Birth by Sleep Reconected Story of KH

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    Here is the Reconected Story:
    At the beginning of BBS, a new born hearts sees Ven's broken heart and heals it! When Ven's heart was "put to sleep" he went to Sora and gave want he gave back and slept in Sora. Thats how Sora could wield a keyblade! Riku got the power from Terra. When, Aqua sacrificed herself to the Realm of Darkness, Terra was free. Ansem asked who he was so Terra accidentally said "Xeanhort". So, Ansem called him Xeanhort. So in KH2FM, he said, "It has been a while old friend." Because Xemnas is Terra/Xeanhort's nobody! Aqua took Eriquis's keyblade and turned the Land of Departure into Castle Oblivion. Eriquis said that all shall be lost to oblivion if they enter all but AQUA! Xemnas found the place and used it in KHCoM. So, when Sora died Ven's shell/body was used as Sora's nobody! Aqua gave Kairi a light that would lead her to a gaurdian some day! That was Sora! I think, that Xion is Aqua's nobody, even though she never died! The people that met Ven saw that Sora was similar so they became Sora's friend easially, even if they forgot Ventus. When, Axel met Roxas, his memory shot the image of Ventus. Then they were friends!!!!!!!

    That is all that I figured out so far, if you can help me with it a bit by sending me a Private Message!
    Bye, Fans and Frends!!!!!!!!
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    In 358/2 it was stated that
    that Xion was part of the replica program, she was never anybodys Nobody, she was a replica.
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    Terra wasn't freed, he is still under Master Xehanort's possession. Xehanort can be considered a seperate enitity from both of them as he has no memory, acts differently and the scene were MX and Terra are talking inside Terra's heart shows they are both still aware and conscious.

    Sora never died, he was turned into a heartless and back again. And Ven's body can't have been used, its still sitting in Castle Oblivion. Roxas and Namine's bodies were just sort of 'created'. Violates energy conservation but hey, Kingdom Hearts isn't exactly scientifically accurate. It is possible that Roxas recieved a part of Ven's heart however, which is how he looks the same and has emotion.

    ...wut? I take it you have not played Days. This is not possible for multiple reasons, but mainly because Xion isn't actually a nobody.
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    You may not have played most of the games like Days and BbS seeing as how there are so many flaws in that summary.