Sora and Kairi: SWITCHED! A Kingdom Hearts Alternate Future

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    (Note from author: I'm probably not going to update this one as often, but I just wanted to get this idea out before someone else beat me to it. I'm mainly going to focus on "Sora and Kairi's Wedding." Either way, this isn't going to be as long anyways.

    Oh, and about the title...I decided "A Kingdom Hearts Alternate Future" would be my trademark. Just so you know. :D )

    The sun was finally setting on Destiny Islands. Tidus, Wakka and Riku had spent the day repairing one of the bridges. Sora and Kairi were off on the other side of the island spending some quality time together. Tidus and Wakka had already headed back to the main island, leaving Riku to finish up some last minute handiwork.

    "I'm really happy for those two," Riku thought as he hammered in the last nail. "Sora and Kairi deserve some alone time after everything that's happened." He stood up, stretched out his lower back and yawned. "Of course, it'd be nice if they had at least offered to..."

    KABOOM!! A giant explosion rocked the entire island, causing Riku to slip and fall off the bridge into the freezing cold ocean below.

    "What the..." He shook himself dry. "That came from the other side of the island!" He gasped. "Sora! Kairi!" Riku immediately broke into a run.

    As he made his way to the other end of the island, Riku couldn't believe what awaited him there. There lay the forms of Sora and Kairi sprawled out across the sand, seemingly unconscious.

    Riku ran up to Kairi and began to shake her awake. "Kairi! Wake up!" After a few heart-stopping moments, Kairi's eyes fluttered open. Riku let out a sigh of relief. "Kairi, are you okay?"

    She stared at him for a few seconds with a puzzled expression. "Riku?"


    Riku helped Kairi up to her feet. She was still looking at him funny. "Why are you calling me Kairi?"

    Before Riku could contemplate what she was talking about, Sora came running up to them in a state of panic.

    "Riku! Sora!" Sora cried. Now Riku was really confused. Kairi's eyes widened at the sight of Sora.

    "AAAHHH!" She took a few steps back and pointed. "What am I doing over there?!"

    Sora rolled his eyes. "Figured it out yet, genius?"

    Neither Sora nor Kairi had ever seen Riku look completely freaked out before. "Sora...Kairi..."

    Sora sighed. "Yup. Sora and I are in each others bodies."

    "But how? This isn't physically possible!" Riku ranted. "Of all the things that we've been through, this is the first time I've even..." He stopped mid-rant and looked at the two suspiciously. "You guys aren't playing me right now, are you?"

    "Riku," Kairi (in Sora's body) began, "ask either of us a question that only we could answer."

    Riku thought a moment. Then he turned to Kairi's body and asked, "What was inside the box that I gave Sora back in the realm of darkness?"

    Kairi laughed. "That's easy. It was the picture of Roxas, Hayner and the others in front of Twilight Mansion, right?"

    "What else?"

    Sora (in Kairi's body) closed his/her eyes in deep thought. Then he smirked. "It was the Sea-salt ice cream bar that Donald ate."

    Riku nodded. "You're Sora, alright."

    "Well, now that we've got that taken care of," Kairi mused, "what do we do?"

    Riku rubbed his chin in thought. "First off, how'd this all happen?"

    "Sora went and shared a paopu fruit with me," Sora said with a grim tone in his voice.

    "That doesn't sound strange."

    "It was blue," he clarified.

    Riku's jaw dropped. "Blue?" He smacked Sora upside the head. "You idiot! The blue one has unknown magical properties!"

    Sora rubbed the back of his head. "Ow! I'm Kairi, remember?"

    "Oh, sorry." Riku smacked Kairi's head.

    "And don't do that to my head either!" Sora cried. Riku rubbed his temples in frustration.

    "Well, all that we can do is wait for the effects to wear off. So, let's just go home."

    Kairi sighed. "It's a good thing the mayor and my mom aren't home tonight. I don't want to have to answer any awkward questions."

    As Sora, Riku and Kairi walked to the boat, Sora's face started to blush furiously. Kairi looked at him curiously. "What's wrong?"

    "Um...we're going to have to sleep in the others bed, right?"

    "Yeah..." Kairi replied slowly.

    And then it dawned on Riku. He couldn't stop smirking. "Oh man, this is going to scar the both of you for the rest of your lives."

    Kairi was still puzzled. "What? I still don't get it."

    Riku laughed. "Kairi's saying that you have to..." He cupped his hand over his mouth and whispered three words that made Kairi's eyebrows shoot up.

    "I'm going to have to what?!" Kairi shrieked.

    Sora gave him a dangerous glare. "Sora, don't you dare..." he warned.

    Kairi's head dropped and took a good long look at her body. "I..."

    Sora gritted his teeth. "I swear, Sora! If you even remove one piece..."

    Kairi looked at Sora with a stunned expression. Then she gave him a wide grin. "Unless you'd rather your body start smelling..." Sora's face dropped. Kairi giggled. "That's what I thought."
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    Bedrooms & Bathrooms

    (Note from author: Since O R A N G E asked nicely, here's the next chapter. But it'll be awhile for the next one, though.)

    Kairi was looking around in Sora's bedroom, checking out the sights. She had never been in his bedroom before, so she was extremely curious what a teenage guy's room looked like. She was expecting the stereotypical pigsty that she always heard of, but the room was surprisingly well kept. "Maybe being a Keyblade master finally taught him some responsibility," Kairi thought.

    The posters plastered on the walls were photos of all the different worlds that he had been to. "He must have bought a lot of souvenirs on his adventure."
    On his dresser were group photos of Sora and the many friends he made as well. Most of them were people Kairi had never met. But a couple of photos caught her eye that seemed to stand out from all of them. Sora had made sure to encase these in special crystallic frames. One was of him and Riku taken a few years ago. They were standing in front of the waterfall that led to the secret place, wooden swords in their hands.

    Kairi giggled (feeling really weird that it was Sora's laugh that came out of her mouth) as she remembered that she had taken that picture herself. "I forgot how cute and adorable they were back then." Then she glanced at the other photo and gasped. She picked it up for a closer look. It was a shot of her and Sora years before the Riku one. It was the day when they first met.

    Kairi remembered how scared she was at first. She didn't know anyone and was afraid of being around the other kids. A couple of boys started picking on her at school when she had first started. Kairi was on the verge of tears when Sora had come in and told them to back off. Of course, the boys wouldn't listen, so Sora decided to fight them. Typically, Riku was the one who saved Sora when the two-on-one assault became too much for him.

    She had felt bad that Sora was beaten up because of her, but he only smiled. "No worries! As long as I'm around, I'll always protect you!" Ironically, that had been Sora's destiny all along: to protect her when she needed him most.

    Kairi placed the photo back on the dresser. "Guess he really does care about..." Her thought trailed off as she noticed a magazine cover peeking out from under his bed. "Is this the naughty magazine that Selphie's always joking about?" Kairi thought darkly. Sure enough, the cover was simply emblazoned with the title "KH Babes of the Millennium." She dropped it with disgust. "So much for being the Hero of Light," she muttered. The magazine's pages fell open. Kairi was about to bad-mouth Sora even more when she noticed the page's contents.

    Apparently, the only thing wrong with the book was the cover. The inside of it, however, had nothing to do with naughty stuff. The "magazine" was actually a scrapbook that Sora had been working on. It was like the photos that were on the dresser, but this time it was only photos of him and Kairi. It consisted of them throughout the ages. Some of the pictures were from events that she hadn't thought about in a long time. She shook her head in disbelief. "I don't know whether to be flattered or disturbed by this." Kairi carefully replaced the "magazine" back underneath the bed.

    After Kairi stood up, she immediately got worried. She knew that Sora was in her house right now, about to take a shower. As much as she didn't want him to, the alternative was to let her body start acquiring body odor. What worried her even more was the fact that she had to do the exact same thing to his body. Kairi sighed. "I might as well get it over with."

    Kairi removed Sora's half-jacket and began to peel off his T-shirt with trembling fingers. It felt creepy, exhilarating and embarrassing all at the same time. She looked in the mirror and was stunned to see that Sora had been taking very good care of his body. She ran his fingers over the abdominals, amazed how tight and well-defined they felt.

    "I never thought that I would ever be in this position," she thought as she admired Sora's shirtless form. She struck a few poses just for fun and laughed at how silly Sora's body looked doing them. Kairi was about to remove the pants too, but stopped herself. "It wouldn't be right." Sora's face was a bit crimson. "Maybe I should just use a washcloth..."

    * * *

    Meanwhile, Sora was in Kairi's bedroom, unsure of what to do. Yeah, taking a shower seemed like a good idea at the time, but gave him goosebumps thinking about it. He tried to keep his mind off the problem by snooping around. It was a typical girl's room. The decor was either white or pink and it almost made Sora's eyes hurt.

    The photos posted on the wall were of Kairi's various extracurricular activities. Gymnastics ("Not bad looking in a leotard"), water polo ("Looks a lot like the leotard"), track and field ("Cute shorts"), and surfboarding ("Is that even possible?!"). On her bed lay her outfit for the next day and a couple of photos that she had recently developed. They were photos of her and Selphie goofing off at the mall.

    That's when Sora noticed Kairi's diary was laid out on the table. Obviously, she had been in the middle of writing as it was still open and unlocked. "I shouldn't..." Sora quickly glanced around. He was the only one in the house. "I guess it couldn't hurt. I mean, I'm never going to get a chance like this ever again."

    Sora left the pen where it was to mark the page she had been writing and flipped back to the point where he and Riku had disappeared from Destiny Islands. It was pretty interesting to see how life had been treating her since their adventure. In the beginning, Kairi had written how much she had hoped that Sora would come back. She looked out to the sky every night, trying to imagine what kind of adventures he was going through. Then a few months later, Sora realized that Kairi had started to forget about him. "Not surprising. My memories were being tampered with after all," he muttered. The further he read, the more it looked like Sora's existence had been just a mere dream. Everyone had forgotten all about him. Kairi, however, kept insisting that there was a boy that she had made a promise to and that he would return with Riku someday.

    Near the end, Kairi's memories finally returned to her and it was painfully obvious how much she missed him. Sora read about the bottle ("So that's what that was.") and the promise that they would be together again. After that, when Sora and Riku finally made their way to the "Door to Light," she was ecstatic and thrilled that they both returned. And then the diary ended with the day before. She and Sora were finally going to spend some quality time together. Sora chuckled.

    "Yeah, and look where that led us." He put the diary back in its open position and headed for the bathroom. He was stunned to see how pink it was. What stood out even more was the number of hair and beauty products that lined the bathtub. "How much stuff does a girl need to take a shower?!" Sora glanced at the mirror to see Kairi's innocent blue eyes looking back at him. He took a deep breath and clamped his eyes closed. "Here we go."

    Sora kept his eyes glued shut as he slowly unzipped Kairi's pink vest. "This is just wrong on so many levels," Sora thought, "but it has to be done." He began to remove Kairi's undershirt expecting a bra underneath, but was taken completely off guard when he felt the slight breeze across his front. Sora quickly pulled it back down. "Oh my gawd, she doesn't even wear a bra." He willed himself to keep his youthful curiosity in check and his eyes tightly shut as he unzipped the skirt.

    "Kairi?" Sora jumped at the familiar voice. "Kairi, what are you doing with your eyes closed?"

    "Namine?!" He had completely forgotten that Namine still shared a connection with Kairi. Or in this case, Kairi's body. "I..."

    "What the...Sora?!" Namine couldn't believe her metaphysical ears. "Sora, what are you doing in Kairi's body?!" He immediately told her the entire story. ("You idiot! Don't you know blue paopu fruits have magical...") When he finished, Namine was silent for a few minutes. Finally, she broke the silence. "So, you were planning on taking a shower?"

    "I...was," Sora's said with a tone of uncertainty. "I don't think we could afford either of us not to at least keep each other clean, right?"

    Namine sighed. "Typical male. I bet you couldn't wait to strip her."

    "Hey, I resent that!" Sora huffed defensively, crossing her arms over her chest. "Why do you think I have my eyes closed? If you've got a better idea, I'd like to hear it."

    "Tell you what, Sora. How about you let me take over and I'll take the shower for you," Namine suggested. "But if I feel your consciousness even peek out at least once..."

    "I get it, I get it," Sora conceded. "I don't want you to mess with my memories anymore." It felt unnerving to have a conversation standing in the middle of Kairi's bathroom undressed as Kairi. Before he relinquished control, Sora had one final question. "Hey, Namine?"


    "What's with all these hair and beauty products?" Sora asked. "She doesn't really use all of them, does she?"

    "Um, no. Most of these are for the mayor," Namine explained. "You know, another election year and all that. Now get out of here before I have you believing that Riku was always your..."

    "Alright! I won't peek! I promise!" And with that, Sora's mind sunk into the far corners of Kairi's brain.
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    Morning Routines...

    (Note from author: I had this chapter on the backburner for awhile and I've tried to resist posting it, but...)

    " Whatever lies beyond this morning..." Without opening his eyes, Sora instinctively reached for the alarm. He let out a huge yawn, stretched out his muscles and began scratching his chest. At first it felt like he had gained some fat around the area since it felt soft and malleable to the touch. Pinching it a few times, he realized...

    Sora's eyes snapped open and looked down. "AAAHHH!" He pulled his hands away immediately. "I...I..." The memories finally rushed back to him. He and Kairi had shared a blue paopu fruit which made them somehow switch bodies. "Oh my gawd, I've just been groping Kairi's..." Sora slapped his cheeks and rubbed his eyes to make sure that he wasn't dreaming.

    Looking around the room, Sora saw that he was sitting on Kairi's bed. "Namine must've parked the body here after the shower," he realized. Tossing aside the covers, he wondered what he was supposed to do today. That's when he noticed a message taped up on the dresser's mirror. It was unmistakably Namine's handwriting.

    "Sora, the outfit's hanging on the door. DO NOT take off the undershirt or panties...OR ELSE!!! -Namine." Sora looked at what Kairi's body was wearing and sure enough, he only had on soft, clean undergarments. Sora looked inside himself and found that Namine's consciousness was apparently sleeping. Glancing at the mirror, he still felt weirded out to see Kairi doing everything that he was doing. He gave the room a visual sweep to make sure no one was watching. Then he gave the mirror a couple of cute poses (and a few sexy ones) before proceeding to putting on the new outfit.

    * * *

    "...need more affection than you know. My sanctuary..." Kairi reached for the alarm and gave it a good smack. She couldn't believe the dream that she had. She and Sora had switched bodies and.... Kairi let out a moan of sleepiness. "Wait, when did my voice get so deep?" Her eyes flew open to find that she was looking up at Sora's bedroom ceiling. Unlike Sora a few minutes earlier, Kairi didn't freak out. In fact she felt completely calm about the situation. Until...

    "Morning, princess!" Kairi jumped at the voice. "So how's it feel to be a guy?"

    Her eyes widened in astonishment. "ROXAS?! Is that you?!"

    Roxas laughed. "You didn't forget about me, did you?"

    "No, of course not! I was just..."

    "Nice poses you were doing earlier." Kairi's face flushed. "I especially liked that last one where you were stretching your leg over your head. Was that ballet or gymnastics?"

    "How long have you been watching?" she demanded.

    "I woke up about a half hour before you went to get the washcloth. I know Sora'll appreciate it, though."

    She stood up and stretched out her lower back. "Okay, since you're up, you mind telling me what outfit he had planned for today?"

    "Planned?" Roxas repeated. "Girls actually plan their outfits?"

    Kairi crossed her arms. "Well, I do anyways. So where is it?" She went to open the closet to find all formal suits. "Doesn't Sora have any casual clothes?"

    "Nah, we usually just wash our everyday clothes and wear that," Roxas explained. "It's pretty sturdy since it was made by magic."

    "So, what you're telling me is that he doesn't change anything? At all?" She felt repulsed and sick at the thought.

    "Well, we always change our boxers and socks..." Roxas replied.

    Kairi ruffled Sora's hair in bewilderment. "That explains a lot. I was wondering why he wore the same outfit day in and day out..." She grabbed Sora's discarded clothing and began to slip them back on. "So, what does he usually do on days like these?"

    "Usually we go and train with Riku around this time. In fact, he should be arriving right about..." The doorbell rang. "" Kairi quickly piled on the rest of Sora's clothes and dashed straight for the front door.

    "Hey, Kairi," Riku greeted. "Did Roxas tell you what to expect?"

    Kairi nodded. "Yeah, he just told me about your training sessions a few seconds ago." She started to pass him through the doorway, but Riku placed a hand on her chest and pushed her back. "What's wrong?"

    Riku shook his head in disbelief. "First of all, I thought you of all people would check your appearance in the mirror."

    "Why? What's wrong with my..." Kairi looked down and saw that her shirt label was sticking out in front. "Oh."

    "And second of all..." He cleared his throat and pointed downward. It took a few seconds for her to figure out what he was talking about.

    She grinned sheepishly as she zipped it up. "Oops."

    * * *

    Sora had just finished putting on the rest of Kairi's outfit (along with complaints such as "Why is this top so tight?" and "Could this skirt be any shorter?") when the doorbell rang. "What the...who could that be?" He made his way to the front door and was stunned to see Selphie standing on the other side.

    "Good morning, Kairi!" she greeted excitedly. Then she winked and added, "Or should I call you Sora?"

    Sora was taken completely off guard. "How'd you..."

    Selphie giggled. "Riku told me, Wakka and Tidus what happened to you two. He probably figured that you would be having a hard enough time as it is."

    He shook his head in amusement and relief. "He figure right. Remind me to thank him later." Stepping outside, he made sure to lock the front door behind him. "So what do you girls usually do anyways?"

    "Well, we were planning to head over to the mall today for new outfits. Then we would get some lunch before meeting everyone else at the island." Sora cringed at the thought of shopping for clothes. Selphie immediately noticed his reaction and quickly said, "But we don't have to if you don't want to." Sora was tempted to say no, but...

    "Actually, it's not everyday that I get to play dress-up." He gave Selphie a huge grin. "Sure, why not?"

    Selphie seemed thrilled and relieved that Sora accepted the idea. "Great! I can't wait to show you these cute outfits that just went on sale!" She grabbed Sora's arm and started to drag him, but he stayed put.

    "Just one condition."

    Selphie's smile dropped a little. "Name it."

    "I'm not trying on any bikinis," Sora stated lightheartedly. Selphie nodded and dragged Sora along while under his breath he added, "Or else Namine'll kill me when she wakes up."
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    Kairi's Secret...

    "Here! Try these on!" Selphie dumped a giant pile of outfits into Sora's arms. "Tell me which one fits!"

    Sora looked at her incredulously. "Are you serious? What am I supposed to do with all of these?"

    "Just do it!" she snapped, causing him to flinch.

    "O-okay." Sora carried his load into one of the dressing room booths and locked the door behind him. Staring at the assorted clothing, he shook his head. "What am I supposed to try on first?" He rummaged around until he found what he thought was a perfectly acceptable outfit.

    Selphie was waiting outside, leaning against the wall with her arms crossed. After a few minutes, she knocked on the door. "Are you done in there?"

    "Uh...yeah. I think so," Sora stammered.

    "Well, hurry up and let me see it!" Kairi's body came out slowly, revealing her clad in form-fitting blue shorts, heart emblazoned pink tank-top and a white cotton half-jacket. Selphie was stunned. "That's...actually a pretty good choice." Sora frowned.

    "I don't know, Selphie." He turned around to get a better look at Kairi's back. "It's kinda clinging at my butt."

    "Well, duh! What do you think guys look at first?"

    Sora shrugged. "I don't know, the eyes?"

    Selphie sighed. "Whatever. Are you telling me that if a cute girl walked right by you, the eyes would be the first thing you'd notice?"

    The Keyblade Master put Kairi's hands on her hips defensively. "Well, I do! You can tell a lot by a person's eyes!"

    Selphie turned Kairi's body around and pointed. "So what you see in the mirror doesn't pique your interest at all?"

    Sora gave her a sideways look. "Why exactly are you telling me to stare at Kairi's butt?"

    Selphie threw her hands up in disbelief. "I give up. Trying to explain things to a guy is not exactly my forte." Sora stood silent for a moment.

    "Say, Selphie. You don't happen to know why Kairi's been distant lately, do you?" He stared into Kairi's reflection, gazing at her innocent-looking eyes. "Um...she's not...seeing someone else is she?"

    Selphie jumped. "What?! How could you think that?!"

    Sora shrugged helplessly. "I don't know! That's the first thing that came to mind! What else could it be?"

    Selphie hesitated. Kairi obviously didn't tell Sora for a reason, but the story was going to reach him eventually. "Okay, the truth is...Kairi's entered the Miss Teen Destiny Pageant." She expected Sora to display some type of wild reaction, but instead Kairi's face showed total confusion.

    "The what?"

    "Sorry, but she didn't want me to tell you." Selphie couldn't help feeling sorry for Sora's cluelessness.

    But he still didn't get it. "But what exactly is this pageant?"

    Selphie stared at him in disbelief. "You've never heard of it? Teenage girls have been doing it for years! It's basically a beauty contest that's split into four categories: Evening gown, swimsuit, talent and personality. Evening gown and swimsuit are pretty much self-explanatory."

    Sora nodded thoughtfully. "I think I understand talent too. But how do you judge personality?"

    "The judges give the contestant one personal question to answer," Selphie explained. "Based on how they respond determines the judge's score. The winner gets crowned Miss Teen Destiny and receives a 500,000 munny college scholarship."

    "500,000 munny?! For college?!" Sora looked at Selphie suspiciously. "So why aren't you entering?"

    Selphie shrugged. "I'm not really into the pageant thing. Besides, I already earned a scholarship a few months ago from the Scrooge McDuck Foundation."

    "Yeah, he would have a lot of munny to spare..." Sora muttered under his breath. Then in a normal tone he asked "So when is this pageant anyways?"

    "Day after tomorrow."

    Sora let out a sigh of relief. "Well, no worries then. The paopu fruit's magic should wear off before that time."

    "Right. That's why we're here in the first place, to pick out winning outfits." Selphie began pushing Sora back to the stall. "And it helps having a guy's opinion on this, so we've got our bases covered. See?"

    Sora blinked. "Uh...yeah. I guess." Before he went back to change into another outfit, one last thought was nagging at him. "Hey, Selphie? Question..."


    Sora looked down at Kairi's chest. "How do girls run with these things?"

    Selphie gave him a funny look. "Very carefully," she stated simply. "And if you weren't in Kairi's body right now, I'd smack you for staring at them."

    * * *

    "OW!" Kairi found herself once again sitting in the dirt. For over half an hour, she and Riku had been sparring with wooden dowels over near the shoreline. Kairi was skilled in a lot of things. But when it came to sword-fighting...

    Riku massaged his forehead in frustration. "You're letting your guard down again, Kairi."

    Kairi grinned sheepishly. "Right. Sorry."

    "I think it's maybe your stance that's the problem." Riku extended his hand, helping Kairi up to her feet. "The way you're standing right now, you look like you're about to play tennis."

    "What's wrong with that?"

    "First of all, you're giving your opponent a lot of area to hit." Riku stroked his chin thoughtfully. "And second of all, with your weapon directly in front, you don't get much power in your strikes."

    "Gotcha." Kairi got into position again. "Sorry, I guess I've got a lot on my mind at the moment."

    "You mean about the Miss Teen Destiny Pageant?"

    Kairi's eyebrows shot up. "What the...How'd you..."

    Riku flashed a smirk. "Selphie told Tidus who told me and Wakka." Seeing the worried look on her face, he quickly added, "Don't worry, though. No one was able to tell Sora yet."

    Kairi let out a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness! I just hope that the paopu fruit wears off before the pageant."

    "Why didn't you tell Sora?" he asked curiously. "He'd have been thrilled to hear you were in it."

    "That's just it! I don't think I'd be able to concentrate if he knew." Kairi glanced up at the morning sky. "You know how he is sometimes. He's sweet and all, but he can sometimes be a little..."

    "Enthusiastic?" Riku guessed.

    Kairi snorted. "I was thinking more along the lines of 'smothering.' I'm glad he cares so much about me, but..."

    "You don't want him to get involved," Riku finished. She nodded in agreement. "Well, it kinda explains a lot. Sora thought you were being a little distant when you two were together." Kairi's eyes grew round.

    "Sora said that?"

    "Yeah, he was really worried about you. He was going all 'Kairi's in trouble, but she won't tell me anything! Help me, Riku!'" Kairi hung her head down in shame.

    "I didn't realize not telling him would..."

    "Annoy the heck out of me? Yeah, it does. But if you're so embarrassed that Sora wouldn't like you if you lost..." Riku shook his head in amusement. "Well, he's supposed to show up in a few hours. You can tell him when he gets here. Just make it clear to him that this is something you have to do on your own."

    She smiled at him with newfound admiration. "Thank you...Riku."

    Riku's eyes widened at her. "Uh, Kairi?"

    "Yeah, Riku?"

    Riku scrunched his face in a disgusted manner. "Please don't look at me like that with Sora's face. It's extremely...disturbing."
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    Enjoyable though this is, I still have to wonder why Sora and Kairi are bothering to go about each other's daily routine. If they were trying to keep the switch a secret, then I could understand it, but that's obviously not the case. If everyone knows, why not just be themselves?
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    Point Taken...

    Because other than Riku, Tidus, Selphie and Wakka, as far as anyone else is concerned, Sora and Kairi are completely normal. And it's not every day you get to see how your significant other lives their life, right?
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    Kairi's Rival...

    (Note from author: It took awhile, but it's done! Short, sweet and best of all, an update! I don't really have the next part planned out yet, but at least I got this in before the new year starts!)

    "How do girls walk in high heels? I mean, is it a natural ability or what?" After four hours of non-stop shopping, Sora and Selphie finally headed over to the food court for lunch. They had a lot of shopping bags to take care of, so Sora agreed to Selphie buying while he watched them over. Unfortunately, it was the lunch rush, so Sora was keeping himself busy by talking to Namine who had just recently woken up. The side of Kairi's face was becoming numb as Sora sat there with his head on the table's surface.

    "Let's do I explain this to you?" Sora propped an elbow on the table and rested his palm against his chin waiting for an answer. Finally, Namine replied, "Girls have better balance than guys. And stronger ankles too."

    Sora rolled his eyes. "Right. Whatever you say, Namine." There was an uncomfortable feeling in his stomach as he noticed a lot of guys kept looking at him. He gave a weak smile to a couple of boys passing by. "Why are all these guys staring at me? I mean, it's starting to creep me out."

    Namine giggled. "It's the best part about being an attractive girl," she said, "guys are envious of your looks."

    "Really?" Sora's weak smile turned into a toothy grin. He smiled at a group of boys who were eyeing Kairi and was surprised to see them almost fall over. "I could actually get used to this." His head perked up when he saw Selphie carrying a trayful of food. "Finally! I'm starving!"

    A smirk was playing on Selphie's lips as she passed him a black bowl full of lettuce and a water bottle. Sora looked down at his lunch in disbelief.

    "You're joking. This is all that Kairi eats for lunch?" He grabbed his fork and poked at a leaf. "A salad?"

    "Hey, you're the one who wanted to live like Kairi for a while. And this is what she usually eats." Sora's head drooped as he stared mournfully at his salad. "Deal with it."

    "She's right, you know," Namine said. "How else do you think Kairi stays in good shape?"

    " exercising?" Sora guessed. "You need a good balance between diet and exercise after all."

    He was about to dive into the salad when a stuck-up voice rang out, "Well, if it isn't the Paopu Twins." Sora and Selphie instinctively looked up for the source. A group of teenage girls were strutting up to their table. The one at the head of the group was a tall, leggy blonde wearing an outfit that could've been on the cover of a fluffy teen magazine. She looked to be one of those "spoiled rich girl" types who was used to getting her own way.

    "Oh no, not her again," Namine muttered darkly.

    "Friend of yours?"

    Namine cleared her mental throat. "You honestly don't know who that is?"

    Sora searched his memories for a clue. Nothing familiar came up. "No. Should I?"

    Namine sighed. "Well, you're loyal, I'll give you that." Sora looked at the girl curiously. "The wench's name's Natalia. Seems while you and Riku were gone, Kairi ended up with a rivalry with her. And ever since you came back, she's been trying non-stop to steal you away from Kairi."

    Sora's eyebrows shot up. "Are you serious?"

    "Yeah. It's despicable, I know."

    Sora mentally shook his head. "No, not that. There's actually another girl that likes me?" Namine refrained from comment.

    "Sora, whatever happens, don't say anything," Selphie muttered urgently.

    Natalia and her group finally stopped right in front of them. The groupie leader gave an arrogant toss of her blonde streamlined hair. "Imagine my surprise to hear that you of all people decided to enter the pageant." It was a statement and not a question, so Sora didn't say anything. "What? Cat got your tongue?"

    Selphie's eyes narrowed at her. "What exactly do you want, Talia?"

    "My, such animosity. And I didn't even criticize you yet." She let out a snort of amusement. "I still don't see what Sora sees in you," she mocked. "Maybe he's got a Prince Charming complex or something."

    Sora tried to keep Kairi's face as blank as possible. "I've only known her for a few seconds and I just want to slam the Keyblade across her face right now," Sora said privately to Namine.

    "I mean, how pathetic you must feel to be rescued day in and day out." Natalia glanced at the girls behind her. "Probably a Damsel in distress gene or something. I mean, I bet Sora wouldn't mind being with me. Someone who can actually fight beside him and not have to be rescued every couple of weeks." She giggled, causing the rest of the girls to follow suit.

    "Why don't you go tell somebody who cares?" Selphie snapped.

    "Please! You two probably have never even looked in a mirror lately." Natalia eyed the girls' outfits. "Tilmitt, you look like some colorblind army reject. And Red..," She eyed Kairi's pink outfit. "Can that dress be any shorter? You look like some desperate floozy."

    Despite Selphie's warning glares, Sora had enough of the girl's insults. "Sora's not shallow! He's one of those hard-to-find guys that puts what's inside someone's heart over what they look like!"

    Natalia only laughed. "Whatever you say, Red." She waved her hand dismissively. "See you at the pageant!" Sora could only fume as the gaggle of girls walked arrogantly away.

    Selphie looked at Sora, her eyes shone with concern. "Are you okay, Sora?"

    Sora's red hair rippled as he shook his head. "You'd think I'd remember a girl like that. I mean, she's nuts!"

    * * *

    "So why are we here again?" Kairi and Riku had met up with Tidus and Wakka on the island half an hour earlier. After using every "girl in a guy's body" joke that had ever been used, Tidus had come up with the idea of surprising Sora at the mall with the sole purpose of teasing him.

    "Well, Selphie called about a half hour ago and said that they were planning on eating lunch here," Riku explained. "Besides, the sooner you tell Sora, the sooner you can stop worrying."

    "Knowing her, she probably already told Sora," Kairi moaned.

    "If she did, at least you don't have to worry about keeping it a secret anymore."

    Kairi was about to reply, but was interrupted by, "Hiiiiii, Soraaaa!" Natalia and her group were making their way closer.

    "Oh no, it's her." Kairi's eyes narrowed.

    "You know that girl?" Roxas asked.

    Kairi pursed Sora's lips in annoyance. "Let's just say that she and I have a history."

    "Don't forget whose body you're in!" Riku whispered. Kairi nodded and twisted her face to become blank as possible.

    Roxas was still confused. "Wait a sec. What's going on?"

    "I'll explain later," Kairi said hurriedly. "Right now, I've got to concentrate."

    "Hello, boys!" Natalia gave Kairi her coyest smile. "Hi, Sora," she breathed.

    "The way she's throwing herself on Sora is disgusting," Kairi thought. The only thing that came out of Sora's mouth was an almost mechanical "Hi." Fortunately, the drama queen was too absorbed in flirting to notice.

    "I bet you've already heard, but I'm going to be participating in the Miss Teen Destiny Pageant." She looked at Kairi with endearing eyes.


    "Oooh!" she squealed. "I knew you'd be excited!" In her mind, Kairi was rolling her eyes.

    To Natalia, though, Kairi gave her an almost hard expression. "I also heard Kairi's entering as well." Kairi almost laughed as Natalia's cheerful demeanor was immediately extinguished.

    "Well, I don't see why she's even bothering. I mean, it's a beauty pageant, not a freak show!" Kairi struggled to keep her temper in check. If she went at it right now, it would be Sora in trouble, not her. The boys seemed to know this, so they got in-between Kairi and Natalia.

    "That's enough," Wakka said. "You've got no right to talk about her like that."

    "Yeah!" Tidus interjected. "Kairi's our friend and she'll probably beat your sorry keister in that contest!"

    Kairi couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. "You guys..." Kairi began, but Riku gave her a stern glance.

    "Don't worry about it. SORA," he emphasized. The look in Riku's expression said, "Don't get all gushy on us in front of her."

    Natalia stood silent for a moment, confused at why the boys were huddling themselves in front of Sora. Then she shook her head and smiled. "Tell you what, I'll make you a deal. If Kairi actually manages to beat me, I promise not to bother her anymore."

    "And if she doesn't?"

    The girl's grin grew even wider. "If she doesn't even manage to get that far and I know she won't..." She flashed Kairi a huge smirk. " go out on a date with me." Kairi mentally cringed at the thought. But before she could reply...

    "Sora accepts your challenge!" Tidus interjected hastily.

    Kairi's eyes widened. "Now wait a minute..."

    "It's settled then!" Natalia winked at Kairi coyly. "Hope you've been saving up your munny, 'cause I'm an expensive date!" And with that, she and her posse turned to leave. "Hope to see you there!" she shouted before running out of earshot.

    Kairi whirled around on Tidus. "What's the matter with you?!

    Tidus grinned at her sheepishly. "Relax. Where's your confidence?"

    "It kinda left the moment you accepted that bet for me!" Kairi snapped.

    Before she could leap at Tidus, Riku stepped in. "That's enough. What's done is done." He gave Tidus a stern look. "This is exactly why we don't bring you to places like this. You talk too much. And Kairi..." Riku patted her on the back. "Have a little faith. If we're lucky, the effects will wear off and you'll be back in your own body before the pageant."

    A worried expression was all over Sora's face. "But what if it doesn't?"

    Riku smiled grimly. "Then we've got a day and a half to make sure Sora can pull off being you. And if I know Sora," he added giving her a shadow of a wink, "he'll do anything if it's to protect you."
  8. O R A N G E C is the heavenly option

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    Well, my posts in this thread got deleted, but damn, this story is amazing.

    You're setting it up SO perfectly, it's bound to be entertaining. It seems like you fully understand the characters and what they would do given the situations you've presented then with. I love your style of writing and the universe you've created where Sora and Kairi and freely talk to Roxas and Namine. Your introduction of a new character fit in so perfectly. I applaud you for that. I love the way you include all the characters. Please keep it up, I can't wait until the next chapter.

    Great Job!

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    About that...

    The more complex reason is that Selphie's a given. So, that would mean deciding between Tidus and Wakka.
    And since they both hang around each other a lot (i.e. Blitzball), it'd be kinda hard to keep a secret from each other.

    The more simpler reason? I'm lazy, it's less of a headache to remember who knows what, and I'm still focusing more on the "Wedding" than here at the moment.

    As for Namine...

    Far as we know, she's still got the ability to mess with Sora's memories. That's a threat unto itself. She may have the power, but she's not one to abuse it. :D

    Oh, and anyone crazy enough to face Saix unarmed (Kairi/Namine attempting to escape) would have to possess a more-than-timid mindset to pull off. ;)
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    Well, since CtR is on the war path, and has purged multiple threads of their spammyness (luv ya', XD), I thought I'd throw my two cents back in. As usual, your little fan fiction is completely believable, fits in with the character's personalities portrayed in the video games, and you topped yourself with flawlessly adding in a new character (much like Kairi2011 did, though I must admit that in your story, it is done just a tad better). While the overall conditions that will be set, or have already been set, are pretty much easily guessed, I hope you can add in a few subtleties along the way, that could give us a little surprise here or there, or lay few "loaded guns", to even change the outcome of the story that some of us think will happen. =]

    Now, with the parts I exceptionally liked, that haven't been shoved into a general category. Kairi almost getting "gushy" on them all, while in Sora's body. Of course, also "the look" Kairi gives Riku was hilarious. I could picture it perfectly. Again, just your general descriptions of the things around the chracters are amazing, and you manage to keep a person like me interested, who's interested in more the types of work you'd see from R.A. Salvatore, or to go as far as Stephen King. Keep it up. *wishes could rep*

    Wow, my best CnC of t3h New Year. . . Hmph, its the frst day, XD.
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    The short answer? I was lazy.

    Actually, she's a custom made character from my non-KH/Mega Man AU fan-fic. She's the protagonist's girlfriend's cousin, but she's not overly mean like she is in this story. She's really absent-minded, bubbly and has a mad crush on the hero. Things happened, but let's just say that the Natalia here and the Natalia in the other story are completely unrelated. I just couldn't think of any other names for Kairi's rival and I didn't want to use names that I've already made well-developed.
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    (Note from author: Yup. Just one update right after another. ;) )

    Sora had just finished his salad when a pair of surprisingly soft hands covered his eyes from behind. "Guess who?"

    "Uh...the hottest guy I've ever had the pleasure of seeing?" he asked jokingly. Sora grinned as the hands uncovered his eyes to reveal Kairi in his body looking slightly awkward.

    "Funny, Sora," Kairi sighed. "It's still hard to believe my voice really sounds like that."

    Sora was still stunned to see the gang standing in front of him. "What are you guys doing here, anyway? I thought we were supposed to meet you back at the island."

    "We wanted to surprise you, MISS Sora!" Tidus teased.

    Wakka smacked Tidus upside the head. "That's enough, Tidus." He gave Sora a pitying look. "You okay in there, Sora?"

    The Keyblade bearer shrugged. "It could be worse."

    "How so?"

    "This could've happened during a school week," Kairi replied. "I mean, imagine if he had to go to gym class..." Both Sora and Kairi shuddered at the thought. Then Kairi's face became serious. "Hey, Sora? Can I talk to your privately for a sec?"

    Sora blinked in confusion. "Uh, sure."

    "We'll go order some more food," Riku said. "I'm starving." He grabbed Tidus by the arm and dragged him out of earshot. Taking the hint, Wakka and Selphie muttered their own lame excuses before joining Riku.

    "So, what's up?" Sora asked. Kairi took a deep breath to calm herself.

    "I should apologize."

    Sora tilted his head to the side. "For what?"

    "For being so distant with you recently," she clarified. Sora could see that she was struggling to find the words that she needed and suddenly knew what she was about to tell him. "You see, I..." Before she could say any more, Sora raised his hand to stop her.

    "Kairi, it's okay," he said, giving her a relaxed smile. "I already know about the pageant."

    "Oh." Kairi wasn't totally surprised, but she was still a bit shocked that he knew.

    "What I don't understand is why you didn't tell me."

    Kairi looked at Sora still feeling disconcerted that the face she was looking at was her own. "Look, it's not that I have anything against you. In fact, I appreciate you always being there for me. However..." She willed herself to keep her gaze steady. "I just feel the need to prove to myself that I don't always need to rely on you all the time."

    Sora's eyes widened. "I don't mind, you know..."

    "But, still." Kairi ran her fingers through Sora's bushy hair. "There'll be a time when you're not going to be there for me. Don't look at me like that," she added as Sora began to look concerned. "You know it'll happen. There's no escaping that fact. I just want to know that I'm able to take care of myself without using you as a crutch."

    Sora was silent for a moment, his mind still trying to grasp at what she was saying. Finally, he let out a slow exhale and nodded. "Alright. I get it. You need to prove that you can be independent. You can't grow to be your own person if I'm constantly watching over you all the time. I respect that."

    Kairi looked relieved. "Thank you, Sora! I was so worried there for a while."

    "However," Sora began. Kairi felt apprehensiveness start to build in the pit of her stomach again. "I think me not being involved is out of the question now." He gave her a cute grin. "Kinda hard to do when we're no longer in our own bodies, don't you think?"

    She crossed her arms thoughtfully. "So you don't believe the paopu will wear off by then also, huh?"

    "As much as I want to believe that it will, our luck doesn't seem to be smiling on us at the moment." Sora shrugged contently. "Well, it's not gonna matter if you win or not, right? It's just a contest." Kairi bit her lip nervously.

    "Um, actually..." She immediately told Sora about the bet with Natalia which promptly wiped the smile off of his face.

    "Remind me to smack Tidus when I return to my body," Sora said darkly.

    "I wouldn't have agreed to it, but you're okay with this, right?"

    Sora stuck out his chest proudly. "Of course! You're talking to the Keyblade master!" Kairi blushed slightly as she saw her...chest pushing itself against the fabric of her top. She willed herself to keep eye to eye contact. "With me and Roxas in your corner, there's no way you'll lose!"

    Namine cleared her throat. "You're in Kairi's body, remember? Roxas is still in yours." Sora's confident smile dipped a little, but he still had an air of faith in his posture.

    "Either way, we'll still beat Natalia, no question!"

    "Um, could you please not thrust my chest out like that?" Kairi asked, her face reddening a bit more. "It's embarrassing."

    "Sorry," he apologized as he quickly straightened out his back. "But like I said, no worries!"

    Despite his assurance, Kairi could see doubt in Sora's eyes, but decided to keep her comment to herself. "It's not like I'm any more confident than he is," she thought.

    "Are you guys done?" Riku and the others had finished ordering their stuff and were bringing up their lunch trays to their table. "We kinda want to sit down now."

    Sora eyed Riku's tray holding a familiar looking black bowl that he had just finished devouring. "Geez, Riku. How can you stand eating that stuff?"

    Riku gave him a quick smirk. "Unlike you..." He lifted up a small paper pouch that had been tape sealed. As soon as he opened it, the tantalizing smell of grilled and marinated chicken wafted past Sora's nostrils. "...I always make sure to eat a BALANCED meal."

    Sora raised an eyebrow. "Don't you mean, 'Unlike Kairi?' That was her lunch I ate, not mine."

    "It's better than what you usually eat," Kairi retorted. She patted Sora's abs. "Sometimes I think you need to lay off the Sea-salt ice cream."

    Sora put his hands on Kairi's hips. "Are you calling me fat?"

    Kairi's eyebrows shot up. "Of...of course not, Sora!" she stammered. "I'm just saying..." Her sentence trailed off.

    "Yeah," he coaxed, "go on..."

    Selphie, Wakka and Tidus calmly watched the whole thing from the sidelines as they ate their lunch. "You wouldn't even know they switched bodies," Wakka commented. Tidus could only mumble through his mouthful of burger in agreement.

    Riku quickly changed the subject. "So we're assuming that Sora's going to be the one doing the pageant, right?" The group let out a murmur of acknowledgment. "I think we'd better start getting him ready for it then."

    "Sounds like you have a plan in mind," Selphie said.

    Before Riku could answer, Sora blurted out, "Because he's not a total sap like you."

    Riku rolled his eyes and sighed. "You're hopeless, Sora," he replied.

    "And I love you too, Riku." As soon as the comment left his mouth, everyone turned to stare at Sora, causing him to cringe. "What? What'd I say?"

    Kairi crossed her arms over her chest. "Not in my body, you don't!" she huffed.
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    Even though I knew what was going to happen in this chapter due to a previous conversation we had, I still loved this chapter. The conversation between Sora and Kairi was very sweet and their reactions fit in perfectly. You did a wonderful job. Anticipation is builiding up inside me for the next update. Good job.
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    all i can say right now is KEEP 'EM COMIN!!!
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    OMFG, again, you've outdone yourself. Updates are constant, and frikin' awesome each and every time. Another hilarious chapter, can't wait for the next one.
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    Awesome! I like this chapter. You did a great job.
    Can't wait for the next chapter.
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    ROTFLOL right now. Good job
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    >_> mm! mmmmmm! LOL niiiccceee ending of that chapter XD
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    That was amazing.
    I love your style.
    My writing is always all serious and everything. I can't make things funny.
    But the last two paragraphs just put the icing on the cake.
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    Think you vould include Mickey, Donald, and Goofy? Maybe they know a way to reverse the blue paopo's affects.
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