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  1. Styx That's me inside your head.

    Sep 16, 2008
    Ah, so here's your poetry thread. You know that I really like what I'm reading here. It's hard to pick a favorite, but "Lethal Yet Caring" is a masterpiece. Slick rhymes, lots of depth and boldly written. Keep it up, man!
  2. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Lust Of A Poet

    Whoever writes it knows what this means
    That moment when you just have so much passion in these verbal schemes
    Doesn't matter what it is about as long as you continue the dream
    Then when others view it they wonder if what you write is as real as you make it seem
    That's when you put your all into it so even the haters will get sucked in like a tractor beam

    From there lyrically you can preform Armed Robberies
    Getting people to follow your word like Socrates Philosophies
    Keep going there's no stopping it see
    This lust will help stop these mockeries
    Even if it has to be taken to a level that's atomic be
    Now the lust is becoming richer like you've won the lottery

    Check it, you'll slaughter anything getting the attention of crime squads
    Shine brighter than the Ultra Violet light used in forensics my god

    Thus creating a massive pandemic
    Religious sects claiming the words are created with devilish penmanship
    So much of the negative attention just stay with this
    I'm been trying to tell you the lust helps creates fresh sick spits
    Showing the sick word play that you haven't used until it... Took Over

    Got people swearing its all luck from a four leaf clover

    So if I say I personally hearse trainers man they gotta get ripped
    Equal to what the usual do when trying to confuse you as to what's hip?
    I didn't think so the lust has taken over, but I've mastered the ability to control it

    Those coming up have that single hot line
    One verse Assassin I'm telling you that's not fine
    Silly punk I'm everlasting got you cats stay asking how can you continue to be surpassing expectation of washed up has beens this isn't even a classic its a crime
    The flow has the ability to eradicate time
    Now that's what I call a paradox swine

    To do this when the surge comes
    You need to pace the rate before you hesitate when asked to help bring those out from the slums
    Some says its dumb but your words have more impact than that of a military grade gun
    To take an individual out from the criminal route would make anyone stop the pouts scream and shout your name so when they see you on tv that's when the fun
    Sprung into action like Spring Break so many people are packing just to go the area that'll host you as the main attraction because that's how its done
    The lust is no joke so I pass this message unto you so when you rock it'll keep you afloat when anyone claims your thoughts in music form doesn't promote creativity to make the mind run
  3. Styx That's me inside your head.

    Sep 16, 2008
    This last one was not your best, but still has more than enough brilliant moments to remain a solid piece. I dig how the tone in the piece gradually changes like a crescendo.
  4. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    No need for a title
    I need pure silence like a piano recital
    Whack cats want me to save their environment hoping I recycle
    I'd rather sue a dude who's suicidal
    Than dial the proper authorities to help their existence in the word art world have a high chance of survival
    A lot of you ignorant fiends swear that I'm in denial
    How could that be if when you step up to me your feet seems up high bro?
    Meaning you keep looking down when talking to me so that means I must be your idol?
    You're the main attraction yet people get hype with my arrival

    So why do you clowns swear what you spit is contagious?
    Saying you got bars for days following the current craze is dangerous
    What I says last for eons so my old words has others swearing its compltely outrageous
    Get anyone you want to say the words I speak won't phase us
    Good the point is it'll just vaporize you suckaz like lazas

    This isn't a Raid but your clown rappers are in danger
    Ruining the roots with the lame gibberish leaves me in anger
    All you hear is swag, money, girls, cars, houses, and clothes just to get fame sir
    Idiots now adays say if I criticize bad bars I'm classified as a hater
    Don't defend something horrible cause then I'll see if you can out last this street sweeping banger

    Come at me wrong I'll be sure to nullify
    You're entire flow putting you in an eternal slumber no lullaby
    Think I'm bragging too much watch as this iron flies
    Right in between eyes so if you can still see make sure what was said becomes notarized
    I'm not through now I'm gunning for your legs and thighs
    Understand this isn't to please just paralyze

    Here's where you hope to see me fall off like an umbilical cord
    When that happens atheists will pray to the biblical lord
    For now I'll cut you up with a double edge triple syllable sword
    Tell me if I'm eligible of being nominated for any music award
    Look back at my past battles I've been in too absorb
    Nothing and just kill chumps when I get bored
    Act out my crimes with those I've deceased and put in the morgue
    Stream it to show you how a killer records

    I laugh since I killed you walking on beach shores
    Then think if me doing that makes me a poor sportsman
    Can't let that bug me now I'll watch to see if the freshman can swim

    Which is why you need practice before you can preach
    You slip up when I'm around I'll cease your speech
    See if anyone else wants dibs on this feast of fresh meat
    If I get a few contenders I'll fire something hot that'll heat seek into their minds go towards Memphis bleak
    Don't see what I did there your idiocy makes me consider you a freak

    I don't mark territory without setting deep treads all along
    Anyone who steps in the circumference of the area will have their body explode wrong
    That's why Obama wants to take away my right to bare arms
    So what other amendment rights am I gonna lose due to a song?
    Words have gotten to become so strong
    I haven't even been working out my brain for that long

    Now tell me who the real bomb is
    So much for that explosive flow you're just a false alarm kid
    Just like now whenever there's an explosion its automatically said Islam did
    That's how you can truly see who really listens and those that have words skid

    Around one ear and crash into the other
    I catch whiff of that pray to your god that this won't be your last supper
    The longer I make this the more likely it'll make your eyes plunder
    Could you smart asses decipher the clever word play I wonder
    Got you thinking too hard so I'll put you down under

    I think its time to stab you with this mic and verse I'm rapping to you
    Actual to be honest I'm clearly rapping through dudes
    Never say my motherfu**ing name even it helps boost the entirety of your crew
    Its like I'm babysitting you stupid bastards like daycare teachers do
    Don't follow my path of guidance for I am not a fit guru
    I still wanna see if my next statement will stay true

    Bet you still can't see why my style is one that stays legit
    Trying so hard to relate, but my shoes are in a size you can't fit
    Time to separate the realness from the rhetoric
    Figures only multiply responses from the greats could settle this
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  5. Odamadillo Twilight Town Denizen

    Jun 6, 2008
    Here, there and everywhere.
    Once again you set the bar really high. Nice work Nas I hope your next one is just as good!
  6. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    About to use my words to body anyone in minuets
    Say you're the best better have a way to instantly fix it
    That flow you got causes knowledge to diminish
    Your more of a radio spitter who fits the stereotype so there shouldn't be any skipping
    The next skip that I hear I'll assure you that there will be stitches
    The only reason why people follow you is because their brains belongs to midgets
    Too bad that's nothing but a short stop so I can't even scrimmage

    From now on I'm not even gonna waste time creating a title
    Leave you to wonder what's wrong with this man he must be psycho
    That's like a Hayabusa rider not doing drive by's on his motorcycle

    I'm about to take this to a whole new level
    Shoot my thoughts at you like Wanted bullets, but call this twisted metal
    Say you have a problem with me so we can get it settled
    Be very careful you say the wrong thing you're brains will be scattered pretty like beach pebbles

    Can you understand where these words derive from?
    Impossible you're more like a washed up hero and time showed you're destined to become a bum
    I'll throw so many subliminals in this it'll give you nerd ass clowns a conumdrum
    Process as much as you can, but it'll be too late to run
    Leave you stuck in this class until blood can be turned to rum

    Here to only confuse try hards
    What does that even mean my god?
    Aren't you supposed to be someone with brains that'll turn those who oppose you to sod?
    I guess being online and acting like someone you aren't has turned your brains to equal weight of a pea pod
    Killing off every know it all will leave me with no internet job
    There's the staff, and the secret mob squad
    Punished those fools for just trying to come through the rhyming bard
    You n*ggas say that as if you won't end up working forever in the graveyard

    Even if I make this soft you wouldn't be able to decipher the difference like alligators and crocs
    That's why going hard is what muffles the screams for the cops
    I'll play a game that includes this clock
    Put you down under and see how long it takes for that breathing to stop

    Leave you Chuckie Finster like scared when I haven't said anything about coming equipped
    I'm not even gonna throw out the black part and guns on the hip
    No see me I'd rather push you in a pool that has piranhas in it and tell you to give them a dry tongue kiss
    Not as wicked as putting a hole in your chest and leave people thinking the Kool Aid Man did it

    Just think of what happens when I unload my thoughts and want to interlope
    Now here's a great joke
    People run off with the mouth, but they type it on this site so those tough words are unspoke
    You couldn't even call that cutthroat
    They never even said anything thinking something won't make it any harder to simply choke
    So now there really is a hidden meaning in the words since the dead body acts like cloak

    Its apparent people will say one thing, but their true means are sideways like a lateral movement
    Exactly why they wouldn't battle me stupid
    No one would cheer you on mostly because you'd be unable to do it
    I'm sorry did you want evidence and compelling facts as to why I'm speaking ruthless?
    Only clues will help the foolish

    All the so called "Good Poets" couldn't even provide a convincing script
    Haven't even had sex yet I know you clowns couldn't celibate
    When it comes to poetry I'm the wrong person to f*ck with
    Although I'm not an AIDS patient just coming in contact will get you feeling sick
    I'm slept on by you folks like Snoopy's place of residence ain't that a b*tch?

    Is what I liked to be called see
    People seem to have a problem when I R-a-p
    Yet when its poetry I'll obviously annihilate those who feel they can step to me
    Clean house cause of my OCD
    You're tamed and confined thank your lack of flexibility
    Don't need to talk about drugs, but only if it'll please thee
    Feed you PCP while watching a DVD and download something free on the MP3
    That's OD but there's a fee so I collect an EBT from kh-v