~Sad and Lonely~

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  1. Kannira the wolf Traverse Town Homebody

    Aug 4, 2008
    Gilneas City, Gilneas.
    This poem... is how I truly feel in the world. I may seem nice and sweet on the forums, but how I really feel in the real world....

    My life is like a grey cloud.
    As well as many things...
    The evil voices in my head are loud...
    I wish I could grow wings.
    I can fly away, among other things.

    But respect in life is a last resort
    But nobody calls me lean,
    Instead they call me other things.

    I want respect, my biggest desire.
    But people think I'm a lier.....

    I am sad and lonely, not a lie.
    Nobody likes me, that is why.
    As my tears form a lake,
    I try to stay awake.
    My happiness is dying
    And I am not lying.

    I wish I could run away....
    Where flowers and grass began to sway...
    Where I am loved.