Role Playing Pet-Peeves, Dislikes Etc.

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  1. Doukuro Chaser

    Jun 29, 2007
    I dislike pretty much everything listed here in some degree.

    And even though it is also a pet-peeve I am guilty of dropping out of rps without warning and it is an awful habit I am ashamed of and working on to change. I think I've improved but still needs work.

    Another thing I cannot stand is when relationships are forced in a rp. This both means both people want their characters together but are too lazy/impatient to actually develop it and they go from friends to lovers in an unrealistic way and when someone tries to force their character with yours. Sometimes they even have the nerve to be offended and try and use guilt trips when you deny their character advances no matter how an unlikely pair the two are. Per example my character was already developing a relationship with someone then a character they didn't even know comes up and makes advances. Dropped so many hints and then actual straight-froward 'pls no' comments and she still tried to get in-between the first two people's relationship and her character even got depressed when mine rejected her. After a week of knowing each other. Maybe things like these happen but she wasn't supposed to be a stalker or anything but felt like she was just obsessed with my character. It was awful...

    Ah...I really rambled with that. Never really got to do so before so there it all is...

    But yes, tldr; shipping can be very fun but it should never be forced.
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    I think I have come to agree with well... everything said here. Some things more than others. I don't plan on repeating any of it because well, I am not a fan of repetition. Any who, I think another major pet peeve of mine (one I have not seen in awhile--thank god) is when someone quotes someone else's entire rp post. I can understand like here in the discussion thread for elaboration purposes, but not IC. I don't want to reread my entire post again. It also makes the page that much longer. Often times I have to do my posting from my phone and it ends up being a lot of scrolling when I see someone has consistently quoted someone else's post.

    One more that kind of expands on the whole "one liners and drop outs" is when in the OP it clearly states "don't join unless you are going to be active" and then you get someone that signs up and it's like "oh great." You know what kind of writing style they have and even when they say "yeah I'll be active," they really aren't. Their posts are few and far between. Usually they contribute very little to the overall story, which goes along with what star said. It just really irks me when there is someone there that should just... not be there.
  3. Meilin Lee RPG (Red Panda Girl)

    Nov 2, 2011
    I think we can all agree godmodding sucks. But another pet peeve of mine is when details previously mentioned are suddenly forgotten about, and then the rp starts to lose consistency. I would really prefer my plots without holes in them.
  4. Sebax Avatar by Xerona

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    I suppose this isn't really something that irks me a great deal, but I dislike it when people use stock photos to be the representative of their OC. The whole idea of the RP Center is to be creative, and particularly with Original Characters. There have been threads I've seen where there's even a rule against it, because it rather is annoying. My OC's name is Base, and I've always drawn my own artwork to show him, and I've gotten better at doing so over the years of using him. I don't define myself as an artist, but it helps my creativity and ability by drawing it all myself.

    I'm not saying it's horrible and should never be done, but there's so many problems with it!
    1.) The original artist is rarely credited.
    2.) The image can become popular and be used several times after for many different characters. I realize this could happen with my own artwork, but I ask "Who would want it??".
    3.) It stifles creativity. Like I said before, it helps creative flow to create your own characters look. You get a more personal parameter to work with.
    4.) Traits in the image people want to omit because it doesn't fit the character. Say a character has blue hair and a square jaw and the image shows a person with red hair and a pointed jaw. The person will say: "Well, basically they look like this." Excuse me, but if you're really trying to sell your character, I want to see what they look like exactly. The whole purpose of a pic is to concrete in the imagination what the character looks like!
    5.) People forget the image faster. Both the other players and even the person who posted it. It's not personal; it's not memorable.
    6.) By using your own pic, you control your own destiny. A Stock photo can be taken down for whatever reason and either you're left with a broken image that looks dreadful, or you have to find a new one. If you draw something yourself, you can just re-upload, barring the chance you lost the image in either data or tangible form.

    I'm sorry if you do this and it offends, as it is a common practice. There is some logic to it, though I before only gave the downsides. But, admittedly, the bad outweighs the good in my opinion. Still:
    1.) It's quick, it's easy. No mess, no stress.
    2.) "I'm not creative enough to do my own." Nobody's going to hang you for not having artistic skill, but it's understandable if you just don't feel comfortable with displaying your own work. We get a lot of younger teens on here, and I know my artwork wasn't exactly great a couple of years ago. If you don't want to do your own artwork because you want to show a professional-looking image you just don't feel like you can do or have the time to do, this is understandable.
    3.) Anime. As this is kh-vids, you'll see a lot of RP's based around anime. So, all the stock photos will be of anime characters. When all the characters fit around a certain style, the look seems to blend better.

    I don't mean to rant, and no that isn't a way a of excusing myself to rant; I legitimately do NOT want to rant. It's just always been something that has bothered me and I wanted to get it out.

    If I had old artwork, I'd show you for comparison, but here is my badge of honor in saying that my OC is my original character. It may not be flashy, but's it's my own: