KH The lost key of war

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    I wrote this for the awards hoping that many would read it before the story officially began. So to any fans this story may have or new readers of this story, please enjoy it and I promise to write a chapter at least once a month. So if I am running late be sure to remind me!

    Prologue: Awaken in the dark

    Darkness was everywhere, nothing could be seen, nothing could be felt, nothing could be tasted, nothing could be smelt. There was nothing but silence in that empty place. That is until the silence was broken by a waking man. “Ugh where am I? Why is it so dark here?” said the man but he got no answer. Everything was silent for a moment until laughter echoed everywhere startling the man. “Finally awake huh? Welcome to the darkness young one” said a voice from the darkness. The man was shocked by the words of the voice. “The darkness? What do you mean welcome to the darkness?!” yelled the man. The laugh heard before echoed once more but it lasted longer this time.

    Once the laughter ended the same voice spoke once more. “Yes the darkness, that is where you stand right now. Here everything is made of darkness even you and me, kid.” The man yelled in protest “Speak for yourself! I am not made of darkness” the voice stopped once more and a little light appeared in the distance. “Get to the light kid. I want to see who I am dealing with” said the voice. The man tried to walk but couldn’t, he tried all ways to move but found the only way to move was to swim. He swam to the light and found out he could stand up but only while inside that light. "Alright I am in the light now so talk” said the man which caused the laugh to echo once more.

    The light brightened revealing a young man around 19 years old. He wore a red jacket that seemed too small for him. Under the jacket there was a badly torn white shirt that was barely kept together. On his hands was a pair of torn up white gloves. He wore a pair of black pants that had the right pants leg ripped off from the knee. On his feet there were a badly damaged pair of black trainers with holes on the ends revealing bits of the white socks inside them. His hair was long and red. It had grown to the end of his neck. His face was unharmed with the exception of a scar on his left cheek. Everything was silent for a moment until the voice spoke once more. “Looks like you have had better days. Who are you and what happened kid?”

    The man opened his mouth to answer but closed it again inshock. The voice spoke again, “what’s wrong kid? Can’t you answer me?” the man looked down and nodded. “I see you can’t remember anything can you?” the man just nodded again upset. “Maybe it is better that way since you are here. This place is only for the vilest of people who are filled with darkness and have no hearts. That means you and I are heartless” said the voice which caused anger in the man for some unknown reason. “I am not one of those monsters! I have a heart! I have to have one! How else can I feel sad or guilt!” said the man in anger.

    The voice spoke once more “feel guilt? Why did you mention feeling guilty? Could it be you feel guilty about something? What could that be? You have no memories to feel guilty about so how could you feel that way” The man grew angry because the voice didn’t give him chance to respond. “Hey! Quit with all the questions already! They are really annoying! I may not remember what I feel guilty about but, my heart didn’t let me forget the guilt I feel. That means there has to be a reason for this feeling and I have to find out why” said the man which caused the voice to stop for a few minutes.

    “Kid you have been asleep here for a quite a while and time flows differently here than it does in the light. Even if you got out of here and back out there it wouldn’t matter. No one who knew you or you knew would still be alive. There is a chance that many years have passed since you ended up here. You may never find those answers you seek so wouldn’t it be easier to just fall into the darkness and forget how to feel? Said the voice. The man didn’t even hesitate in responding to the voice. “No it wouldn’t be easier at all. It would be more painful than anything else to do that. I may never get my answers but I have to try. I owe it to whoever I feel guilty about. I must try to get out of here”

    The voice was silent for a moment and a corridor of darkness appeared. “That portal will take you out of here kid. Go and try to find what you seek. I’ve already fallen into the darkness and can not be free from here but you can” said the voice. The man smiled and walked towards the portal. “Thank you old man, I will give it all my heart. I promise you I will fight for my answers” said the man as he walked through the portal. As he entered the corridor of darkness a light flew out of his heart and hit the ground. The voice spoke again. “May your heart be your guiding key kid”

    The light that hit the ground caused a stain-glass platform to form. The platform contained the Kingdom key in the centre of the platform vertically. On the left of the kingdom key was a bear mask, on the right was a unicorn mask. Above it was a fox mask, a snake mask and a leopard mask. Beneath it lay the man with his eyes closed. Behind the head of the man was a headstone with an unreadable name on it. From above it looked like the kingdom key had struck the man down. The voice spoke once more. “So that is his story huh? He was caught up in keyblade war I predicted? Invi, Gula, Ira, Aced and Ava you did well. Luxu I hope you did your role too now I will rest” said the voice as the light faded and the stain-glass platform was lost in the darkness.
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