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    This Story is based after my Rp (But I was going to make it a story first but got to impaient) Hope you all like it! And don't forget to comment on it!

    .:Rise: of:the:White:Wolf:.​

    Long ago when the Eight Gods of the Elements decided to make a World of there own. Where they would watch there children grow and thrive. First the Goddess of Fire, Farhene along with the Earth Goddess, Gaiena, formed the firm land. Saika and Sirenus cooled it down with there Icy and Cool winds. Gaiena then brought forth the plants of this wondrous world. Neptunis made the Oceans and Rivers of the World, while Thora made Rain Storms,both of them making it so that life could continue. Godith and Zaries, created the laws and Balances to keep the world together. Then Godith created the Sun and Moon, while Zaries created the Starry Sky that only shows at night."

    After a few hundred years after they created it, and watched there world grow, they decided to give it Life that could inhabit and take care of the Earth. Neptunis created the Fish and Sea Creatures in the Oceans and Rivers. Sirenus and Thora created the Birds and Creatures of the Sky. Saika created creatures who could withstand the Chillness of her territory. Farhene created creatures that could withstand and even live in Fire and the hot molten Earth within it. Gaiena created the creatures of the Forest, Plains, and Mountains. Godith wanted to create beings that looked and acted like the other Gods and himself, each one with there different personalities, and special in there own ways, but could not live forever. So from Godith's light, he created Humans, and yet he wanted to create one more being. He saw the Wolves in Gaiena's forest. He asked her if he could use a few of them. She happily agreed to her brother. He took some of his Humans and the wolves and turned there bodies and souls into light and started to mix the lights together. Once he was done, he created the Werewolves, to Guard and protect this wonderful World of there’s. Zaries saw this and was angered by it, so he created with his anger......Vampires.

    As the Gods watched, the Vampires suck the Life out the Living beings they created, just to feed there never ending hunger. The Werewolves fought back, but as more died, more became Vampires (But the Werewolves), so they were out-numbered. The Gods saw what was becoming of there World as Life started too died. So all of Gods, even Zaries who finally saw through his anger, decided to choose a being who may control all there powers, and protect the World and there brotheren. They chose a Werewolf Leader named Clawsren, to take the post. As there powers were infused in him he lost all the color of his hair and fur, all was left was a White coat, and with all the Elements stirring in him and with his will, his Eyes turned a Dark blue. Clawsren attacked the Vampires with the other Werewolves, and created a shield to keep them out of this Mystic area and only them. Peace came quickly afterwards, and the Earth started to heal. For thousands of years there was Peace..........Until the shield broke.....

    The Vampires came and broke the shield that keep them out and attacked the Werewolves and other inhabits to have there land and stop the all the good they were giving to the land. The King of the Vampires, Thane, and all his Mages and Swordsmen defeated The White Werewolf, but as he died he said he would one day he will be reincarnated with enough power to overthrow the Vampires. Then he disappeared into white light and was gone. After that event the Vampires have enslaved the Werewolves for centuries. Treating them like nothing but servants and outcast. The Werewolves finally broke from them and started a War against them, to make sure they are never enslaved again. Now they are loosing very badly, all of them believeing the White Wolf will never really return......

    Now our story shifts to a little Galley name 'Silver Moon Inn' where our story begins.


    "What are we to do? Our men are dying, and the sick are not doing so good either, and were still fighting...." said a Brown haired man as he took a sip of rum from his mug.

    "Yes.....but what else are we to do? Go up to the Vampires and surrender with our tails between our legs? I don't think so!" a dirty blonde waitress said as she collected what was left of her costumer's meals from different tables. "I mean we can't quit! If we do, then everything will go back to the way it was! When we Were's we treated like dirt under our feet."

    The man smirk, "You keep right on thinking that, you well know we are all doom."

    The woman slammed the dishes onto the counter. "Don't say that!"

    "You know it's true!"

    "No! It isn't!"

    "The only thing that can save us is the White Wolf of legend." he sighed as finished his rum.

    "That’s not true and you know it Brian. A werewolf as white as the heavens with eyes blue as the sapphire sky, and powers beyond that of a Mage or any living creature? That’s impossible." the lady said as he went back to wash the dishes.

    "That’s why I said it Jessica. It's impossible to win now....." Brian sighed as he grabbed his walking stick.

    "Brian! What did I just tell you..."

    "MOM!" came a scared voice from one of the back rooms behind the counter.

    "Jordan?! What wrong?!" his mother said as she ran to his door, Brian right behind her on his cane.

    "It's happened......." moaned the boy behind the wooden door, which was locked.

    "What happened?" Brian asked as he got close to the door to hear better.

    "It's happened Uncle Brian.......I shifted......." came shaky voice again.

    "You shifted?! Into a wolf!? Finally?! Show us lad!" Uncle Brian glad what was happening.

    "Yes my dear son show us!" his mother said cheerfully

    "Okay..." the door opened.....to show a pure White Wolf boy with Dark Blue eyes.

    "Oh my dear moon......How?" His Mother said as she cover her mouth and looked at her brother, who looked back at her both confused.