[Story Request: Axel/Larxene] Venting

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    Wow. I had so much fun writing this. I forgot how much I loved Larxene/Axel… ::evil laugh:: Beware, while this has no cursing, it does have stronger language. So more than PG less that PG-13.

    For Nightwinde. Hope you enjoy this. xD


    She had been told since the birth of this ‘existence’ that Nobody’s feelings were not real but merely memories of her past life remaining in the crevices of this new life.

    That didn’t make her any less pissed off.

    Larxene stormed down the hallways at The World that Never Was, electricity sparking at her fingertips in her complete anger. Other members tried to ignore her, pressing their backs to the wall to let the single female member of the Organization to thunder by, knowing to not even speak to her in this mood if they wanted to live without missing any body parts. Since most men try to keep all their pieces intact, no one even looked at her, much less engaged her in conversation or anything else.

    And that only made the Savage Nymph all the more angry.

    She stopped and kicked out at the Dusk that tried to dance past her. The little white nobody cringed in what it remembered as pain, before taking off down the hall. Larxene sighed, feeling frustration boil up inside her. It wouldn’t be long before it boiled over again and nobody in this god-forsaken place that would let her vent in the only way she knew how-

    Arguing. Fighting… complete and total aggression against something.

    She narrowed her eyes, sparks flying off the fitted black cloak. The charge grew in size and color till she made the dark hallway glow in the intensity of it. Just when it looked like she would explode from all the charge, it suddenly disappeared and a evil smirk spread across her face. She took a sudden turn, blowing down another hallway knowing the one man in this sorry excuse for a lair who would give her what she wanted.

    A fight.

    Her throwing knifes summoned automatically and she took some sort of comfort in the ice cool blade under her fingers. Her footsteps grew harsher as she grew closer. She paused at the door, hiding the cold smirk that grew across her face under another scowl.

    She let the razor sharp blades fly out of her hand as she slammed the door open. They buried deep into the pure white shelves just above a fellow Nobody’s head. She let loose her other three, but he only leaned forward so that they embedded themselves in the arm of the couch he was lounging against only seconds ago. He sat there a minute giving a deep exasperated sigh, closing the book in his lap with an audible snap. The knives slowly dissolved into darkness and appeared back in her hands.

    “What a matter, Larxene?” He drawled, rolling his head in her direction, a smirk draped across his lips. “Break one of your little toys?”

    Larxene almost smirked tapping the end of her knife against her lips, but remember she was supposed to still be angry. The red headed man leaned back into his original position, brilliant green eyes still fixed on her face. Her free hand twitched in anticipation. Now all she had to do was-

    “Don’t be annoying Axel.” She said flippantly as she rolled her eyes and turning her back on him.

    He chuckled darkly, “You didn’t think I was annoying last night.

    “Oh don’t even try to make me blush, flame-boy.” She retorted sharply looking over her shoulder.

    “Yes, I think you lost that maidenly instinct a long time ago.”

    “Please. We both know I wouldn’t touch you if you were the last Nobody in the worlds. Sorry to disappoint you.” She smirked at him, “You’re just not my type…”

    “Ah.” Axel tossed the book next to him, and leaned back in his seat, draping his arms across the back, “If you’re looking for a guy with a bit more 'bounce' in his step I think Marluxia is trimming his petunias down the hall.”

    Larxene narrowed her eyes, “Don’t you have some place else to be stupid?”

    “Not till four.” Axel replied lightly, pushing his hair back.

    “Well, go be annoying somewhere else.”

    “I think I was here first.”

    “I think I better make you move then.”

    Without warning she lunged forward, knives bared like claws. She swiped at his head only to find it gone as Axel rolled off the couch, his chakras appearing in his out stretched hands. He pivoted on the balls of his foot and sprang back at her, lips skinned back from his teeth in a feral growl. She gave a little laugh as she swiped at him again, aggression rolling off in waves of energy. He blocked every move, matching her sharp angry movement with his own fluid dancing, like a candle under the wind. Knife and chakras clashed spouting flame and sparks as they scrapped against one another. Green met blue and both let a smirk spread across their face. She swung her other arm up to slash at his face but he dodged it kicking out so they both flew backwards.

    “Aren’t you done yet?” He asked breathlessly, spinning his chakras in his hands. Fire spread out, licking at the books on the shelves but not singeing them.

    Larxene laughed, feeling the electricity running down her arms like water, as she leapt out at him again. “Not yet.”

    Using her own momentum against her, The Fury of the Dancing Flames spun Larxene around and slammed her into the wall, one arm across her chest hold in her up, while ramming alternate chakram into the wall pinning her arms above her head.

    He didn’t wait for her to retaliate but instead took the free chakram dangerously closer to her throat while bringing his face centimeters in front of hers. She didn’t look away, holding him sharp gaze for sharp gaze. He was close enough for her to feel his breath, hot as the fire he controlled, on her cheek.

    “You done now?” He asked softly slightly out of breath and yet still smirking. Larxene’s returned sneer was his only reply as she refused to break gaze with him, her electric blue eyes boring into his own vibrant green. Axel chuckled, and brought his face even closer. The tip of his chakram touched the soft base of her neck, as he growled, “I said… Are you done?”

    She broke gaze with a slight snarl. Axel laughed quietly as the chakras dissolved away, but he kept the Savage Nymph firmly against the wall. He leaned forward to whisper harshly in her ear,

    “I’m not one of your toys, Larxene. I don’t break.”

    “I don’t break my toys Axel.” She ground out, still catching her breath, “I just play with them.”

    “I’m not a plaything either,” He said softly, arrogance flooding his tone. He patted her cheek fondly, “Go be annoying somewhere else.”

    Larxene broke Axel’s hold with a fierce glare, stumbling to the side of the fire elemental. Her knives appeared in her hand once again, but suddenly she came eye to eye with Axel’s resummoned chakram.

    “Ah ah ah…” he shook the index finger of his free hand, his ever present grin a little darker than before, “Don’t make me get serious. You might actually get hurt.” When she didn’t reply or move Axel nodded, “That’s my girl.”

    “I said before, your not my type.”

    Axel wasn’t moved, “You’re loss.” He shrugged, falling over the arm of couch into his previous position, dragging the book back up and open, “Don’t you have some place to be?”

    “Anyplace but here.”

    Axel heard the door slam shut and chuckled trying to find his place again. The far door clicked open and Roxas shuffled in yawning and shouldering a book of his own. He sat on the arm of Axel’s couch and cracked the book open, only to be stopped by the redhead’s soft chuckles.

    “What’s so funny?” Roxas cocked his head at his friend, who had put down his book down to pinch the bridge of his nose in an attempt to stop laughing. Roxas kicked his friend’s leg lightly, “What’s with you?”

    “Nothing, Roxy, nothin’.”

    “Don’t call me that.” Roxas retorted sharply, only to sent Axel into another fit of laughter. Roxas rolled his eyes and turned back to his book,



    Larxene leaned against the door with a smirk that threatened to take over her entire face. She flicked her hair back with a humorless chuckle. She felt as if some huge boulder had fallen off her shoulders, and her entire being relaxed at the idea of it. She sagged against the door and gave a relieved sigh.

    “You look happier.”

    Larxene snapped up, her ice blue eyes sparking once again. “Do I, water boy?”

    Demyx made a small noise of distress and disappeared in a portal. Larxene laughed cruelly, leaning her head against the door. She could hear Axel’s sharp laughter floating out as she did.

    It may have seemed annoying, but sometimes she just needed to vent.
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    Witty and clever. While there were some narrative grammar mistakes that I think could've been better phrased upon closer editing, overall I'd say this is a nice bitesize one-shot that stands on its own perfectly well.

    Loved the exchanges between Larxene and Axel. Well done.
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    Mar 28, 2007

    Nice job. I really enjoyed it. :D I noticed a few spelling and grammar mistakes, but those are just trivial things. Overall, it was very, very good.

    ... now I'm worried about mine. XD
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    Thank you very much. Witty huh? I don't think I've ever been called witty before. xD And yes even looking at it now I do see plenty of grammer mistakes. I'll go back and fix that for FFnet. I prolly should find a beta reader. :cool:

    Yay! ::claps hand:: I'm glad you liked it. It was alot of fun to write. As I said above, yeah, I kinda suck at the spelling grammer in general. I need to find a Beta Reader. xP But I'm glad you could overlook that anyways.

    And don't be worried, my friend. No regrets! Right?
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    Wow, I thought that that was really good. You really portraid Larxene's and Axel's personality very well and described everything amazingly. I liked it.
  6. TheOtherKeyblade Destiny Islands Resident

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    Thankie. It was a quickie so I'm glad I still got their attitudes right. :D Thank for the comment!

    Spread the Larxene/Axel <3!