'The Downtroddened stone'

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    Basically, this story is about Mixya. It starts off with her creation.
    The other people there are other Oc's I have in the RP but I decided to start the story off with my first oc.

    Here is a key.

    Yami= Mixya
    Aeleus= Lexeaus
    Lea= Axel
    Azch= Zxach
    Rosu= Surox
    The air was cold and the wind blew swiftly, one of the things Yami could actually remember. This only happened in the September- November season. And it was right in the middle of October.

    She was just lying down on a roof in Hollow Bastion when she saw her dad coming back from work. Her mom instantly ran out of the house. "Aeleus? your home already?" she said hugging him.

    He nodded then walked into the house, quietly clenching his fist.

    Yami instantly got curious and ran into the house. "Hi dad!" she exclaimed smiling.

    "Go away.. I'm not in the mood."

    "How was work? Was Ansem nice today? any upcoming projects you want to talk about?"

    then instantly he swung his fist and hit Yami on the top of the head, "Shut up Yami!"

    She instantly held her head crying then after a few seconds she looked up. "Where.. am I? who are you?" she asked curiously.

    He shook his head then threw her out of the house. "Stay out there until you learn to be quiet." He slammed the door leaving her outside.

    Yami cried then stood up holding her head and ran off away from the house. Eventually she got to an alley way and was instantly pulled against the wall by a person in a jacket with the hood up, "Give me all of your munny.. wait.. Yami?" the girl said dropping her to the ground.

    Yami instantly shook her head and stood up, "Azch you really need to calm down when it comes to munny." she said getting quiet.

    "Well my mom isn't exactly thrilled at this moment. She's been working a lot lately."

    "Well.. Lea isn't exactly bright."

    "You know what.. just for that I'm just gonna mug you.." Azch said pulling out a knife then stopping what she was doing after she heard a painful scream. "Ow! what the.." she took off leaving Yami there.

    Yami eventually got up weakly and followed. After a while they got up to a boy being chased by heartless. "What in the.."

    "Rosu get you *** over here and hid!" Azch instantly yelled then instantly the ground shook and out came a huge heartless.

    Yami's eyes instantly widened as she ran. Eventually she was surrounded by nothing but shadows and she collapsed to the ground reaching her hand out. "Help!" she screamed as she felt herself get pulled into darkness.
    Placed in yet another, part the home, same pain.​

    Yami woke up and screamed and was instantly picked up by her shirt and she saw a man. He looked almost exactly like her dad, But different.

    "I'm guessing. I'm not alone in this confusion.. why do you look like my daughter?"

    "Why do you look like my dad?"

    "I see we've got a back in forth story here.." then someone with a black hood popped up near him. He talked to him. But Yami couldn't make the words out right. After a while the man opened a portal and her dad look alike walked into it. The man turned his head towards her.

    "Your too young.. but look forward to life until I except you. Your name is now Mixya.." he said walking into a portal then it shut. Leaving Mixya alone. Then a voice popped up behind her.

    "I guess I'm not alone on the 'Your too young' speech."

    Mixya turned her head, "Kusa?"

    "It's Kaxus now.. come on.." he instantly picked Mixya up and put her on his shoulders. "We will wait until he pops up again..."

    Mixya nodded then smiled as they left.