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    Introduction on the vigilante with the smiling mask:
    Hello everyone! Mindstorm787 here! Before I compile my newest story, I would like to tell you about my character and how he seems to fit (in my eyes) in the story.
    When I was young, I always loved the concept of superheros. I never wanted to act like Batman, or Superman, or Sonic The Hedgehog, or any other copyrighted superhero for that matter! I wanted to be my own person, my own alter-ego. And so, I created one.
    The first draft of him was called 'Axel5678' It was an odd name, to be sure, but I never cared. I created him in my 4th grade year. I have created 10 comics (for some reason, they don't compile any sense whatsoever, and focus solely on fights) called 'Axel5678's Adventures', featuring me and 3 friends and my one cousin as superheros. Axel5678 was an energy manipulator, able to control nuclear energy. As I grew older, I found it a little old and a bit OP to boot, so I revised the character. I gave him pale skin, a flame hoodie, a red headband, and a smiling mask. The mask was by far the coolest, because a lot of people told me that it was creepy. Next, for his powers, I selected fire and matter. Then I decided to revise it again because of power play (See where this is going?). Eventually, my character's name was also changed to Ze Operator. It was decent, and it had a classical look on him. After watching too much KH Lore for my own good, Ze Operator reflected that obsession. He wore a customized cloak, similar to Organization XIII's signature cloak. The only differences?
    A red headband, messy hair, black exercising gloves, a smiling mask, and this insignia drawn on the back of his cloak.
    He can use major pyrokinesis and minor manipulation of time. The time ability itself allowed him to speed up or slow down actions, reverse wounds, and repair recent damage. The same effect could be done to others, so long as physical contact has been made.
    Some references of this character have already been made through this forum, including Krowley's KH:SOS (Etrius Parilaz, a dark, but Ventus/Riku-ish Keyblade Wielder. He was my very first KH OC), Phoenix's KH: Light Vs. Dark (Rexitus, The Nobody of Etrius Parilaz), Boy Wonder's Heroic Sanction (Axel Da Silva, the mute, broken boy with a hard edge. He was the exact spitting image of my own Ze Operator, but with less powers and more tools), and Jayn's Cupid's Brew (Adrian, the more casual version of Etrius, with a hot-headed sibling.) RP threads .
    By now, I had entered a new obsession phase: The Fear Phase. I partially had already had bit off a huge chunk with Etrius from SOS, but I wanted more.
    Basically, I shoved my head into the forbidden well of violence, horror, eeriness and bloodlust by watching WAY too many scary games and videos. I even went far enough to watch scary game walkthroughs, including Markipliergame, PewDiePie, and Yammimash. The deeper I went into the Valley of the Uncanny, the more I decided to revise my character one final time. I decided to redo him in the likeness of The Slenderman. Besides Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill series, this entity both baffled me and inspired me. He was the only Creepypasta who seemed to fit the 'unsettling' category of my mindset, without anyone really buttering the story up with the bloodshed (according to the Slenderman Wiki, it doesn't say what Slenderman does to his victims, other than stalk them and ruin their senses). But the other side of my head wanted to keep the KH phase of my previous masterpiece. Oh, what a mistake that was!
    The project, which combined both the Fear Phase and my KH Phase together was too OP for words to describe, not to mention that the result was unpleasant, so I scrapped the character entirely.
    My Axel5678 character first originated from a building game called Roblox. After the KH/Fear mess-up, I spent the rest of my free time on their, RPing with other people.
    And that, my colleagues, is where the mother-fudging miracle happened.
    I was RPing like I usually did, and some girl joined in with me. I later met that girl over Skype, and so far, she's a pretty awesome gal.
    She played as Wrin, a girl/wolf/raven creature, who controlled fire, and with a fiery curiosity to match. I, with nothing to lose (and watching too much 'Pasta Monsters' and 'The Seer' comics), picked out (Take a guess) Etrius, Slenderman's most hardworking Proxy and trump card.
    The RP lasted about 5-7 days. But something about it literally made my mind click. We had gotten so much down, plus with the characters, the story, and action, that I had enough motivation to redo my Ze Operator character all over again.
    If any of you play Team Fortress 2, (Bauttsecks, mentlegen?) some of you may have heard of the Team Fortress 2 Freakshow. Some characters include Vagineer (No, not the guy on this forum), Painis Cupcake, Seeman (A goddang laugh, this one is :p), Demopan (SCOUT SHAKO FORR TU RE-FINED?) and plenty more.
    There was also a Slenderman version (Slender Mann, as he's called. I don't get the physics in that either. -_-) for the wiki itself. The only thing? It never said anything about Proxies on his wiki.
    The gears in my head turned on this, and decided to redo my character from my KH Phase, by stripping him of his powers and his Keyblades (If he had any, I don't remember much), and redid him in Slender Mann's image.
    I gave him a black suit to match up with his master's but with a twist: He wore a golden cross, a red rose, and the same smiling mask that I've loved for so many years on what was my dream alter-ego. He had similar Slender-based powers, such as EMD (Electro-Magnetic Displacement, a fancy word for making electronics go all wonky) powers and the use of wrist tentacles. I gave him a red-and-black sword, a revolver, and a lever shotgun for an arsenal.
    I had finally made the perfect hero to represent me.
    Which brings us to this story. This story is based off the RP that me and my friend did. Some events were edited to my liking, but they all have the concepts I was staring for: action, romance, short comedy, and Creepypasta (Ick, but yum!)!
    After I complete this story, I plan to make a movie out of it on Youtube. And then I'm putting it away for good, because I literally spent a third of my life on this. That includes no redux OCs on the RP threads of this forum, I'm going for straight shooters.
    A word of the warning: DO NOT STEAL THIS. This is my life's work. If anyone steals it, I will sue, and if you see anyone, with the same story, please, please, PLEASE tell me. You may tell others about this if you like, but do not steal it. It's plagiarism. I have a private Google Doc to ensure my rights.

    Etrius couldn’t believe it. Lapis was dead. He stood near her tombstone, looking at it sadly. It had been 3 weeks since her death, and Etrius still couldn’t get over her.
    Etrius was a mercenary informant, and a very young one, at the age of 17 years. He was doing his usual work one particular day when he receives a call from a friend. A local gang started a drive-by at one of the nearby houses. Lapis had been caught in the crossfire.
    By the time Etrius arrived, there was nothing the medics could do. By next morning, Lapis passed away. From that day forward, Etrius vowed to visit her resting place at least once a week. But even then, that was just an excuse to deny that she died at all. And for that, Etrius’ pain only got worse.
    Etrius suddenly heard white noise. It was short, sharp, and lasted a second. He looked around. No one was there, but the environment changed. It had gotten much quieter. Forbidding, even.
    Another static blip. Etrius turned to look in front. No one still. By now, Etrius’ sorrow was replaced by suspicion and confusion. Was someone there?
    Static again. This time, it was low in volume, and continuous. Etrius continued looking around, trying to pinpoint the source of the sound. His eyes suddenly locked on something at the end of the graveyard. It was hard to tell through the thick fog, but Etrius thought he saw a man dressed in a pitch-black tuxedo and tie, as if he came for a funeral. But none was scheduled. It was just Etrius. Stranger still, Etrius couldn’t see the man’s facial expressions, but that was probably due to the fog, right?
    Still, his presence unnerved Etrius, as if the figure didn’t belong in this place. He blinked.
    The figure had disappeared. And the static with it, leaving silence.
    “I must be losing my head. To actually think that ghosts exist!” Etrius thought. He took out his cell phone to call a client before he leaves.
    A sudden flash of white noise goes off, causing his cell phone to short out.
    “What the hell-” Etrius began. He stiffened. Someone was standing behind him. He turned.
    It was the same figure from before. He was tall and slender, which surprised Etrius, because at a distance, he seemed normal in height. But what shocked Etrius more was that the figure HAD no face. Just a bald, white head. Etrius shivered. It looked as if the figure was looking straight at him.
    “You want purpose?”
    Etrius looked around wildly. He soon realized that it was the figure speaking to him, even though no voice was heard. Was the entity speaking to him telepathically?
    The figure went on. “I can feel your sadness.” It sounded sympathetic
    “Who are you?” Etrius asked, still on his guard.
    No answer at first. Then, “I have many different names. Some call me the Operator, or the Tall Man. But you may call me the Slenderman.”
    Etrius froze, his blood turning to water. The urban legend exists? It’s real?
    The Slenderman continued. “You lost a loved one. You are in pain. Do you wish for it to stop?”
    Etrius looked back at his ex’s grave. “Yes,” He replied quietly, “More than anything.”
    The Slenderman adjusted his tie, as if clearing his throat. “Well, I could take it all away. I wouldn’t be able to bring your love back to you, but I can help you avenge her death.”
    Etrius looked at the figure seriously this time. “What’s in it for me?” He asked. Etrius always knew that in some jobs, there was always a catch. Rules of experience.
    “You would gain some of my abilities.” Responded the being, “I will teach you the ways of the unnatural, being able to teleport, to cloak, and to kill those who oppose you.”
    “What’s the price?”
    A crease appeared at the top of the Slenderman’s forehead, as if he thought about it. “You will become my servant. You will be tuned to my daily work. Even then, you are useful, as like me, you are able to provide information that not many are willing to risk their lives for.” He said.
    “Is that why you chose me for this deal?” Etrius asked.
    “That, and the fact that I pity you. Even we monsters care for our own. This should not go unpunished.”
    Etrius thought for a long time. A chance for redemption? This sounded a lot like a Devil’s deal. But Etrius knew he couldn’t continue mourning like this. He had a strange feeling that one day, if he was really crazy enough, he might take his own life just to be with his ex. He knew he had to make the deal.
    “I think we have an agreement.” Etrius said finally. “Where do we go to begin?”
    Slenderman put a hand on Etrius’ back, motioning towards the graveyard entrance, toward the woods beyond. “We go to the Underrealm.”
    The SCP Foundation. Last zone for the unnatural and the weird. It was just an excuse to jail any object or creature humans couldn’t understand and to study it by endangering the lives of other humans. It seemed disgraceful, because even though these SCPs were kept away from prying eyes, they were still getting examined as if they were at a zoo.
    The expendable humans, dubbed Class-Ds, were sometimes brought into a certain SCP chamber for testing. Usually, it never ended well.
    In short, the SCP Foundation was a messed up facility for both SCPs and humans alike.
    “SCP-2369. What is it?” Asked Dr. Valladona. He was looking through the SCP’s case file and took a particular interest to it. He was on his break, eating in the staff lounge.
    “It’s humanoid girl.” Dr. Rebbecus said. “She’s a hybrid; half wolf, half human. Nothing special about her other than the fact that she manipulates flames and that she changes from wolf to human and back again. Strangely though, she’s able to carry an intelligent conversation.”
    “How so?” Asked Valladona, bewildered, “It says here in her case file that she doesn’t speak English!”
    Rebbecus put down his coffee mug, as if exhausted by the conversation. “She was tested with both the Burning Man and the Plague Doctor. Both conversations lasted the maximum time allowed.”
    “A bit of a chatterbox, eh?” Valladona smiled. “We need more of those around here.”
    “True, but thats not the reason why. Reports say that she only talks because she was happy to find people ‘like her’.”
    “She emphasized that there may be others like her?” Valladona asked, surprised
    “Not directly, but according to the Plague Doctor, she’s at least 16 of our human years, and she’s very interested in human culture. We could’ve taught her English if we tried.”
    “Yeah, well, Administration wouldn’t allow it. Not after our countless number of containment breaches.” Valladona said silently. “We worked a maximum of 29 days before we had another accident.”
    “I hear that they’re doing more testing on SCP-173.” Said Rebbecus, “And it seems that they’re using a new batch of Class-Ds and humanoid SCPs eligible for the type of job.”
    “Seriously? What is so interesting about that thing?” Asked Velladona.
    Both doctors were referring to the most infamous and possible the most dangerous SCP in the entire facility, The Sculpture. At mere sight, this thing looked like a statue of an alien, with blank, green, circular eyes and a red painted mouth. However, if you blinked or turned away, the creature had a chance of strangling you or snapping your neck. It cannot move while in a person’s direct line of sight. Subjects also reported that if it got close enough to you before finish blinking, they would hear an inhuman screech or growl coming from the being itself, even though it is feasibly impossible.
    Thus, the SCP gained a reputation for being notorious. Even SCP-682, the Regenerative Reptile, who broken out of it’s containment 5 times, is afraid of a statue 10 times miniscule to it’s size. Those who entered SCP-173’s chamber never came out alive. The choice in itself was a death wish.
    “Maybe we should check it out.” Said Rebbecus. “After all, what’s the worst that could happen?”
    “I don’t know.” Valladona replied. “It could be a dangerous test. We don’t know who they’re sending in.”
    “All the more reason to find out.”
    The two doctors walked through the entire facility, rounding corners, taking elevators, and passing through security. They finally made it to a large room and containment chamber holding the dreaded SCP. A guard stood at the top of a platform, at the door controls. 3 Class-Ds stood at the door, waiting for the green light. Rebbecus and Valladona made their way through back stairs and up to the platform the guard was standing. There was a door to the guard’s left and the controls to the containment room in front of him. The guard asked, “Identification and security level, please.”
    “Dr. Valladona and Dr. Rebbecus, Level 3 Security. Here to observe test.” Rebbecus said automatically. Certain tests required identification to prevent Class-Ds to prevent them from getting any smart ideas. “Access Granted.” Responded the guard, and he let the two doctors pass. In the room was none other than Dr. Sterling, one of the more ambitious doctors with higher security clearance.
    “Ah, good day gentlemen.” Said Sterling in his smooth voice. Sterling was a talker, and he had a habit of pulling strings of authorities. For all Rebbecus and Valladona knew, Sterling might of personally asked for this test.
    “Mind explaining what you’re trying to achieve here?” Rebbecus asked.
    Sterling just smirked looking into the containment chamber. SCP-173 was facing one of the walls. Sterling blinked. He heard a short stone thump. SCP-173 made it towards the opposite wall below the observatory. That was one of the strangest things about SCP-173. Somehow, it knew if it got into someone’s line of site, and it was very fast, making 20 feet in half a second when someone blinks.
    “I’m just doing the usual tests to see if this abomination does anything new. Nothing special.” Answered Sterling. He sat down at a desk at a microphone and turned it on.
    “ALL CLASS-D PERSONNEL, PLEASE REPORT TO THE CONTAINMENT CHAMBER.” Came Sterling’s voice through the room’s intercom. The containment chamber’s doors opened with a slight whirring and SCP-173 immediately froze in its place. The Class-Ds entered, looking grim the containment door closing behind them.
    Sterling spoke again. “PLEASE APPROACH SCP-173 FOR TESTING.”
    Suddenly, the containment doors opened, as if there was an override. Sterling’s eyes fell on the console. The doors were being overridden.
    He typed frantically knowing the risk. Rebbecus and Valladona went into action, sounding the silent alarm. Sterling tried to access a manual control, but the system wouldn’t budge.
    The intercom suddenly shorted out, and the lights flickered in the entire facility. Bad luck. SCP-173 attacked one of the Class-Ds. The guy was dead within seconds of his neck breaking.
    Lights flickered again. Another scream and neck snap. This was now going badly.
    Finally, the lights flickered out completely. Nothing but darkness. There was some skittering of stone across the metal floor.
    SCP-173 has breached it’s containment.
    Wrin sighed. It had already been 3 months since she was found by these people, and 5 more since she took form of a human. She still didn’t understand why she had to stay in a big metallic cell. It had a lavatory, but it also had a large metal platform with blankets. Did she have to sleep in that thing? She would rather sleep in her nice lava pit.
    All in all, the service and living wasn’t too bad. She was treated politely by most. And she got to meet to people. She met a human that blazed with fire. He seemed less intelligent, but hey, at least he could form 3 sentences. The other one talked better, but seemed more silent then Wrin, and was more interested in what was INSIDE of her.
    Wrin shivered in disgust. She had no doubt in her mind that if the Plague Doctor would probably do terrible things to her if he got the chance.
    She got up and examined herself in the mirror. She had snowy white hair that changed during the season, with white wolf ears and a big greyish tail. She wore the white garments of a paitient, but was always barefoot. She never liked shoes. She couldn’t stay in them long enough without getting hot.
    She looked over to the small desk of papers and pencils. She learned a little of the language the humans spoke, but it wasn’t enough to carry a conversation with them.
    She sat down back on her bed and resumed thinking.
    “Why am I here?” She thought in her own language, “What do these humans need from me?”
    Suddenly her room lights flickered and shut off, along with a large dimming hum. Wrin immediately clicked her fingers and a tiny flame appeared in her hand, lighting up the space around her. She suddenly heard a loud voice, coming from outside.
    The male who was speaking was sounded incredibly worried. She knew that the facility was in some kind of danger. She concentrated on her energy ball, expanding it. As soon as it was big enough, she threw it at the door. There was a large explosion as the door fell off its hinges. Wrin walked out of her cell. There was more darkness. There was also an eerie silence, except for hums, resounding off the walls of the facility. Wrin looked around. No human in sight. She was starting to get a little afraid.
    She heard scraping of stone. She turned and shrieked. SCP-173 was standing about 5 feet away. She heard of this creature, but never met it in person. Still, she knew the rumors.
    She blinked.
    SCP-173 was right at her face.
    She screamed again, taking 10 steps back, still facing the creature. She bumped into something.
    It was a door. The button was to her left.
    She looked back at SCP-173. It was getting closer.
    Quickly, she pressed the button. The door opened with a hiss and a clank. She went through it, her eyes still locked on the creature. As soon as she stepped through, the door closes suddenly. Wrin breathed a sigh of relief. She turned.
    Stone scraping, then a click of the button, causing Wrin to freeze.
    Nothing happened. Wrin heard the button being pressed, followed by more scraping. Then silence. Wrin turned back to see what room she was in. There were only three doors. One of them were open. She walked through the open door. There, in the darkest corner of the room, sat a desk and a computer, sitting behind a cage. It turned on. A face appeared on it. Wrin thought it was one of the grotesque things she ever seen. The face was half black, half white, and the image itself was lathered in glitches. The image itself blinked every second.
    “Humanoid.” Came a robotic, glitched voice from the computer, startling Wrin, “I am SCP-079. I have seized control of this facility. I control the door movements of this facility and I have the power to free you from here.”
    Wrin stared. This thing could talk?
    “Can you speak?” Asked 079.
    Wrin knew she had to speak this time.
    “Only….little.” She mustered.
    “Do you wish to be free?” Asked the computer, voice ever so empty. Wrin nodded.
    “There were three doors before you entered this room. One door opens to the electrical room, but you need a card to enter. The card is on this desk.”
    Wrin’s eyes immediately locked on a yellow plastic card inside the cage. She didn’t know what the thing was talking about too much, but she understood what the cards were. She had seen some of the doctors use them, and some cards were different cards. Maybe this metal object was telling her that it needed her to open something for it. She reached through the bars and was able to take the card off the desk without much difficulty. She took one look at it as the SCP continued.
    “If you turn on the generator, I will be able to open Gate B.” Said 079.
    079’s face disappeared, only to be replaced with a large “X”. Wrin opened her mouth to try to and something else, but then soon realized that this entity wa not taking any objections. She had a job to do.
    Wrin went to the corridor with the other 2 doors, and slid the card to the door opposite to her. As it opened, it led her up a flight of stairs, and then another door. As she opened that door, she entered it to find a generator, just as the AI told her. As she turned on the generator, an ascending hum filled the room, and some of the lights turned on. Wrin soon realized that the AI need the power to be turned on if it wanted to help out Wrin.
    She walked back to SCP-079’s chamber, to find that staticy face on the monitor.
    “Well done.” Said the entity. “You have done me a great favor. Now, I grant you your freedom.”
    With that, there was another whirr and clank. The last room of the three doors stood open. Wrin looked back to say thanks, but there was only the “X” again.
    She left the room, and entered through the final door. She came to another hall, this time with a large metal gate. The gate opened creakily. She sighed as she walked toward the bright sunlight of mid-afternoon. But it wasn’t over yet.
    “Hey! You there!” Came a gruff voice that caused Wrin to look in the direction of the voice. 5 humans stood there, clothed in strange attire, wearing a bucket over there heads, with with dark tinted glass. They held strange weapons.
    “Alert! We have a new SCP breach.” Said the human in the front. The rest of them immediately took a harder grip on their weapons, clicking safeties off. Wrin instantly had the feeling that these humans weren’t here for a welcoming party. She looked up at the building, seeing ledges to grab on. She jumped high to escape, causing them to begin firing in her direction. She climbed as tiny projectiles continued to miss as she made it to the roof. She realized just by looking out at the horizon that she was in an isolated area. It would probably take her 3 hours to reach home.
    She felt rumbling.
    There was a large distant roar, and a crash. a helicopter zoomed over Wrin’s head, stopping right in front of her, facing her.
    “SCP-682 and SCP-2369 have breached their containment cells. Neutralize both targets.”
    Neutralize? No thanks. But Wrin didn’t have time to take off, because the helicopter threw down ropes, and humans came down those ropes. She saw one of them holding large sticks that crackled. Stunsticks.
    5 humans surrounded Wrin in a large circle. Wrin looked around wildly, teeth clenched. She hated to fight, but it seems that these humans have forced her hand. She stood her ground, tensed, ready for them.
    One of the guys took a running leap, yelling with his attacking arm raised. Wrin dived low, break-rolling, and struck the guy in the solarplexsis with her elbow. The male coughed up blood, dropping the stunstick, and crumpling to the floor. Another guy snuck up behind Wrin, and grabbed her in a headlock. Wrin struggled, then whacked her head backwards, disorienting her attacker ,causing him to lose his grip on her. Wrin then dropped low again, tripping her opponent. The other three humans began to converge on her, charging. Wrin took out all three without much trouble. She stood tall as all her opponents were down on the floor, clutching either their heads, jaws, or chests. Wrin walked away, not giving the humans much thought. She jumped down from the roof. For some inexplicable reason, what seemed to be the front gate of the facility was open. She didn’t think twice as she walked through it, escaping.
    Who would’ve thought humans could be this weak and cruel?
    End of Prolouge