~The Hatchet Is Buried~

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    Ah, I haven't been here in a while. I have recently written a quite long fan fiction that I didn't plan to post here but have no other choice.(Other websites aren't cooperating >.>) I'm actually quite scared to post this here. But it's for fun so meh.
    Note~ This does have homages to Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare as well as to other undead shows/books ect. I also included a homage to Wolf's Rain in the end. I found the deaths of the characters in the show and their epic battles quite amazing and just had to work with it somehow.
    Hopefully this will go somewhere. I will post two/three chapters at a time if all goes well.

    New Friends
    Old Enemies​

    The Superior stood outside on a balcony of The World That Never Was. His cold eyes scanned the dark world. His thoughts were interrupted by the blond scientist, Vexen, The Chilly Academic. “Xemnas!†Vexen called to the man standing on the balcony. The superior turned his orange eyes towards The Chilly Academic. His silver hair framing his face and aurora, Xemnas stood up tall as Vexen approached waiting for him to speak. “The other worlds…†Vexen started. He had been running Xemnas noted in his mind. “They have been invaded.†Vexen stated. He looked at his superior for further instruction and thought on the situation.
    “By whom?†Xemnas asked turning back towards the dead town they reigned over. “Undead.†Vexen said. Xemnas looked over his shoulder at Vexen. “They are overrunning all of those with Hearts. Everyone is dying.†Vexen kept his eyes on Xemnas. “Wouldn’t that be all for the better for us then?†Xemnas asked, starting to question Vexen’s sanity. Vexen waited a few seconds before answering the Superior. “We aren’t immune to the virus, Superior.†Xemnas’s eyes widened for less than a second, trace of emotion etched onto his face for less than a few seconds. “How many Worlds have been invaded?†He asked Vexen. “Unknown. Twilight Town was the first to be invaded.â€
    “Were the portals between us shut down?†Xemnas asked, a hint of urgency in his voice. Vexen remained silent. He was almost afraid to answer the Superior, knowing he had displeased him and jeopardized Organization XIII. “Go shut them, before any undead can get in.†Xemnas started, keeping his voice low, trying to keep himself sane. “Shut any portals.†He said. “Warn Marluxia of the threat as well. I’m calling a meeting.â€
    Vexen nodded. “Dismissed.†Xemnas said to Vexen and waved him away. Vexen bowed slightly and stopped at the sound of footsteps. Vexen and Xemnas turned towards the noise, prepared for the worst. Vexen backed up at the sight of the three familiar figures. Xemnas stood his ground as the two enemies approached each other. Sora, Riku, Kairi. They all had keyblades drawn and prepared for a fight. Xemnas’ hazel, cold eyes focused on Sora as he stood in front of him. A face of determination and hardship. Xemnas wouldn’t forget it. He didn’t say anything but simply waited for the trio to speak up. The room was filled with silence except for the sound of breathing and anger.
    “The Worlds have been invaded.†Sora stated to Xemnas. Xemnas simply looked at them. His eyes narrowed. He knew what they wanted. “We just received the message.†Xemnas said coldly. “Why are you here?†He questioned. Sora looked down a little bit after the question, avoiding Xemnas’ eyes. “We came here for… Protection…†He muttered. “We weren’t sure if you guys had survived or not…†He said lowly. Xemnas whisked away a small internal happiness that had been created. “I can’t hear you.†He said strongly. “We came here for safety!†Sora exclaimed loudly, looking up at Xemnas with narrowed eyes. “We both know there’s safety in numbers.†Sora started. “We can keep each other protected.†Sora said, calming his voice as he focused on Xemnas.
    The leader of Organization XIII didn’t speak for a few moments. “Prove it.†He said to Sora, looking from Sora to Kairi and Riku. Riku had an expression of surprise after a few moments. He managed to meet eyes with the Superior. He stood up tall and dropped his keyblade. Sora looked at Riku and followed as did Kairi.
    “We are having a meeting. Vexen will show you where to go.†Xemnas turned his back to the trio of friends. “Until then, we have room you will have to share a room in the upper floors of Castle Oblivion.†Vexen had nearly dropped his jaw at the sight of the hospitality that Xemnas was greeting them with. “Superior-!†He started strongly, Xemnas looked at him and he backed down.
    “We will keep a portal between Castle Oblivion and The World That Never Was open.†Xemnas said shortly after. “However,†He looked over his shoulder at the three to make sure they were still listening. “I am now your leader. You are part of Organization XIII. If you show any hostility towards any of us I will exile you three in a heartbeat until you have proven yourselves. “ Sora looked from Kairi to Riku. He was unspeakably overjoyed. “I will see you four at the meeting.†Xemnas looked from the friends to Vexen. Xemnas knew this would be more trouble to him. The Organization was equal to a bunch of children and he knew arguments were going to be often and perhaps violent. The Superior disappeared through a portal.
    Vexen looked at Sora. “I hope you know I still don’t like you.†Vexen said. He wanted to clear up any further emotions of dislike so it didn’t turn the future for the worst. “With some time, I’m sure we can get over that and become friends.†Vexen added, a huge swallow of pride. Sora held out his hand, Vexen looked at him for a second and then shook his hand. “Follow me.†Vexen opened a portal that lead to The Meeting Place. The majority of the Organization had already arrived at The Meeting Place. All eyes turned towards Vexen. A few chuckles echoed from underneath the hoods of their cloaks. “Look what the cat dragged in.†Xigbar lowered his hood, he kept his arms crossed. He smirked at The Chilly Academic. A female laugh started up, Larxene appeared in front of Vexen, her narrow eyes flew towards Sora and Kairi. “What are they doing here?†She demanded. Daggers appeared between her fingers. She was ready to assassinate the three. “It’s okay.†Vexen tried to reason. “I’ll kill them before they do anything!†She said loudly. “Larxene,†Vexen straightened up. “Respect your elders.†He said. Larxene’s teal eyes looked from Sora, Kairi, and Riku to Vexen. “Very well.†She reclaimed herself and crossed her eyes. “I’ll take your place one day though, old man.†She warned The Chilly Academic. He waited till she looked away to shrink down. He was higher in rank but Larxene terrified him.
    “Larxene.†A calm voice called to her before she could resume her violence. The Graceful Assassin was looking towards her from his seat. She looked from Marluxia down at the ground and resumed her spot in The Meeting Place. “I’m sure the leader has reason behind them being here.†Marluxia reassured the Organization.
    “Well done, Marluxia.†The Superior had appeared in the room and was at his seat. “I have called a meeting because it seems all of the Worlds have been deemed unsafe.†Xemnas started. He looked around at the Organization. No one interrupted. “It seems that the dead have risen up and taken over the Worlds.†He looked at Sora and the other two. “We will start looking for more Nobodies and any survivors.†The Superior started. “Sora, Kairi, Riku,†He kept his eyes focused on them as the rest of the Organization turned to look at them. “They are now under the safety of Organization XIII.†Xemnas waited a second to make sure no one objected. He could tell they didn’t all agree but didn’t dare to talk over their leader. “None of you have a reason to fight each other anymore.â€
    “The hatchet of our past is now buried.â€

    “How is the research coming along?†Zexion asked Vexen. They were in the basements at Vexens’ laboratory. “Nothing…†Vexen sighed. He had been trying to find a cure for the virus that invaded the Worlds. “You’ll need more dead soon, yes?†Zexion asked, Vexen nodded in response and sighed. Fatigue was written in Vexen’s face. “You need to rest, Vexen.†Zexion suggested. “You’ve been working non-stop for over forty-eight hours. Go rest. Lexaeus and I will patrol the basements.†Vexen nodded and stood up, leaving the laboratory with Zexion following quietly after him. Vexen turned off the lights of the room and left towards his room. Zexion walked in the opposite direction to meet with Lexaeus.
    “How is he?†Lexaeus asked. “He went to go rest.†Zexion answered. “What should we tell the leader?†Lexaeus asked, arms crossed, he looked side-ways at Zexion. “He needed rest.†Zexion said honestly. They both disappeared in a black portal and appeared in The Meeting Place. The Meeting Place had been accommodated to fit more members now. Two new females now joined the Organization along with a new male. The leader sat at his throne. He looked tired and older. “Undead have been sighted in The World That Never Was.†He started. “How is security in Castle Oblivion?†Xemnas looked at Marluxia. “We were attacked.†Marluxia said. “All undead were rid of.†He said calmly, his blue eyes meeting Xemnas’ eyes. “Any damages on Castle Oblivion?†Xemnas asked. “All repaired.†Marluxia answered. Xemnas sighed. “Very well. We will close all portals between Castle Oblivion and The World That Never Was. If you need to get from The World That Never Was to Castle Oblivion, vice versa, somebody will now escort you.†Xemnas’ eyes looked at Sora. He seemed to lead all those with Hearts in the Organization now. “Patrols will now be in pairs.†Xemnas looked around at everybody. “Be prepared to shut off one World if we get invaded.â€
    “Where is Vexen?†Xemnas asked shortly after. “He needed rest.†Zexion said firmly. “Has he gotten any closer to a cure?†Xemnas requested. “No. He needs more ingredients.†Xemnas looked at Zexion. “Do you know what they are?†“Yes, sir.†“Any volunteers?†Xemnas asked. He knew nobody wanted to venture into the Worlds now. His eyes narrowed with a small annoyance. “Marluxia,†He called. The Graceful Assassin looked up at the Superior. “Xioimara,†A young girl with reddish brown eyes and medium length brown hair looked up at Xemnas. She was about sixteen and wore the Organization’s cloak. “Axel.†The red-haired man kept his eyes on Xemnas. “You will go fetch what Vexen needs for his experiments.â€
    “Xaldin and Saïx.†Xemnas started. “You will be first to patrol The World That Never Was.†He looked at Luxord. “Luxord and Demyx, you two will patrol the upper floors of Castle Oblivion.†The Superior’s eyes wandered to Zexion. Needless to say anything to either Zexion or Lexaeus. “Any questions?†Xemnas asked, looking around. Nobody said anything. “Meeting dismissed.†Xemnas announced. He waited for everybody to leave before leaving himself.
    Marluxia, Axel and Xioimara met at the middle of The Meeting Place. “Xioimara,†Xemnas called, she turned to look up at her leader. “I forgot to ask, how many creatures do we have?†He asked her calmly. She thought for a second. “Six undead horses that are broken. Three chupacabras, two of which are broken. One phoenix which is broken.†Xemnas nodded to Xioimara. “I think if I can look more I might be able to find Sasquatch.†She smiled up at the leader. Xemnas smiled for a second. “Good luck all of you on your mission.†He wished and disappeared through a portal.
    “You’re lucky, kid.†Xioimara looked at Axel as he said this. “The Superior favors you.†He said with a grin on his face. “He’s seemed to have started showing a little bit of emotion ever since the invasion started.†Marluxia spoke calmly, looking at Xioimara. There was no doubt that Xemnas didn’t have a reason to favor her. She was talented, and had special skill for breaking mythical creatures. They were quiet for a few seconds, all of them were nervous about this mission. “It’s your first mission.†Marluxia looked at Xioimara with surprise. “Isn’t it?†Xioimara nodded. A list appeared in the air above them; Marluxia grabbed it and skimmed through the list. “The first ingredient is one living undead.†He said to the two. “Twilight Town?†Axel suggested. “Good idea.†Marluxia said to Axel. Xioimara remained quiet as the two talked she was looking at the ground. Axel looked at Xioimara, Marluxia looked at Xioimara as well. “You’ll be fine. Just stay close and stand your ground.†Axel said. “We’re here to protect you just in case.†Marluxia reassured the girl.
    A portal opened in front of the three. “Are you ready for this?†Marluxia asked Xioimara and Axel. “No.†Xioimara smiled nervously. Axel smirked. “Neither are we.†Axel’s chakrams appeared in his hands as he started through the portal. Xioimara looked at Marluxia. “It’ll be safe if you stay between us.†He said his scythe at hand. “Use your powers to your full potential and you’ll be fine.†Marluxia urged Xioimara forward. Her form changed as she moved towards the portal. Her height was about five feet tall and had four legs, a tail, snout and ears. A red wolf stood in Xioimara’s place, she had a tan snout, belly, front legs, and a stretch of tan that started at the back of her hind legs and reached down to her toes. The sorrel wolf moved into the portal and joined Axel in Twilight Town. Marluxia entered after her and met them both on the other side.
    It was empty. The town was desolate and lifeless. Xioimara’s ears perked up as she listened for any noises. She looked up at Axel and Marluxia afraid to speak. Axel looked down at Xioimara. “Howl.†Xioimara shook her head. They just needed one undead, not all of Twilight Town’s. Marluxia looked at Axel. “That’s a little risky don’t you think?†Marluxia asked calmly. “I’m sure Vexen could use more than just one specimen.†Marluxia nodded at this thought. “Howl.†Marluxia encouraged Xioimara. She backed up a little, her tail down low and ears back. A smell hit her along with a force. An undead monster slammed up against her body and threw her to the ground. It screeched in her face as it kept her pinned. Xioimara tried to make a sound. The undead beast’s claws scratched her face as its teeth were prepared to go for her throat. Xioimara shut her eyes tightly, with her ears back, bringing her hind legs back and striking them into the undead’s stomach. Her eyes opened wide, her eyes glowing as she realized she had to protect herself. Her teeth showed for a mere second as she threw her jaws onto her attacker’s face. The undead was thrown away from her as Marluxia appeared by her side. His scythe having thrown the undead away from Xioimara.
    “Are you okay?†He asked Xioimara. Axel stood in front of Xioimara, the undead beast squealed before its cries were replaced with the sound of its rotting flesh being burnt. Axel looked back at Xioimara. “Did it bite you?†He asked immediately. They both helped her up. Xioimara was shaking. “N-no.†She said with a sigh of relief. “That wasn’t-“ Axel started. “A regular undead.†Marluxia finished. “They’re evolving?†Axel asked. “It seems so…†Crows flew off of some buildings with hideous cries. Xioimara’s ears and tail stood up at the sight of the crows. Some headed towards the three. She snarled and charged forward, seizing one of the crows by the throat as it approached them. Xioimara threw it to the ground, the others landed. Their eyes were red, and their bodies were rotting. Xioimara stood in front of Axel and Marluxia with her tail, and hackles up. She lowered her head, snarling at the murder.
    “Go back to your murder.†She snarled at the crows. Some backed up, while they tried to comprehend what the canine had said. They flew off a few seconds later to join the others. “You can talk to the undead?†Marluxia asked Xioimara. “No,†Xioimara’s hackles and tail went down as she stopped showing her teeth. “Undead animals can still communicate and they aren’t cannibalistic. Just undead.†Marluxia and Axel looked at each other but quickly turned their attention back to Twilight Town. The sun was starting to set on the town. “Aren’t they stronger at night?†Axel asked. “Yes.†Xioimara answered for Marluxia. “It’s a full moon though.†Axel nodded even though he was unsure about what Xioimara meant. “You’re stronger under a full moon?†Marluxia asked, familiar with the tales of werewolves. “I have more energy, heal faster and I get more valiant.†She said. They all looked towards where the crows had been before they flew off. Shadowy creatures pulled themselves out of the alleys and buildings. The stench of death started to grow stronger. The three started to back themselves towards each other.
    The undead squealed and echoed back and forth. Xioimara understood the message. Food. She lowered her head and brought back her lips, showing her teeth. Her hackles and tail raised up as her body tensed. “They’re coming from all around us.†Marluxia said. Axel nodded. “How many do we need?†Marluxia nodded. “As many as we can get.†Axel said to encourage the group. They started to crawl closer, some standing upright. Xioimara snarled as one of the undead raced towards them. Her muscles tensed as she ran forward at it. “No-!†Axel cried out with Marluxia. Xioimara pounced at the creature as it neared her. She bared her teeth and brought her teeth down on the neck of the creature. It tried to throw her to the ground. Xioimara made her way to its back and clawed onto it, biting the back of its neck. The beast reared back in pain before it started to fall. Xioimara jumped away as the undead fell to the ground dead. It had a severed neck. “Xioimara, stay by us!†Marluxia reprimanded a little relieved that she was okay. Xioimara looked up towards Marluxia and Axel, in the time it took to bring down that undead more had managed to surround her. Xioimara broke into a run trying to get away before they could group around her more.
    “Xioimara!†Axel and Marluxia looked at each other and started forward to help Xioimara. The group of undead had managed to block any sight of her. Some of them looked up from where Xioimara was and back at Axel and Marluxia. They screamed and started forward the living. Axel snapped his fingers as a spark engulfed some for the undead into flames. Marluxia held forward his hand as a force repelled from his hand and made some undead back away. They handled the crowd with grace for the meantime. Marluxia wielded his scythe against an approaching undead as he severed its breathing and spine. Axel raised his chakrams and slammed them in front of him, fire being produced from them. The undead dispersed, a flash of red fur appearing between the bodies. She jumped into the air trying to escape the onslaught. “Run!†Axel yelled to Xioimara. As she disappeared back into the crowd of undead creatures a howl echoed from the group. Marluxia moved forward, cutting down the undead horde. He moved his hand forward, rose petals came from his hand with a force that threw undead to the side.
    “Come towards my voice!†Marluxia shouted as he cleared a path towards the wolf. Marluxia shouted as an undead grabbed him by the back. Xioimara raced through the path Marluxia had made. She looked up at Marluxia to see him getting attacked. She drew her lips back and jumped at the creature, tearing it from Marluxia’s back and bringing it to the ground with a huge force. She slammed into the ground and was thrown off from the force. “Axel!†Marluxia called, Axel appeared there in seconds. Marluxia and Axel grabbed Xioimara running through a portal. It closed as soon as they disappeared through it.
    They landed on the ground just outside of the Superior’s study of The World That Never Was. They lay on the ground, Marluxia and Axel protecting Xioimara by covering her. They breathed heavily with unknown fear. Xioimara was back in her human form. She had tears in her eyes as she shook. “It’s okay.†Marluxia reassured, sitting up. The door of Xemnas’ study room opened. He looked down at the three. He raised an eyebrow as he went unnoticed. “You’re safe. Everything is okay.†Axel said to Xioimara, helping her sit up. Marluxia inhaled, with narrowed eyes and looked down at Xioimara. “When we say to stay by us, you stay by us!†Marluxia reprimanded. “Don’t you ever-!†Marluxia stopped as he realized how harsh he was being. “Don’t run off like that.†He sighed, relieved that they were all okay.
    “What happened?†Xemnas asked firmly. Axel and Marluxia looked up at Xemnas. “It was so overrun, so fast.†Axel started. “The undead are rapidly evolving.†Marluxia stated. The Graceful Assassin helped Xioimara stand up. Xemnas looked at the scared trio. Fake fear. The Superior noted in his mind. “She can’t go back there, Xemnas.†Marluxia said as Xioimara hugged onto him for comfort. Marluxia didn’t do anything for the moment though he wasn’t used to it at all. Xemnas looked at the scared member and then at Marluxia. “Very well…†He started, “Vexen is most likely still resting. Recover and wait for further notice.†The Superior said to them. They had attracted attention from their commotion. The keyblade wielder, Sora entered by the hallway.
    “Sora,†Xemnas called. Sora approached the group. “Could you please escort Xioimara to go get water?†He requested. Sora nodded. Xemnas put a hand on Xioimara’s shoulder, leading her towards Sora. “She’s in… Uh… Shock.†Xemnas said to Sora, unsure how else to describe Xioimara’s condition. Xioimara looked back at Xemnas as he walked back towards Marluxia and Axel. He motioned them into his office.
    “C’mon.†Sora said to Xioimara. She had never actually talked to Sora. She had only heard rumors from other members of the Organization. Sora could tell Xioimara was unnerved by his presence. “Do you want to talk about what happened?†He asked quietly. Xioimara shook her head. “Okay. Okay.†Sora understood. “Are you okay, though?†Sora asked shortly after trying to get her to talk at least once. “You’re all scratched up.†Sora mentioned. Xioimara touched her face for a second remembering the scratch she had received. The wound was still damp. “I hope so…†Xioimara said quietly. She looked at Sora, he was a little taller than her but only by a few inches. She opened her mouth to speak but stayed quiet.
    “I’m not going to force you to talk.†Sora said after a few moments. “No worries.†He said with a smile. Xioimara nodded as they turned the corner. He looked down at Xioimara as they turned one last corner and entered the kitchen of The World That Never Was. A familiar face was there, Demyx. The Musician of the Organization. He looked up at the two with a friendly smile. He looked at Xioimara, she looked shaken and scared but calming down. “Are you okay, Xioimara?†He asked standing up from the counter and offering his chair for Xioimara. She nodded to Demyx. “What happened?†Demyx asked Sora.
    “Not sure.†Sora said to Demyx. Sora sat down across the counter from Xioimara. Demyx got her water and sat down next to Xioimara. “You’re safe with us, Xioimara. Don’t worry.†Demyx reassured. Xioimara managed a smile once she realized she had friends. “Was it the mission?†Demyx asked, recalling the mission Xemnas had given to her as well as Axel and Marluxia. Xioimara nodded. “Yeah.†She said, starting to calm down. “What happened?†Sora asked. Xioimara looked at him. “They’re just everywhere…†Xioimara started, “They’re so bent on the idea of killing us…†She put her head down on the counter. “I put them both in danger…†She said. “Marluxia almost got killed because of me.†Xioimara shut her eyes and crossed her arms in front of her on the counter. Demyx laughed.
    Xioimara looked at him by tilting her head to the side and peering over her arms. “If there’s one thing I learned about Marluxia AND Axel, they won’t die. Marluxia doesn’t seem like the kind of guy but he’s stubborn as a mule when it comes to giving up.†He reassured Xioimara. “Especially to those zombies.†He patted her on the back gently. Xioimara gave a small smile. “And Axel…†Demyx thought for a moment. “He just refuses to die.†Demyx smiled. Sora watched the two. Demyx knew how to cheer other Nobodies up in a heartbeat. He found himself smiling as well. “I’m serious,†Demyx said to Xioimara. “One time Larxene was really trying to kill me and he dared to step in her path to protect me.†He said, Xioimara gave a small giggle at this idea. “What did you ever do to Larxene to make her try to kill you?†She asked. Demyx thought for a moment. “I think I walked by her too closely and she didn’t like it.†He said. “So she tried to kill me.†Xioimara laughed for a few seconds and smiled.
    “You guys are more human than I thought…†He commented without thought. Demyx looked at Sora, Xioimara looked at him but still kept her head down. “I always thought you guys just… Hated.†Sora admitted to the two. “I never imagined you would be trying to save humanity…†Sora started. “I never even imagined that Xemnas would have allowed my friends let alone me into the Organization.†Demyx listened to Sora. “I think deep down he just wanted to end the feud.†Demyx said to Sora. “I don’t think a person can be so bad if they are trying to get their Heart back.†Sora nodded at the thought.
    “He seems to be showing more emotion the more tired he gets though.†Xioimara said. “How long had it been since the invasion started?†Xioimara asked. “I think about five months now. I’ve been losing count though.†Demyx said. “Enough time to run down the Superior though that’s for sure.†Demyx said to Xioimara. “I think Xemnas favors you Xioimara.†Demyx added. “If that were me instead of you he would’ve shipped my butt back there with my hands tied behind my back.†Xioimara smiled. “I want to go check up at the Stables.†Xioimara said to Demyx and Sora. The Stables were where all the mythical creatures Xioimara found, broken and unbroken, stayed.
    “Do you want one of us to go with you?†Sora offered. He had been curious about seeing the notorious chupacabra and phoenix. Xioimara thought for a moment. “If you’d like… It’d be nice.†She said. Sora looked at Demyx. “I’ll stay here. I’m afraid of horses.†Demyx admitted. Xioimara nodded and stood up opening a portal to the stables. Sora let her go through the portal first before following. The Stables consisted of two buildings connected by a walk way. They neighbored The Castle of The World That Never Was. They had been converted into a stable area. The stable smelled of death, hay and dirt.
    “I haven’t gotten around to naming everybody.†Xioimara said as she walked down the stables towards the cells that held creatures. A whinny echoed through the building and was followed by four other neighs and whinnies. Hoofs scratched the ground of a stable cell as Xioimara approached it. A horse appeared by the door. His body smelled of death, he had open rotten wounds over his body; the horse would have had eyes if they hadn’t rot out of its skull. Bone was visible in some of its skull. “Are you scared of horses?†Xioimara asked her hand on the padlock. Sora shook his head. She opened the padlock and pulled open the door. The undead horse carefully stepped out of the stall. He used his sense of smell, hearing and touch to find his way around.
    The horse approached Xioimara, sniffed her and nibbled her hair for a second. She smiled and put a hand on the underside of the horse’s face. “Go say hi.†She said to the horse. He paused for a second before smelling the air and turning towards Sora. He stepped carefully as he made his way towards Sora. “Hold out your hand in front of his face when he approaches you.†Xioimara said to Sora. Sora held out his hand for the undead horse to smell as he neared him. The horse paused for a second and sniffed the stranger’s hand before stretching his neck forward to nibble his hair. The horse’s bones cracked as he stretched forward and nibbled on Sora’s hair quickly. Xioimara whistled lightly and the horse reared its head up quickly, turning to go back to Xioimara. She led the horse back into the stall and closed the stall door. They repeated the same process for the next four undead horses.
    “Were they this friendly when you found them?†Sora asked Xioimara. She shook her head. “They were traumatized by the entire human undead I think.†She said calmly.
    Xioimara motioned Sora to follow her. They walked a small ways down a walkway that entered into the second building of the Stable. It smelled better than the other stable but reeked of fire and meat. The stables were metal. Half of which had electricity running through them and the other half did not. “What’s here?†Xioimara looked over her shoulder at Sora. “The fighters.†She said to him. She approached on of the cells that were electric. “Don’t touch the metal.†She warned Sora. Xioimara peered into the cell. “Hey.†She called softly. Sora looked in as well. A large greenish looking blur slammed up against the cage with a loud yowl. It jumped back, snarling at Xioimara and Sora. It had a hyena-like body, green flesh, knife-like claws, and quills that lined its spine. It had yellow eyes and a wolf face.
    “Chupacabra.†She said to Sora. “I still have work to do with him.†She waved a hand at the creature and started away towards the non-electric stables. Sora followed after. She opened the padlock to two cells. Two chupacabras with grey skin walked out of one cell. They circled and sniffed Sora. He stayed still out of fear as they recognized him. Xioimara put on a leather glove that reached up to her elbow. A bird flew out of the cell and landed on the leather glove. It cawed at her and Sora. She pet it with her other hand. She started walking towards the exit of the second building. The two chupacabras followed her as did Sora. She stood outside the building with the phoenix on her arm. She looked up at the sky, “Give us hope.†Xioimara said and held up her arm. The phoenix took off into flight and flew up into the dark night sky. It disappeared in the darkness. She kept watching the sky. The phoenix echoed loudly in the sky as a fire sparked across the sky. Xioimara dropped her arm and looked at Sora to make sure he was watching. “He’ll come back in a day or two. “
    Xioimara turned back towards the stalls. She stopped short as a lesser nobody appeared in front of her. Go to the study. It said to her. “I have to go see The Superior.†She said to Sora. “Do you want to go back to the Castle or Castle Oblivion?†The nobody questioned Sora. “Castle Oblivion.†Sora answered. Xioimara opened a portal to Castle Oblivion and escorted Sora to the Castle.
    She then left for the Superior’s Study. She knocked on the door. “Enter.†Xemnas’ voice said. She opened the door to see Marluxia standing by the Superior’s desk with his arms crossed and the Superior standing at his desk. “We have decided that you need more intense training for your own good and for the Organization’s, Xioimara.†Xemnas said. Marluxia nodded. “I have agreed to train you.†Marluxia said to Xioimara.

    A red force charged forward at The Graceful Assassin. He threw forward his scythe, teeth bit down and grabbed onto the blade. Xioimara’s body was pulled forward and thrown, she still held on to Marluxia’s scythe blade until maximum force shook her off. She landed on all fours, growling loudly at her friendly opponent. “Sixty-three.†Marluxia counted. He lunged forward with his scythe over his shoulder preparing to land a hit on Xioimara. Her form changed back to her human form. Her hair was longer now. Xioimara jumped back, landing on the wall momentarily before jumping off. She brought her leg down aiming for Marluxia. He moved out of the way before getting hit. “Sixty-four.†Marluxia said. He backed up as Xioimara moved forward. She tried punching Marluxia, he deflected it. “Sixty-five.â€
    Marluxia dropped his scythe as they went hand-to-hand in combat. “Sixty-six. Sixty-seven.†He counted every time Xioimara would nearly land a hit. “Sixty-eight. Sixty-nine. Seventy.†Xioimara backed up. They were both breathing heavily. Xioimara put her hands on her knees as she tried to catch her breath. Marluxia took this to his advantage, taking up his scythe he bolted forward striking at Xioimara. She saw Marluxia’s scythe last second and ducked to avoid getting hit. A wolf took her place as she ducked. Xioimara jumped at Marluxia, her teeth nearly hitting his throat. Marluxia blocked her bite with the handle of his scythe. He continued to count under his breath every time Xioimara nearly hit him.
    “Pace yourself.†He said as Xioimara started to slow. She picked her pace back up and jumped away from Marluxia. She stumbled and growled at Marluxia. The wolf ran forward and jumped at Marluxia throwing her weight into him. She brought to Marluxia to his knees as he tried to stay balanced. She had her teeth in his arm, not breaking skin but enough to hold on. Marluxia met eyes with Xioimara’s. Her eyes almost seemed to glow. Marluxia dropped back and kicked Xioimara in the stomach, pushing her away. Xioimara was back to her human form as she became more tired. She dropped back and sat down. “Don’t stop now.†Marluxia encouraged. Marluxia jumped at Xioimara with his scythe. Xioimara leaned back and grabbed his scythe, trying to kick Marluxia away from her. She settled for putting him to the side and pinned him down.
    She tried to keep him pinned down. Xioimara back-handed Marluxia and punched him. “Eighty.†Marluxia flipped Xioimara and stood up, keeping her pinned with his foot. Xioimara whined as she tried to worm her way out from under his weight. Xioimara hugged his leg with her arms. “What are you doing?†Marluxia asked. “Trying to get you to move…!†Xioimara breathed. He tried to shake her away. Xioimara let go and moved away once she was sure she wouldn’t get pinned again. Xioimara stumbled and leaned up against the wall. “Eighty-one.†Marluxia counted. Xioimara stumbled trying to hold up her weight. “Come on. Get to at least eighty-five.†He tried to encourage Xioimara to keep fighting. She exhaled loudly and stood up straight. Marluxia knew she wasn’t going to improve anymore. Xioimara looked up to see Marluxia in front of her. He grabbed her by the collar of her cloak and threw her.
    Xioimara tried to land on her feet and fell backwards. She hit a pillar that supported the room and dropped to the floor. She dropped onto her stomach and didn’t move. Marluxia approached Xioimara with his scythe at hand. “Get up.†He demanded. Xioimara groaned as Marluxia approached her. She opened her eyes and quickly turned, swinging her leg at Marluxia’s feet, bringing him down to the ground. She jumped up and swung a kick at Marluxia. He grabbed her leg and brought her back to the floor. “Welcome back.†He smiled. Xioimara caught her weight on her hands and flipped backwards onto her feet. Marluxia recovered back onto his feet. He blocked Xioimara as she attacked him. He blocked potentially dangerous strikes. “Eighty-five. Keep going.â€
    Xioimara tried to get behind Marluxia. He followed her movement and stayed face-to-face with her. “Ninety.†Xioimara felt the adrenaline of her new blood rush starting to fade. She ducked an on-coming punch from Marluxia and darted past his side. The Graceful Assassin felt a pain shoot through his side as Xioimara past. His cloak was torn by four slash marks and blood escaped the wound. A wolf stood waiting with her teeth bared. Marluxia faced the dark rose red wolf. “Ninety-two.†She continued to growl as she lost balance. “Fight me.†Marluxia taunted. Xioimara ran forward with a burst of speed and jumped with her teeth bared.
    She brought them down onto Marluxia’s shoulder. She brought them down hard, breaking through the cloak and skin by his shoulder. Xioimara tasted blood as she exerted full force into her bite. Marluxia eyes widened from the shock of pain. She used her claws to dig in and hold on. “Xioimara-!†Marluxia said firmly as he grabbed Xioimara by the scruff and pulled her away throwing her to the ground.
    “That’s enough for today.†Marluxia said strongly to Xioimara. He put a hand on his new wound and looked down at Xioimara. The wolf was almost out cold. She attempted to push herself up before falling back onto the ground. Marluxia sighed and looked at his gloved hand that was now soaked with blood. Xioimara turned back into her human form. “Let’s go.†Marluxia said holding out a hand for Xioimara. She grabbed it shakily as he helped her stand up. “I’ll ask Lexaeus to train you tomorrow. You put some damage on me today.†Marluxia said calmly. Xioimara’s knees gave out. Marluxia caught her and picked her up. He opened a portal that went to Xioimara’s room in Castle Oblivion. Marluxia placed Xioimara down on her bed and turned off the lights, closing the door as he left the room.
    Marluxia left towards the lower basements of the Castle. It was dark down here. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he noticed a figure at the end of the hallway. “Zexion,†He called calmly. The young blue-haired virtuoso looked up from a book. “Number Eleven.†Zexion acknowledged. He shut his book and stood up straight. “Can I help you?†He eyed the wound on Marluxia’s side and shoulder. “Ah,†Marluxia started. “I acknowledge this would be the place for medical help.†The Graceful Assassin looked Zexion in the eyes as he spoke. “Number Fifteen has quite a bite to her name. As well as a pair of claws.†Marluxia commented. Zexion listen to Marluxia and nodded. They never talked to each other even if they passed by each other when walking. Zexion recalled Vexen ranting about this issue. “You’ll need anti-biotic and stitches by the looks of it.†Zexion said. “I’ll have Vexen look at it. Follow me.†Zexion motioned The Graceful Assassin to follow him. Marluxia didn’t talk on the way to Vexen’s laboratory. Zexion didn’t have a problem with this.
    “Vexen.†Zexion called as they entered the laboratory. “We have a visitor.†Vexen looked up from his experiment at Zexion and Marluxia. His eyes narrowed at the sight of Marluxia. How he loathed his lack of manners. “Yes?†Vexen asked eyeing Marluxia. “He’s been wounded.†Vexen looked at Zexion. “By whom? An undead?†He asked. Zexion shook his head. “Number Fifteen, Xioimara, Wolf of the East.†Zexion recited. He was familiar with all of the titles of the members of the Organization. Vexen nodded. “Very well. Let me take a look.†He turned on another light so he could further examine his wounds. He motioned Marluxia to sit under the light. “You’ll need to remove your cloak.†Marluxia looked at Vexen and obeyed after a second.
    Vexen looked at the bite wound on Marluxia’s shoulder closely. Vexen stepped away from Marluxia for a minute. He came back with a wet rag and a bottle of anti-biotic, alcohol as well as a shot, needle and cotton thread. “This will sting.†Vexen said to Marluxia. He cleaned the wound with the rag and a put alcohol on the rag cleaning an area on his arm. Marluxia looked at Vexen as he picked up the syringe and inserted the shot into Marluxia’s arm. Vexen put down the rag and shot. He picked up the needle and cotton thread to stitch his wound. Zexion watched as Vexen stitched his wound. Marluxia hid the pain well behind his calm face. He watched Marluxia. Zexion felt that Marluxia would be the end of them all. Marluxia looked up at Zexion from his seat.
    After a few minutes Marluxia started to get agitated from the needle constantly going under his skin. Vexen sensed this as he became more tense, causing the wound to bleed more. “I’m almost done. Relax.†He urged, afraid of messing up. Marluxia exhaled quietly and tried to relax from the needle. “Is Lexaeus around?†Marluxia asked through the silence. Zexion and Vexen looked at each other. “He went out yesterday on a mission and hasn’t been back since.†Zexion stated.
    “He’ll be back.†Vexen shook his head as he finished his last stitch on Marluxia’s arm. Zexion looked at Vexen. They were hiding a deep down worry for their companion. “Thank you.†Marluxia said to Vexen and nodded to Zexion. “I should go check up on Xioimara.†He noted, standing up and putting on his cloak. “Speaking of which, why did Number Fifteen bite you?†Vexen asked Marluxia, cleaning up the mess. “Training.†Marluxia answered. Zexion and Vexen looked at each other. “How has she been faring since the Twilight Town incident?†Zexion asked. Marluxia nodded. “She’s stronger. I trust she will be an interesting fighter if worst comes to worst.†He answered.
    “Take these.†Vexen handed Marluxia the bottle of anti-biotic. “Take one daily. Never know what kind of bacteria got into that wound. The cotton thread will help absorb infection.†Marluxia took the bottle. “Thank you.†He said and left the room.
    Xioimara started to stir from her sleep. She awoke to a bad smell. Xioimara looked around and sniffed the air. Xioimara sat up on her bed. She leaned over to a lamp that was next to her bed and turned on the light. She looked at her open door. Her eyes were drawn to the end of her bed. Xioimara’s eyes grew huge with fear. Xioimara tried to get off her bed. She only stood there. She tried to scream but only squeaked. A huge, lumbering figure stood at the end of her bed and moved towards her. As the dead creature drew itself into the light Xioimara recognized Lexaeus. His skin was pale, with dried blood on his skin. He had a bloody bite mark on his skin. Xioimara choked on her voice as she tried to scream for help. She shut her eyes tightly and managed to make a sound. A deep, sad sounding howl came from her throat in an effort to cry out for help.
    Marluxia made his way through Castle Oblivion. He heard a voice echo off the walls. A howl. Xioimara. He sped up as his walk turned into a run. As he turned the corner Marluxia found The Savage Nymph answering Xioimara’s cry. “Is Xioimara okay?†Larxene asked. Quite possibly the only person in the Organization Larxene had found room for friendship for; Xioimara and Larxene bonded almost like sisters. “I don’t know.†Marluxia answered as he slowed down to meet Larxene.
    Xioimara shrunk down at the now undead Lexaeus neared her. She froze up. Unable to speak, unable to move, she stared at her murderer. She found herself getting up and running but in reality she really just stood there.
    Marluxia and Larxene neared Xioimara’s room. Marluxia noticed that her door was open. He knew this would be bad. He broke into a run to see what was happening. Larxene followed. They both stopped at her door. “Xioimara! Run!†Marluxia shouted at the sight of Lexaeus’ now dead body. “Xioimara!†Larxene shouted. Marluxia summoned his scythe as Larxene summoned her daggers. Larxene chucked two daggers at Lexaeus. They hit him in his back. He kept his attention on Xioimara. The pain didn’t bother him at all.
    “Run!†Marluxia shouted to Xioimara. Xioimara kept her wide eyes on Lexaeus as he neared her. She recognized Marluxia’s figure suddenly appearing in front of her. “Run!†He shouted at Xioimara and pushed her to the side with his body to block Lexaeus from attacking her. Xioimara felt her conscious come back to her. The sorrel wolf stood up immediately after she hit the ground and broke into a long gated run as she ran from the room. She ran past Larxene with only one thought in her mind. Run. She sped up her run. She ran towards the others that had rooms in Castle Oblivion. Xioimara started barking.
    “Help!†She managed to repeat as she ran past the room. She stopped outside of Sora and Riku’s room. She started barking at the door. She turned to the door next to Sora and Riku’s room, which was Kairi’s and started barking louder with more aggression in her voice. “Help!†She barked again. Doors started to open. Axel, Demyx, Sora, and Riku were present. “Follow me!†Xioimara said with a bow. She turned on all fours and took off in the direction of her room. They all looked at each other before following.
    Larxene shot a bolt of electricity through Lexaeus’ body. He paused for a moment before continuing. Marluxia swung his scythe with an exerting force to stop Lexaeus from advancing. Lexaeus sped forward, grabbing Marluxia’s scythe. Xioimara charged forward at Lexaeus with a snarl and with a jump she grabbed onto his arm with her teeth in an effort to defend Marluxia. Lexaeus moved away from Marluxia. Xioimara broke the skin of Lexaeus’ arm as he attempted to shake her off. Xioimara held onto Lexaeus’ arm with all her recovered energy. The others stood back as she tried to fight Lexaeus off. Elemental fighters didn’t want to hurt Xioimara if they hurt Lexaeus. Lexaeus tried to pull Xioimara off. She held onto his arm as tight as possible with her teeth. His skin was starting to tear instead of Xioimara. “Keep trying, you *******,†She growled as she held onto his arm. “I’ll tear you apart.†Xioimara threatened. Xioimara was torn from Lexaeus’ arm with a huge force. A chunk of Lexaeus’ cloak and skin missing from his bicep thanks to Xioimara.
    Lexaeus went to throw Xioimara before she re-attached her teeth to Lexaeus. She made the risky move of latching onto his throat. Again, Lexaeus grabbed Xioimara by her scruff and started to pull her again. This time, both had their skin tear. Xioimara kept onto Lexaeus’ throat until she felt a pop in her spine as well as a tear in her scruff. Xioimara let go of Lexaeus as he finally pulled her off. Blood slowly came from his throat despite the huge gaping hole in his throat now. Lexaeus pulled Xioimara away from him and threw her into the wall. He staggered and raised his hand. Xioimara regained herself and found her body shadowed by a boulder hovering above her. She looked up at the boulder that Lexaeus had created out of the walls of Castle Oblivion. He let it go. Xioimara flinched. A dome of water had formed above her to keep the boulder from crushing her. “Xioimara!†Demyx called. She looked over at Demyx and stood up running through the barrier of water. Demyx let it drop once she was safe.
    Xioimara skidded by Demyx’s side. “Are you okay?†Demyx leaned down to assess Xioimara’s neck wound. Xioimara looked over at Lexaeus. He fell to the ground suddenly. Xioimara looked for the force that did this and found her eyes on Xemnas. He had both ethereal blades at hand; one of them had done the injury to take down Lexaeus. Xioimara hadn’t seen the Superior in a few weeks. When he turned to face the group of fighters she had never seen someone so young turn so old.
    “Was anybody injured?†Xemnas asked the group. The red dire wolf stepped forward. Xemnas motioned Xioimara towards him. Xioimara turned to her human form and pulled her hair away from her neck to show Xemnas. “You weren’t bitten?†The Superior asked examining her neck wound. Xioimara shook her head. The Superior nodded his head. “Very well. Everybody pair up with a roommate. I’m afraid we’ve come down to following the buddy system.†Xemnas sighed. He summoned a portal and left.
    The group looked at each other. “Buddy system, huh?†Demyx thought the idea over. “Who’s going to pair up with whom?†Marluxia asked, stretching out his shoulder. “Girls with girls.†Larxene and Xioimara suggested. A sigh of disappointment filled the air after the girls said this. Marluxia shot a look at the particular men who joined in this sigh of rudeness. “Okay, then.†Marluxia nodded. “Larxene, Kairi, Xira and Xioimara will stay in a room.†Larxene and Xioimara nodded. “Riku and I will stay roommates.†Sora announced. The Organization didn’t have a problem with this idea. “I’m sure Zexion and Vexen will stay side-by-side now.†Axel said, assuming that they would stay in the basements. “Do you think Xemnas will still keep our rooms in separate castles or group us together?†They went quiet at this idea. “He might.†Demyx said after a moment of thought.
    “Hey,†Xioimara stepped forward towards Lexaeus’ body. “Aren’t we supposed to just… Disappear when we die…?†Xioimara asked. Everyone hushed at the mention of the topic. “Xioimara,†Larxene said. “Come help me find a room that will be big enough to accommodate us ‘females’.†Larxene said. Xioimara nodded walking towards Larxene, keeping an eye of Lexaeus’ body for a little bit. Marluxia stopped Xioimara as she walked by, “Make sure to wash off your wound and wrap it.†He looked at Larxene and took Xioimara to the side while the others talked. “You weren’t bit, right?†He asked Xioimara. She shook her head after a moment of thought. “Are you going to be all right?†Marluxia asked Xioimara. “I don’t know.†She answered. Marluxia sighed. “I’ll be here if you need someone to talk to.†Xioimara nodded with a smile. “How’s your wound?†“I’ll live.†Xioimara glanced over at the group they were curious of their conversation. “You should go to Vexen if it gets worse. He has everything and more.†Xioimara nodded with a smile. “Thanks.†Marluxia nodded before heading back to the group.
    Xioimara headed off with Larxene. “Where is Kairi, Sora?†Riku asked Sora. He shook his head. “I think she went to The World That Never Was to explore.†Sora answered. “Should we go find her?†Sora suggested. He felt slightly worried and panicked after the conflict with Lexaeus. Riku nodded. “Yeah, I agree.†Sora turned to the nearest nobody. “Axel, can you take Riku and me to the other castle?†Axel turned his attentionku. “Yeah, no problem. I have to find Roxas anyways.†Axel opened up a portal to The World That Never Was.
    A few hours later, nighttime had set in. Some of Organization XIII was still figuring out roommates. Xioimara was happy to be moved into a room with Larxene, Xira and Kairi in the least. She had said hello to Kairi as well Xira for the first time when they were moving in. Now Xioimara was alone in the room. She lay asleep in bed. They had a TV in the room that Xioimara had been watching. Any cable had gone out since the invasion had first started but Xioimara managed to get a five-finger discount on DVDs and CDs. She had been watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent. It was just interesting enough to keep enough but still boring enough to let her go to sleep. It was Law & Order: Special Victims Unit that kept her awake.
    “I don’t think we should really stay in pursuit of taking over, Larxene.†Marluxia started in a quiet voice. Larxene and Marluxia entered into Larxene’s new room. “Why?†Larxene asked with an attitude. She hushed her voice at the sight of Xioimara asleep. “Why should we quit now?†She asked in a harsh whisper. “Your tone, Larxene.†Marluxia tried to calm her. “Right now life is getting risky for us all. We need as much power as we can get now.†Marluxia tried to reason quietly. Xioimara opened her eyes to the sound of two people talking. She was facing the wall which was just her luck so they couldn’t see her wake up. “I’ll tell you why you’re quitting,†Larxene started, she kept her voice low. “You stopped trying to pursuit this once she showed up.†Larxene pointed over at Xioimara. Xioimara kept quiet and listened to their conversation. She didn’t dare to move. “Stop blaming this on others, Larxene.â€
    “I don’t think Axel even remembers what we were plotting anymore.†He started. “I think we should retire our plotting until the attack of undead hordes ceases…†Larxene shook her head. She was fuming. “Fine.†Her shoulders dropped and she shook her head. “Quit if you want, coward.†Marluxia’s eyes narrowed, he stood to his full height with his scythe at hand. Larxene backed down at his threat. “Don’t bring anybody else into this. So help me, I’ll show you who’s boss if you ever stand up to me like that again.†Larxene rolled her eyes and kept her arms crossed. She did feel threatened though. “And don’t you ever talk **** about Number Fifteen. She’s redeemed herself and has the potential to be a far better fighter than you will ever be.†Larxene looked slightly offended as Marluxia left the room. Xioimara shut her eyes and tried to go back to sleep as fast as possible. She could feel Larxene’s eyes on her.