The Narrative of Kingdom Hearts

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    I thought this would be an interesting way to kick off discussion here. Basically what we're doing here is taking Kingdom Hearts, either the series in general or a specific game, cracking it open and seeing what makes it tick. Any topic is fair game, from characters to settings to plot twists. Open discourse and debate are encouraged, just be sure to keep it civil and respect differences of perspective.

    I will periodically offer subjects for discussion, but feel free to go off on your own tangents as well. To start, let's talk about...


    The plucky hero. What makes him the hero of this particular tale? Does he make a good focal point character? What do you learn from him as the story progresses? What does he learn?

    I find it interesting that the original Kingdom Hearts ends with Sora returning "home," in a sense, only to find it warped and twisted by Ansem's influence. The rest of the game follows the classic hero's journey outline to a T, but then not only is the homecoming aspect a negative experience rather than positive, it isn't even the moment of closure; in the end, Sora doesn't return home, and decides to continue his journey. Intriguing subversion, or obvious sequel hook? I'd like to hear everyone else's thoughts on this and anything else the character brings to mind.