Re:Coded Sora's heartless -spoilers-

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    I am not certain if this was ever discussed, it came up negative in the search bar, so i thought i'd figure out something that has been on my mind: Sora's heartless.

    In KH1, Sora is a shadow, which goes to show how little evil was in his heart. But in Re:Coded, It is a Darkside with "data" around him. And as the battle progresses, it becomes an anti-sora form with powerful techniques.

    I know it got the power by feeding on the journal entries, but i am curious as to how and why it got in there... (it was prolly explained, i don't pay attention...) also thoughts on the look for the his heartless?
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    Mm,I believe Data-Heartless Sora has the ability to feed off of the Journal Entries because he is just such a... I'm not sure how to put this...a Special part of the memories in the journal.
    Heartless-Sora created Roxas, which led to so much more. And Heartless-Sora's time was so brief, maybe it's slight bridge of darkness expanded somehow, being it's own personal entity of data.
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    From Wikipedia:
    I didnt pay much attension either. but what I get, since the Journal contains stuff from kh1. that shadow heartless that sora became (already in the journal) evolved into the darkside and then into anti-sora
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    I could be wrong but this is how I took it.

    In awakening Sora sees a darkside come from his own shadow with the words to the effect of "the closer you get to the light the darker your shadow becomes", which to me the situation seemed to say "this is your potential darkness if you make the wrong moves"

    In the datascape everything is just 0s and 1s. So it has no sense of that being a dream, it is just as real as everything else you find in the datascape. So that hypothetical version of his heartless became a reality in that world. Then with all of it's power it wanted more, so it made the bugs as a way to take data from the rest of the journal. Thus it got stronger and stronger as the game progressed until eventually you defeated it.
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    I believe everyone has a the Dark Side inside of them, but Sora turned into a Shadow before his darkness isn't strong enough, just inside of him.

    But for Re:Coded, the Heartless was getting stronger with the bugs.