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    I’ve been debating for a while now to start a new roleplay since I have gotten back. Paradigm Shift was gone then, and responsibility once again had taken over and I locked out. But you’re not here for explanations. You’re probably here to know what this thread is about.

    As it turns out, Paradigm Shift was actually a successor to something greater; a story that I have been writing and revising for nearly 6 years in the background and it’s still not quite done. But in its state, I still need to test the interactions in the story. In Paradigm Shift, my goal was to test interactions between players and how they reacted to the world around them, including NPCs, societal rules and how players would follow or break them, or even sudden changes in situations.

    It was supposed to be a long game. But that never happened. Now, you have a chance to roleplay something somewhat shorter and more linear, but still similar to the old thread in some ways. Keep in mind though, these features are subject to change. I still need to make preparations

    • How will things be different in this new roleplay?
    - For those of you who played, you’ll still have superpowers to utilize, but the medieval aesthetic and SAO inspired feel to the game is no longer here.
    - You WILL have a chance to become at least pretty strong with a character, either at the very start, or gradually as the roleplay continues, if you feel it should continue.
    - There will still be some combat, but it won’t be turn based anymore and won’t be limited to a few attacks per turn. I intend to allow players to make as decent amount of attacks in a fight as possible (Hopefully. I’m still working on a system so bear with me).
    - Plot is to be a bit more linear, the game world is to be smaller, and it should be a bit more visual this time. Since this is technically a story I’ve been writing and I need to test if it works, there will be places that are a bit more fleshed out and easier to navigate. No more needless walking filler.

    So overall, my questions to you all are if any of you who read this would be interested in participating, be you returning from Paradigm Shift or if you’re a new player looking to play something different?
    Do you have any questions or concerns regarding the roleplay or how this will be more different than Paradigm Shift?

    Please. Take the time and /discuss. Thanks.
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