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    Welcome to KHV's Role-Playing Arena!

    What is a Role-Play?

    A Role-Play (RP) is a creative experience of acting out a story creative setting, where a story is made up and acted out in text form, similar to a "Create Your Own Adventure" book. LARPing (Live Action Role-Playing) and tabletop RPGs (like Dungeons & Dragons) are other related forms of the hobby. The Original Poster (OP) serves as a Game Master and leads the participants on an adventure through collaboration, either in an original story, one based on an existing franchise, a mixture of the two, or even a crossover. The characters portrayed range from canon characters to completely Original Characters (OC). Together, all participants act out the story in a group setting.

    General Rules

    • All of KHV's forum rules apply in the RPA.
    • Breaking the rules in the RPA will result in various consequences such as a simple talking-to from a moderator, a verbal warning, an infraction, a temporary or permanent ban from the RPA, and ultimately a temporary or permanent ban from the entire site.
    • RPs that have gone 30 days without a post will be locked for inactivity. With good reason, you can request more time if you need it
    • Don’t bump your thread just to get it noticed. Double posting is allowed to provide updates and announcements in your OOC threads though.
    • KHV's RPA is an open forum and excluding applications from certain members without a reason approved by staff is not allowed.
    • If you have a problem with another member such as frequent rule-breaking, you are allowed to kick them out of your RP after they've been warned about their behavior and talking to a staff member beforehand.
    • Flaming, bashing, insulting, and overall rude behavior is not tolerated anywhere on KHV, including here in the RPA. If there is a problem--or if you feel that you are the victim of negative behavior--contact one of the staff members.
    • Joining someone's RP means that you agree to abide by their rules for their thread. Frequent rule-breaking can result in getting kicked out of the thread by the creator and/or a moderator. If you are found to be breaking rules of various RPs often, you can ultimately be temporarily banned from the RPA. If someone is breaking your rules, you can contact a moderator to help enforce them.
    • You can recruit however you'd like as long as it's fair. You can ask for "preview posts," sample OC forms, some form of questionnaire, etc.
    • There is a minimum of 20 words per post in the RPA except in special cases (such as a turn-based RP where only a command is needed). Think creatively!
    • While being creative and creating character banners is encouraged please make sure your banners are not too big. Top banners should not exceed the 600x400px and side banners should not exceed 300x500px.

    • Be aware of mature content. KHV is a PG-13 site. If you go into anything passed that please put it in a spoiler tag with a warning. If it goes too far, Moderators have the right to delete or edit the post.
    • Polls are only allowed in the OOC Lounge and the Role-Play Discussion sections. Polls in actual RP threads will be removed with a verbal warning.
    • It's perfectly normal to get inspired by many things such as the thoughts, designs, and writing of others. If you are inspired by someone else's RP, please give credit to that person in the opening post of your RP ("Inspired by ____"). If your RP borrows a noticeable amount from someone else, it is recommended that you talk to them and ask them for permission before posting your own RP. Just remember: inspiration and blatant copying are two completely different things and copying someone is not tolerated. If you think someone has copied your RP, contact a moderator.
    • All 1x1 RPs must use the "1x1" prefix, regardless of any other category it falls under. Unless it is an OOC thread, then use the OOC prefix but make it clear it is a 1x1
    • The 1x1 RP may be planned out between two members beforehand. If a second member is being recruited instead, the applicants must be treated fairly, but the choice is ultimately up to the OP. If you don’t think the applications were treated fairly you can contact a moderator

    ~Special Policies~


    A retry is considered reposting the same story with little changed, unlocking a locked thread, or reposting someone else's RP with their permission. If you would like a retry, you can contact a moderator.

    Franchises and 1x1s

    A franchised RP is an RP with more than one story thread involved. These share the same universe and are usually created by the same person to explore another aspect of the universe that doesn't fit within the main thread.

    You can also make a 1x1 RP based on an open RP if you'd like to expand its story. If you do this and the 1x1 ends, it's recommended that you request it to be locked to avoid getting it moved to the Retirement Home.

    You cannot make any franchise thread for someone else's RP without their permission.

    Role-Playing Events

    If you would like to have some kind of community event in the RPA, you can contact a moderator for help setting it up or for permission to post it or even for help ironing out the details. We are always looking for ideas!

    Where to Post and Prefixes

    The RPA has a handful of subsections and several prefixes to use for your threads. Make sure to post threads in the correct sections with the appropriate prefix, if a prefix is applicable.

    OOC Lounge - Out of Character threads used for discussion, sign-ups, rules, more information, or anything else outside of the in-character thread. "OOC" is used for discussion threads and "Interest" for threads simply seeing who's interested or the discussion of an idea for an RP.

    Role-Play Discussion - This area is to talk about Role-Playing as a subject or new ideas for our RPA. You can post threads about topics such as character creation, setting development, styles of RPing, etc. There are no prefixes in this subsection.

    Hall of Fame - RPs that have been completed will be moved to this section after passing a review. Those involved in these RPs will receive special commemorations! The requirements for this area can be found within the section. Only staff can post in this section.

    Retirement Home - RPs that have been locked will be moved here, along with their respective OOC threads. Only staff can post in this section.

    Role-Playing Arena - the main lobby of the RPA is for all non-original RPs (those based on any existing media). The prefixes here are "1x1" (strictly between two people), "Kingdom Hearts" (based on the Kingdom Hearts franchise), "Video Game" (based on any video game), "General" (doesn't fit any of the other categories), "Anime/Manga" (based on any anime or manga), "Movies/Media" (based on a film, television series, webseries, etc.), "Crossover" (mixing two or more properties together), and “Original” (used when the story is unique and based in your own universe and your own concept)

    Who to Contact?

    If you need help with anything, feel free to contact a staff member, specifically @Aelin FireHeart or @Arch . Any other staff member will gladly be able to help you.

    Thank you for reading!

    Happy Role-Playing~
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