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    Mar 2, 2009
    This area is for forum games and overall fun. While the Spam Zone focuses strictly on conversations or other... let's say 'special' things, this one concentrates on any sort of game or competition that does not qualify under Interest or Creativity Corner.This area still follows the general rules of the KH-Vids Forum.

    However, some things do change:

    Regarding Games

    • Games are meant for fun! So you can let a bit more loose and be a bit more off-topic than in other places. This does not mean that you'll post something completely unrelated to the game in question.

    • Game stipulations. Each game usually has a set of rules for it, and the creator probably expects you to follow them. Don't go into game threads and then complain or cheat. Please don't ruin people's games. Play by the rules!

    • Stealing games. Don't steal a game and make your own thread about it because you think you can do 'better'. The thread creator has his thread already and any duplicates will be removed. If the game creator has abandoned or discontinued the game, then you may feel free to create a brand new one. However, we always suggest you contact the game creator if possible!

      Sometimes a person may pick-up another members game. If you feel it was wrong or out of line, do not attack them or make snide comments about it. Contact someone in the moderating team and let them know of the situation.

    • Flaming and Harassing. Do not, by any circumstance, publicly whine about why you think a game is bad or sucks. Don't go into threads to criticize. If you feel that there can be improvements made, then contact the game creator. If you feel a game is wrong for a legitimate reason, contact the moderating team and they'll look into it.

    Nature of the Games & Content

    • Even though this is a section where spam is permitted, it doesn't mean that things should be over the top. So we'll ask that you still take into consideration that this is a website where the target audience are mainly minors. So anything above PG-13 is probably a no-go. If you are unsure if something is out of line, then ask someone from the moderating staff.

    • Try to keep sexual content to a minimum.This means that you will not be posting any games which are extremely sexual or perverted in nature. Any game which is overtly graphic in a sensual/sexual way will be deleted.

    • Violent content is allowed to an extent, but nothing overly graphic will be allowed. No games that involve any illicit or violent practices--towards members or anyone. Any game which is found to be too violent will be deleted.

    • Nothing occult or illegal is allowed. Games which try to meddle in things which are questionable or of harmful nature will be removed.

    Sanctions and Punitive Action

    The violating of these rules may lead, but is not limited to:

    • Verbal Warnings
    • Infractions or Red Cards
    • Temporary Banning*
    • Permanent Banning*

    As a rule of thumb, we will always contact you first regarding what you post. If the verbal warning is not acknowledged, then infractions and warnings are handed out.

    *Depending on the severity of the content or repeated offenses, these methods may be applied.
    Overall, just remember to have fun in the games and don't be a stinker. No one likes to play with people who create friction or slander others. Be nice to each other, and enjoy yourselves~

    ~KH-Vids.Net Staff
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.