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    I don't think an Anti-Fanclub has ever been done before. This is the club for all those who, like me, have been enlightened to the shocking, terrible truth.

    Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is EVIL!

    From the very begining there are mounds of damning evidence that show him to be the ultimate puppet-master, carefully molding young Mister Potter and his friends into set roles and ensuring that their Destinies are to his liking, all the while hiding behind his mask of the kindly old grandfather figure, Leader of the Light.

    Why do his eyes twinkle? Some form of subtle Legilimency?

    He always offers lemon drops to people who enter his office, even those who could be enemies. Laced with some potion to manipulate them?

    He is the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, yet Death Eaters still wiggled there way home when he could have simply given them Truth Serum. Same with Sirius Black's false imprisonment. Why? To further his own plans.

    Lily and James knew they were being hunted and could be killed, so logically they would write a will, saying where Harry would grow up. Would they send Harry to the Dursleys? Doubtful. Dumbledore breaks the law by sending him there.

    Shocked? Outraged? In denial? My friends, there are many more instances in which this conniving fiend has ruined the Wizarding World and covered it up, and if you wish to blindly follow him then you shouldn't be here.

    But if you are nodding in agreement and furious at his machinations, then the world needs your help and you can start here. Spread the word of his deceit by whatever means suits you best; creating Anti-Dumbledore Art, writing Anti-Dumbledore fanfiction, becoming a Dumbledore investigator to study the books and read between the lines for evidence of his crimes, or any other way you can think of to spread the word.

    Of course, as we are Anti-Dumbledore we are by default supporters of Independant Harry Potter, so artwork or stories about that are also welcomed.

    Here is a list of positions in the club. If you can think of a job you can do that is not listed, notify me and I will add an appropriate position.

    President: Xeddrief
    Vice-President*: Open

    Graphics Department
    Chief Designer**: Open
    Vice-Chief Designer**: Open
    Designer***: Open

    Fan-fiction Department
    Chief Author**: Open
    Vice-Chief Author**: Open

    Investigation Department
    Chief Investigator**: Open
    Vice-Chief Investigator**: Open
    Investigators***: Open

    Supporters***: Open​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.