Temple Run Brave: Tips, Strategies and High Scores

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    Dec 9, 2010
    Yeahh I went there. This is the game to end all boredom :D
    It can get pretty addictive when there's nothing else to do. What are some of your high scores? Right now mine is at 62,140,272 (about 20 million without second shot bonuses).
    Here's a small guide I put together after figuring things out along the way. I think there are ways to hack the game to make your score go through the roof, but this obviously won't be using anything like that. Anyway, I hope it's helpful :)

    Basic Tips:
    -Fully upgrade all of your power ups. That's a no brainer :p
    -Focus more on surviving than grabbing every coin on the course.
    -There are basically three motions in the game: jumping, ducking & turning. You can cancel any motion into any other motion. You can even cancel a jump into another jump as soon as you hit the ground. This can make reacting to obstacles much easier once you're running at full speed.

    Bonus Targets:
    -You will come across at least one bonus area every time you enter the part of the course that you started on.​
    -Shooting targets is extremely easy once you get the hang of it. You don't have to aim, swipe or anything fancy. Just tap the side of the screen that the target is on.
    -There will never be obstacles in the bonus area.
    -Try to get good at shooting targets on reaction while using the speed boost power up.
    -Sometimes you'll come across a power up while in the middle of a bonus area. If this happens you can do a "jump shot" in order to grab the power up and shoot a target at the same time. This is done by swiping up and either right or left depending on which side the target is on.
    -To get the "Sharpshooter" achievement, you will probably have to run about 40,000 meters. (Good luck!)

    -Resurrects are the #1 key to success. They're cheap and you can hold a maximum of 99 at a time. Keep one of these active at all times and you will be nearly invincible.​
    -Resurrects have a cooldown time of about 15 seconds.​
    Wisp World:
    -You are sent into Wisp World for about 10 seconds after obtaining the wisp power up.
    -Wisp World is no different than the regular world except that it is night time, there are no power ups, and you collect wisps instead of coins.
    -After collecting a certain number of wisps you will be given a wisp boost that slows down your movement speed for about 6 seconds. This boost can be activated whenever you choose.
    -The best time to activate the wisp boost is while your resurrect is on cooldown.

    Second Shot:
    -Second shot is a new power up that was added in the lastest update of the game. You don't have to buy this power up from the store and it can't be upgraded.​
    -Second shot is by far the best powerup in the game. It's really overpowered right now so I hope it gets fixed eventually. For every one of these you collect, you receive a random bonus at the end of your run. The bonus can range from absolutely nothing to adding lots of points to your score, or even making it easier to gain points on your next run.​

    Other Power Ups:
    -Coin magnet is the second best power up you can get. It triples the value of all coins, making blue coins 6 times the normal coin value.​
    -Speed boost is another great power up as it puts the game on auto pilot and sends you 600 meters further.
    -Head start boosts are only worth using if you have extra coins to spend. I'd suggest holding off on these until you've bought and upgraded everything else in the store.

    King Fergus:
    -King Fergus is a new character that can be played in the latest version of the game. It costs 500,000 points to unlock him. I haven't unlocked him yet, but I'll update this section once I do.​
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    Dec 9, 2010
    In case anybody's interested I updated the first post based on the lastest version of the game. It's way less laggy now which helps a ton :)