Sora and Kairi: SWITCHED! A Kingdom Hearts Alternate Future

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  1. Destiny's Force Mess with the best, lose like the rest...

    Apr 16, 2007
    With Amber <3
    Hold your horses! I'm working as fast as I can!

    Sorry, no updates yet. But it will come. I'm only posting here, because I couldn't resist putting my two cents in. ;)

    I've no intention of killing anyone. This is supposedly a romantic/sci-fi/comedy type of story. So, no killing.

    HUMILIATING the poor girls, though...:sly:

    I don't think even Sora knows how to control those things. :p

    Sorry to disappoint for those who were expecting it, Heartless and Nobodies aren't going to be in this story. Why must it always have to be saving the world and life & death situations? :huh:

    Hmm...that might be a possibility. But I have no idea how I would fit that in...

    I'm just going to leave that to your imagination due to the fact that you probably have more naughtier thoughts than I could come up with...

    ...but I highly doubt it. :sweat:

    It's comments like those that make it painfully obvious who's a guy and who's a girl. A girl would probably be smacking you upside the head for saying those things. But I've got to say, I feel like we're "sorta" on the same wavelength...:sweat: And believe it or not, it's thoughts like those that give me the inspiration. *nudgenudgewinkwink* :sly:

    But seriously, I've got to thank all of you for the ideas. You have no idea how stumped I was on how to continue this.

    However, it might be another week, though. I'm almost done with the next chapter of Wedding which I intend to focus all of my energies on first.

    But, I love all the support and I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. ;) And keep the ideas coming. Just don't be too spammy, though. :p
  2. Destiny's Force Mess with the best, lose like the rest...

    Apr 16, 2007
    With Amber <3
    The Calvary? Yeah, right.

    "Come on, Kairi!" Tidus pleaded.

    "No!" Kairi shouted forcefully with her arms crossed. Tidus had been spending the past ten minutes trying to get Kairi to tell him about her bondage fantasy. Of course, Kairi wasn't ready to share that part of her private thoughts.

    "Please, Kairi? She piqued my interest!"

    "If I tell you, will you stop nagging me?!" Kairi demanded. Tidus nodded enthusiastically making Kairi sigh. "Okay, look. It's none of your business, but if you must know..." Kairi glanced around nervously. "Basically, I'm wearing this exact same outfit, only it's completely made out of black leather, right?" She indicated the outfit her original body was wearing. "And Sora's bare-chested with a leather half-jacket on." Her eyes glazed over as she imagined it playing out in her mind. "We're in this medieval-looking dungeon with all these contraptions. Stocks, stretch rack, chains...the works. Sora's got these handcuffs in his hands and I have a whip in mine. So, we use the handcuffs to..." Kairi snapped back into reality, noticing Tidus' eager face. She pursed her lips together. "You know what? That's all you're getting."

    Tidus' face fell. "Oh, come on! That can't be it!" Instead of replying, Kairi began to strut away. "Kairi!" he whined.

    "Go away!" she said.

    Meanwhile, Sora and Namine were having their own conversation. "Why are girls embarrassed when a guy sees them in their underwear, but are completely fine when they're wearing either a bikini or those cheerleader skirts?" Sora asked. "I mean, you're basically showing the exact same parts to onlookers."

    Namine sighed. "That's like asking why guys are embarrassed when anyone sees them in boxers. They're only a pair of shorts."

    "True, but girls have more to cover," Sora pointed out. Before Namine could come up with a counter-argument, he turned to Riku. "What exactly are we waiting for?"

    "They should've been here by now..." Riku mumbled to himself.

    "Who should?" Sora asked. Instead of answering, Riku remained silent. It was at that very moment a steadily growing noise broke the silence. "What's that sound?" In response, Riku pointed toward the sky. In the distance was an ever-increasing object that seemed to be hurtling toward their position. Kairi shielded her eyes with her hand.

    "Is that...a Gummi ship?" she asked. Riku smirked at the two.

    "I figured we might..." His sentence trailed off. Riku's face dropped as he realized that the ship seemed to have no intention of slowing down.

    "I don't think it's going to stop!" Selphie yelled.

    The group began to flee for their lives. "Look out!" Sora instinctively attempted to scoop up Kairi in his arms. Unfortunately, he momentarily forgot whose body he was in and ended up dropping under "her" weight. Sora looked at Kairi in confusion. "Exactly what've you been eating?"

    Kairi gave him an incredulous look. "Hello? This is your body! Why don't you tell me?!" Before either of them could get up, the Gummi Ship made a giant splash landing in the ocean, causing an enormous tidal wave that ended up soaking the unlucky couple.

    As the tide rescinded, Sora spat out some ocean water. "That's just great! I think your panties are completely drenched!"

    Kairi rolled her eyes. "Thanks for telling me. Not." The Gummi Ship's side door burst open.

    "SORA!" Before Kairi knew what happened, she found herself being tackled by two familiar looking people.

    "Donald! Goofy!" Sora shouted. The Disney Duo blinked in confusion as they turned toward Kairi's voice.

    "Uh...morning, Kairi!" Goofy greeted. Then it quickly dawned on them. Donald and Goofy turned their gazes back to the "Sora" that they had just glomped.

    Kairi grinned sheepishly. "Sorry, but I'm Kairi. That..." She jerked her head toward her original body, " Sora."

    Donald and Goofy were silent for a moment processing this new information. Finally, they jumped off of Kairi and ran to glomp Sora to the ground. After giving both of them a warm hug, Sora laughed. "So, what happened? Why are you guys here? Is the King okay?"

    "Aw, nothing like that!" Goofy assured him. "Selphie and Riku gave us a call that you and Kairi were in trouble. So we came here as soon as we could!"

    "And here we are!" Donald added.

    "That's great, but..." Sora shot a glance at Kairi. "What do you two know about beauty pageants?"

    It didn't help Sora's spirits when Donald and Goofy looked blank. "Beauty pageant?" Goofy repeated. He scratched his head in thought. "We came here to try to switch you two back to your original selves!"

    Sora had a sheepish grin on his face as he understood. "Oh yeah. That would make a lot more sense." Donald and Goofy helped both Sora and Kairi up to their feet.

    "So that's what you were asking Selphie yesterday?" Kairi asked Riku.

    The silver-haired teen nodded. "Well, if there's a possibility to switch you back to your original selves before the pageant, we'd be foolish not to at least try, right?"

    Kairi looked a little uneasy, but Sora was still grinning. He patted her on the shoulder. "No worries!" he said confidently. "If there's anyone who can help, it's Donald!"

    She shook her head. "Judging by the friends you hang out with, that doesn't make me feel any better."

    "Even you, Kairi?" Sora asked.

    Kairi smirked at him. "Especially me," she replied.

    Meanwhile, Goofy quickly whispered to Donald, "Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

    The court wizard shrugged slightly. "My magic's never failed before. If I can change our forms into sea creatures and savanna animals, switching these two should be no trouble!" Donald raised his staff, shouted some undecipherable chants and pointed the head at the couple. A burst of light shot out of the staff's end and blinded the entire group. A strange tingling sensation traveled through both Sora and Kairi's bodies. After a few seconds, the light faded as if nothing happened.

    Kairi opened her eyes and couldn't believe what she saw. Her usually well-kept hair was now bushy and pointy not unlike Sora's. "What...the..." She whipped around at Donald. "My hair! You..."

    Sora slowly peeked underneath an eyelid. "Did it work?" he asked before realizing that he was still using Kairi's voice. Then he noticed that everyone was looking past him at Kairi in stunned silence. He chanced a glance over his shoulder. At that instant, his heart stopped and his jaw dropped. Sora's eyes grew round in horror as he realized...

    "Oh my gawd!" Tidus laughed. "Sora's got boobies!" Indeed, Donald's magic caused Sora's chest to expand to girlish proportions.

    Everyone started cracking up. Even Riku couldn't keep a straight face. They didn't know which was more hilarious: Kairi's hair or Sora's new rack. Sora and Kairi were both flailing their arms in a panic. "Change it back, change it back!" they screamed at Donald.

    Donald quickly began muttering once more. Another flash of light blasted out of his staff, blinding everyone. Sora and Kairi felt their bodies become tingly again. When the light faded, Sora and Kairi sighed with relief as they found themselves back to their original switched forms.

    ...But not before Tidus was able to snap a photo.

    (Note from author: Another short update. And I finally managed to use a word that you will never see me utter again. :p Still, Kairi's hair or Sora's chest. Both of them seem to bring up disturbing images to mind, don't you think? :sly:)
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    Holly crap. Tidus...reminds me of this guy I work with who came into the kitchen wide eyed and screaming "Breasts!!"

    ...needless to say, i didn't expect Donald, the amazing wizard, to screw up like that and it really made me laugh. I love how everyone always is making fun of Tidus as being this idiotic blonde kid.

    Keep it up man.
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    Experiences and Blackmail...

    (There's a bit of kinkiness in everyone. Even if they don't know it. :p)

    (Who else would've asked? Besides, CoM Tidus seems like that type of guy.)

    (I'm just going to get this out in the air for those who don't know. Bondage refers to tying up or restraining the other person. Hence the phrase "bound and gagged." And who said anything about Sora being tied up? :sly:)

    (Note from author: Quick and short update, then I'm working on my research paper that was due a week ago. :sweat:)

    "So did you manage to get it?" Natalia asked.

    "Was there any doubt?" Her "friend" handed Natalia back her cell phone. "It wasn't that hard. It only took a couple of minutes to transfer the information when he wasn't looking." The girl chuckled as she viewed the contents that had been acquired.

    "This should teach her friends to keep their mouths shut," Natalia said smugly. She quickly pulled out her wallet and slapped a bundle of bills across her informant's palm.

    Despite being paid, Natalia's "friend" still looked a bit uneasy. "Are you sure this isn't against the rules, though?"

    "Screw the rules, I have money!" snapped the arrogant rich girl. The trump card was finally in her hands. "I'm not going to let some hussy destroy my dream of finally going out with Sora!" One of her posse poked her arm and indicated her opponent amongst the crowd of people. Curiously, Kairi was accompanied by two odd-looking companions, a duck and a dog-looking creature.

    Undaunted, with a sly smirk on her lips and the trap waiting to be sprung, Natalia started to make her way toward the unsuspecting redhead...

    * * *

    After realizing that they had nothing left to train for on the island ("These heels feel so natural now!"), the gang decided to head back to the mainland's mall and split up before meeting back up for lunch. Tidus, Wakka and Riku headed for the sporting goods store while Kairi and Selphie went to pick out some makeup and accessories to go with the outfits that they had bought yesterday. That left Sora to show Donald and Goofy around the mall itself.

    As they made their way to the jewelry counter, Selphie glanced around. "Well, this doesn't seem too weird. A guy shopping around for makeup and jewelry."

    Kairi raised an eyebrow. "If anyone asks, I'm getting it for my girlfriend."

    "I didn't know you were gay," Selphie teased.

    Kairi rolled her eyes. "Funny."

    "Anyway, it seems like you're getting a bit too comfortable in Sora's body, Kairi," Selphie said as she browsed the jewelry counter.

    Kairi shrugged, holding up a pair of earrings to the light. "Not really. I'm still trying to get used to the whole "urinal" concept."

    Selphie whipped around immediately in shock. "You mean you actually took off Sora's pants?!"

    "Hey! I can't hold my bladder for 48 hours!" she said in her defense. "I had to go sometime!"

    "And here you were worrying about the whole naked thing," Roxas commented. "You've pretty much mapped out the entire male body."

    "I kinda liked it better when I was unaware," Kairi said. "Now that I've seen it, there's really nothing left to the imagination."

    "It was that small, huh?" Selphie giggled.

    Kairi playfully punched Selphie on the arm. "Shut up!" she laughed. Then Kairi became serious. "Do you think Sora can actually pull it off?"

    Selphie noticed the worried tone in her best friend's voice. "It's going to be okay." She patted Kairi on the shoulder and gave her a comforting smile. "You'll see."

    "Actually, what I'm worried about is what'll happen if we switch back before or during the pageant. We've been trying to get Sora ready to play me, but what if I end up being the one participating?" Kairi sighed. "And then there's the whole Natalia thing and the fact that this is my very first pageant."

    Selphie nodded thoughtfully. "I see. If Sora messes this up for you..."

    "And I was so excited too," Kairi moaned. "Well, not the swimsuit part, but being up on stage performing for an audience." There was a faint smile on her face. "It gives me an endorphin rush doing things like that, you know?"

    Selphie looked at her for a moment. "You've definitely changed, Kairi." The Princess of Heart looked back at her, surprised. "I remember when you used to be really shy about having to do things in front of people."

    "That's before I met Sora and Riku," Kairi reminded her. "Afterwards, it wasn't so bad."

    "Because of Riku's encouragement?"

    Kairi shook her head. "I think it was more of Sora's clumsiness. Even when he would do something embarrassing, he'd just get back up and try again."

    "I guess that stubbornness of his was good for something after all," Selphie said. "It gave you confidence." Kairi blushed at the comment.

    "Thanks Selphie." She threw her arm around Selphie and gave her friend a one-armed hug. "I really needed to hear that."

    * * *

    "So how does it feel being a girl?" Donald asked.

    "Like a few of my major body parts have shifted around," Sora replied. He adjusted his top. "It's kinda uncomfortable how my chest keeps rubbing against my shirt."

    Goofy rubbed his nose nonchalantly. "It's like when Mulan was pretending to be Ping, right?" The other two looked around at him. "The only difference is that instead of pretending to be a girl, you ARE a girl!"

    Donald rolled his eyes and muttered something about "Captain Obvious."

    "I never knew you had such a spacious mall here!" Goofy exclaimed. "It almost reminds me of Traverse Town only with everything inside!"

    "Actually, the mall's fairly new. When they started serving Sea-Salt Ice Cream here, Scrooge McDuck donated a small portion of his personal savings to the town for a new attraction to be built. They had a town meeting a few months back to decide what to do with it." Sora chuckled. "It was either this or a water park. But since we live by the beach..." Sora's hips squirmed slightly. "I don't know how Kairi can stand wearing something that rides up your butt all the time."

    "Why, hello, Kairi!" Sora stiffened as Natalia's voice rang out.

    "Friend of yours, Sora?" Goofy asked.

    Sora gave him a hard look. "I'm Kairi, remember?" He turned his gaze toward the incoming girl. Surprisingly, her group wasn't following after their leader.

    "What's she up to?" Naminé wondered.

    Sora shrugged slightly. "Hi, Natalia," he replied apprehensively. "What happened to your friends?" Expectedly, the blonde completely ignored the question.

    "Ooh!" She looked at Donald and Goofy with a sly giggle. "And who are these two?"

    "Ahem." Donald cleared his throat. "My name is..."

    "Excited about the pageant tomorrow?" Natalia asked, cutting off Donald's introduction. The court wizard looked ticked at being interrupted.

    Sora's eyes narrowed. "Let's cut the crap, okay? What do you want?"

    Natalia let out a small sigh. "If you insist. I was just talking with my friends for a few minutes and you wouldn't believe what happened to come up." She whipped out her cell phone and held the screen in front of their faces.

    Sora, Donald and Goofy peered at the small screen curiously. Their jaws dropped as they realized that on it was a picture of Sora a few hours earlier, displaying a feminine chest. "How in the world did you get that?!" Sora demanded.

    "Oh, I have my ways," Natalia replied with an evil grin. She quickly put the cell phone back in her pocket.

    "Wait a minute..." It finally dawned on Sora. "You stole Tidus' phone?" He shook his head in disbelief. "And I thought you couldn't get any lower..."

    "How could you?" Donald quacked.

    "Who said anything about stealing?" Natalia giggled shamelessly. "It's your friend's fault for not keeping his mouth shut. I mean, he was out there staring at that picture where anyone who happened to look over his shoulder could see."

    "What? You're going to blackmail me or something?" Sora shouted, momentarily forgetting whose body he was in.

    "How would it affect you? It's a picture of Sora." Natalia tapped a long pink fingernail against her chin. "However, I know you wouldn't want anything bad about your boyfriend to get out. I mean, what would people say if they saw the once respected Keyblade master with a need for a training bra?" She giggled again as Sora's eyes narrowed dangerously. "Throw the pageant or else this picture's being sent to everyone."

    Sora was speechless as Natalia gave a sadistic toss of her hair. "You don't know how tempted I am in summoning the Keyblade right now and smacking her one," he said internally to Naminé.

    "Well, it's been nice meeting your animal friends," Natalia said. "See you at the pageant tomorrow...or not." And with that, Natalia ran off back to her posse, leaving the trio dumbstruck.

    "Uh...what just happened?" Donald asked.

    "Man, what a b@#&%!" Sora exclaimed, gritting his teeth. Goofy only shook his head mournfully while Donald was muttering some obscenities under his breath. "Blackmail? She's resorting to blackmail? I can't believe she's that obsessed about me."

    "After fighting Heartless and Nobodies for so long, I forgot how mean regular people could be," Goofy said.

    Donald looked at Sora with concern. "So now what are you going to do?"

    Instead of answering, Sora asked Naminé, "What do you think we should do?"

    "We better talk this over with Kairi," Naminé said without hesitation. "But if I know her, there's no way we're going to back down!"
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    I love how you bring Scrooge into this first of all! Most people don't explain if they bring in something that wasn't there before.

    You are the King of Fanfics and I worship you!

    Akward moment and thing to say? Yeah, sorry about that...(XD)

    The way you sort of break the fourth wall and bring in new characters, reintroduce the old ones, and make the characters sound like themselves, it makes me envious and a needing to improve myself....

    (From next week, Punches Natlia to next year. XD)
  6. Destiny's Force Mess with the best, lose like the rest...

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    Because unlike Kairi, Sora has a choice. He's too much of a gentleman to go that far. If it were accidental, it'd be excusable. But if he consciously did look (remember Namine is a bit more stricter that Roxas when it comes to this type of stuff), Kairi would most likely never forgive him.

    :silence:...I was running out of witty banter. That was the first thing that came to mind. I didn't know what else to have them talk about. Gimme a break. :dead:
  7. Ampex Gummi Ship Junkie

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    No one said Roxas was smart. He's just a second concience that lays about and eats ice cream all day, and now he has a new target to annoy. He probably wouldn't nag Kairi, albiet Sora likes Kairi, Roxas is Sora's Nobody. Namine is techinicaly Sora's nobody as well, as Kairi had no darkness in her heart. Namine would have been created when Sora was turned into a heartless, and created from Kairi's heart, but with the darkness in Sora's heart. Roxas was completely Sora, Namine was Sora and Kairi (eww), so she would think of it in her place to give advice (nag) Sora, technically speaking being one of his nobodies. So, Namine could just as well absorbed into Sora at that rate.......(poor Roxas would have 2 roomates instead of one *gasps*)
  8. BaseSebastian Kingdom Keeper

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    OT: @Ampex:
    Literally, Namine was created from Sora's body when he released all the captive hearts in the Dark keyblade.
    But Namine resembles Namine because she was created from Kairi's heart.
    So therefor, that is the tie she has with Sora's heart and chain of memories. As well, Roxas was created at this point as well, since Sora lost his heart himself. Also, not all people of strong body become heartless. They most also posses a strong will and mind. But this was all off topic.XD

    Great story, I finally cought up but I think I know regret that since I now have nothing else to read...:bangbang:
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    Natalia, far away from where I am: I bet the Keyblade doesn't even exist, it's just something that Sora made up to scare me into not stalking him.
    Me, here: I feel the strong need to choose Natalia and send her on a life chsnging journey, thus causing her to lose the pageant by default.
  10. key dragon One with the keyblade

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    Heh, I'd love to see Donald cast Bio on her.:D

    Well that, or her ending naked like in Kairi's dream.
  11. Xuan Traverse Town Homebody

    First, it was blackmailing in Untitled. Now it's ANOTHER blackmailing in SWITCHED!.

    If this was true in reality, I woulda *censored censored censored* that *censored censored* for the God's *censored censored censored censored censored censored censored*

    Tidus really needs to shut up. In both stories. Next time I'll put him in humiliation in my new story. MUHAHAHAHA!
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    But what if Natlia was permenatley paralyzed due to the hard alloy of the Shield?

    What if Goofy was sued for medical bills?

    What if BellBottom Pants made a fashion comeback?

    I have answers to them all!

    1.) We'd all laugh hysterically

    2.)We'd pray for Goofy and laugh at the sight of him all neat and dressed up in a suit.

    3.)We'd all be doomed!!!!!

    Seriously, I can't wait til the next chapter!

    Btw, off topic, does anybody else think Natlia is alot like Sisi from Code Lyoko?

    I mean the snobbish attitude, the rich-girl status, a possy, and she uses blackmail.

    Only Difference, is that Sisi turns out to be nicer and Natlia is a cranky little- This post has been discontinued and edited due to the fact it surpassed 1 letter. Thank You!~Board of Internet Directors

    (Just when you thought there wasn't any more original ways to stop yourself from calling Natlia a- Due to the continuation, we are now possesing Bama's computer and sending him to jail for forty-bidillion Trillion Kazillion eons, Thank you!~ Board of Internet Directors.)
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    Another interlude...

    (Note from author: Judging by the numerous comments, I'd say that this story is pretty successful at the moment. What I find hilarious about the past few comments is that I never even once thought of who the judges were going to be. Maybe two guys and two girls probably. I dunno. :p Anyway, without further ado, enjoy your crappy anime cartoon...I mean, my newest update. :D) 800th post!

    "TIDUS, YOU MORON!" Kairi's hands were currently wringing Tidus' neck, crushing the ever-loving life force out of him. Sora and the others were trying to pry her fingers away.

    "Kairi! Calm down!" Sora cried. But there was no doubt in his mind that Tidus deserved it for being careless. After the group met up outside in the town square, Sora relayed the situation to the others, resulting in Kairi's justified wrath. Donald and Goofy were currently in the men's bathroom trying to figure out how to use urinals that weren't designed for animals as all of the stalls were currently occupied.

    "How could you let Natalia get her hands on that picture?!" Kairi roared. "Don't you realize what this means for me and Sora?!" Eventually, her grip came loose enough for the others to pull her back a few feet. Tidus gulped in fresh hair and began massaging his neck.

    "I don't know how she got it! I was only glancing at it for a couple of seconds!"

    Wakka rolled his eyes. "Try ten minutes," he corrected. "It probably happened when Riku and I had to go take a porcelain cruise."

    "Look. The only thing that happened was that a couple of girls came up to me, asked me about my phone and then left." Tidus was still cringing slightly at the harsh glare Kairi was giving him. "It's one of the newest models, okay? It seemed like genuine curiosity to me."

    "Did you take your eyes off your cell phone at all?" Riku asked questionably.

    "I swear, I kept my eyes on it the entire time," Tidus said. "I just bought the thing. There's no way I'm going to let someone steal it!"

    Selphie raised an eyebrow. "Did you let them hold your phone?"

    "Um..." Tidus' eyes widened as he remembered. He gave the others a sheepish grin. "Oh."

    Kairi made a ferocious lunge at Tidus. "What do you mean "Oh"?!" Fortunately, the group managed to grab and restrain her before she took two steps. After a few moment, Riku got between Kairi and her prey.

    "That's enough. What's done is done." The stern tone in his voice made Kairi finally calm down. Selphie, Wakka and Sora finally released their hold. "Besides," Riku continued, "if anyone should be angry, it's Sora."

    Sora casually twirled Kairi's hair around his finger. He felt slightly unnerved at seeing his body move with murderous intent. "So, what do you think we should do, Kairi?" Sora's body looked at him in surprise.

    "What are you asking me for?" Kairi asked. "It's your decision."

    "What do you mean?"

    Kairi sighed. "You're the one whose reputation is on the line. If "I" participate, the picture goes out. But if "I" don't, you're going to have to go on a date with that wench." There was a tiny nagging doubt in the back of her mind that feared Sora would choose his reputation over her. "So, it's your choice on what you want to do." Fortunately, she needn't had to worry. Sora shook his head.

    "Kairi, I promised you that I'd help you." He shrugged nonchalantly. "So what if my reputation goes down slightly? Some people think I'm an idiot anyway," he said, barely looking at Riku. Sora took Kairi's hands in his and gazed straight into her eyes. "I don't care what happens to me as long as you're safe."

    Kairi's face was in a state of shock. She felt like kissing him, giggling and swooning all at the same time. Finally, she settled on glancing at Riku, who in turn responded with an "I told you so" look. Tidus, Wakka and Selphie could only look in stunned disbelief.

    "Okay, that didn't look too weird," Selphie commented. "If I didn't know that you two were switched, I'd think that Kairi was confessing her love to Sora." Sora and Kairi immediately let go of each other's hands and turned their heads in opposite directions. Kairi couldn't help but blush while Sora only let out a quiet cough in an attempt to cover the awkward moment.

    "It's too bad we've got nothing on Natalia," Wakka said. "I mean, everyone already knows she can be a spoiled rich girl."

    Selphie nodded. "She pretty much has almost unlimited resources at her disposal. She could blackmail all of us if she wanted to."

    "Wait a minute." Sora looked at Kairi in confusion. "If she's so rich, why in the world did she enter this pageant in the first place?"

    Kairi could only shrug. "Could be just an ego trip."

    "Or she could've entered fully aware that Kairi was entering too," Riku said. The gang looked at him curiously.

    "What do you mean, Riku?" Sora asked.

    "Think about it. She's already rich enough. The only possible benefit she would get out of it is winning that bet."

    "Are you trying to tell us that she entered for the sole purpose of making that entire bet to date Sora?" Kairi rolled her eyes. "That's insane! Even Sora's not worth all that trouble!"

    Sora gave her a look of disgust. "Gee. Thanks a lot, Kairi."

    "Oh, quit acting insulted," Kairi responded coyly. "You know it's true."

    "Ouch," Wakka said. "Re-JECT-ed."

    Sora ignored him. "Anyway, since Tidus' camera got us into this mess, maybe it can get us out of it." His eyes homed in on Tidus' phone. "Do you have any pictures of Natalia?

    Tidus nervously fiddled with the phone's buttons. "Maybe a couple..." Judging by his reluctance to show the others, it was painfully obvious he was hiding something. Before Tidus could react, Selphie snatched the phone from his grip and turned the screen for the others to see. To everyone's surprise, the phone seemed to hold over a hundred photos of Natalia.

    Wakka let out a laugh. "Dude, that's more than a couple."

    "Obsessed much?" Kairi giggled.

    Tidus glared at them with his hands on his hips. "Hey! I was testing out my phone and she's extremely photogenic!"

    Selphie batted her eyelashes at him. "Whatever you say, Tidus."

    "I see a few good ones," Riku said as they scrolled through the pictures, "but nothing incriminating we could use."

    Sora glanced around at his friends. "I don't suppose anybody knows how to use a digital editing program?" To his surprise, nobody answered him. He looked at Riku. "You're kidding! Even you?"

    Riku shook his head. "I may be good at a lot of things," he replied, "but computers aren't exactly my specialty." He ran his fingers through his silvery hair. "How about Namine? Drawing's her forte after all..."

    "Sorry," Namine said apologetically. "I can draw freehand, but I'm not exactly into computers myself."

    Sora crossed his arms over Kairi's soft chest. "Too bad. It'd be nice if we had an equalizer or something. Maybe if one of us knew a computer geek..."

    Suddenly, Kairi's eyes lit up. Without a word, she pulled out Sora's cell phone and began dialing. The others looked at her curiously. "Hello, operator? I'd like to make a long-distance call, please."

    "Kairi, what are you doing?" Sora asked. Kairi shushed him.

    "You said we need help, right? Well, I know just who to call." Then to the phone, "To where?" A slight smirk appeared on her lips. "To Twilight Town."
  14. BaseSebastian Kingdom Keeper

    Feb 2, 2008
    Sunam City
    My guess? The Pence-inator!

    After all, he was the guy who used Ansem's Twilight town computer to get all the data at the end of KH II.

    Only thing he couldn't do was guess the password...And I'm sorta hopeing Pence is up to the job...because after all, he's really modest and not exactly a porn fanatic. He's the most modest guy in the group. Plus even if he did oblige, Olette would wallop him anyway. XP

    Great add, I'm always looking for better words or phrases because I always write like:

    And THEN this happened.

    And only AFTER Kairi stepped through darkness

    And THEN Tidus got choked to death by Kairi....wait, I never wrote that...XD

    Great add! I can't wait to see what Kairi's doing!
  15. key dragon One with the keyblade

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    Oh, well that makes sense.

    Man, I hope Hayner and Olette appear.
  16. Darkcloud Word of advice: Let the wookie win. He's Chuck N

    Dec 6, 2006
    Yeah, I agree, those two definitely need to make an, they could probably distract Natalia for whatever reason, just so Sora and co. can get what they need done.
  17. Destiny's Force Mess with the best, lose like the rest...

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    Update will come soon...

    I was originally going to have him say "AC-CESS DE-NIED!" but I didn't know how else to write that without it looking...choppy. :huh:

    Well, then I must be doing SOMETHING right. :D

    Wait, who's "Ks" again?

    If Kairi bought the machine gun, it would be Sora that would get in trouble. :xp:

    Dude. Touch me again and I'll give you a slow, agonizing death. In a good way. :p j/k...sorta. I'm a 'ler, not a 'lee and I'm only into the opposite gender. :sly: That and I'm not ticklish.

    Anyway, on topic. I'm only 30% complete on the next part (due to super special awesome brainstorming on the Wedding chapter :)). But I guarantee it'll be posted within the next few days. Again, thanks for all the ideas! :D
  18. Destiny's Force Mess with the best, lose like the rest...

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    Twilight meets Destiny

    (Note from author: I promised an update and I'm delivering it! Don't know when the next one's coming out (ran out of ideas), but at least we're getting somewhere, right? :D

    @Keyblade Spirit: Sorry, I was confused with the uppercase/lowercase letters or else I would've figured that out on sight. :p)

    "Question: How in the world did you call Twilight Town?" Riku asked Kairi. "Because as far as I know, you can't call to other worlds."

    Kairi giggled. "You've really gotta get with the times, Riku." She whipped out Sora's cell phone again. "While we were fighting against the Organization, a handful of volunteers from every world got together and built interstellar routing stations. Kinda like satellite dishes posted throughout space."

    Riku looked at Selphie. "I was wondering how you contacted Donald and Goofy so fast." After making the quick call to Pence, ("I'll be on the next Express!") the Destiny Island group began heading for the train station. Fortunately, it wasn't far from the town square.

    "So exactly who is this Pence anyway?" Wakka asked.

    "He's just a friend that we made while we were out exploring," Kairi explained. "Pence is pretty good at computer programming."

    "And he's a good photographer as well," Sora added. "He had a pretty decent-sized photo album of Rox..." His voice trailed off. "Er...never mind."

    "Pence also hangs out with these two other teenagers, Hayner and Olette," Kairi continued. "You'd probably like them too."

    "Yeah, Hayner's a huge sports nut and Olette's your typical mall rat," Sora said.

    Kairi looked disapprovingly at Sora's comment. "That's not exactly how I'd describe them, but that's accurate."

    They had just walked onto the train platform when the loudspeaker boomed "Now arriving: Twilight Town." The group looked down the tracks, expecting a train to arrive any moment. Sure enough, there was a flash of light as a dark, purple train appeared out of nowhere, safely making a full stop in front of the platform.

    As the train came to a screeching halt, Riku shook his head. "Still, interstellar traveling for civilians. I can't believe that it's even possible."

    Sora grinned at him. "Well, we DID make it safer for the general public to move from world to world."

    "Besides," Kairi added, "I don't think they know how to pilot a Gummi Ship."

    When the doors opened, Sora and Kairi were astonished to see that not only had Pence shown up, but Hayner and Olette were with him as well. At the sight of seeing them again, Roxas felt like crying, but he knew better than to act out through Kairi. As soon as they caught a glimpse of their welcoming committee, the Twilight trio couldn't help but grin. "Hey, you guys!" Pence greeted. Sora and Kairi ran up and hugged them.

    "What are you and Hayner doing here?" Kairi asked enthusiastically as she broke off a hug with Olette.

    "You know how it is," she said with a smile. "We're never ones to miss an opportunity to see you guys again." Then to Sora she whispered, "You're right. Riku DOES look cuter in person."

    Sora's eyebrows shot up. He whirled around on Kairi. "You told her that Riku's cuter than me?"

    Kairi's face reddened as Riku couldn't help but smirk at Sora. "And you didn't believe me when I told you."

    "Well...I..." Kairi stammered.

    Olette looked confused. "Wait, what..."

    "Kairi didn't tell you over the phone?" Sora asked. When she shook her head, he looked up at Riku helplessly.

    "Long story short, Sora and Kairi magically switched bodies," Riku explained. The visitors didn't look at all convinced.

    "This isn't some trick that you do to outsiders is it?" Hayner asked as he glared at Sora's young visage.

    "What?" Kairi cringed at Hayner's stare. "Of course not!"

    "Have you ever heard of a paopu fruit before?" Sora asked.

    Pence's face was blank while Hayner answered, "Isn't that one of those fruits that stink if you open them?"

    "That's the pupu fruit," Olette corrected. "Honestly, you two. Don't you ever pay attention in class?" When neither boy answered, she let out a sigh of hopelessness. "You two really need to stop talking about Struggle matches during school."

    "Kinda reminds me of two other people I know who talk about Blitzball tourneys instead of paying attention," Selphie comments, giving Tidus and Wakka a piercing look.

    "The paopu fruit is star-shaped and yellow rumored to tie people's destinies together if they share it," Olette explained. "Red ones cause the users to fall in love. Orange causes jealousy. Green causes anger. And blue ones have random magical properties to them."

    "Am I the only one who didn't know what blue ones were for?" Sora groaned.

    Everyone but Kairi nodded. "Yup," Riku replied. "Pretty much."

    Selphie gave Kairi a curious look. "You didn't know, Kairi?"

    The Princess gave Sora's bushy head a shake. "If I did, don't you think I'd have stopped Sora?"

    "What about purple ones?" Tidus asked. "What do they do?"

    Olette shrugged. "They're rotten and should never be eaten."

    "Wait a minute." Hayner's expression was still skeptical. "Are you telling us that you broke open this blue paopu fruit and now you're stuck in each other's bodies?"

    Sora nodded. "That'd be the gist of it."

    Hayner rolled his eyes. "You two have serious issues."

    Before Sora could retort, Pence quickly changed the subject. "Anyway, other than this social gathering, what exactly did you need? Your voice sounded urgent."

    After formally introducing the groups to each other, Kairi and Sora told the Twilight trio of the situation. When they got to the pageant, Olette gasped in astonishment.

    "Oh! I heard about that pageant a couple of days ago!" She clapped her hands enthusiastically. "You're going to be in it, Kairi?"

    Kairi pursed her lips in slight disappointment. "Actually, Sora's the one who'll be participating."

    Pence nodded thoughtfully. "I see why that would be a problem. But what does that have to do with me?" After bringing up Natalia and her dastardly scheme, his expression looked understandably grim. "So you need me for some digital editing?"

    "Or hacking," Kairi added. "Maybe find a way to get into her cell phone and delete the picture or something."

    "The digital editing will depend on the quality of what I have to work with. The hacking, though..." Pence looked uncertain. "When do you need it by?"

    "The pageant's tomorrow," Selphie said. "We need an equalizer if we're going to go through with this."

    "Well..." Olette smiled. "Hayner and I can help too if you need us. Maybe some information gathering?"

    "That might help a bit," Kairi muttered.

    "How about we split into three groups?" Riku suggested. "Hayner will go with Tidus and Wakka for info we could use; Selphie, Olette and Sora will finish getting prepped for tomorrow and Pence, Kairi and I will take care of Natalia."

    "Sounds like a good plan," Wakka replied. The others murmured their agreement.

    "Yeah, right," Naminé moaned silently. "Putting the three sports fanatics together is a disaster just waiting to happen."

    "It could be worse," Roxas said.

    "How so?"

    "You could be stuck going with them."

    Naminé cringed at the thought. "Um...ew?"

    Riku noticed Sora looking worried. "What's up?"

    "I just realized that we left Donald and Goofy back at the town square."

    "They're here too?" Olette asked.

    Sora nodded. "Yeah. They said they needed to use the bathroom, but we never told them where we were heading."

    Riku gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "Don't worry. You know how long the line is to the guy's bathroom around this time of day. They're probably still waiting in line."

    Sora didn't look at all convinced. "But it's been over two hours. No one could stand holding THAT long."

    Now it was Riku's turn to look worried. "Hmm...maybe we SHOULD check on them." He scratched his chin thoughtfully. "I hope Donald didn't fall in..."

    * * *

    Meanwhile, Donald and Goofy were still staring at the urinals in hopeless confusion.

    Donald tapped his foot impatiently. "I'm not tall enough to use these stupid urinals!" He looked up at Goofy. "Can you gimme a boost?"

    Goofy seemed repulsed by the thought. "Not on your life! Just hold until a stall's open!"

    "We've been waiting for over two hours now!" Donald argued. He looked at him suspiciously. "Are you sure they're all occupied?"

    "A-hyuk! Yup!" Goofy replied. "I pushed all of the stall doors and none of them budged an inch!"

    Donald took one look at Goofy and massaged his beak in frustration. He pointed at the bathroom stalls' handles. "You big palooka! If there are handles on the outside, that means you PULL them to open the door, not PUSH!"

    Before Goofy could reply, Donald swiftly grabbed a handle, dashed inside the stall and slammed the door shut. The next sounds that Goofy heard was a tinkling noise and Donald letting out a huge sigh of relief.

    Goofy scratched his head. "Guess he really had to go..."
  19. Destiny's Force Mess with the best, lose like the rest...

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    I have a fault...

    I think we just found out my weak point in writing. I suck at Donald and Goofy's dialogue. That's why I don't usually bring them in so often. :bangbang:
  20. Erkz Kingdom Keeper

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    Easily fixed. Listen to their accent and complexity of speech, and you'll have them down just fine.

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