The Essentials of CnC (Read before posting)

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    In order to streamline and simplify your experience here we've aligned all the rules, regulations and advice of the section regarding spam and CnC into a one stop shop, separated into categories for everyone the rank neophyte to the inveterate user, explaining and delineating what is allowed and appreciated and what will lead to your posts being deleted and other consequences.

    We'll begin with the bare minimum requirements of comments and criticisms. A reply to a work of graphic art will most often include comments and criticisms commonly abbreviated as CnC. CnC invariably will consist of substantive observations of the possible positive and negative aspects of the piece and appropriate criticisms or opinions of said aspects. Just saying that you like or hate a certain piece will not help your peer improve so you must be specific and explicit with your comments. To fully understand what counts as proper CnC a checklist of Do's and Don'ts has been compiled below for your convenience.

    The general rules of thumb are as follows:

    1. Response length must correspond with the rules and must be long enough to actually say something pertinent. Short responses along the lines of "I like it!" or "It's okay." do not constitute proper CnC and will be deleted. A response such as the two above does not proper comment or criticism make. A longer response with the sum total meaning, "I like it!" or "It's okay." without any valid and insightful comments about the work itself is not proper CnC either.

    2.Restating or paraphrasing what has already been said previously in the thread without anything of your own to add does not count as valid CnC either. Obviously, when people CnC the same work of graphic art, there will be several similar aspects of the work that get brought up, but there are some times when criticism from one user seems to simply be a restating of what has already been brought up with no individual thought put into it whatsoever. Here's a real example of what would fall under this category of Graphic Art spam.

    Obviously, the work being commented upon and criticized in this example had some criticism about text placement. User 1 flat out spammed by saying nothing but a repost of that one common grievance. User 2 was a bit more careful, but still made his/her spamming obvious since all he/she did was surround it with "It's really good." and "But it's still pretty good." which do not count as CnC, as stated previously in the first example of Graphic Art spam. These kinds of posts will also be deleted.

    3. "Thank you!" or anything to that effect with nothing of any merit (generally coming from the artist who made the work) is a spam post, and will be deleted, just like the above two examples of Graphic Art spam.

    4. Artists bumping their own threads in order to get more replies are spamming. Not only will the bump post be deleted, but the thread will be locked as well.


    So to bring it all together in full summary we have several basic examples here for you. They will start off with spam that will be deleted and progress up through the ranks to the level at which we hope all our users will strive to be at.

    Here are examples of blatant and awful spam:
    This post doesn't serve any purpose. Threads are posted in order to gain experience and useful criticisms. Flat out bad mouthing the piece without the slightest hint of CnC will condemn the post to deletion.

    This is the classic example of content deficient spam. It clearly deserves no attention and helps no one in any way, shape or form.

    Here is an example of a borderline acceptable critique/constructive criticism:
    Here is amazing Critique, beyond every shadow of a doubt:
    This is an excellent critique. It's not perfect, and it isn't totally rude and mean. It gives the creator of the work advice and shows them the wrong area's they should fix. If you want to be right above that at top-notch, telling them what is good about their tag will give them an idea of what to keep and not change, since it works.

    Side Note: You mustn't try to take the behavior of others into your own hands if you're not going to be civil about it. So if you see a post that breaks the rules of the site or section and you just can't stand it, then you either wait for it to be deleted or inform the sectional moderator of your grievance privately. Just let the staff do its job and things will turn out fine.


    So you're done with the basics and you're ready to start commenting and criticizing the right way without breaking any rules. However, if you want to know more about the specifics of it you can follow the instructions below.

    Credit to Advent, Darky, Hissora and Beauxxx for pretty much all of the examples and content in this little spiel. I'm but a humble organizer here. Now go on and do things the right way. Thank you all for your time.
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