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    When posting a bug, it'll be easiest for us to replicate it on our end if you provide:
    • Which style(s) the bug appears on (for example, a bug may only affect KH-Vids 9.0 Dark and not KH-Vids 9.0 Light)
    • A screenshot, if possible or applicable
    • A description of the problem and how we can reproduce it
    • Information about your set up (what operating system or device you use, what browser you use, and so on)
    Individual threads should be created for every bug. New threads will be reviewed by a staff member and taken care of as appropriate; if we need more information, we'll just ask. :)

    Prefixes are used in this section to keep track of what's what.
    • Awaiting Feedback: This bug is pending, meaning a staff member has yet to look at it. New threads should be marked with this prefix!
    • Working on It: We've confirmed that this bug is an issue, have reproduced it, and are working on delivering a fix!
    • Fixed: This bug is squashed!
    • As Designed/Not a Bug: This has been incorrectly reported as a bug. Usually a staff member will post with more information.
    • Cannot Reproduce: We're having trouble replicating this bug on our end. We may need more information from you, or it might be an issue affecting only you.
    If you're not sure if something is an issue, don't know what prefix to apply, whatever -- go ahead and post! A moderator will take care of any formatting issues or ask any questions that need to be asked.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.