Resistance to Change

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    Now I know this is a broad topic, but just answer it however you feel is appropriate. How resistant should one be to change? Or should there be no resistance at all? Is it better to be like a boulder in a stream, or like the water beneath it? Do you accept change in your life, or do you buck against it, or both? How much do you change yourself internally, and how much do you think is healthy? Would you change yourself for someone else's sake? Would you ask a loved one to do so for you? What makes such things justified?
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    Well, this is an interesting set. Might as well try and answer them.

    Depends on the change. Women are trying to advocate education for women in their country. Don't resist. Russia is trying to invade your country. Resist. My belief actually advocates no resistance no matter what. Trying to change the world just makes things worse, which I partially agree with. But sometimes you need to push some things forward, when waiting can be worse than doing.
    You should be the water. The water adapts, it fills whatever is needed, it moves forwards, explores the world and picks up a bit of everything. The boulder will stay there, unmoving, but slowly wearing away, till eventually it succumbs to the water having learnt nothing.
    Depends on the change, again. I accept some things better than others. I hate having to look for a job or losing one, I do like that sort of consistency in my life. And my travel into Uni, I like it being simple and direct, as soon as the chaos of delays and needing to switch lines and being delayed an hour, yeah, no thanks. But changing a diet or what I wear, or going out with mate, most of that I'm perfectly content with changing around. Admittedly I do like to organise and make a light plan on what I'm going to do in the next week or month, just simple stuff they doesn't always get done but at least try and aim to do.
    I don't actively change myself anymore, not really, I feel like i'm content with where I am at for now. I use to really try and change who I was to better, basically, deal with my day to day life. I became more organised, more uniformed, more focused, and tackled my own laziness, solitude and mental issues. It's worked so far, so why rock the boat?
    I probably would change myself for someone, or more accurately, try. I doubt I could change fundamental things, but I'm willing to try something new, especially for someone I cared about.

    Change is as good as you make it. If we accepted life as it is, we'd not have developed or grown. Doesn't mean we should be steamrolled, sometimes we must resist.