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    Hey everyone! The staff has an exciting announcement for you guys today:


    Some of you may remember that I ran the site's weekly AMV contest, the Top 5, for some time. Unfortunately, I had to stop running it last year due to personal conflicts. However, I'm thrilled to announce that we're all set to re-launch it again -- and this time, a little bit differently!

    What's different, you ask? Simple: this time, we've got a panel of judges instead of just one! Several of our staff have volunteered to help judge the Top 5 this time around, and we will be switching off or teaming up every week to provide you with the results. As for which staff are on the team, it's a surprise -- you'll find out in due time, so stay tuned!

    The first week of judging starts today (October 21st), so be sure to get your videos submitted through our Portal. It's worth noting however that there has been a change in how submissions are handled: In order to submit your video for judging, you MUST tag it with the keyword "top 5" (without quotes). Failure to do so means your video will be overlooked! The first set of results will be posted on Sunday, October 28th.

    Other criteria for eligibility:

    To be eligible for judging, your video:
    - As stated, must be tagged with the top 5 keyword.
    - Must be submitted to our Video Portal
    - Must not have been submitted before, unless noted in advance that this is allowed (such as after a hiatus). Please do not submit the same video every week! [While we are indeed coming back from a hiatus, please do not resubmit old videos].
    - Must be related to Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Disney, and/or The World Ends with You
    - Must be a complete video (no unfinished works will be judged)
    - Must be your video. I understand the nature of our Portal allows for you to submit others' videos, but only your own will be eligible for judging.
    - Must be longer than 30 seconds in length
    - Can be part of/a complete MEP, worm, or collaboration as long as you are finished working on it
    - May use music, audio from trailers, audio from comedy sketches, etc.

    For more information, see this post or feel free to ask.

    We look forward to seeing your videos!
    - The Staff
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Stardust, Oct 21, 2012.