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    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    If you wanna read some of the sickest lines ever typed down by just one dude
    Get some Darvocet because it’ll be flyer than that super dude with the bird flu
    Other guys will say their swag helps them rise
    Their boxers are at half-mast so I will not condone these lies

    This is a new craze can’t you see
    Naw you're more like Matt Murdock so try to save a docked Titanic with a sinking fee
    I’ll do the Schettino and save my life for the people
    Stay cruisin for a bruisin trying so hard to conduct evil

    Corrupt words for those who would do a U Turn just to be put in an urn

    Claiming you’re menace to society because it’s now your turn
    Son you're easy bake and somehow you still burn

    Now you wanna go into how you’re gonna do my girl
    Record it and send it out going more nuts than a squirrel
    Stupid amateur what that’s called is being insecure

    How immature as you think you’re capable of possibly doing that
    Paraplegics should be able to do yoga without the mat
    Just sit and think for a second though
    Sony lost to me so is that vegas claim pro?
    Does it make me sick for having ambulances pull me to the side?

    As the fire truck gets to enjoy a blazing ride
    The crazy part is that a blind man said he’s the only witness to this
    You call bullsh**, but you’re the one with the pooper scoop
    We all know the bad one of the group since we can smell out the truth
    Unable to get past those
    repulsive roads you go down

    I would let you into my path but I already deal will the bad asses of this town
    Please don’t misjudge me for I just don’t fudge with fugly
    It isn’t my fault for how bad she looks and how hard she sucks see
    You pick the people you hang out with, but I was sought to be more of the better one
    Again I’m not your father, but I’ll throw you some life lessons for fun

    Still I don’t want you so fall back
    Life kicks you in the ball sack
    I’ll start hitin your jaw
    Quick as a car jack
    So much speed with no impact
    Display my awards on a gold rack
    Swear you got big stacks
    Pockets got bunny ears
    Wallet Konata chest flat
    Aflac tells scientists to face facts

    This is where you could lose the youth
    Got so much time to text, but no time for a grading booth
    And you’re smart for having more than one wisdom tooth
    Ok I’ll see if you can solve this one for the new whip
    Who’s real Holmes or Gadget and this is no trick

    I’m no black eyed pea, but I get to have dirty bit
    Your level of intelligence equals to
    A parent and a child playing peek-a-boo
    Claim that you're grown so you talk to your parents with a curse in the sentence
    So irrelevant for saying you've earned your independence
    You lack common knowledge of how the revolt started
    I’ll give it some time for the pea brain farted
    This left the dead dearly departed
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    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Have another one, and I'm not dissing anyone on here at all FYI.

    Silly Life Trying To Challenge A Better Me

    People now are only about trying to be number 1 by feeding off of someone else
    So the closest person they see rocking that good life will eat off their wealth
    Now n***az want to be down for my new raw sound
    Nights knows about that so it’s about to go down

    If only they were able to afford the proper skills of us rappin
    You know that B-E-T for an EBT just won’t happen
    Sir we don’t accept borrowed things to complete transactions
    To compete in this main attraction your kiss ass actin is slackin

    Start packin you whackin in a crowd that’s happily fappin to these bars tappin
    Your feeble mind state which is collapsin with your jaw
    I’m Above The Law
    In the City of Angels

    Strange though how you call me your bro when you in a slump so
    I’ll make your brain overload by calling you a joke
    Have you end up like Monarchy Mockery Charles from England and gruesomely choke
    Don’t know what I mean by that then you’re stupid as sh** yo

    Add a little extra your ex and her besta friends’ sista will put on an extravagant show
    Record it and talk to you as I walk with my zip loose
    Call me crazy, but they give my head some dap like they got a Bluetooth
    I think its sweet, but I’m not able to think right in my main roof

    You can call me a pig but these chickens freely show their hoot hoots
    Now it gives you the right to say I’m reason girls stay degrading
    Because they know a brotha is getting bigger amounts in his savings
    Ask Nights I’m shady so the righteous way of thinking doesn’t faze me

    I refuse to trot along that path for its too hazy
    I won’t be contained by a dame who wants to be insane for my fame
    I’ll contaminate her brain to recreate a couple’s debate
    Instead of me and her it’ll be her soul and the golden gate

    So now I wait for the sites moderator to send me to my place
    Won’t happen since I’ll have them below daisies 6 feet under to their new estate
    Nights will compensate for the loss of said great
    Killing what he wants, enjoys what he never had to take

    I glamorize violence and just wanted to elaborate
    To exacerbate situation I put myself in
    Get in a heated flaming dual with your girl in the kitchen
    Very hateful those words coming from someone colored like turd is sick and gross

    Take offence to it, but it has to be taken far for clever minds to interlope
    You claim to be a bad ass so really read what it means you lame don't act like you can hang
    I only tell the truth so no one is playing
    Want to act like someone you’re not then baby sit
    Just don’t come our way since we hate taking care of defecating tricks
  3. Technic☆Kitty Hmm

    Apr 2, 2010
    Indiana, USA
    Nice, glad to see it's up ^_^ next top rapper!! lol

    You're lines read with a rhythm like no other, your vocabulary varies over the variety of the whole, and subtle hints and explicit content make it a grade a hit in my book. Keep up the good work.

    P.S. This is one of those pieces I like to read over again because it keeps a good beat and a great flow.
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    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    W-Woo... a legend giving me props...Thank you so much Nights I'll keep it up.
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    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Sit Back And Enjoy Skill

    The real reason why people want to be sane is so they can be normal
    F*ck that scared of Nights sh** you step to Me then please act formal
    Just say what's needed instead of what's already been said
    You quote dead people like they're alive and they're still dead
    Nights can put 5 4's through your dome alone so just go home
    Stay by the phone because the cops won't be able to roam
    In your hood so what's good with your tough guy act now?
    You would scream out your heart then I said something foul
    You wanna say wow, but truth be told you sold your soul so now you must go
    Fear us cats from the underground
    You can ask Oda we stay raw as those in the light have stuff that creates frowns
    They only like you since its the new thing of today
    My old sh** will make your entire act simmer down and not stay
    On the top spot which you shouldn't have got, cause when niggaz pop rocks the glocks shot from the cops shop now the blocks hot and you're not
    This is just a test run, and the kid Nights loves when they try to join in on the fun
    He'll do what has to be done to insure you don't ever have a daughter or son
    I'll just aim for the face and let loose the truth so the youth will become troops as proof they know what peace can do
    Then I'll flip you off and scream f*ck you to your whole crew
    So Oda can you do what's needed instead of these lames suckaz on top saying raw skill means we cheated?
    Stupid flake you better believe it we can only achieve what hasn't been expected of us to succeed sh**
    This is why we need to get this rap song done quick
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    Jun 6, 2008
    Here, there and everywhere.
    I am mentioned in that twice and I actually liked it. Good work Naz.
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    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
  8. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Titan Talent

    Too many people have a lot to say
    Could it be they want me to spirit them away?
    Death being the only option for you is that ok?

    You just can't talk about doing sick and twisted evil and sadistic
    Tricks to take out anyone who doesn't want to listen to some ill spits
    That's gross seeing the truth
    So assassinate em like Lincoln at the booth

    YO This is for the those runners of the naysayers
    And those fronters who try to have a commanding tune like bass players
    You're out of your league and this is just for fun
    Once you come to this truth mail me your tongue
    So I know that all of your talking is forever done

    DAMN, I just want you to leave the vicinity
    You gon be around here bout long as a horny almost 20 teens virginity
    This is Jesus identity
    Mixed with Trees, Enemies, Kennedy, King
    Mixed with a kill or be killed Hitler's regime
    Ill to the spleen

    Ya'll talk all that hard sh** then fall right off its not profitable
    My Oracle is not up for offer so try to borrow more horrible
    Disgraceful unable to gain hype to preform flow
    Were just getting started
    Like a stop sign you're waiting for it to say go

    Your stupid has done pushed the envelope
    Now I'm the problem in the mail that will cause you to choke
    Its pretty funny with this mean joke
    I can do a backspin
    Shoot and when the bullet hits your head call it opposites attractin
    Fact of the matter is I'm laughin
    I can shoot you in the back of the head right in front of you

    Ehh I go about things violent at times which is true
    I want it to take over your soul like voodoo
    That too was inappropriate sh**
    But it is the choice of the writer as too who they want it to elope with

    It being the actual meaning of the written rhythm assisted composition
    Which many have died for in the other side of its competition
    So until you understand the art of this type of spittin
    Keep quiet like the poor women in a 30's kitchen
    That wasn't offensive then again its the only way to catch the attention

    Of others instead of keep it low since big brother said so
    No one likes it when the truth hits them straight up like a G.I. Joe
    Think before you commence with a comment bro
    End it in ignorant slang like YO
    Nah all I know is I'm an ultimate all time high being chased by your kind of low blow so GO!!
  9. Technic☆Kitty Hmm

    Apr 2, 2010
    Indiana, USA
    Nice rap, little heavy on the eyes without any breaks in the lyrics but it's still good. It's a really good rap Nas, good work ^^
  10. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    So this is an Idea that would be hot, and wanted to say thanks and sorry to Maka, and cstar7777 because I used your names and meant no disrespect by this at all. I was explaining what a cypher is so here it goes hope you all like it

    A cypher consists of artists on the come up or just vets spitting a few raw school house hardcore bars. A beat is play and they freestyle to showcase their skills.

    So let's say you have like 5 people

    Someone introduces them all and themselves an order is picked on who goes first and last then they provide the public with their skills in the art of poetry or what ever it is they want to show

    Please don't get my named confused
    The only order I have is an already lit fuse
    People I'm an explosion when it comes to culture
    I wonder if my friends will accept me like they did her
    Just realize what is being put forth for you today
    I will not approve of anymore vile acts of violence ok

    You can spit and speak, but not retain the words so its bleeped
    Guess that's why they say talk is cheap
    For me to come in here like a creep
    Just to get a sneak peak like a super freak
    And geez I only want to please the minds of others
    Just not to you cause you suck just like your mother

    Could it be now the light is being shine unto me
    Naw you all still see me as the ugly darkness for the color of my skin see
    You lames want to proclaim a spot in this game which I put shame upon
    Cause you and I aren't even on the same echelon
    Then how is it that my raw style is still being frowned on?
    Since you can only make it by taking it from the greats who spit sh** and realize it to the public

    I'm really not sure what to do with this
    I guess since I've been invited I should be able to kick it
    Hopefully people here think my abilities are good enough to stick with
    I've been doubted by so many people the only good I see in others is their evil
    Just chill so we all can come to agreeing on one thing
    You spell my name M-A-K-A so if its spelt wrong its probably because of the catchy ring

    Hope I am not the one to put frowns on this event
    I'm unsure of how good I am, but I won't vent
    My emotions on anyone since I'll be the least liked
    Then again with these people I'm with I know when I push forward I gained my right
    To talk with such light content for what others like to think
    I got 4 7's in my name so with my luck I can change yours with a simple wink
  11. Odamadillo Twilight Town Denizen

    Jun 6, 2008
    Here, there and everywhere.
    Why do I sound so egotistical? lol nice work Naz.
  12. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Sorry Oda that was the you when I first met you and thought about how commanding you were with that ego up there heheheh ^^"
  13. Odamadillo Twilight Town Denizen

    Jun 6, 2008
    Here, there and everywhere.
    What you think I don't have that ego anymore? How could I lose my planet sized ego?
  14. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    I doubt you would have even allowed me to use your name even though I did this to show you what a cypher is.
  15. Odamadillo Twilight Town Denizen

    Jun 6, 2008
    Here, there and everywhere.
    Naz I don't mind people using my name as long as I don't seem like a jerk.
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    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Alright cool kools like what I'm hearing alright man I got it. Now I gotta post another one though
  17. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Sneaky People

    Something that I just can't get out of my head
    If I lyrically murder someone why do people still like the dead?
    As in the one that said until I made them get fed up
    And talk with the staff behind them like they're tough stuff
    Gets even better since I was blamed for the entire thing
    It was a mark who started and wanted the fighting bell to ring

    That is since it was KO by the first round
    Then people liked those comments when I showed who was more suited for the crown
    I never wanted that fake ego boosting thing anyways
    Still when it got to disrespecting me they felt it was ok
    So I would subliminally submit the feeling that what happened will not go away
    Only liked it since you were incapable to do it
    Standing behind a more felt better rival to keep you out of denial
    Don't call something a rap battle if you can't understand the meaning of survival

    Strike you down with your rules like Simon's Idol
    Couldn't let it go so I just got better just to show
    If you want to be the best choose the better route to go
    Across since you hit a fork in the road cause you lost
    Thought of going this way until I went on the other side just to floss
    My use of having so much mobility
    Sorry that lack of experience is the reason for your downed ability

    Wanting to kiss ass hoping I'd let it go like a Wet Willy
    That clam water flow got you drowin
    For the lack of how to swim
    With those who don't give the slightest whim
    When its all for the win
    I cared so I let off until someone thought 'I can handle him'
    Constant repeating kept on saying the same thing
    Just like what I did in the line above and repeating the same thing in the start

    Clowning him with his own art making his brain fart
    From when I ended it then the start
    Of my next one coming more intense
    Hoping they'd repent
    Naw they just sent more feeble attempts
    So I showed why what I speak is hot
    Chip off the block
    I put in work just wasn't on the clock
    Fearing for the embarrassment they wanted it to stop

    Why should I?
    You thought that weak ability you had would be able to handle
    The Syllable Hannibal
    Killer a cannibal with a mechanical mandible to deliver the flammable
    Ammo, lyrical animal off the top
    I threw you out of your own spot
    Assuming what you possessed would rock socks
    Such a mock...ery to po...ets see you're a complete Ho...ax be no you say me
    So I'll say thee
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    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Lethal Yet Caring

    Now this mission has others wishing that others listen by taking what you put in the description shape shiftin
    Blatant lies supplied to those who thrive for rides that collide with other skies crashing down onto innocent lives because your hate still kickin
    Sad to see how chaos to some is putting it on those who have nothing to do with it
    Seeing the Night sky saying the Darkness Beckons is just plain stupid
    That's just clearly impossible if you would like to get hit with an arrow from cupid
    Maybe then the love you seek will help you get through that huge split

    In your mind since carrying will from the ill with an exacerbated intent to kill isn't real and yet you want others spill
    Their minds and hearts to you when you do nothing and claim to be a leader when others could barely deal
    With the way you do things until another gave you hope to try it like this
    See the way they fix their version of a mix and combine that with this for the greatest hit, but it was a miss

    Poor thing couldn't handle that sort of response ability
    Just take what is written and get em subliminally
    Like a crook asking for help from the same place they're gonna rob see
    Things like this usually end with the biter gettin hurt even worse for trying to torture me using samples of my heart songs be
    Doing what I always do constantly having the upper hand like a keg and a kickstand

    To make it seem this was aimed at the mark with a beam showing how sour his soul has been like
    Which is the reason I go to college right?
    Naw sike I'm just stuck in the house on the keyboard and mouse hoping that these words will shout
    And make direct impact to those who feel that with the help of this their inner beauty won't be considered a roundabout
    Only if that's what I do because if it were me and you I'd simply tell you to get out
    Thinking in this manner is not what I promote so I can end up on the same path like the Turkey Day Floats

    I'm not the one to gloat its just these thoughts keep coming and wants to provoke
    The fact that what I feel is a joke and I'll never have the spotlight to help promote
    The teachings of how to use your own style for verbal greetings or beatings if people think you choke
    When under the pressure and yet yes sir others read and too scared to comment for the fear of getting revoked
    To any and every thought they may have

    I'm glad for this others feel I've gone mad
    To thrive in dark and talk with such light content of what's really pent inside is rad
    Sonning many others coming up thinking they're dads
    Simple yet intriguing way of thinking so not bad

    So why not just seem to be weak
    Trying to be strong is why your mind is so bleak
    You want the negative to come to you so just cease that speech
    It easier to walk with high hopes if you look at your feet
    Don't preach if you don't practice on how you speak
    To others so just let go of that big ego

    You may not hear, but you sure do see and speak evil
    Troubled child just slip your way into others lives and call them bro
    So you can feel accepted like begin rejected by a girl you like with a rebound so
    You couldn't care less as long as you get to play them both
    Ruin some good chromosomes because you overdosed

    In thinking you have the ability to help different beings which is silly
    Get you're life straightened out before you go doing things like that sincerely
    The one you need to stop sub quoting cause I'll make you pay dearly

    Don't bet more than you can put up
    Before that task you had to get equal enough
    With the single entity that has you stuck
    Realize and recognize spewing hidden lies means you suck
    I'll make sure that day comes where both of you can meet on the same street just so the rut
    Is deeper for you wanted to undo what has helped develop all that stuff
    Used to abuse the wicked who can't kick it for claiming to be tough
  19. Odamadillo Twilight Town Denizen

    Jun 6, 2008
    Here, there and everywhere.
    That tells quite a story there Naz good work.
  20. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Bar Fax

    I'll make this ruthless so things said will spark
    How others perceive word art
    I pound puppies before they get to their first bark
    Have you reading this back from the start
    You're going nowhere like a birthmark

    It seems when life passes by it divides
    The product of true artists can't multiply
    Taking away substantial teachings that provides
    New additions for peaceful minds to combine
    Spectacular lines that the mind eats to dine
    Making books something more fine
    Than that of the bullet that killed a swine

    Not H1N1 even though this will please the tongue
    As if you're Spanish flipping it because it has to be done
    When talking, but it needs to be converted to an idea enjoyed by anyone
    No matter what no one can take away that fun
    Acted as if this is an ode so make it grow up like daughters and sons
    That's why my mic manners don't equal stereotypical standards raising banners not using guns

    Leaving them wondering how to fulfill the job credentials
    Could it be that this is another confidential thing that's hidden from the people?
    The problem with that is this isn't pretend so
    All that has to be done is live your life autobiographical
    Don't disappoint the gift those who gave you the gift of being your own individual
    In others places things like that will leave you marked as a criminal

    You wanna rebuttal because you don't understand what I utter
    Leave you with paper cuts with the help of a box cutter
    Truth hurts, but if you'd like an ISO take a number
    I just lack the time to care for those who want to wear me down under
    Like Sydney just with me I'll make em have an eternal slumber

    Heading forward towards the back my mind at this dark light
    Forget hindsight that tunnel vision has me wondering if guns are the reason why my heart sounds like
    Someone thrown in an engine with that bone crushing might
    That's why I got my life right or trying to get it with her rays of life
    To be clear if she were here my soul would get tight
    Choking my inner demon for believing that everyone takes a hike
    To a corrupt path making others follow with no sight
    As if they were lambs going to a slaughterhouse assuring they made it right

    Still got problems with other cats I can end just won't do it
    For the frequent abuse they have with their ideals of music
    Not just with me you see they want to be the best calling others stupid

    I put an end to people like that for how they abused a gift
    Of rhythm spitting so I leave em sittin on daises as their soul lifts
    Out from the doubt put in others for wanting a warm family which is pretty sick
    I bring it to them if they are willing to actual do this
    So I assure you this is not a diss with a subliminally kick

    When I got a problem with a minor trick I go up to them to face to face
    Have them understand the current ability within you isn't up to par with my wicked taste
    I too am guilty of having the pleasure of making those undermine their own talents saying its a waste
    Unwilling to feel that pain again so I just broaden my horizons so I can adjust my flow to any trait
    Not copy nor mimic sorry its no imitation just emulation gotta demolish those who abide by hate
    I took the evil within myself messing up that fragile mind state
    Lost it so I hurt others for trying to take

    Me into the side I used to be on
    Switching so many times I got 3 styles for these poetic songs
    Plenty more than 3 just the titles I work under in this section to dawn upon
    Honesty which is always done and the list gets long
    Because others put their hearts in each work and judged so they can keep going not end up gone