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    The Story of Pistol Schoolboy and Tabitha Toxic

    / sTAg_e ONe /

    I couldn’t feel my hands, my pulse. Momentarily, I went dead. Flying backwards, my body was awaiting to just smack the ground below me. A suicide attempt, no. You could think of it as nearly being framed into this position. I was meant to be frozen, and as that moment then proceeded, someone would then push me off this vintage visual of a building. How could I have stepped into this? Fuck, I don’t know.

    For all I know, someone wants me dead. And for all they don’t know, that won’t happen. How can this be supported? First off, let’s start with the fact I’m hanging for my life on a metal pole. Second, I was flying down this building at thirty miles per hour. And finally, my arm isn’t broken. And to think the person who hired these pitiful hit men on me would realize that I, as well, am a hit man. But think of it a bit more extreme. I’m an assassin.

    - xXx -​

    “Jesus Christ, he’s not dead.” One man said.
    “He’s hanging on a wire. How long do you think he’ll stay there?” Another man, possibly a partner, said in return.
    “Hell if I know.” A sigh escaped this man’s lips as he looked to the sky. Then, looking back to the other man. And right when that man looked at the other, a gun was cocked.

    “Let’s find out.”

    - xXx -​

    “This is meaningless.” A boy declared, rolling his hand over the metal pole. As he flipped onto the pole, this boy looked into the window right by him. Many bystanders gazed at him, astonished by his achievement. All Pistol did was smile as he then rammed his body into the window, shattering all glass like a shockwave.

    While the citizens were screaming, the boy stood back up to then look around for any staircases. Right when the boy began to walk to the stairs leading to the entrance, he got a phone call. Sighing and rushing down the stairs in anger, the boy answers his cell phone. The click of the side button to the phone echoing in the hallways as the phone flipped open, almost gave his position away with civilians hawking down on him.

    “Pistol, get out of there.” A girl’s voice, that is was.
    “You already know I am.” Pistol said in quick reply.

    Back down stairs, a girl awaited for Pistol in a car. Now, Pistol wasn’t going in the car. No, his weapons were in the car, and this girl, Tabitha, was his provider. Short blonde hair, her bangs cut evenly on her eyebrows. Eyeliner and mascara, her outfit consisted of a short sleeve, slim fit light blue V-neck under a rather fluffy fur jacket that fit her arms and figure perfectly. A tight, comfortable fit. Along with that were faded blue skinny jeans and pink flats. A beautiful girl, and both Pistol and Tabitha know it.

    "Fucking hurry already.” Tabitha whispered to herself, banging her hand on her wheel to relieve ounces of impatience.

    Pistol, now at the entrance, put his phone in his pocket and kicked the double glass doors down, as they were bullet proof. “Tabitha, pop the trunk.” And at that single command, the trunk was immediately popped open. In the middle of the woods, this wouldn’t be odd at all. Maybe for those extinct hikers that come along. Of course, the reason why they are extinct is because Pistol killed them all on sight.

    “Dual 45’s, the usual.”
    “You don’t know how much I love you, Tabitha.” Pistol chuckled.
    “I’ve got an idea.” Tabitha giggled in return.

    Slamming the trunk after loading his guns and putting them in his holster belt, Pistol walked by the door to then kneel down to Tabitha. A little chat before Pistol goes shooting people square in the head within a damned office building.

    “Tabitha, you know what to do.”
    “Refresh my memory.”
    “Drive to the exit of the woods. When I’m done here, you’ll see me.”
    “How are you going to make an exit this time?” Tabitha knew him too well, and as a result of her response, Pistol chuckled, looking to the ground.

    “Like I said,” Pistol paused, getting up to his feet, then cocking his guns as he picked them up from his holsters. “You’ll see.”

    Running up to the building once more, Pistol could see the two hit men from a fair distance. Not minding the bullets zooming past his ears and arms, he merely walked into the room with an angry look on his face. Pulling up one 45, it didn’t take long for Pistol to shoot one hit man in the middle of his eyebrows. Then, raising his other gun to the other hit man, Pistol shot the gun too soon, and hit the man straight in the leg.

    “Damn, I missed.” Pistol pouted a bit, the essence of smoke and bullets pasuing for a second. But that didn’t last long as the atmosphere returned, Pistol walking to the hit man. The hit man, panting and begging for his life, was a pathetic man named Gabriel Red. Not much but a 24 year-old hit man trying to make ends meet with his masochistic habits and hobbies.

    “Please,” Gabriel gulped cold sweat. “Don’t kill me.”
    Pistol kneeled down to the weak, maniacal man. “Now, I just shot your friend over there square in the head without even trying. Do you think I will show any mercy for you?”
    “I can tell you what I know!”

    Pistol moved his gun upwards and pointed it directly to the man head. The both of them making eye contact, with the hit man taking a quick break to look at the barrel, Pistol chuckled softly. Shaking his head as he looked to the ground once more, Pistol returned his look to Gabriel.

    “And just what the fuck do you know?” And there went the bullet.

    - xXx -​

    Walking out of the building, with a cell phone in hand, a timer began within that phone. Looking at the time, Pistol stood by a window almost to the high level of the building. “It’s not like you were going to get out of here anyways, limp dumbass.”

    The timer struck zero and Pistol was shot out the window at an incredible speed. The bombs planted previously within all levels of the building having more power than expected. Perfect timing, Tabitha was at the exit of the woods. Just parking, Tabitha looked out the window to see the view. “If only this place wasn’t so violent, then maybe these beautiful rivers could be a bit more lovely.”

    And as soon as she finished that sentence, you could hear Pistol yelling. The yelling became closer, and closer. “What the hell --” Tabitha was cut off as Pistol slammed his back against the hood of Tabitha’s black Nissan Teana. Amazed by Pistol’s new entrance, Tabitha just smiled as she got out of her car to help Pistol.

    Looking down to Pistol, Tabitha giggled, lending a soft hand for Pistol. Believe it or not, this was a first for Tabitha, and with Pistol opened his eyes, he didn’t chuckle, he didn’t remark, he just warmly held the hand. Tabitha, helping to raise Pistol, has immense strength, and when she lifted Pistol, it seemed like a ten pound weight to her.

    Pistol, wiping off dirt from his pink V-neck, black skinny jeans, blue Vans slip-ons, and straight, blonde hair, he made not a smart remark, but a cute, meek one.

    “Thanks, Tabitha.” Pistol smiled softly.
    “No problem, Pistol.” Tabitha replied, the two making sweet eye contact. And, within that silence of the waves of the near ocean colliding with the sand, Tabitha giggled. And Pistol began to chuckle. It soon turned out to break into quiet, cute laughter.

    “Love the entrance, maybe you can fix my car when we get back to the apartment.”
    “Haha, that I’ll try to do.”
    “Not try, do.”

    Scratching the back of his head, Pistol looked to the ground as if he was sighing. “Alright, alright, I’ll do it.” And when Pistol finished his sentence, Tabitha began to giggle again.

    “What’s so funny?” Pistol began to blush.
    “You’re so cute, Pistol.”
  2. Jiku Neon Kingdom Keeper

    Jul 24, 2007
    Moe, Victoria
    Not my favorite thing from you but you get atmosphere down decently. I have to say you have a bit of awkwardness in your time line and the placement of everything as well as a few vagueness issues but overall it's enjoyable.
  3. Pistol Schoolboy Gummi Ship Junkie

    Thank you for the comments.

    I'd like to say that the timing was there for a purpose. It was a bit like a episode, really fast, and straightforward. The beginning of this story is taking place five months after the initial beginning. It just started out very sudden, and I wanted to make a story where I could use flashbacks. Haha.
  4. Jiku Neon Kingdom Keeper

    Jul 24, 2007
    Moe, Victoria
    I kinda figured it was something like that, I just feel like I'd like this better if there was maybe a second or third chapter also to give a little more context.