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    The Memoirs of Terquoiz

    "Terquoiz was chosen for great things after her parents subsequent murder. But before their passing, she was given great and magical powers. Juggling her powers as a middle school student and magical sorceress. she must now use her new powers to save her boyfriend Justin from the evil "Rebecca from Spanish class" before it's too late..."

    Welcome to the Memoirs of Terqoiz! A fanfiction/slice of life story following Terquoiz; a young upcoming middle schooler who was poorly named by her tragically hip parents. She sees the world as her own story in her own overactive imagination.

    [Based on a grammar mistake by @Maka]
    [Produced by @KHGrl15 ]
    [Written and composed by @Krowley and @Captain Arch ]

    1) Must be rated PG-13
    2) Text following how "Terquoiz" sees the world must be written in Turquoise colored text, while the real world shows regular colored text

    I Am Special​

    My name is Terquoiz. I'm not like most middle school girls. You might say that I'm gifted with extraordinary magical powers. You might also say I've lived a troubled life adjusting to the normal expectations of the world around me. You might also ALSO say I’ve never been understood by the world around me. My story is not for the faint of heart or bladder. You see, my parents died when I was just a small baby. I’m not sure how, but I was given to mortal Earth parents to be raised on Earth.

    There was a loud knock on the door, “Turquoise, sweety! It’s almost time for school!” The piping sweet voice belonged to her mother, who continued to impatiently knock.

    “NOT NOW MOM!” The young brunette replied, swiveling in her desk chair. She turned back to her computer as she continued her memoirs, her turquoise streak being chewed in her mouth. She stopped and tied her hair back in a ponytail to really get down to serious writing business.

    “Okay, well hurry up! Your little friend will be here soon to walk you to school.”
    “Okay mom!"
    “Remember, because you said walking with parents would be embarrassing-”
    She returned to the computer infuriated.

    I AM SPECIAL. I have powers no one else understands. Powers that come around only once a full moon. No, I am not a werewolf. I am better than those shirtless things. My poor uneducated foster mother would never understand.

    There was a rhythmic knock on her door that morning, disturbing her line of thought and causing her to cringe. “Yoo Hoooo~! How’s my little Turquoise doing? Ready to face the day, champ?” It was none other than her dad. A seven foot tall lanky man; his black hair combed over to hide the bald spot at the top of his head.
    “Daaaad! I’m busy-”

    Her door opened up, her dad being overjoyed and super annoying. It was too early in the morning to deal with all of this. “Time to rise and shiiiiiine~! Breakfast is going to get cold, my pumpkin PIEEEEEEEE!”
    “But, but-” Before she could save the work to her new chapter, her dad slammed her laptop lid down and swiveled her around in her chair.

    “No buts! You know you need your nutrients to get through the day!” He pulled her out of her chair and danced with her around the room. “La, la, laaaaaa~ Let’s get a move on and not STAAAAAAY!” He cheered happily, unaware of the red face he had just given her.

    My abusive foster flung me around like a used napkin, not caring whether I lived or died. But somehow I am still alive, barely surviving the ordeal to see another day by the power of midnight. Day after day he would torture me in such a manner, screeching in my ear his death chants.

    “Go on, out, out, out! I really don’t want to shout, shout, shout!” her father chanted as he shoved her out the bedroom door.

    Turquoise sighed out in frustration. Some days she really wanted to murder her dad, once and for all.
    Her mother was in the kitchen, humming as she prepared breakfast for her lovely daughter. “Ah! Look who’s come out of her secret lair. Just in time for breakfast too!”
    “Dad didn’t let me save my story!”
    “That’s enough. Have a seat and eat your pancakes, Turquoise.”

    My parents just don’t understand me. Why am I born this way? How could I have been taken in by these NORMAL people?

    “I will sing more musical numbers for you if you don’t eat your breakfast~”

    “NO! That’s okay dad.” Turquoise shoveled in a whole pancake before her dad could break out into another made up musical number just for her. She gestured to her mouth to show her dad she was eating now and that there was no need for singing her more songs and chants.

    A small, quick knock was heard at the door. "Oh that must be your little friend," her mother said. "Don't see why he doesn't just ring the doorbell. Poor thing looks so frail."

    She opened the door to a small boy with orange hair and a retainer on his head. He took a quick puff of his inhaler before speaking. “Hello mrs Patterson! Is Turquoise home?”

    He spoke with a lisp under his high pitched voice.

    “It’s pronounced ‘TER-KOYCE!” The young girl insisted.

    “Oh. Sorry Terquoiz” he replied, putting a lisped emphasis on the ‘q’ and ‘z.’

    Telvin was my earth neighbour. I imagine he too was from a world outside this one. However, instead of being imbued with a magic gift, he family was cursed with shortness of breath and crooked teeth. He pronounced my name like everyone else did. You see, not everyone could properly pronounce my birth name properly, so they pronounce and spell it like an earth shade of blue.

    Regardless of my magic gift, I was ordinary in the eyes of others, and therefore had to be given an ordinary friend. As far as earthlings went, Telvin was fine enough. He listened to me at least. I’m sure he would’ve made an excellent squire in my birth home.

    “Would you like a pancake Telvin dear?” Mrs Patterson asked.

    “No thank you ma’am. I have a gluten allergy.” He turned to Turquoise, giving a small wave as he adjusted his headgear. “You ready neighbour?”

    Turquoise sighed as she flipped her hair in teen angst and got up from the table. Her mother escorting them out the door, her father lifted his coffee mug and smiled. “Have a great first day kiddo! Try not to be laaaate! Today will be greaaaaat!”

    Today is gonna suck.
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    My first reaction when this was first being worked on:

    And then I eventually joined along with it. Rest in peace, my horrible spelling. Rest in peace