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    First note: I'm not a writer. AT ALL. I had to write this for school, otherwise I'd be given a failing quiz grade in English. 8D
    Second note: Places with "___________" is where I go to school. I'd rather not say where I go to school; I have little kids stalking me as is. :3

    End of exams and start of another summer
    Fifteenth birthday
    Another year older, another year celebrating with friends
    Having fun together for birthdays or for no reason at all
    Staying home and talking to friends while escaping the rising temperature

    End of being lazy at home and starting to work
    _________ in the Summer
    A job filled with stress, patience, responsibility, and laughter
    Friends at camp
    Remembering and reconnecting with friends from the past
    Some have not been seen since two years ago, others only a year
    Taking a break from work to spend time with family in the Caribbean

    End of summer comes closer as the start of school nears
    Work ends
    Both summer work from school and summer jobs come to a close
    Those made during the summer may live far, but will not be forgotten
    The ones known year-round get ready to go back to school with you
    The time comes to put away summer clothes, bringing back ________ clothes
    Short sleeves and shorts go to the bottom of the drawer
    Until next summer
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    Sep 16, 2008
    There's a difference in schedule, but all in all this takes me back.
    And I love nostalgic poems. Thanks for sharing it with us.