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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Karuta, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. Karuta Reborn

    Jul 14, 2012
    Hi all,

    Well, as you can see, a lot has happened since Saturday. And you're probably (understandably) wondering what exactly is going to happen now.

    The short answer is that the 'crisis' is over. But it's only fair to give everyone the long answer too.

    After internal disputes leaking from the staff into the public, and the subsequent departures of many beloved community members -- as well as the removal or resignation of nearly the entire staff team -- our (now former) owner Blaine agreed to negotiate with several users regarding the sale of the site. That sale was finalized today.

    The money to purchase KH-Vids was pooled through several different people, all of whom are active KH-Vids staff. Out of respect for the contributors' privacy, they will remain nameless here, as well as any other specifics regarding the transaction. The end result is, ultimately, that the site is now jointly owned by a group of long-time users.

    Obviously, this means some changes have taken place, some of which are self-demonstrative. The staff team has been restored and we are ready now to work on 'rebuilding,' so to speak.

    While we've got some work ahead of us, the team does not intend to undo everything that has happened this past month. Namely, any unbannings or account mergings that have occurred since June 15th will remain unchanged. It goes without saying, though, that the first order of business will be to deal with the aftermath of the drama that unfolded over the weekend, and we have a few requests in that regard.

    First, we highly discourage further public discussion regarding the matter. There are lots of strong, differing opinions on who or what was right or wrong, which is likely to lead to tension or dispute. No one is going to be punished for what may have been said or done until now, but from here on out any inflammatory remarks on the subject will be dealt with accordingly. We also ask that you please do not publicly circulate any of the many, many personal screenshots that made the rounds any further.

    However, we also want to acknowledge that actions on both sides were handled poorly. While things behind the scene over the last month or so may have been grim, and the situation on the site growing more negative, some of the actions taken on our part would normally never fly, and is something that we deeply regret and apologize for. Moving forward, we want to do better for our users, and is something we're committed to doing.

    If I may speak a little personally, the solidarity expressed by so much of this community as everything unfolded this past weekend was incredibly touching, and solidified in my mind what a unique and important place this is to so many people. Thank you to everyone who has made KH-Vids what it is, past and present.

    All that said, we're excited to let you know we'll be transferring KH-Vids to a new server within a few months. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know, and here's to a great new chapter for this wonderful community.


    - An exhausted and relieved KH-Vids Staff Team
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Karuta, Jul 21, 2016.

    1. Hiro ✩
      Hiro ✩
      Good to have everyone back. Here's hoping the future is as bright as it looks. Cheers to all the hardworking staff!
    2. C
      So does the owner of KHV have the hydra genome? Cut off one head and...
    3. Hayabusa
    4. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova

      Good work, team.
    5. Heart ❤
      Heart ❤
      I'm happy everything is gonna be back to normal and that KHV is owned by people that will love it and take care of it always <3
    6. . : tale_wind
      . : tale_wind
      now i just gotta decide what to use for a new profile theme :/
    7. Shuhbooty
      I'm thrilled everything is now settled. We've kept going strong!

      However, this might be dumb asf to ask. But will there be another recruitment for staff?
    8. Heart ❤
      Heart ❤
      *Raises hand*

      Any chance for that to maybe include Normal Members if there is? :D
    9. . : tale_wind
      . : tale_wind
      Premium members can send staff applications at any time! We'll get back to you guys real soon on site-wide applications, though.
    10. Fearless
      May I just say, how much I adore all of you staff?

      ilu guys, you bunch of glorious nerds, and I am so, so relieved to see the color back in your names.

    11. Makaze
      Welcome back! It's great and romantic that the staff now own their own site. I hope that this marks the start of a whole new era of new content and friendship from everyone. We deserve it.
    12. Sara
      I know the forum goes through several crises... Hell, several times I was involved in it one way or another and any old staff member can tell how unbelievably frustrating and tiring it can get and I got trying to deal with it.

      I am relieved and very happy that the ownership has gone to the staff, it was something I was hoping for a long time. I respected all owners for one reason or another. But it was something that needed to be done. All we can do now is look forward to the future and pull together like we always do.

      I also appreciate the openness to the staff at the end. :)

      I'm proud that the staff managed to fix this, and that they pulled this through. Congratulations. *bows proudly*
    13. Saxima
    14. DigitalAtlas
      Yeah, just don't let that shite happen again,arite?
    15. Gelatinous Ghost
      Gelatinous Ghost
      I am not sure what happened, but I am glad it was resolved and KHV will continue to exist. I have never been the most active community member, but I have been using this forum to stay updated on KH news since high school, which is quickly approaching ten years ago. I would be sad to see it go. I hope under the new ownership that what wasn't working before can change for the better, and that the site retains its dedication to news and community events (something that it has done since I joined and offers a nostalgia for me). Good work team.​