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    1. All works posted in this section must follow site Content rules, which means nothing over PG13 or T may be posted here. All works in the romance genre must also follow these guidelines, with no graphic sexual scenes posted on-site. Works in the Erotica genre are not allowed. Swearing and cursing will not be censored or moderated, however, but please keep in mind that this site is for a game targeting a mostly young audience, so if your work leans on the mature side, please indicate it in the OP.

    2. Make use of the prefixes! They’re here to make your work easier for your target audience to find, so don’t be afraid of them. XD

    3. Post all updates of a story to the same thread. Don’t post new chapters in separate threads, as this will clutter the section and make your work hard to follow. All updates to a story must be posted in the original thread the story was first posted in.

    4. Do not leave flame comments on people’s stories. Not only is this rude, but this section counts towards posts, so spam, flaming, and unhelpful comments will be deleted. If you want to leave a review to a writer’s work, please, do so! But be careful to leave reviews that are respectful and thoughtful, and don’t just post a single sentence like “this was good, can’t wait for more.” Put some heart into it, sometimes those reviews are what keeps a story alive. XD

    5. Don’t post Networking Adverts, Prompts, Workshops, or Guides in this section. There are other sections for such things, this section is only for posting actual written works.

    6. Only an author may bump their stories, and you may only bump when adding new content to an OP. Don't post small comments just to bring your story back to the forefront of the page.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.