Kingdom Hearts III The Book of Prochecies (Analysis, thoughts, and Spoilers!)

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    Playing Kingdom Hearts Chi can be a fun time waster, but doesn't show you a whole lot about the Kingdom Hearts lore. That is except for the Tome of Prophecy. (AKA "Foreteller's Script) Now what this is, is a powerful and foreshadowing device that is able to dwell into events of the future of worlds, and examine how things in said world proceed. Basically, it's like a like a magical simulator/editor for worlds. It's full power isn't entirely clear, but it is a very powerful piece of text indeed. The power of the book is used for the gameplay and story usage in Kingdom Hearts Chi, but it is slowly making it's way into the more canon games.

    So according to Chirishii, before the creator of the book vanished, he bestowed it onto his loyal followers, also known as the "Foretellers." (Seen below, by their bear, snake, unicorn, leopard, and fox motif) They were given knew names and entrusted to read the future that was written in the book.


    The last page, dictates;

    ""The war in that place will lead to the defeat and destruction of the Light.
    The World will be enveloped in eternal Darkness.

    If you watch the Kingdom Hearts III teaser, Xehanort and Eraqus appear to be having a conversation on said text,

    So what does this all mean for the series?
    Well, Xehanort has done his homework since he was very young it seems. Well it seems like along with the 13 Darknesses and 7 Lights battle that approaches, "That place" may perhaps be a special world or field, in which Xehanort must concoct his plan.

    Not only that, but this little book finds it's way into the recent 2.5 HD Remix. Oh yes, upon viewing the Re:Coded cutscenes, there seems to show the possible connection. The opening scene for Re:Coded shows Jiminy explaining that the book from their first Journey only has one line in it now;

    "Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it"

    ?????? (narrating): So, now we've taken two journeys. One to stop the
    darkness from spreading, and the other to put all the lost hearts back where
    they belong. To tell the truth, neither one was easy, but I sure was glad to
    be the cricket to write down what happened. Two journeys, both sittin' quiet
    right here in these two books.

    (Two small brown books sit on a desk, both emblazoned with a crown seal)

    Jiminy (narrating): But now, looks like the only thing left in one of 'em is
    a single line.

    (The pages of the first book turn to read "Thank Naminé")

    Jiminy (narrating): Of course, maybe that's because they're the only words
    this book was meant to hold and it's time to close it for good. But...who
    exactly is this "Naminé"?

    (The pages turn to a page near the end of the book, and Jiminy's eyes widen
    at another message: "Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it".
    Jiminy puts a hand to his head in confusion. He rushes to the Library of
    Disney Castle with book in hand. King Mickey sits at his desk as Jiminy
    explains everything to him)

    Mickey: A mysterious message?

    Jiminy: Uh-huh. I certainly didn't write it. And you know I never once let
    the journal out of my sight. I don't know when anybody woulda had a chance

    Mickey: Hmm... "Their hurting will be mended"? Gosh, Jiminy. Sound like
    somebody needs help and doesn't know what to do. Let's get to the bottom
    of this.

    Jiminy: Of course, but how? All of the other pages are completely blank.

    Mickey: Sure, the words you wrote are gone, but that doesn't mean the
    journal is empty.

    As you progress through the game/cutscne movie, you find that more and more messages begin to pop up everytime a world in the journal is repaired like "There's a road for the taking if you end our world's aching." amd "Their torment has been lessened."

    In the end, it's revealed that Namine with the help of Diz most likely, crafted a data version of herself to pass along that message so they could understand her message of "Thank Namine" from Chain of Memories.. Now while that doesn't really connect anything, it's shown just how dangerous and useful Data can be.

    About 2 hours in the movie, you'll find that Maleficent and Pete discuss the possibilities of Data in relation to the Tome of Prophecy. The Link below shows a scene between the two, discussing the various uses they need from the Journal in Coded.


    Maleficent: I see...

    Pete: What is it?

    Maleficent: I didn't quite understand it when I heard "Data World". The Tome of Prophecy. Once, there was a book by that name. It described the worlds of the future as thoough its writer had seen them.

    Pete: Ohh, if that thing existed you could do whatever you wanted with the worlds, right?

    Maleficent: Reproducing those worlds of the future from that Tome of Prophecy, they say you could bring about the dwellers and powers that exist in the future.

    Pete: What? Bring them with a book? I can only believe it is a book from a fairy tale. I shouldn't have built my hopes up.

    Maleficent: Indeed, from a fairy tale... However, isn't the "Data World" something similar? That Journal they used to record their trip might have a connection with the Tome of Prophecy that supposedly existed in the past.

    Pete: This is getting interesting, Maleficent.

    Maleficent: This which is called "Data", we have to get our hands on it.

    Watched it? Good.
    So as you can see, the non Angelina Jolie Maleficent has managed to alter her route in the domination game by using the Data in the Jpurnal as her own personal Tome of Prophecy. And so she continues that route in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance when she holds Minnie ransom for the Journal.

    So what are your thoughts on it?
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    Well, assuming X[chi] is canon, the Tome of Prophecy might shed some light on how it's possible to even have worlds and characters exist so many years before their canonical appearances in the games. I remember when the Foreteller's Script was revealed as having a connection to KH3, and how we all assumed that the only KH3 connection was that tidbit about the Keyblade War. But... what if the connection to KH3 was really the Tome of Prophecy? Maybe it might make an appearance.
  3. A Zebra Chaser

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    The book certainly helps explain a lot about Xehanort, like the obvious "how the hell does he know what to do constantly"
    Being able to call upon the dwellers of the future has some VERY cool potential for the Organization XIII-2
    and Re:Coded and most likely Data Sora will have something to do with the future, Re:Coded was useful!
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    I don't know.. now that Xehanort can time travel and talk to his previous self having a book that tells the future seems the same thing.. I guess it would be good that the autor of the book was in some Xehanort 'detached from time existence' and that is why he could write this tome, that had knowledge that yet hadn't come to pass. Because is from "the future" the time probably erases itself like Xehanort forgets about Master Xehanort after the time travel mission that he is currently doing.
    But as we know what is erased is not lost, like the memories of sora in Chain of memories and the Journal in Re:coded. That is why the apprentices can use it.
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    Does anyone have an idea on what the Book is? I think it might be the book that Sora reads on Master Yen Sid's desk at the beginning of KHII.
  6. Meilin Lee RPG (Red Panda Girl)

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    The Book of Prophecies was mentioned in Kingdom Hearts X[chi] as being able to predict the future and allow an individual to explore places from the future. I highly doubt it was Yen Sid's book.
  7. Karuta Reborn

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    Yeah, it definitely wasn't Yen Sid's book. We don't know a whole lot about it right now apart from what's mentioned in χ, but I'm sure we'll get some more info in KH III.
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    I believe there is also a scene added in KH 2.5 Coded that talks about the book of prophecies as well. Also I believe there has been theories made on if the book of prophecies has any kind of connection to jiminy's Journals.
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    The scene from II.5 Re:coded in question is actually Maleficent theorizing herself that Jiminy's Journal and the Datascape are linked to the Book of Prophecies--hence why she went straight to Disney Castle in Dream Drop Distance to obtain them.

    Really, can you blame her for thinking so? The Datascape is a simulation of worlds created from Jiminy's Journal, just as the worlds (and some powers) in χ [chi] are simulations created from the Book of Prophecies.

    Additionally, Maleficent claims in Re:coded and in Dream Drop Distance that throwing the Datascape into darkness could lead the real worlds to also descend into darkness. And if the Book of Prophecies is that much more powerful than Jiminy's Journal and the Datascape, that's a whole lot of danger.
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    I' ve been expecting a "kingdom hearts is found and used to grant a tri-force style wish, bringing back the worlds to their original, unified state" ending for quite a while now. I assume that would require a new "book" to contain that data, maybe Jiminy' s journal was the original/replacement book all along.[/wild conjecture]