Hiccup]: This is not good...

    [Lt. Surge]: So, you wanna forfeit?

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Come on, Connor! I know you and Haymitch can do it! I believe in you two!

    As I looked at Katniss cheering for Haymitch and I from the side, I remembered the feeling I had when I reunited with her today. Katniss... she really is my light at the end of the tunnel. With her around... I know I can achieve anything. After giving her a thumbs up, I shifted my attention back to Lt. Surge to deliver my response.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: I will never forfeit!

    [Haymitch]: Pikachu!

    [Lt. Surge]: Oh well... suit yourself.

    [Finnick Surge]: The match between Lt. Surge and Connor Kenway will now commence. Begin!

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Haymitch, Quick Attack, now!

    [Haymitch]: Pika!

    Haymitch proceeded to rush towards Raichu at a speed that almost made him invisible. Now if he can land an attack, then we will be off to a good start.

    [Lt. Surge]: Your puny Pikachu may be fast, but he ain't strong enough to take on Raichu. Raichu, Take Down attack!

    [Lt. Surge' Raichu]: Raichu!

    My heart sank as I watched Raichu charged with its body straight into Haymitch, slamming into him, and sending him flying across the arena.

    [Haymitch]: Pika!

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Haymitch!

    [Haymitch]: Pika...chu...

    I was relieved to see Haymitch get up, nodding back to me to indicate that he was still able to battle. Hang in there, Haymitch.

    [Lt. Surge]: Great work, Raichu. Now give that Pikachu a taste of ya Mega Punch and Mega Kick attacks!

    [Lt. Surge' Raichu]: Rairai!

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Haymitch, dodge the incoming attacks!

    [Haymitch]: Pika!

    As Raichu attempted to land powerful punches and kicks towards Haymitch, Haymitch was able to successfully dodge every incoming attack. He was doing great, but I was not sure how long he would be able to keep this up.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: You're doing great guys!

    [Dick Grayson]: Huh, I'm impressed.

    [Hiccup]: Yeah. They may have had a rough start, but it looks like, with the right moves, those two might actually have a shot at this.

    [Jack Sparrow]: I wouldn't go that far... at least not yet. Surge won't rest until he has the upper hand against an opponent. And I have a feeling he is about to surprise us.

    [Lt. Surge]: Aight... enough playin' games. Raichu, Thundabolt attack!

    [Lt. Surge' Raichu]: Rai...CHUUUU!!!!!

    And just like that, Raichu sent a powerful Thunderbolt attack to Haymitch.

    [Haymitch]: Pikaaaaa!

    Despite being a electric-type Pokemon, Haymitch was hurt pretty badly by the Thunderbolt attack, evident by the sight of him struggling to stay up as Finnick watched closely to make sure Haymitch was still fit to battle. This was bad. I had to think of a quick strategy. Otherwise, a loss was imminent.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Oh no...

    [Lt. Surge]: It's over, Kenway... Raichu, Body Slam attack!

    [Lt. Surge' Raichu]: Raichu!

    Time was running out, and Raichu was getting closer to Haymitch. I had to think of something... something that would hopefully distra- Wait... I got it!

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Haymitch, Double Team!

    [Haymitch]: Pika...CHU!!!!!

    Just as Raichu was close enough for an attack, Haymitch created many illusory copies of himself all jumping, confusing Raichu as it tried to figure out which copy was the real Haymitch, while Lt. Surge struggled on what to do next. Perfect.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: Yeah!

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Heh, your move, Surge.

    [Lt. Surge]: Grr... Raichu, hit every one of 'em copies wit' a Mega Kick!

    [Lt. Surge' Raichu]: Rai!

    Raichu proceeded in trying to kick as many copies of Haymitch above it, with no luck in attacking the real one.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Haymitch, Iron Tail attack!

    While Raichu was distracted by the many copies of Haymitch, the real Haymitch appeared behind Raichu with a now steel-hard tail, and using his tail to slam his opponent back and forth.

    [Haymitch]: Pika... chu! Chu! Chu! Chu! Pika...CHU!

    [Lt. Surge' Raichu]: Raiiii!

    [Lt. Surge]: Raichu!

    Despite knocking Raichu across the arena with his Iron Tail attack, it did not look like Raichu was giving up, as he was slowly trying to get up.

    [Dick Grayson]: Damn, I was sure he was gonna get him there.

    [Haymitch]: Pikachu...

    [Hiccup]: Hey, what's happening with his tail?

    Once his tail reverted back to normal, an electric orb of sorts started to form on top of Haymitch's tail. I was not sure what was going on.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: I can't believe it... he's learning Electro Ball. He didn't know that attack before!

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Electro Ball... alright then. Haymitch, finish him off with an Electro Ball attack.

    [Haymitch]: Pika!

    After nodding to me in response, Haymitch jumped, focusing as the electric orb on his tail grew larger.

    [Haymitch]: Pikapikapikapikapika-CHU!!!!!

    Haymitch sent the orb flying towards Raichu, while Lt. Surge looked in horor as Raichu was still trying to get up.

    [Lt. Surge]: Raichu, look out!

    But it was too late for Raichu, as the orb hit him, hurting him badly despite the attack being electric.

    [Lt. Surge' Raichu]: Raiiii!

    After enduring the attack for a couple of seconds, Raichu finally fainted.

    [Finnick Surge]: Raichu is unable to continue to battle. The winner of this match is Connor Kenway!

    I did it... I won. I could not believe it... I actually won a Pokemon match.

    [Dick Grayson]: Yeah!

    [Hiccup]: Congratulations, Connor! You did it!

    [Jack Sparrow]: Well, isn't this a surprise... well done, lad.

    [Haymitch]: Pikachu!

    Haymitch happily rushed towards me, jumping as I caught and started hugging him to show my gratitude for his performance in the battle.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Haymitch! I am so proud of you. You did great.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: You both did great.

    Katniss caught me by surprise as she hugged me from behind and gave me a kiss on the cheek. As for Lt. Surge, I looked to see how he was doing, and saw him picking up his Raichu, trying to comfort him.

    [Lt. Surge]: You did good, Raichu. It's all dat matters.

    Walking towards me, still carrying Raichu, while accompanied by his son and Adewale, Lt. Surge was actually giving me a genuine smile... certainly a nice change from his usual attitude towards me.

    [Lt. Surge]: Connor... I apologize for how I treated ya. You fought hard, and you've convinced that you really are serious about this whole thing. I was wrong about you. You really are like your granddad. I bet he's smiling down on ya right now.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: I am certain that he is.

    The two of us then shook hands out of respect for one another, proceeding to shake hands with Finnick and Adewale as well.

    [Adewale]: I don't believe we met, but I am Adewale. I too was a good friend of your grandfather.

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Yes, I am familiar with you as well, Ade.

    [Lt. Surge]: So Connor... what's the plan?

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: The plan... right...

    *Half an Hour Later...*

    ~Outside the Vermilion City Gym~


    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: The New World Order has control over the entire globe. To fight it effectively, I believe we will need battlegrounds all over the world, away from the Capital. But in order to effectively do this, we must spread our message accross, and hope that there will be those who will follow our lead. Only when we have a unified and strong Rebel Alliance will we be ready to attack the heart of the New World Order in the Capital. It will be a long and hard journey. So I ask, are you all in?

    [Jack Sparrow]: Aye.

    [Lt. Surge]: Yup.

    [Lt. Surge' Raichu]: Rairai!

    [Finnick Surge]: Count me in.

    [Adewale]: Me too.

    [Dick Grayson]: You know it!

    [Hiccup]: Toothless and I will do our best to help out.

    [Katniss Everdeen]: You have my full support, Connor.

    [Haymitch]: Pikapika!

    [Connnor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton]: Good, then let us move out.

    And so, with the Rebel Alliance officially born, Connor Kenway, now calling himself Ratonhnhaké:ton, and his allies drive off into the sunset in order to begin their long and hard task of building their movement in order to defeat the evil New World Order. Will they succeed and overthrow the evil regime, or will the New World Order easily deal with them? Find out in the next RP of this amazing story...
    Re: Mario's High School Days II - Age of the New World Order!
    link to OOC thread coming soon...)


    *Post Credits Scene*


    ~Somewhere in Africa - Hidden High Tech Warehouse~


    It has been a few days since Katniss and Hiccup left Africa, and in that time, they told me about their friend, Connor Kenway, who now goes by the name of Ratonhnhaké:ton, and the Rebel Alliance he created and what he plans to do. Impressed by his suggestions for standing up to the New World Order, I offered my allegiance to him and the Rebel Alliance. A war is starting, and we must be ready... which is the reason Shuri said she was bringing me to this secret Wakandan warehouse. But why?

    [T'Challa]: Shuri, what do you want to show me?

    [Shuri]: Now you know that in addition to small facilities, Wakanda also built secret warehouses.

    [T'Challa]: Yes, I am aware of that.

    [Shuri]: But didn't you ever wonder what we had hiding in these warehouses?

    [T'Challa]: I must admit, it never struck my mind to ask about it. But, now I am quite curious. What do we have hiding?

    As she smiled at me, Shuri tapped on one of her Kimoyo Beads, switching the lights on throughout the warehouse, and revealing dozens of flying vehicles around us, each contining four cannons.

    [T'Challa]: Shuri... what are these?

    [Shuri]: I designed them myself. I call them X-Wings. So, what do you think?

    [T'Challa]: Heh, I think that the New World Order's TIE fighters will soon have a challenge for dominance of the sky.
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