Roleplay Ideas (Phase 3)

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Which sounds the most appealing?

  1. Class of Misfits

  2. Elementals

  3. Mysteries of Grimm

  4. Pokémon: The Lost World

  5. Power Rangers: Level Up

  6. Virtual Memory

  7. None of the Above

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  1. Krowley Moderator

    Jun 18, 2008
    With it now being 2014, I thought it about time to introduce one or more new roleplays from my bank of ideas. This year, I tried to come up with more original ideas, aside from ones based of existing media. Below are the most developed and can be voted upon in the poll above. Multiple votes are possible. Feel free to give any thoughts on why they may or may not sound interesting.

    Novice - Open to all newcomers, regardless of roleplaying ability. Only your active status and rule following is requested of you.
    Novice~Experienced - Open to new and experienced roleplayers.
    Experienced - Requires some basic and fundamental roleplaying ability.
    Experienced~Advanced - Knowledge in the subject is fairly key. Fundamental roleplaying ability required. (May be slot based)
    Advanced - This roleplay expects well written replies and engaging story. (May be slot based)

    Future Roleplay Ideas

    Class of Misfits
    RP Difficulty: Experienced~Advanced
    Target Audience: Anime fans. Though similar to most academy based anime, it is heavily character driven.
    Concept: The anime inspired adventures of a club of varied teenagers.
    Slots: 6 (8 including the 2 runners)
    Synopsis: The tedious life of high school is hard to seize into one's own. It is meant to test what defines you, and yet so many people seem the same. Two students take it upon themselves to organize a club where strange, awkward, and unpopular have a place to call home. An guild for the uncategorized class of student, where acceptance beats the middle ground of making friends. A Class of Misfits.

    RP Difficulty: Experienced~Advanced
    Target Audience: Last airbender, Sci-fi, Superheroes
    Concept: The adventures and trials of the elemental guardians, who are bound to their destiny of defending the galaxy.
    Slots: Pending
    Synopsis: Since the beginning of time, life and all it's creations have surrounded the philosophies of the four basic elements; Air, Earth, Fire and Water. What little people know is how much their spiritual presence impacts their lives. The Spirits of the elements, also known as "Elementals" are bound to ancient artifacts, and when worn by a user, grants them the power to bend the element. But there are many variables to consider. The artifact chooses it's user, and will not remove itself until death.

    Fast forward to the distant future, where the entire universe has recognized much more than the basic four. From Earth and beyond, they are known as either saviors, or destroyers. A man wishes to seek out and assemble the Elementals into a team to save the universe from a galactic tormentor who is in fact; The Elemental of Darkness.
    (May contain a level up system)

    Mysteries of Grimm
    RP Difficulty: Advanced
    Target Audience: Mystery Lovers. Fans of Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, Scooby Doo, etc.
    Concept: Strange and supernatural things happen in the city of Grimm.
    Synopsis: The town of Grimm is an enigma indeed. Named after the famous Brothers Grimm, the town is well known for it's dwelling in the bizarre and supernatural. Though the brothers were known as storytellers, they also knew how to unravel the most mind boggling queries. Whenever strange happenings occur, they hire detectives to solve their cases. An old town legend has also begun to resurface of how The Brothers Grimm kept an unsolved mystery buried somewhere. They constructed a map to get there, but divided it up into 13 pieces, so only the most daring and cunning adventurers would be able to find it. These pieces are kept all over town in the houses of civilians while others are hidden. If you help some one solve a mystery, they might even be willing to part with the heirloom. But beware of the shady doings in the town of Grimm, for some mysteries should stay locked away...

    Pokémon: The Lost World
    RP Difficulty: Experienced
    Target Audience: Pokemon fans.... Pretty much it.
    Concept: Field experts explore the unknown world, where pokémon rule, and the planet is devoid of human life.
    Slots: 18
    Synopsis: On a recent scouting expedition, probes have returned with evidence of new pokemon life in a distant world, off-planet. Wishing to discover more on the unknown world, Earth's most valued Pokemon field experts prepare to venture where no man has gone before. While it is true, they already live in a largely inhabited pokemon world, Earth wishes to explore this new terrain, for it could reveal the history and true nature behind the species. That said, Earth chooses 18 chosen trainers to venture off with the allotted exception of bringing just 1 pokemon to accompany them. Professors, Scientists, Archeologists, Researchers, Engineers, Breeders, Rangers, Medics, Trainers, whatever their profession be; their knowledge will help break the barrier of the Lost World of Pokemon. But as always, a new organization has other plans for the new world...

    Power Rangers Level Up
    RP Difficulty: Experienced~Advanced
    Target Audience: Fans of the Power Rangers franchise
    Concept: An MMORPG themed series to the franchise
    Synopsis: SabanCorp has released a brand new Online Game called "MORPHA"
    A contest was held where 5 lucky players gained access to the Beta Release of the game. The game in question is based off the "Media propaganda" of Power Rangers. On the day where all the players meet to "Test" the game, a dark threat reveals himself claiming to take over the world. Not thinking much of it, they continue to play the game. What they don't realize is that the game is becoming all to real, and they need to harness the powers of the MMO Classed Power Rangers before it's too late.

    Virtual Memory
    RP Difficulty: Experienced
    Target Audience: Anyone with knowledge of the inner workings of an Operating System. Also noted that fans of Tron or Reboot would enjoy it.
    Concept: A world where Programs live in the upgraded age of Computers.
    Synopsis: Ever wonder what life inside your computer is like? Perhaps how the inner workings would look like when converted into a society. Programs doing their daily jobs, How Internet browsers operate, and the fact that a User is seen as some form of deity. A lot has been accomplished in the past 20 years for computers. Jobs are made easier, and Anti-Virus systems keep things smooth and safe. During a false system upgrade, a virus had somehow gotten past digital defenses. The Virus is looking for something and will do anything to get it. If things weren't bad enough, the system begins to downgrade from this new species of computer Virus and only the programs can defend the system in it's time of vulnerability.
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  2. Glen Returned from the dead

    Jan 18, 2011
    I can't believe I voted before I read any of them. I kinda just saw pokemon and that was it. The most interesting ones for me, personally, are the Pokemon one, the Elementals one (big interest there), and Virtual Memory.
  3. Boy Wonder Dark Phoenix in Training

    Aug 31, 2008
    Mysteries of Grimm piques my interest the most!
    Power Rangers and Virtual Memory, I feel can be combined into one thing (though I'm biased since I had a Power Rangers RP like that).
    So my votes, in order of most interest, go as Grimm, Pokemon, and Power Rangers (depending on what the theme for them would be exactly), and Virtual Memory (if not combined into Power Rangers).
  4. Hexin Hollow Bastion Committee

    Oct 8, 2006
    Miami, FL
    You had me at Pokemon: THE LOST WORLD!! :D I am so down to participate in that one, along with the Elemental; I mean who doesn't want to be a crime fighter? The Mysteries of Grimm sounds like a rather innovative way to rp; at least if I think I know where it's going. So you'll definitely have my character sheet for that one.