~The Most Fleeting of Shadows~

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    Mar 31, 2007
    My latest work. It's still unfinished, but I expect it to be done shortly. If my current plans and outlines come to fruition, it'll consist of three journal entries, plus a prologue and epilogue.

    I hope you all enjoy it. It starts out a little angsty for my tastes, but it gets loads better as it progresses, I promise.

    "The World That Never Was" -- a fitting name for such a place.

    It's a monstrous sight, an urban utopia gone horribly awry. Streets of cracked asphalt bind what might have been a once-verdant field. Above them tower countless skyscrapers, macabre colossi reigning over their lost kingdom. The skies overhead rage with fierce storms, blocking out whatever natural light might have dared invade the realm. The darkness is total, broken only by the occasion flicker of a neon light. Nobody could truly call it home.

    At least, that's how I remember it. I was barely conscious at the time, but I still hope I never have to go back there.

    The first thing I can remember is being dragged through the streets with a strange man on each side of me. I didn't know where or even who I was. The memory's hazy, and my vision was blurred, but I think they brought me into some kind of castle.

    The next thing I knew, I was lying on a cold metal floor, with enormous white walls towering around me. My breath was labored and harsh, for the air around me was stifling and bitterly cold. Naked and alone, I tried to huddle up for warmth, but I could barely move a muscle. I think I must have been fading in and out of consciousness, but I could just barely make out several dark figures closing in on me.

    "Can it be...?" one of them said. His face was hidden, but his voice was shrill and grating. "The Nobody of a Princess? Is it possible?"

    "There can be no doubt," said another, smoother voice. "I've studied her extensively. Her scent is faint, but there's no mistaking it. It's extraordinarily similar to our newest member's -- too similar to be a mere coincidence."

    "Shall we induct her, then?" a new voice asked. This one was high and haughty, obviously a woman's. "I'd love a new doll to play with, and I'm sure little Roxy'd like a playmate...."

    "No. I'm sure she'll be a valuable tool, but she is not fit to be one of us." This newest voice was different from the rest. It was a low hiss -- very deep and very confident, with an unmistakable air of authority. It spoke very slowly, savoring each word as though it were a treasure. "She is to be stationed at Castle Oblivion. She'll be a great asset to out operations there, and it will also serve to keep her far from Roxas. I can't be sure what might happen if they were to meet, but we ought not to risk it."

    "Speaking of which, where is Roxas, anyway?" inquired another new voice. "On 'guard duty' again?"

    What were they talking about? My head was swimming, and these strange people -- the Organization, as I know them now -- did nothing to help it. I just wanted quiet -- just wanted to go home, to jump into bed and throw the covers over my head -- to scream, to cry, to do...something.

    But even then, over a year ago, those thoughts rang false. Even then, I knew though some inkling, some little voice in the back of my head, that I had no home to go run to. No place to go, no place to go back to.... Maybe we really are doomed to fade back into darkness.

    But, before that happens, would you...like to hear my story?

    End of prologue. More to some soon. :D