Should Square try to win back their casual fans?

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    So, we all know how off-putting KH must be to the casual fan now that it has been on multiple gaming consoles, and has a convoluted story. Of course, Square tried to appease the casual KH fan by re-releasing handheld titles onto the PS3, but even this isn't enough for some (some of my friends who didn't play the handheld games won't play the ones on PS3 because of the confusing number titles, or the fact that they don't own a PS3).

    They're now releasing the final installment of remasters on the PS4, which is great news for fans who have either played all of the handheld games and own a PS4, or who have both a PS3 and PS4 and are gonna be caught up on the story. But it isn't great news for people who don't fall into either of these categories.

    Do you guys think that Square should somehow put in some extra effort to try to win back the casual fanbase (and if so, how?), or do you think that Kingdom Hearts is far too inaccessible at this point for the casual fan?
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  2. Mixt The dude that does the thing

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    I honestly think they are doing pretty well at the moment. We have two disks on one console to get most of the story now, and with KH3 (barring new unannounced stuff) will be four disks on two consoles to get pretty much everything. That is a pretty dang low barrier to entry for a series that has seven titles currently spanning over more than a decade.

    Sure they could re-release 1.5 and 2.5 onto the PS4. And perhapsthey should have named things better so people know that those titles are HD collections and that non-numbered titles have story too. But ultimately I don't think it matters much. If people want the back story in full and refuse to buy the consoles or games they can just watch let's plays. Otherwise It might not be that bad to jump into KH3. KH2 did a great recap job. Although that had two stories, not seven. At any rate while they could be better it is in much better shape now than it was just as recently as KH:3D
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    I think remaking everything for the PS3 was a nice save.

    It shows that even though they screwed up big-time with the multiple-consoles thing, they're at least willing to hear fans' complaints out and try to fix them.