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Discussion in 'Role Play Discussion' started by Boy Wonder, Oct 1, 2015.

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    So I was wondering if there's any kind of small details -whether it be something concrete or abstract- that are noticeable in most RPs here and whether or not you like them.

    An example, the Role-Play Maker's own characters. Especially in -but not limited to- an OC RP, I think the RPMaker's own characters should serve as a template for how they want the character forms of others. Whether it's an example of how the powers should be, or background (to establish world-building, for example). To that end, I dislike when someone makes an RP, but their only character(s) are the Chosen One types and immediately stand out over the characters they want; at the very least, they should have more characters than that, I think. Or, they won't post their own characters right away (though I rarely see this).
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    Dec 19, 2008
    The way you worded these seemed to specifically aim towards people's ocs and I don't know if that's necessarily a fair target for the topic you brought up. There are plenty of character types that bother me, but some people just like playing those character types. Even if I don't like it, I won't get in their way if they get in the way of mine.

    As an rp creator who often doesn't post their characters first, if at all. I usually like to back off and not create ocs for an rp and just lead it like a GM with a bunch of NPCs to help guide the rest of the characters. If I make a character for myself it's with the intention of not having that character necessarily be a hero. Some people do this, I know not everyone does but it happens.

    Now, in terms of specific aspects of RP design, there is one thing that bothers me, and it's a stat system without a true purpose to it. Or an implied stat system. There are a couple rps on here that rely on the stat system and that's fine, but there are others where there seems to be a push to develop/level up your character, but there isn't a concrete way of doing it. OR there is no system in the rp that makes sense to have it. Like if someone had you set your characters stats but in the end during a fight it's not stat determined it's just writing determined. And that bothers me as a person who puts a lot of time into making sure I can make balanced characters (or unbalanced if I feel like it) when there are stats, only to find out it doesn't even affect anything.

    The moral of the story is that if you have a stat system, use it in the rp. If it's just there and never called upon again for any reason other than to look formal, don't do it. It stresses me out to make and pisses me off when unused.
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    In one RP I'm (re)trying soon, the OCs that come with the idea are side characters and main characters all at once. In some ways, they drive the story, but they're also there to support the players without really taking an active role. As far as small details go, I really want these characters I present to have life, so I include how they look, how they act, and what their purpose is in the story. I'm even in the process of scrounging enough money up for an artist on Tumblr to draw them, and I'm rather excited to see that happen.

    For me, it's the small details that sets one RP apart from another. Without any details of its own, it doesn't really do much. However, again, the whole "Chosen One" thing is a valid character type. I know SOS centers around one major story, and the character played by the GM is more or less very much a part of what's going on and knows things other players don't because of that. The key is in execution.