The Pure of Heart

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    This takes place right after KHII. Oh yeah, Roxas and Namine are pretty much free to go as they please leading normal lifes, but still part of Sora and Kairi. Please comment.

    This thread has ALL the chapters. FRONT PAGE now contains all chapters. Current chapters up: 12

    UPDATE: 8/24 - Chapter 12 has finally arrived.

    Chapter 1: Love, Lust, or Crush?

    “Things are finally back to normal,” Kairi thought to herself. She remembered of how awful it was without Sora and Riku. At one point she couldn’t even remember who Sora was let alone his name. She never wanted them to leave again for another journey, but if they absolutely had to she would go with them. There was no doubt in her mind that would even consider staying behind. Not after all she’s put both Sora and Riku through by staying behind and being vulnerable. “When and if that day comes we’ll go together, right?” she thought.

    This question boggled Kairi’s mind all the time when she thought of Sora or Riku leaving… especially Sora. Sora and Kairi shared a special bond; they always understood and knew what the other was feeling. Sora; the young brunette, key bearer that she secretly loved. “No,” she thought, “I’m not ready to tell him.” Kairi was enjoying his company too much to risk ruining their friendship in case he did not feel the same way. Yet maybe love is too strong of a word, maybe it was only lust or a mere crush that would pass on over time. No use risking a wonderful friendship over feelings you’re not even sure about?

    Kairi was brought back to reality from her deep, drifting thoughts by the sound of laughter. She looked up to now see Sora, Riku, and Roxas had abandoned their shoes and shirts to go for a swim. At just the sight of the three boys splashing each other wildly made her laugh. She just happened to be looking in Sora’s direction noticing his large biceps and rock hard abs. Catching herself she looked at the sand beneath her feet, only to look up seconds later at Riku practically throwing Sora across the water. When he recovered he came up out of the clear blue water with sand covering his face. This sight and the sound of her best friends’ voice made Kairi wrinkle her toes in the sand and bring a smile to her face.

    “Hey Kairi,” Namine softly said. “Hi Namine,” she said. “You haven’t told him yet, have you?” the blond haired girl earnestly asked. Kairi could feel her face starting to get warm. “No, and I don’t plan to, Namine.” Kairi sarcastically replied sticking out her tongue. “Well, you should,” Namine said. The soft spoken blond then lightly punch Kairi’s arm and started walking towards the pier, where she noticed the boys had finally come ashore from their swim.

    Chapter 2: Clouds?!?

    Namine could read her like an open book. Of course, Namine was part of her after all she thought. Kairi was still getting used to the fact of Namine knowing pretty much her every thought or feeling. It was almost uncanny. She shook the strange thoughts of her mind as they were getting ever close to the pier.

    The boys were dried off and fully clothed. “Thank goodness,” Kairi thought with a chuckle. “What’s so funny, Kairi?” Sora questioned. “Oh nothing…” Kairi said, “Maybe just you getting a face full of sand.” The instant she said this she could not help but laughing as everyone joined in with her. “Yeah, well maybe if I was paying attention Riku would have been the one with a face full of sand!” Sora retorted. “Oh then what were paying soooo close attention to?” Roxas asked inquisitively. Sora’s face immediately started turning red. “Well,” he stammered for a moment. “I was looking at the big, fluffy clouds!” he explained strangely. Everyone was just staring at him with a look on their face of pure perplexity. “What?” he asked. “Can’t a guy enjoy the clouds once in awhile!” he said as a smile spread across his face. He couldn’t hold back Kairi thought, that smile was getting wider by the second. That goofy, boyish smile sat there until Sora himself could no longer act serious and burst out in laughter. The sight of this madness made everyone else laugh uncontrollably. “You should have seen your faces!” Sora said now on the ground laughing.

    “You sure had us going,” Riku stated sarcastically. “No you really should have seen your faces,” Sora explained, “it was priceless.” “Suuure,” Roxas said, “of course you were staring at the clouds.” Roxas just nudged Sora in the ribs and walked over to Namine and gave her a hug. Sora acted like the nudge hurt to avoid replying to Roxas. He held his ribs and made a sour face at Roxas. Kairi’s attention was then directed toward Roxas’ kind gesture toward Namine. “They make a great couple,” Kairi thought. She sighed at the thought only longing for a relationship like that.

    The sigh grabbed Sora’s attention. “Are you alright, Kairi?” Sora asked. “Wha- What?” she said being caught off guard. “Are you alright?” the brunette repeated. “Yes, I’m fine.” She replied. She really was fine. She didn’t like the unwanted attention, so she simply brushed aside her thoughts.
    “Okay, if you say so,” the key bearer said.

    The sun was moving. “It was almost five and they should probably go home,” Kairi thought to herself. She did not want days like this to end. Riku noticed the time too and the look on Kairi’s face. “Why don’t we have a camp-out here tonight?” Riku asked the group of teenagers. “YEAH!” Sora and Roxas said excitedly in unison. “That sounds lovely,” Namine stated. Kairi liked that idea a lot. “The more time we all spent together the better,” she thought to herself with a smile. “Yes, that’s a great idea, Riku.” Kairi said. Riku looking rather proud of himself for thinking it stated, “We should go home and our belongings and then meet back here.” “Okay.” Everyone responded. The group of friends started walking down the beach, toward the boats that would bring them back to their island homes.

    Chapter 3: The Foreign Room.

    “What to bring?” Kairi asked herself. “Well, I’d say clothes are always a good thing,” Namine said sarcastically. Kairi jumped at the sound of this; Namine always seemed to pop out of nowhere. “Very funny, Namine. You scared me, besides I know to what to bring I just feel like I’m forgetting something,” Kairi retorted. “Oh, well, maybe it’s a certain something that you’re forgetting to tell a certain someone. Hmmmm?” Namine asked teasingly. “Come on Namine I’ll tell him when I’m ready.” Kairi said somewhat annoyed. “That’s what you said the last time,” Namine chuckled. Following this remark Kairi bent down on her knees pretending to beg. “Aw, don’t make me do it Namine. Please?” Kairi said making the most “poutiest” face ever. “Well, I guess I’ll let it go this time,” Namine said sighing trying to hide her smile. The best friends could no longer keep up their fake seriousness and started cracking up at each other.

    “Well, you really should tell him,” Namine said persistently. At this remark Kairi picked up her fluffy, pink pillow and chucked at Namine. She did this both out of aggravation and fun. Alas she just missed her as Namine ran for the door. Namine then poked her back in the door exclaimed, “Ha you missed!”, while sticking out her tongue. Kairi readily armed with another pillow, threw it at Namine’s head. “Ha, bulls eye!” Kairi burst out when she realized she had hit her target. Feeling justice served Kairi grabbed her bag and tossed Namine hers, “Ready to go?” Kairi asked. “I was the one waiting for you.” Namine acknowledged. “Oh well,” Kairi said innocently as she shrugged. The two then walked out of the house to get their friends side by side.

    The first stop was Riku’s house. As the two friends approached the house they noticed Riku was already outside waiting for them. Riku looking rather displeased stated, “I’ve been waiting for a half an hour!” “Sorry,” both Kairi and Namine said rather sarcastically. “What have you two been doing for the last hour?” Riku questioned. “Getting ready to go camping silly!” Kairi replied. “Why does it take you an hour to grab a sleeping bag and some clothes?” Riku asked. “I don’t know. Maybe we talked most of the time,” Namine said. “Yeah, Riku, time flies when you’re having fun.” Kairi stated giving him a sour face. “Ok, then what in the world could you possibly talk about for an hour?” Riku said getting irritated. “Oh you know girl stuff,” Namine said. At this statement the two girls turned at each other smiling turning into laughter as they remembered their pillow fight. “Wha-What is so funny?” Riku questioned. The two friends just continued laughing. Riku just shrugged and said, “Fine…I give up.” With Riku ahead of them the girls continued to giggle as they headed to get Sora and Roxas.

    When they got to Sora’s house the girls had finally stopped laughing. The friends half expected Sora and Roxas to be waiting since they had taken so long, but they were nowhere to be seen. So the three went and knocked on the door which was immediately answered by Sora’s mother. “Oh, why hello everyone! Those boys… I have no idea what their doing up there making such a ruckus. Why don’t you all just go up there and get them?” she said inviting them in. The friends’ attention was then directed toward the stairs where there was much yelling and screaming. “Thank you,” they all said as they headed up the stairs.

    Many thoughts popped into Kairi’s mind, but there was one persistent one. “I’ve never been in Sora’s room,” Kairi whispered to Namine. Namine just looked at her and giggled. Kairi getting rather mad at her, since it was a very private thought she had just shared with her. “Oh yeah… you’ve probably been in Roxas’s room hundreds of times,” Kairi said in frustration. Kairi looked up and saw that Namine was hurt by this remark and immediately wished she could take back this remark. Kairi was about to apologize, but Namine seemed to noticed that she didn’t really mean it. Namine just slightly smiled and whispered, “Eww! Kairi don’t be a perv.” Namine just lighted pushed Kairi. “Sorry, I know… Roxas is better than that,” Kairi said in all honesty. Namine just looked at her with her kind, soft blue eyes as if forgiving her. Kairi was glad Namine was so forgiving. Her heart rate started getting faster as they were up the stairs and, Riku leading the way, headed towards Sora’s room.

    The yelling was getting louder as they approached the door. The sight they found was of Sora and Roxas wrestling and yelling at one another. Riku interrupted this chaos by exclaiming, “Well if it is Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum at it again!” Sora and Roxas instantly froze when they heard this. Sora had Roxas is a head-lock giving him a noogie, while Roxas had his foot smashed up against Sora’s face. It was certain an odd but familiar site to see. After noticing Riku wasn’t the only one there both immediately let go of one another and brushed themselves off. “Hey!” Sora said rubbing his face where Roxas’ foot had currently been, leaving behind an imprint of the shoe. “Hi,” Roxas said rather dimly rubbing his head in pain. “Umm… Are you ready to go?” Kairi asked amused by the boys’ actions. “Yep,” both said unenthusiastically still in pain. They each grabbed their duffle bags, and they group was headed out the door.

    They group of friends were headed down the road to the boats that would bring them back to the island they hung-out at for years. Everyone one was having light conversation until interrupted by Kairi. “There’s just one thing I want to,” she said. Everyone asked, “What?” “Well what were you two fighting about?” Kairi asked in confusion while pointing at Sora and Roxas. “Well…ummm,” Sora stuttered. “Well, we were fighting over a…” Sora said then mumbled the end. “A what?” Kairi, Namine, and Riku all asked together. “A cookie,” Sora and Roxas said in unison looking embarrassed. “Okay then… That’s a stupid thing to fight over. Uh, who won?” Riku asked in bafflement and just to be sarcastic. “Well,” Sora started to explain, “We kind of smooshed it will we were wrestling,” he finished as he put his hands behind his head giving his friends that smile of his. The group started to laugh; even Sora and Roxas, as they continued walking towards the boats, at their friends’ stupidity.

    Chapter 4: Privacy Please!

    When the group reached the island they set up their small camp-site. Kairi and Namine set a small fire pit then surrounded it with rocks and logs for seats. Kairi hearing enraged voices looked up. “What are they doing?” Kairi asked aloud. The boys had only one job, to set up the tents; however they had made no progress. “Well, they’re supposed to put up the tents, but it looks like they just ended up throwing sticks in the ground and tying each other up in the cloth!” Namine giggled. “My thoughts exactly,” Kairi said giggling along with her. “Do you boys need any help?” Kairi shouted over to them. Riku looking frustrated opened his mouth to speak only to be interrupted by Sora. “No we’re good here!” Sora yelled over in reply. Kairi and Namine instantly looked at each other and nodded. “Yeah, they definitely need our help,” Kairi said as they walked over to the struggling boys.

    “You may not think so, but you definitely need some help,” Namine giggled. “Well, I guess if you girls want to help so badly we’ll let you,” Riku sighed finally realizing that it was hopeless working with Sora and Roxas. “Have you tried following the directions?” Namine asked. “Well, that’s what we would have done if someone hadn’t lost them!” Riku said glaring at Sora. “What directions? I have no idea what you’re talking about, Riku,” Sora said trying to look innocent by just smiling and putting his hands behind his head. As Sora said this Kairi noticed a piece of paper on Sora’s pants; right on his butt. She giggled, “You mean these directions?” She went to grab them, but they didn’t budge. “Uh, they’re stuck!” she exclaimed as she tugged harder. After trying many times unsuccessfully she finally got them off. “Eww! There’s gum on it!” she screamed.

    When she looked up she noticed Sora was blushing. She then realized what had exactly happened and felt her face starting to get warm. Sora broke this awkward silence by saying, “Oh! So that’s where my gum went.” Sora chuckled face still red. “Eww…That’s just wrong Sora,” Roxas said laughing, “Wasting a perfectly good piece of gum!” With the laughter Kairi felt her face finally cooling down. “Boys will be boys,” Namine sighed. “Yeah,” Kairi said, “What is it with males and directions?” “We just don’t mix, Kairi,” Riku lightheartedly said. “Whoa! Riku making a joke! This is going in my adventure journal!” Sora said laughing. “Shut-up!” Riku said crossly and slapped Sora on the back of the head. “Ow! Come on you have to admit this is a rare sighting!” Sora said playfully. “Sora, you should not have said that,” Kairi thought to herself giggling. WHACK! Riku smacked Sora again, only harder. Sora sat there in the sand holding his head while the rest stood there chuckling at him. “Good thing you have such a hard head, Sora! That last one could have done damage,” Roxas said. “We’ll just leave you boys to put up the tents,” Namine said. “Hopefully they’ll use the directions this time,” Kairi whispered. “What was that, Kairi?” Sora asked irritated. “Nothing!” the two girls shouted as they ran down the beach.

    As it was getting dark the girls made a nice fire, while they boys were off getting food. The boys were out in the clear, blue water attempting to fish. Kairi and Namine both watched in amusement at the boys were trying and trying again to catch some fish. Kairi sighed, “This is going to take awhile. Are you even really hungry?” she asked her friend. “No, not really,” Namine replied. Kairi sat there in boredom thinking of what they could do. “Want to go swimming?” Kairi asked. “Are you serious the waters so cold now,” Namine said in disbelief. “No I mean at the spring, the water is really warm there,” Kairi said. “Now that sounds like a good idea,” Namine agreed.

    The two decided it as best not to change in the tent, so close to the shore where the boys were fishing. They didn’t exactly want the boys’ boredom and frustration to cause their eyes to wander. Kairi and Namine grabbed their suits and ran for the hot spring. Now being farther away from the boys and an ample amount of bushes at hand they changed into their suits and jumped into the spring. “Ah, now this is better,” Kairi said. “Indeed,” Namine agreed, relaxing in the soothing water. Moments later the girls could hear the boys coming up from the shore shouting proudly about all the fish they had caught. Kairi and Namine both agreed that they should head back to the camp-site. So the two friends stepped out of the warm water into the cool air and began to change.

    ------ Out of hearing range

    “Hey look at all these fish we caught, Kai-,” Sora stopped abruptly when he noticed neither Kairi or Namine were at the camp-site. “Where did they go?” Roxas asked with a confused look on his face. “Maybe they went for a walk,” Sora guessed. “Well, they’re probably hungry. We should go look for them,” Riku suggested. “Yeah,” Sora and Roxas replied agreement.

    They walked up and down the beach, but the girls were nowhere to be found. It was getting darker by the minute and the boys became troubled about the girls whereabouts. “Maybe they went over to the shack or the tree house?” Riku stated. “Maybe… We should go check over there,” Sora said getting anxious.

    ------Back at the spring

    They girls had gotten out of the spring, readying to leave. Namine was dried off and dressed; Kairi however was still in her swim suit. “I’ll just meet you at the camp,” Kairi said. “Okay, suit yourself,” Namine shrugged and walked off out of the bushes, as Kairi started to undress.

    Once Namine walked out of the bushes she saw the boys approaching her. She smiled at them and waved. They noticed the slender blond and walked over to greet her. “There you are,” Roxas said relieved. “Where’s Kairi at?” Sora asked noticing that she was nowhere to be seen. “She back there,” Namine said pointing to the large group of bushes, “but she’s chan-.” Namine was the cut off by Roxas; who grabbed her, embracing her in a deep kiss. Namine tried not to be rude, but pulled away to yell… it was too late by the time she looked up Sora was already through the bushes. “This is going to end badly,” Namine thought staring wide eyed at the bushes where the young brunette had disappeared.

    Sora walked through the bushes looking for Kairi. He turned to his left and to his surprise found her. He just stood their trying to say something or move, but all he could get out was an, “Uhhhhh…” Kairi thought Namine had maybe forgotten something, started to look up to ask her what was wrong. But the eyes Kairi met did not belong to Namine. The moment she saw Sora standing there dumbstruck; she grabbed for her towel, threw her duffle bag at Sora, and screamed at the top of her lungs, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Get OUT you PERV!!!!!!! OUT, OUT, OUT!” Sora immediately covered his eyes and ran, more or less falling out of the bushes. As he ran Kairi saw that his face was beat-red, yelling a few “sorrys” here and there. Kairi quickly then changed, feeling: livid, embarrassed, and flustered.

    Chapter 5: Picking Up the Pieces.

    Sora picked himself off the sand after falling through the bushes, face still beat-red, and stormed toward camp. “Well sounded like you two hit it off,” Riku said sarcastically smirking at Sora’s face. “SHUT-UP!” Sora yelled enraged and irritated. He pushed Riku to the side with great force; catching Riku off-guard, he fell to the sand. “Well thanks a lot for that,” Riku said knowing that he probably deserved it. Sora said nothing nor turned around to see what happened. He simple just walked to the camp-site and sat down next to the fire in a huff and started to cook himself a fish.

    “Great…” Namine sighed. “It will be okay. It was an accident… Riku and I will go and try to get Sora in a better mood,” Roxas said reassuringly to Namine. “Yeah, don’t worry Namine. Those two can never stay mad at each other,” Riku said gesturing Roxas towards camp. “Okay, go ahead. I’ll wait for Kairi,” Namine said. “Alright,” Roxas said. He gave her a hug before leaving with Riku to the camp-site.

    Kairi started to emerge from the bushes, feeling the same and her face burning even more. She saw Namine waiting for her and felt a little better that her friend, no matter what, was always by her side. As she approached Namine she realized her friend wasn’t her normal cheery self. She had a miserable, heartbreaking look on her face. Her normal joyful, piercing blue eyes were filled with sorrow and regret and reduced to a dull gray color. When she reached Namine; her friend started to speak, “I’m sor-.” Kairi then cut her off by holding up her hand. “No, please don’t say it. It wasn’t your fault,” Kairi said trying her best to make Namine feel better. “But I could have-,” Namine said weakly only to be cut off again by Kairi. “No you couldn’t have,” Kairi said hugging her friend. “…just an accident,” she added softly.

    After letting go of her friend; Namine asked, “Do you want to talk about it?” Kairi stood there thinking for a moment, “No, I think its best not to. I need sometime to think. So if you would, I’d like to be alone,” Kairi beseeched. “Alright,” Namine said agreeing. “I’ll be on the islet… thinking,” Kairi said. “You’re not having dinner?” Namine asked hoping Kairi would change her mind. “No…I’m not hungry,” Kairi stated, her words wandering off. “Okay, if you insist,” Namine said. Kairi noticed that there was still pain in Namine’s words. “But, take this back for me. Will you?” Kairi asked holding out the duffle bag. “Sure,” Namine said grabbing the bag and heading toward camp.

    Kairi walked slowly at leisure to the islet. When arrived she sat on the paopu tree. Kairi absolutely loved this tree; it has so many memories, good and bad. “And hopefully many more to come,” she thought to herself. She stared out into the ocean to the point of the horizon where is mixed with the night sky. The ocean reflected the light of the moon, giving the night a somewhat eerie but beautiful effect. The stars were shining so bright. Tonight they were as dazzling as the night Destiny Islands was brought back from the darkness; along with her, but without Sora. This memory came rushing into Kairi’s mind like a hurricane. She remembered how sad she was, for more than a year, then happy when he finally came back. All these emotions bumped around in her mind, it was so much chaos, and these emotions were all mixed up. She let a little of it out with a sigh… then a few tears ran down her face. She quickly wiped them away; she never liked her emotions to get the best of her.
    Namine walked to the camp-site and sat next to Roxas. “Where’s Kairi?” Sora questioned, face still red and sadness in his eyes. “She’s over at the islet. But she said she wants some time to herself,” Namine said. She noticed the sadness in Sora’s eyes only seemed to increase. “Okay,” Sora quietly said in a gloomy tone. Sora looked over at the islet. Kairi was sitting on the paopu tree; arms holding her knees tucked into her body and her head resting on her arms. Sora noticed that she was staring out into sea; he wondered what she was thinking about. He would give her the time she needed, but still wanted to talk to her. “I’ll wait at least twenty more minutes,” the young key bearer thought to himself. His heart felt like it was filled with no light, but regret.

    Kairi sat on the paopu tree thinking deeply about many things. She would concentrate on certain memories, but she could not handle the emotions that came with it. She would quickly diminish the thoughts and move on; even though she hadn’t squared them out with herself. She just wasn’t ready; especially under the conditions now, to go over her indecisive thoughts and recollections. She started out into the water, taking in its beauty, thinking of the last time she sat here with Sora and Riku. The discussion of how to leave; these memories just brought more sorrow. She did not want more sorrow; she couldn’t deal with it right now, Kairi pushed these thoughts farther back into her mind. She would stay put and with her friends, her true light.

    Her deep thoughts kept her unaware of the approaching footsteps. “Kairi?” a familiar voice sounded inside Kairi’s head. “Kairi?” the voice said again. “Kairi?” said the voice she had longed to hear for the past year and a half. Kairi finally realized that this was not in her head; the young key bearer was trying to get her attention. “What?” she asked distantly, getting sucked back into reality and out of her thoughts. “Are you okay? Did I really make you that upset?” Sora questioned with sadness in his voice. She looked over to see Sora standing next to the tree looking at her. “I’m fine… well sort of and what are you talking about?” Kairi said answering his question confused about the last part. “Okay. Well, you’re crying,” the brunette said gently. “Wha- Oh!” Kairi said bringing her hands to her face. She felt the damp tears starting to dry on her face, a few more slid down. She was confused, why and when was she crying. “I’m okay. I just got some… sand in my eyes,” Kairi said wiping away the tears.

    “Can we talk?” Sora asked shyly. “Sure,” Kairi said still sitting on the tree; letting one leg down to dangle. “Well… where to start,” Sora said slowly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to “barge” in on you. I feel really stupid and awful,” Sora finished. Kairi looked at him she knew he was being sincere. “It wasn’t your fault; it wasn’t anyone’s fault…” Kairi said. “I’m sorry,” Sora repeated. “It was just an accident,” Kairi said trying to make Sora feel better, but mostly herself. “I’m sorry!” Sora said in a very upsetting way. Kairi jumped off the poapu tree and said, “Apology accepted.” She knew he was as upset about it as her. She gave Sora a faint smile. “Okay,” he said and thinking, that’s the Kairi he remembered, while holding out his hand. Kairi looked at it for a moment and was about to shake on it, but something made her stop. Instead she hugged him, Sora was taken aback from this but finally realized what was going on and hugged her back. Kairi suspected her heart was the force that made her do it. “This feels right; protected, loved, comfortable,” She thought to herself, “Safe…” She wanted this to last forever, but her mind told her otherwise. She pulled away and looked at Sora. His ocean blue eyes, she could get lost in them. She almost did right at that moment, but quickly squeaked, “We should probably go back to camp…” She felt her face getting warm like before, but this time she realized it was her whole body. “Yeah, we should. They’re waiting for us.” Sora said still dazed himself. They started to make their way back to camp, faces flushed. Walking side by side, bumping into to one another every once in awhile, as if forced; like magnets.

    Chapter 6: Fading Away.

    As they were walking back to camp Kairi got lost in her whirlwind of thoughts once again. She was thinking about what had just happened, and what had happened all day. She looked over at Sora; he was looking at her, but he quickly turned his head away. His face was pink still. Kairi wondered what he was thinking about. “Was he thinking the same thing as me?” she thought and secretly hoped.

    They were making their way across the bridge back to the sea-side shack. There was no sound, just silence. Not exactly awkward, but not a good kind either. Kairi stopped walking and turned to look at the islet. Sora was still walking, but then stopped. “Something wrong?” Sora asked a few paces ahead. “No. I just wanted to look at it,” Kairi said smiling. “Okay…” Sora said rather confused. She wanted to remember the past few moments.

    “Okay. Let’s go back,” Kairi said running past Sora sticking her tongue out at him. Sora stood there for a few seconds still a bit confused. “Hey, wait up! No fair you got a head start!” Sora yelled, but was smiling. Kairi could hear his footsteps quickening behind her. “No this is fair. You’re faster than me!” Kairi retorted back at him. She was running down the steps of the shack and turned around to see how close Sora had gotten. He was smiling; she knew he was going slowly so she would win. She has realized how much she wasn’t paying attention to where she was going until it was too late. Her foot slipped… she was falling. She saw Sora quicken his pace, his face turning into to worry and shock, yelling, “Kairi! KAIRI!”

    Falling…falling into nothing. His yelling grew softer and softer. His smile started to fade. She didn’t know what was going on. Everything was passing her so fast. She felt like she was almost flying. She hit something hard and cold. His voice…his smile…everything was going. Then everything went black.

    Chapter 7: The Waiting Game… Such Sweet Sorrow

    “KAIRI!” Sora yelled as he ran over to the slender girl. She was lying at the bottom of the shack steps. “Kairi,” he said again praying that she would wake up. The young brunette shook her, “Kairi! Kairi! Open you eyes!” he yelled in despair. He sat there by her side wishing she would wake up. “Kairi,” he said softly, as a few tears swept down his face.

    He picked up her unconscious body, she was so light. His tears fell onto her face. He went to wipe them away with his hand. When his hand touched her face he noticed it was as cold as ice. He set her down, just long enough to take off his jacket and place it on her. He scooped her limp body back into his arms and ran out of the shack towards the camp. Still hoping she would open up her eyes; wishing to see those sapphire eyes again.

    As he was running towards camp he could hear laughter. Riku was the first to notice Sora. Riku looked up after hearing fast paced footsteps. “Back so soon So-,” but stopped once he had a full view of Sora holding Kairi, who was lying unresponsively in his arms. “What happened?” Riku yelled as Sora ran over. “Oh my god, Kairi!” Namine screamed as she looked up. She and Roxas had been sitting together next to the fire not noticing what had been going on. Roxas immediately grabbed Namine, who was sobbing, and gave her a hug. “We… we were running and…” Sora said panting. “Take it easy Sora. Just tell us what happened,” Riku said in an ever calm voice. “Namine, can you help her?” Sora asked with anguish in his eyes. “I can try,” Namine sniffed. “Sora?” Riku said. Sora looked at Riku who wanted to take Kairi over to Namine. “Wha?” Sora said still confused as what was going on. He was still holding Kairi tightly to him, never wanting to let go. “It’s okay Sora,” Riku said seeming to know Sora exact thoughts.

    Sora handed Kairi over to Riku, who brought her over to Namine to exam. Namine began working immediately and quickly to help her best friend. “You okay?” Roxas asked Sora already knowing the answer. “I’m fine…No, it was my entire fault,” Sora said quickly changing his answer. “So you going to tell me what happened now?” Riku asked. “Yea,” Sora said. Roxas walked over, sat down next to Sora, and patted him on the back. Riku sat across from Sora, as he began to tell them what exactly happened. Roxas knew Sora was acting somewhat happy, but inside he was breaking apart bit by bit. Riku and Roxas made conversation to keep Sora distracted, while Namine was working away. Sora was doing well for the most part, but Roxas saw in his eyes that; he may be keeping up with the conversations but he never once took his eyes off Kairi.

    Moments later Namine stood up looking rather worn out, but content. Sora swiftly stood up too. “Is she okay?” Sora asked inquisitively. “Yes. She’s lucky; she only blacked out and has a concussion,” Namine said slightly smiling knowing her friend was okay. “So she’s alright?” Sora said confused. “Yes, there’s nothing severe. She’ll most likely wake up in a few hours,” Namine said patting Sora on the back reassuringly. Sora’s eyes immensely brightened as he ran over and hugged Namine. “Thank you,” Sora whispered. “You’re welcome,” Namine whispered back hugging Sora. Seeing this, a pain immediately shot through Roxas’ “heart.” He didn’t know what it was, but he didn’t like it one bit. The pain passed as an exhausted Namine jumped into his arms. “You did great. It must have been frightening,” Roxas said affectionately to Namine lightly kissing her. “Yeah, but you there by my side. That made it all better,” Namine whispered kissing him back. “Ah! Come on you two! If you’re going to do that get a room,” Riku said teasingly. Namine just turned her head and stuck her tongue out then went back to kissing Roxas. Roxas pulled back for a moment to say playfully, “Aww… don’t be jealous Riku!” “Jealous… Puh-lease!” Riku said smacking Roxas in the head. Roxas made a heated face and was about to hit Riku back, but Namine quickly reacted by kissing Roxas deeply. “Ugh…” Riku said under his breath putting a hand on his head, while walking away.


    Meanwhile Sora walked over to Kairi’s side, still unconscious. He put a few more logs in the fire and zipped his jacket up on Kairi. He knew she would be okay, but still longed for her to open her eyes. “Hey, get some rest man,” Riku said sympathetically placing a hand on Sora’s shoulder. “I will, but I’m staying out here,” Sora said. “I thought you’d say that,” Riku said smiling. “And because I knew that; here take these,” Riku said holding out some blankets and a pillow. “Thanks,” Sora said smiling for the first time in hours. “Don’t mention it. What are friends for?” Riku shrugged as he walked over to the “guys” tent.

    “Good night, Sora,” the blond haired girl said, poking her head out of the “girls” tent. “Hey, g’night Sora,” Roxas said popping his head out of the “guys” tent. Riku looked at Sora before going into the “guys” tent; words were not needed in their friendship. “Thanks and good night everyone,” Sora said into the darkness; only glow coming from the fire. Sora took his pillow and lightly lifted Kairi’s head and placed it under, then covered her with one of the blankets. Feeling how soft her burgundy hair was and taking in her beauty. Sora sat by Kairi’s side in the sand for hours watching, waiting, and hoping for her to wake up. His ocean blue eyes became heavier and heavier. He tried to keep himself awake, but it was no use. His view of Kairi was fading… he was drifting off. There was nothing better than falling asleep, to the image he fell asleep to. In his mind it was perfect.

    Chapter 8: The Pain Is Real

    Kairi slowly opened her eyes. It was still dark, but the colors of the night rushed upon her. She found herself at the camp-site, on log next to the fire wrapped in a blanket. She felt something else on her, she looked and found at her surprise Sora’s small jacket on her. Kairi then attempted to pick up her head, “Uhhhh…” she said softly in pain. She laid her head back down unable to keep it raised from the pain. Her head was throbbing. Kairi thought deeply but could not recall what had happened. All she could remember was running, Sora, feeling like flying, and then nothing.

    “I thought you might be up,” a familiar soft, sweet voice said. Kairi turned her head to see Namine emerging from the tent. “Hi Namine,” Kairi said faintly. Kairi just looked at Namine somewhat confused; she sure had great timing. Namine responded as if knowing exactly what Kairi was thinking just by the look on her face, “I hope you didn’t hurt you head too much. You know we’re technically a part of one another. I just know these things… call it a sixth sense.” Kairi just laid there in astonishment as Namine seemingly answered her thoughts, but smiled warmly at her friend.

    Kairi’s head was throbbing again, the pain severe. She went to bring her hand to her head, but it was weighed down by something. She looked and found Sora fast asleep in the sand next to her, his hand wrapped around hers. Her hand in his, she liked the thought of that. She smiled, her mind wondering even further if he felt the same. “He’s been there all night…waiting,” Namine said noticing Kairi’s smile. “Waiting?” Kairi asked puzzled. “Waiting for you to wake up,” Namine answered slightly giggling at oblivious Kairi. “So what exactly did I do?” Kairi asked still drawing a blank at what had happened to her. “According to Sora you fell down the stairs in the shack,” Namine said with worry on her face. “Oh… so that’s what I hit,” Kairi said slightly remembering hitting something hard that hurt a lot and was cold. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Namine asked with concern. “Yeah, I’m okay. My head just hurts a little,” Kairi said smiling so her friend would not fret. That was a white lie; it hurt a lot, but she didn’t want anyone to fret over her. “Why don’t you get some more sleep?” Kairi said changing the subject. Namine shrugged and said, “I guess I will. Maybe like another hour… the sun will be coming up soon.” “Alright see you later,” Kairi said smiling. “I’m just glad you’re alright,” Namine said. She hugged Kairi and then disappeared into the tent.

    Kairi then directed her attention toward Sora. He was asleep; sleep is supposed to be peaceful, but Sora didn’t look serene. He had a look of worry on his face. Kairi was upset because she knew she had been the one to make Sora feel that way. The more she thought, the more the pain increased in her head. She looked at the stars; aches rolling through her head. Her eye lids became heavy. The stars were there, then they would fade, and then they were there. The pain reigned on in her head; the stars would faded again, warmth of the fire was there then it was freezing, Sora… was there then vanishing. Again and again, the pain was real… too much to tolerate. Kairi let out a hushed moan, “Ahhhhh…” It was all too much. The pain, the thoughts, the memories; they sent so much pain through her head.

    Kairi brought her free hand to her head. She could no longer take this. “It’s too much!” she said softly to no one. So much, it brought tears to her eyes. She could feel the pain taking over her; taking control. She felt like something was coming; she was succumbed by the pain. She gripped Sora’s hand tighter, absorbing his presence; feeling overwhelmed. She was glad he was there; she smiled faintly feeling the pain raise its ugly head. A surge of sharp, excruciating pain went through her whole body. Her eyes slowly closed…

    Chapter 9: A Scattered Dream

    Kairi felt cold. She felt as if lying on a sheet of pure ice. She gradually opened her eyes revealing a gloomy marble floor. She noticed it was dark, except for exactly where she lay; there was a hole in the roof which let the light of the moon shine right on her, and tiny bands of light came through cracks in the walls. Other than the ghostly moonlight it was utter darkness. She did not like this building; it had a feeling of darkness. The feeling so strong she felt overwhelmed.

    She picked up her head and looked around. Noticing the moon again she stared at it. She gasped the moon was in a heart-shape. Refusing to believe it Kairi rubbed her eyes and looked back. The moon was not heart-shaped, just a normal crescent shape. “My mind must be playing tricks on me,” Kairi thought to herself relieved.

    Kairi looked at her surroundings once more and faintly noticed a hallway at the far end of the globular room. The darkness seemed to be oozing out of the hall, as if tempting her to advance towards it. Kairi stood up noticing, with ease to her surprise, the ache in her head was gone and that it was extremely cold. She pulled her hood up and rubbed her arms wishing that she had sleeves. Kairi slowly advanced toward the hall in the dark; it was calling her, as if drawing her in. She made a few feeble steps toward, but her heart was telling her to stop while her body wanted her to go.

    “Curious?” a deep, mysterious yet sinister voice asked. Kairi whipped around and with her eyes searched for someone in the shadows. She searched quickly then noticed a bright orange, red eye staring at her. The eye glowed in the moonlight, seeming as if burning a hole through Kairi. Thanks to the tiny cracks in the wall Kairi could dimly see a rough figure. “Who are you?!?” Kairi spat out in fear. She heard footsteps as the figure seemed to draw nearer to her. Her head was screaming “RUN!” but her body was immobilized with fear. “My name is of no importance…” the figure said darkly. It approached the moonlight revealing a tall elder man, bald, somewhat pointed ears, white, pointed beard, and those piercing red, orange eyes; wearing a white trench coat, black pants, and high, sharp white boots.

    Kairi took a small step back, heart pounding. “Ah, now don’t be shy Princess,” the man said. Kairi was taken aback by this and stood weakly in shock that this man knew her. “Well, you are the Princess are you not?” the man teased coldly. “No need to hide Princess Kairi,” he said evilly as he smiled and pointed to her hood. Kairi just shook her head slightly trying to figure out how to escape. “Must we do this the hard way, Princess of Heart?” the man asked unemotionally. He raised his gloved hands into the air slowly and brought them down quickly; which caused a gust of wind to blow. Kairi brought her hands up and tightened her grip on her hood. The gale was too much though, her hood dropped and her hair whipped around in her face. The mysterious man then bolted his hands forward. The gust turned into a deadly windstorm that threw Kairi against the wall. As she slipped toward the ground the wind finally stop and the man chuckled.

    He paced back and forth as if stalking his wounded prey. He stopped and looked at her. “You have blossomed into a beautiful flower, Princess” he said as he grinned sinisterly. Kairi weakly looked at the man with frightened eyes, begging to let her go. “Who are you? How do you know me?” Kairi asked quietly. “Questions, questions, questions! Haven’t we gone over this already?” the man said aggravated. Kairi looked around knowing his patience was growing short, praying for an escape or someone to save her. “Oh no no no, Princess. There will be no rescuing or escaping.” the man said as if reading her mind and savoring this moment. “No, I don’t need to be rescued! I can help myself, I refuse to be the one needing rescued!” Kairi screamed with what little strength she had.

    The man began to cackle at Kairi’s statement. Kairi did not reply; she was trying to gather up as much strength as she could. “You can not defy me Princess.” The man said with a smile. “You may be powerful, but there is no escaping the truth!” the man said locking eyes with Kairi. “What?” Kairi asked in confusion. The man began his walk from the other side of the room, closing in on his prey. Kairi sat there in horror as she feared for her life, unable to find the strength to move. The man grabbed her by the neck and pinned her onto the wall, with incredible strength.

    Kairi was gasping for air as she stared at the man; the darkness seemed to be pouring out of his body. “No…” she spat out struggling to free herself. “Stop with the fidgeting!” the man yelled in irritation and tightened his grip on Kairi’s neck. She thought she was going to die right then and there. “All the things I haven’t got a chance to say,” Kairi said softly as tears swept along her delicate face. “No tears now. I wouldn’t kill you, Princess.” the man said. “You are of much too importance… but all flowers do have their bruises,” the man said coldly. With this he threw Kairi to the floor.

    “AHHHHHHHHH! Go away! Please just leave me alone!” Kairi screamed in pain as she slammed into the floor. “What do you want?” Kairi questioned attempting to get up, but her body just collapsed beneath her. “What I want?” the man said get ever closer to Kairi. “What I want is… Kingdom Hearts!” he said, darkness glazing over his eyes as they became a fiery red. Kairi was in great terror and perplexity in how she fit into this insane man’s plan.

    “PRINCESS!” a boy’s unfamiliar voice called out from the darkness. Kairi turned her head to the left as her chances of escape may have increased and her hopes rose. The man also turned with a look of rage on his face as he sought out for the boy whom interrupted his discussion. She saw a figure emerge in a black trench coat, he was charging at the man. Kairi desperately tried to see who the figure was. She looked towards the shadowy hallway to only be blinded by a brilliant illumination rising from it.

    Chapter 10: The Perfect Sunset

    Kairi opened her eyes only to find another bright light. She blinked and found herself back at the beach; the red, orange sun bathing her in its warmth. She felt something gripping her hand and looked over to see Sora’s smiling face. “You’re awake!” he said happily. Kairi smiled, realizing she was safe and looked over at Sora’s hand on hers once again. Sora was staring dreamily at Kairi, but noticed she was looking at something. Sora looked down at his hand on Kairi’s and quickly pulled it away. Kairi looked over at Sora to see what caused his actions. Kairi found no answer; just a blushing Sora.

    “How long was I sleeping?” Kairi yawned. “From since you fell… almost a day,” Sora said. Kairi yawned again and rubbed her sleepy eyes. “Tired still?” Sora asked. “I guess,” Kairi said. “I think you’ve gotten enough sleep,” Sora said smiling. “Well, it wasn’t exactly peaceful,” Kairi said remembering her horrible nightmare. “Huh? What do you mean? It’s been pretty quite,” Sora questioned in confusion. “Well…” Kairi said unsure of how to explain it.

    “SORA!” someone yelled in the distance. Sora and Kairi looked around seeing Roxas and Riku down at the shoreline. “Sora, get down here and help us catch some more fish for dinner!” Roxas yelled, waving him over. “Dinner?” Kairi asked noticing how hungry she was. “OH! So you need my awesome fishing technique?” Sora yelled over, smiling. “No just your dumb luck!” Riku said sarcastically. “Dumb luck? I’ll show you dumb luck...” Sora said under his breath, running towards the shore.

    “Hey!” Sora said stopping for a minute, “Namine will look after Kairi for a bit?” “Sure,” said Namine happily. “Thanks!” Sora said as he continued to head towards the shore. “You’re welcome,” Namine said. She was happy to find out that Kairi was awake again. As Sora walked by she messed with his hair while saying, “You’re a lazy bum, ya know?” Sora just stuck out his tongue in protest, ranting about how he’d show Riku and Roxas. Roxas saw this gesture and again felt a pain in his body. Roxas normal “happy” expression on his face turned grim. “What’s wrong, Roxas?” Riku asked noticing the change in behavior. “Uhhh… nothing,” Roxas said, he really had no idea what was wrong. “Alright! Now I’m going to teach how it’s done boys,” Sora said running over. “Sure… dumb luck,” Riku said, coughing the last part out.

    Namine walked over to the camp seeing her friend’s smiling face. “Kairi!” Namine said happily, hugging her friend. “Guess I fell back asleep,” Kairi said. “Yeah,” Namine said slightly giggling. “I’m glad they’re getting fish,” Kairi said looking over at the shoreline. “Hungry?” Namine asked. At that moment a loud, rumbling growl came from Kairi’s stomach. “Is that an answer enough?” Kairi said. “Well… I guess so. You’ve just been sleeping the day away. You’re becoming as much as a lazy bum as Sora,” Namine said teasingly. “Sora would be ecstatic to find out he’s no longer the only lazy bum on the beach,” Kairi said chuckling.

    The sun was lowering ever so slightly. Kairi sat up from were she was lying, noticing the pain was still in her head. “I’m going to the pier,” said Kairi ignoring the pain. “Are you sure you’ll be alright?” the slender blonde said with a look of worry in her eyes. “Yeah I’ll be…” Kairi said as she got up. When she stood up a wave of pain rushed to her head. “Fine…” she finished faintly as the pain brought her to her knees. “No you’re not. Please just stay here,” Namine pleaded, helping her up. “No,” Kairi said firmly. Kairi regained herself and started to walk off. She managed a few steps, but then found herself in the sand again. “If you’re going to be stubborn at least let one of us help you?” Namine said. As Kairi tried to pick herself back up the boys were coming back with their fish. “Sora, will you escort Kairi to the pier and make sure she’s alright?” Namine asked. She knew she could go with Kairi, but it wouldn’t do much good. If Kairi went Namine would be going down with her, not being able to support both their weights. Sora looked over at Kairi struggling to get up. He handed the fish to Riku and without a word ran over to assist Kairi.

    He helped Kairi off the ground and swung her arm around his shoulders as they began to head toward the pier. “Thanks,” Kairi said, ashamed of being the one in need again. “It’s no problem,” Sora said happily. As they walked Sora began to lose his grip on Kairi and placed his free hand on her hip to steady her. Kairi immediately felt a rush of warmth come over her. She looked at Sora; he was just giving her his happy-go-lucky grin. This time the feeling was different; she wasn’t nervous or embarrassed. It was a good warmth, as if her body began to tingle. Almost like the night earlier on the islet, but stronger.

    They reached the pier and Kairi sat on the edge. As her feet dangled over she swung them freely, to and fro. Sora stood there for a few seconds then joined her. She looked out into the water as the sun got ever closer. This is what she came for; the sunset. The pier was one of her favorite places to watch it. They sat in silence as the sun slowing crept to the horizon.

    “Do you remember the last time we watched the sunset together?” Kairi asked. The conspicuous view brought back memories. “Yeah…” Sora said remembering too. “How could I ever forget,” he added softly. It was the last few moments they ever truly spent together, before the storm hit and their world around them came crashing down. “Do you remember what I asked you?” Kairi asked. “Of course I do: Don’t ever change,” Sora said looking over at Kairi. “Yeah. You know what?” she asked. “What?” Sora asked. “We’ve both changed,” Kairi said quietly. “I guess we have,” the young, brunette said. “Well, we’ve changed in good ways. By us changing… it brought us back here; and that’s all that matters,” Kairi said feeling tears well up in her eyes. Sora looked over at Kairi once again, noticing she was sad. “Aw, don’t worry Kairi. Remember we can always come back here,” the key bearer said. “The islands came back, just like you came back to me,” the princess said. “Of course! I made a promise,” Sora said. “And you kept it, just like you kept my good luck charm,” Kairi said smiling.

    “Now it’s your turn to keep a promise,” Sora said staring out into the ocean. “What?” Kairi asked, looking back at the sun. “I want you to have this…” Sora said while digging around in his pocket. He pulled out a crystal, blue glass orb. “I want you to have this and promise to keep it with you always; and if something happens and we are apart, when we meet again you have to promise to bring it back to me,” the young brunette with his ocean blue eyes said, while placing the orb in Kairi’s hand and closing it tightly around it.

    The sun met the horizon, as it seemed to melt and blend with the water. The clear ocean sparkled in the sun rays, as the sky turned into a pink and orange hue. Kairi held up the orb to the sunlight. The rays made the orb glisten brilliantly. She held the orb securely and placed it near her heart as she watched the sun gradually fade away behind the water. “Promise?” Sora asked. “Promise!” Kairi said affectionately as the sun made its final descent. It was perfect.

    Chapter 11: Rolling in the Sand

    Kairi and Sora sat there in silence for the longest time; mesmerized by the beauty of the islands. Sora turned to Kairi and said, “It’s beautiful.” “Yes. The sunset really is magnificent,” Kairi said starry-eyed. Sora said quietly, “That wasn’t what I was talking about,” as he slowly inched closer to Kairi. “Then what were you talking about?” she asked confused turning to face Sora. When she turned her face she found it only inches away from Sora’s. She was a little shocked and giggled somewhat at the odd look on Sora’s face. “What is it?” she asked still chuckling slightly. Sora came ever close to her face and whispered, “You.” He then pressed his lips against hers. Kairi was in complete and utter shock, but it was all replaced with a vast wave of warmth that flooded her body. She felt the need to pull away, but ignored it and closed her eyes. She couldn’t believe what was happening.

    Kairi opened her eyes to find herself still sitting on the pier smiling happily. Sora was standing up a few feet away as if waiting. Kairi looked around, blushing and realizing she had drifted off into a daydream, but it seemed so real. She sat there and brought her legs up and tucked her knees into her chest, waiting for the heat and pinkness to leave her face. “It’s getting harder to overlook emotions…” Kairi thought to herself rather embarrassed.

    “Kairi?” Sora said now at the other end of the pier. “Uhh... what?” She asked. “Are you coming? Dinner is probably ready!” Sora asked seeming rather hungry. “Yeah,” she said standing up and walking over to Sora. “Are you feeling okay now?” Sora asked with concern. “Actually, I’m feeling a lot better now,” the young princess said happily. “Good. Let’s go eat!” Sora said returning the smile.

    A low roar came from the petite girl’s stomach. “Hungry, huh?” Sora asked laughing. “Extremely!” she said holding her stomach as if trying to tame it. Sora was still chuckling at Kairi, so in return she punched his arm. “You try not eating for like two days. OH wait, you couldn’t because that’s all you do,” Kairi said teasingly. “No I don’t,” Sora protested making a sour face while jumping into the sand. Kairi decided to take the steps instead and walked towards him. “Yea you do… you fat-***!” Kairi said running away laughing. “Now you’re in for IT!” Sora yelled sprinting after her.

    Kairi screamed seeing that the young key bearer is much faster when irritated. She raced down the beach rounding near the camp. “I’M GOING TO GET FOR THAT!” Sora shouted getting closer. Kairi turned her head to see that he had gotten very close indeed. “AHHHHH! Why are you so fast?!?! You’re supposed to be slow!” she shrieked seeing the campfire getting closer and closer.

    She finally reached the perimeter of the camp running close to the campfire. Roxas, Namine, and Riku all looked up from their meal a bit confused. Sora came darting in, spotting Kairi, lunged out at her. “AHHHH!” Kairi screamed and placed her arms up to shield herself. She popped open one eye and found herself lying in the sand. Laughing insanely she looked at her friends who were a bit in shock, but chuckling. She went to get up, but felt something weighing her down. The young princess turned her head to find Sora practically on top of her. She was a bit uncomfortable yet found the situation hilarious. “Get a room!” Riku shouted. “Ah, leave ‘em Riku. Can’t you see they have issues to work out,” Roxas said laughing under his breath. “Stop it! You’re both immature. Eat your fish,” the slender blonde said to them both hitting them.

    Sora lifted himself slightly off supporting himself with his hands. “I told you I get you back for that,” the brunette said showing off his boyish, trademark smile. His head was slightly down which made his hair fall down into Kairi’s face. “Well I’d love to stay and chat, Kairi, but I’m hungry,” Sora said sarcastically. His spiky hair tickled Kairi’s flushed cheeks. “Me too. Now get off me you’re too heavy you fat-***,” Kairi said trying to push him off. “That hurt my feelings Kairi,” the young key bearer said making his bottom lip stick out, “Now I’m not moving till you apologize!”

    “Sora, just get off her already,” Namine said rolling her eyes. She tried to help her friend, but she found it too amusing to really put any effort in it. “Yeah, get off me you sick-o,” Kairi said pushing him again. “Fine, but you owe me!” Sora said lifting himself up a bit more. “Come on!” Kairi said pushing him again, this time succeeding at knocking him off. Sora immediately grabbed her arm and dragged her down with him.

    Sora and Kairi were both sprawled out in the sand. Kairi was not very amused, but Sora was just lying there cracking up. “Shut-up!” Kairi said jokingly, smacking him. “Fine, fine, fine. Alright, fair enough!” Sora said standing up brushing the sand off himself. “Let’s eat now,” he added, offering his hand to Kairi. “Lets,” Kairi agreed taking it. They walked the few feet back to the campfire and plopped down on a log; starving and ready to eat.

    Chapter 12: The Darkness Within

    “Did you see that?!?” exclaimed a gruff voice. The elderly man paced across the room quickly and agile; surprising for a man of his stature.

    “No. My Lord what is this you speak of?” asked a smoother, calm voice of a much younger male. He had a dark trench coat on; much like those of Organization Thirteen. His hood was up shrouding his face, but through his tight-fitting cloak you could tell he was well-built. It seemed as if he was all muscle, as he stood at attention to the older man; most likely his superior.

    “The heart… the heart, my boy!” the man said shaking his hands around wildly. He continually paced in front of the younger man as if waiting for him to comment.

    “But… my Lord. What heart?” he asked, confusion showing in his voice.

    “Preciously! What heart… indeed,” the older man said excitedly. He stopped his pacing and faced the younger man. Looking at his accomplice, even with face hidden, he could still sense the boy’s puzzlement. He continued his pacing once more stating, “He is much more promising than we thought; now noticing how he has been reacting. At first he thought he had these “feelings,” pretending as you may say, but as he has developed it is almost as if…” he trailed off.

    “How? Is he not a Nob-,” the young man started to ask before being cut off.

    “Why yes he is, but so remarkably different. I know not how though,” the elder said. He furrowed his brow, concentrating and thinking about his discovery. “These beliefs of passion and love followed by jealousy fueling deep anger within him… it is truly remarkable! It would seem he is having actual feelings. He is responding as if he had a heart, a true heart.”

    The young man crossed his arms; he seemed somewhat interested but still confused and asked, “Why do you find this of interest? I thought all you were after was the Princess?”

    “I was and still am, but this may come in handy in the future. He is an outstanding fighter; he could be a great asset to our plans. When push comes to shove we could use his skills and help. All it would take is a bit of… manipulation. All of those untamed emotions are there for the taking,” he said with a smirk.

    With a nod the young man said, “Ah, now I see my Lord. Is there anything else you need?”

    “No, no, no… You know your orders. Now leave me be, I must have a chat with the girl,” he said sinisterly.

    With a bow the young man made his way out of the dome shaped room. As he walked down the dark hallway he readied himself for what was to come and slowly closed the door behind him with an almost pleasurable sigh.

    The older man ceased his pacing and stood in the middle on the decrepit room. He looked above to the skylight were he stared at the eerie moon. “In due time my Princess… you will know your true potential,” he mumbled to himself with an evil smirk, awaiting his guest.


    The whole gang was sitting around the campfire quietly after enjoying dinner. Namine and Roxas were sitting cozily on a log together, Riku was sitting on a large rock starring at the glittering stars, Kairi was idly lying in the sand near the fire, and Sora was perched on a log next to the young princess. All sat watching the flames of the fire dance wildly as if to its own music.

    “Oh my gawd… Namine! That was the best meal I have ever eaten,” said Kairi lazily, holding her now full stomach.

    “You can really pack it in? Ha-ha, you even ate more than Sora. I didn’t think that was even possible!” Roxas said chuckling.

    “You should have heard her earlier… it was all talk about food,” Sora said laughing. “I seriously thought that no one could beat me at eating anything, but I admit defeat.” He finished as he threw another log onto the fire.

    “But… I was hungry! Unlike you guys I’ve been unconscious; girls’ gotta eat ya know!” Kairi said. She hit Sora and continued playfully, “I don’t plan on beating you at anymore meals. Don’t want to become a fat-*** like you.”

    “Ow,” Sora said getting up and walking over to the log Roxas and Namine were sitting at.

    “What are you doing?” Kairi asked somewhat confused.

    Sora plopped down next to Namine and said, “She doesn’t hit me, unlike you.” The young key bearer turned towards Namine and grabbed her arm. “Save me from the mean lady?” he pleaded; acting like a child.

    “You’re so immature, Sora,” Namine said pulling away.

    “Oh, no you don’t!” Roxas started to say, pulling Namine over and into his lap. “You can’t have her, she’s my protector.”

    “Aww…” Namine murmured and hugged Roxas affectionately.

    “Fine…” Sora said walking back over to his previous seat. “No one loves Sora; even though he saved the world.” Pouting he stood back up, “And for the record I am not a fat-***. All muscle baby!” He boasted while flexing.

    “Shut up,” Kairi said giggling and lightly kicked the key bearer.

    Riku, still sitting on the rock, looked about at the situation and the solemn look he had was now drifting off his face. He gave notice to the young brunettes’ comment with a small chuckle under his breath.

    Sora turned to face Riku and asked, “Now what’s so funny?”

    “Oh, nothing,” the silver haired boy said as he stood up. “It’s just… that is not muscle.”

    “Oh really then, tough guy?” Sora retorted then flexing his biceps as Riku approached him. “Wait… What are you do-!?!”

    The older and obliviously stronger silver haired warrior now had the key bearer suspended helplessly in mid-air above his head. “Now this… is what you call muscle,” he said as he whirled the younger brunette around a few times.

    “Put me down!” the key bearer demanded as he struggled.

    “Whatever you say,” Riku said whilst throwing his best friend towards the shoreline.

    “You can fly, you can fly, Sora!” Roxas yelled sarcastically as he watched his friend go sailing across the beach.

    As the key bearer made a face plant in the sand with a loud thud, his friend and other half, Roxas came running over. Sora rolled himself over, now staring at the night sky, and held out his hand waiting for Roxas to help him up; like he expected.

    Roxas stood there only for a moment before adding, “Sora you didn’t do it right! All you need is faith, trust, and… a little pixie dust! Remember?” as he sprinkled sand into the boy’s spiky, chocolate brown hair.

    “Yeah, yeah… whatever,” Sora said unenthusiastically as he picked himself up and brushed off the sand. “What’s so funny, old man?!?! I’ll get you back… don’t you worry!” he added to Riku.

    Riku was still standing where he had thrown Sora and was chuckling, “I’d like to see you try!” With that he sat back down looking rather pleased at himself and the look on Sora’s face.

    “Well now that you boys have that out of your systems. How about we get some sleep?” Namine asked with a slight yawn.

    “Yeah, I’m pretty tired too,” Kairi agreed. She stood up from where she was lying next to the fire and stretched.

    Sora’s eyes wondered over to where Kairi was stretching. His eyes seemed to glaze over as he stared mindlessly at her body. Namine looked at him and gave a small giggle. Roxas noticed too and smacked in the head once to bring him back to reality as he whispered, “Put your eyes back in your head, dude.” These small events all went unnoticed to Kairi as she finished and waved goodnight to everyone.

    Roxas and Namine shared a tender kiss goodnight. Then Roxas headed into the tent, shortly followed by Riku. As he started to climb in Sora gave him a slight push, and the silver haired boy tumbled into the tent. The brunette turned to Kairi and Namine and flashed his boyish smile as if to say, I told you so. A second later an angry arm flung out of the tent door flap and lunged for Sora’s ankle; causing the key bearer to fall, once again, in the sand and was dragged into the tent.

    Kairi and Namine looked at one another and giggled. Hearing the boys argue again they decided the boys could figure it out themselves for once, as they headed into their own tent for the night.

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    Chapter 2: Clouds?!?

    Namine could read her like an open book. Of course, Namine was part of her after all she thought. Kairi was still getting used to the fact of Namine knowing pretty much her every thought or feeling. It was almost uncanny. She shook the strange thoughts of her mind as they were getting ever close to the pier.

    The boys were dried off and fully clothed. “Thank goodness,” Kairi thought with a chuckle. “What’s so funny, Kairi?” Sora questioned. “Oh nothing…” Kairi said, “Maybe just you getting a face full of sand.” The instant she said this she could not help but laughing as everyone joined in with her. “Yeah, well maybe if I was paying attention Riku would have been the one with a face full of sand!” Sora retorted. “Oh then what were paying soooo close attention to?” Roxas asked inquisitively. Sora’s face immediately started turning red. “Well,” he stammered for a moment. “I was looking at the big, fluffy clouds!” he explained strangely. Everyone was just staring at him with a look on their face of pure perplexity. “What?” he asked. “Can’t a guy enjoy the clouds once in awhile!” he said as a smile spread across his face. He couldn’t hold back Kairi thought, that smile was getting wider by the second. That goofy, boyish smile sat there until Sora himself could no longer act serious and burst out in laughter. The sight of this madness made everyone else laugh uncontrollably. “You should have seen your faces!” Sora said now on the ground laughing.

    “You sure had us going,” Riku stated sarcastically. “No you really should have seen your faces,” Sora explained, “it was priceless.” “Suuure,” Roxas said, “of course you were staring at the clouds.” Roxas just nudged Sora in the ribs and walked over to Namine and gave her a hug. Sora acted like the nudge hurt to avoid replying to Roxas. He held his ribs and made a sour face at Roxas. Kairi’s attention was then directed toward Roxas’ kind gesture toward Namine. “They make a great couple,” Kairi thought. She sighed at the thought only longing for a relationship like that.

    The sigh grabbed Sora’s attention. “Are you alright, Kairi?” Sora asked. “Wha- What?” she said being caught off guard. “Are you alright?” the brunette repeated. “Yes, I’m fine.” She replied. She really was fine. She didn’t like the unwanted attention, so she simply brushed aside her thoughts.
    “Okay, if you say so,” the key bearer said.

    The sun was moving. “It was almost five and they should probably go home,” Kairi thought to herself. She did not want days like this to end. Riku noticed the time too and the look on Kairi’s face. “Why don’t we have a camp-out here tonight?” Riku asked the group of teenagers. “YEAH!” Sora and Roxas said excitedly in unison. “That sounds lovely,” Namine stated. Kairi liked that idea a lot. “The more time we all spent together the better,” she thought to herself with a smile. “Yes, that’s a great idea, Riku.” Kairi said. Riku looking rather proud of himself for thinking it stated, “We should go home and our belongings and then meet back here.” “Okay.” Everyone responded. The group of friends started walking down the beach, toward the boats that would bring them back to their island homes.

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