Sci-Fi Armageddon ("Muv Luv: Judgement Day")

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    Jul 19, 2007

    Allow me to ramble for a bit:
    This is another picture I made of the KimiIta series (as I profess, my favourite fictional series ever. I mean, heck, just look at my avatar and signature.) However, the particular title this picture is fan-art of, Total Eclipse, is pathetic compared to the rest of the series. It was clearly written by a different author than the other titles, so what can you expect.

    It's sad, though. Total Eclipse actually had promise, but it squandered it with typical anime cliches and shameless fan-service instead of trying to actually make a good story. Shame. Apart from Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien (Rumbling Hearts) and Akane Maniax, Total Eclipse is the third story in the series to get an anime adaptation. But, unlike it's predecessors, fails miserably to do justice to the family it belongs to. If it were a real Japanese person, I'd expect it to commit harakiri.

    BUT! The Total Eclipse visual novel goes past where the novels end (or, apparently end), and, while I've not yet played it, apparently it does seem to go back to what the series is actually about! So, perhaps the TE game does redeem itself. We'll have to see if it's enough to warrant a pardon from seppuku.