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    *glomps Link* HOLY FRENCH TOAST! ITS LINK!!
    Yes, this is mine, not Destinied, mine. Its based on mostly game characters, with disney characters, and some Pokemon characters. Let's not forget some of my own! So, with out a further adu, I present to you, ~THE WAR~ Chapter one!

    Chapter 1~ The War
    Her blonde hair ripped past her face as people rushed by her. She stared with her one blind eye, and wondered, when will the savior for our kingdom come? Michiko glanced behind her, eyes sparkling with joy and fear, anger over years of the dictator of her kingdom, the rebellion that fought bravely, but lost, and the siege and capture of all that had to do with it. Her friends, her family, the one’s she cared about the most, gone in the blink of her green eyes. The guard who gave her this blind eye.. A tap on the shoulder woke her from her trance.
    “Michiko? Are you all right?” her best friend Jordan asked carefully. Jordan’s brown hair covered his sky blue eyes slightly as he asked this. Michiko looked back at the sunset casting itself over the landscape.
    “I will be, when Kashi is off the throne.” She mumbled, crumpling a piece of paper up, letting fly away with the wind.


    Princess Peach banged on the desk, and silenced everyone in the room. The motors of outside fighter planes buzzed quietly through the walls of the Kingdom.
    “We have a war in our hands, as the Mushroom Kingdom, the highest ranking Kingdom, we should gather the other Kingdoms as well, to fight this newly appeared enemy!” She shouted above the small whispers of nearby consol members. A tiny boy at the back of the room raised his hand.
    “Yes, Toad?” Peach answered angrily.
    “As a war is going on, all rebellions in the worlds will be fighting against the enemy, so if you think that we have few allies, think again. The Kingdoms will have at least one rebellion to fight with, so not only do we have Hyrule’s, Kanto’s, and Disney’s armies, but also we have, Kanto’s, Tsuka’s, and Tomedoa’s rebellions fighting with us, that doubles the amount of fire power we have.” Toad finished quickly.
    Peach thought for a second, then spoke, “MY GREAT CITIZIENS OF THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM! Officer Toad has a great point. With the Army’s of those who are fateful, and the rebellions of those who aren’t, we have double the amount of people we had before. I order all Armies from Hyrule, Kanto, and Disney present at the castle by tomorrow, along with the rebellions of Kanto, Tsuka, and Tomedoa along with them.” Peach turned to face the giant painting of Daisy. “We have a war to battle with the Shadow Liege.”
    The wind seemed to slow as Link steadied his horse to a trudge. He looked around with his blue eyes that gleamed with hatred.
    “Oh, Princess, where are you?” he said to the sky, the darkness creeping on it with every breath he took. He jumped off his horse and looked around. The once beautiful lands of Hyrule darkened and writhed as Majora took over. Link looked sideways at a single purple flower that stood out in the writhing darkness. The flower bloomed slowly, letting the darkness penetrate it, only then to writhe like the rest of Hyrule. Link stared at the castle, once bright refuge for wary travelers, now to be the dark mark that Majora has placed on the kingdom.
    “I’ll kill him for murdering Zelda.” Link mumbled under his breath.
    “KID!” a guard yelled at Link. Link spun around, his green hat flying off his head, reveling his blonde hair. The guards grabbed Link by the arms.
    “Hey!” Link yelled, kicking one of the guards.
    “You’re coming with us, pip squeak, for being fateful to the fallen Kingdom, and planning a rebellion against Lord Majora.” Link struggled as he watched his horse being bound and gagged.
    “NO!” Link he struggled harder, trying to break lose of the guards’ grasp. He kicked the guard in the stomach the guard released Link. Link sprinted toward the mountains, his horse behind him. The angry shouts of the guards blurred in his ears, as he ripped through the cold air, his eyes tearing.
    “Princess.” He whispered, slowing to a trudge. “Zelda.”


    “Come on Ash, can’t you go any faster?” Misti pleaded Ash. Ash looked up from the computer, to stare at his friend.
    “No, Peach contacted us for a reason, we have to help with the battle against the Shadow Liege.” Ash turned back to the computer. Misti looked out the window to the darkening sky, and stared as a star faded slowly, replaced by a dark purple star.
    “Do you think Link and Zelda are alright?” Misti asked Ash. Ash stood up from the computer and looked out into the night sky. The dark star showed a hint of white, the rebellion of Hyrule.
    “We don’t know for sure, but I have a feeling something happened, but we should get Link.” Ash suggested sending the contact message to all armies, and to the rebellions. Ash sat back on the couch as Team Rocket bust through the door. Ash jumped up and jumped in front of Misti. Misti got behind Ash’s out stretched arms.
    “What are you two doing here?” Ash asked, being as brave as he could be. Jessie and James looked at each other and laughed.
    “Duh, you two are in the rebellion, with Princess Apple or whatever fruit she was named after. You two are wanted.” Jessie explained, walking forward. Misti and Ash backed up. James got behind Misti and grabbed her, putting a hand over her mouth.
    “Misti!” Ash yelled. Jessie grabbed his arms and pulled him back. Misti pulled James’s hand off her mouth.
    “Ash!” she yelled reaching her hand out to Ash. Ash did the same, but they were pulled apart.
    “NO!” Ash yelled kicking Jessie. “MISTI! NO!!” James pulled Misti away from Ash, as Jessie did the same. Ash stopped struggling and looked at the ground, eyes tearing. “Misti” he whispered softly, clutching the seashell necklace the hung from his neck.


    Yuffie did a back flip and hit two guards with her knifes. Leon jumped in a sliced a couple of guars with his blade. He helped Yuffie up and Tidus jumped down from a balcony and looked around.
    “That all?” he asked, as Cloud and Aerith trudged in.
    “Yeah, me and Cloud toke care of the guards in the East Wing.” Aerith explained, putting away her staff. Tidus and Yuffie looked through the glass and stared at the vast lands of Tomedoa, suddenly darkened.
    “How could Wakka do this to us?” Tidus and Yuffie asked at the same time.
    “You guys think he’s with the Shadow Liege?” Leon asked. Aerith nodded.
    “Rulers that had gone bad, plus the Organization are in on it.” Cloud said. Aerith looked over and smiled. Cloud continued. “Peach asked Ash to send out a contact message, then the rebellion letter, but no one has gotten the rebellion letter.” Cloud glanced at the other window. Darkness covered there too. Cloud sighed and stared at Yuffie, who was near tears.
    “We’ll be over this war soon.” Yuffie stated, “As long as the final players show themselves, and are present, this war will officially begin.”


    “Come on, Sora! Its time to eat!” Kairi yelled. Sora jumped up of the couch and rushed into the kitchen, followed by Riku, his brown spikes as he ran. Riku’s silver hair blew lightly when he walked. They sat themselves at the table and Kairi handed them plates with chicken and rice piled on them. She handed them chopsticks, and they began to chow down. Riku poked around at his rice.
    “Dude, Riku, you can eat. Go ahead.” Sora stated, mouthful of rice. Sora swallowed the rice and tapped Riku on the shoulder. “Riku, what’s wrong? You’ve been acting strange. Are you-“ Riku stood up, sending Sora backwards out of his chair.
    “I’m going to bed.” Riku went upstairs to his room. Sora stared at Kairi, who didn’t look away from where Riku sat.
    “I think it’s this war, against the Shadow Liege, that’s got Riku acting strangely.” Sora explained, sitting back up in his chair. Kairi nodded.
    “We should be carefully though. Mickey’s letter did say ‘The War is near’ so, lets be very careful around stuff that got us off this Island in the first place.”
    “Like the cave, it has a door at the back of it.” Sora stated, picking up a piece of chicken. Kairi nodded.
    “As for Riku,” Kairi looked up at the stairs. “We should just leave him alone.”


    Mickey trudged down the long stairwell from Master Yid Sid. He held out his keyblade, attacking any heartless near him. He took out his radio after he stopped, and contacted Queen Minnie.
    “Yes Mickey?” she asked, in her gentle voice.
    “Minnie, has there been an contact notice from Ash? Peach told me about it, but her contact ways are down.” Mickey explained, stabbing a nearby heartless.
    “Yes Mickey, I got it. But only the army contact, what about the rebellions?” Minnie asked, her voice becoming shaky. “I hope Ash and Misti are alright.”
    “I don’t know.” Mickey replied, his voice turning into worry. “Ash and Misti are always the ones to save us from asking Peach herself. They always send out the notices and announcements. I think something has happened to them.”
    Minnie gasped on the other side, “Do you think Jessie and James are in the Shadow Liege, dear?”
    “No way to know for sure, we’ll find out-“ Mickey was cut of by a ring of his radio. “I’m sorry Minnie, its Ash.”
    “It’s alright, make sure he’s ok, dear.” Minnie and Mickey gave goodbyes and Mickey answered to Ash’s call.
    “Mickey?! Mickey are you there?!” Ash yelled, seemingly out of breath.
    “Yes, Ash, its me. What’s wrong? Are you and Misti ok?” Mickey asked, to the scared sounding Ash.
    “Jessie and James, they captured us, for working with Peach, Misti is another area, but I’m fine. I just hope she is.” Ash breathed heavily, as a large boom went off, and a couple of joyful cries sounded out. “Someone’s breaking people out.”
    “Ash, get out of there, I’ll send back up, but tell everyone, on ward to the Mushroom Kingdom.”
    “Yeah, I will, and tell Minnie I hi for me.” Ash hung up, leaving Mickey sorry for him.
    “Ash, be careful.” Mickey mumbled, sprinting toward his Gummi Ship.


    Ash ran toward the bright sunlight, onward to freedom. Hundreds of other people dashed with him. A girl who seemed to have torn, and shredded clothes, lead the way. Ash sprinted up closer to her. She threw two poke balls and a Squirtal came out. Ash smiled to himself, them lost sight of the girl. The many escapees ran toward a large Gummi Ship, their only way to get out Kanto. They piled on to the ship, and they headed off. Ash stared as his home vanished slowly.
    “Misti.” He whispered, staring at his necklace.


    Misti looked around for any sign of her friend. Her Squirtal dashed ahead and jumped up and down at a boy, who stood at the rails. Misti smiled as she ran forward. The boy’s red cap blew in the wind, and by instinct, the boy turned it backwards. Misti grinned and raced forward.
    “ASH!” she yelled. The boy turned and his face stunned.
    “Misti?” he asked. Misti hugged Ash, for what seemed forever.
    “Ash, you’re ok!” she whispered. Ash’s out stretched arms, slowly brought in, to hug his friend back. Misti looked up at Ash.
    Ash leaned down and whispered in Misti’s ear. “I’m glad you’re ok.” Misti blushed and dug her face in Ash’s black shirt. This is real, she thought.


    Michiko dug her shoe soles into the ground, as the guard pulled her toward the cell. Her two friends, Trevor and Jordan sat in there, backs to the cell door. Michiko released her refusal, as the guard threw her in the cell.
    “Trevor! Jordan!” Michiko whispered. Her friends looked up at her.
    “Michiko!” they exclaimed in unison. The guard knocked on the cell door.
    “Quiet in there.” He explained, walking into the next cell. Michiko looked at the boy at the back of the cell.
    “When the war starts, it has no end, unless the savior sacrifices. The War that lasts years, and ends at once. The one and only, the legendary, Keyblade War.” The boy mumbled quietly. Michiko looked at her friends and her eyes showed confusion.
    “The Keyblade War.” Jordan stated simply.


    Peach and the consol members stared at the screen, as the shadowy figure began to speak.
    When the war starts, it has no end,
    unless a savior sacrifices.
    The War that lasts years, and ends at once.
    The one and only, the legendary.
    Keyblade War.
    The side that survives, will pay a price…
    “They will and sacrifice a life.” Aerith finished as her, Cloud, Leon, Tidus, and Yuffie walked in. Peach turned her attention to the newly arrived members of the Tomeodoa rebellion.
    “We were called here by Ash.” Tidus explained. Peach bowed her head.
    “He’s never failed me, even in times of crisis.” She stated. She looked back up at Leon, “Shadow Liege is going to make their move soon, and we have to gather the others.”
    “By others, do you mean us?” Link asked, walking into the room, with Ash and Misti’s rebellion behind him.
    “Link! You came!” Peach exclaimed, running up to her friend.
    “Where are Sora, Michiko, and the King?” Link asked. Peach looked stunned for a second.
    “Not here.” She answered simply.
    “If the last players don’t show-“ Yuffie started, but the boy interrupted.
    “The War is not official.” He stated.
    “Who are you?” Link asked, stepping in front of Peach. The boy took out a piece of paper.
    “The Dark Spot, said to hold magical properties, and magical effects. The rumored to send shivers down the spines of the most fearful and bloodthirsty pirates. More terrifying than Davy Jones himself.” The boy explained, a grim smile spreading over his face. “And, I bring to Peach as a token of gratitude. Michiko Ismano, sister from Hanako Ismano, the keyblade weilder that fought along side Sora. She bears the Dark Spot. She passed it on to Michiko as a family tradition, an emblem, a charm, a charm, with deadly effects.” Link backed up farther, Peach backing with him. “But I cause no harm to you, or your Princess. As you see, it works with the rebellion against the Shadow Liege. It kills those bearing the mark of the Shadow Liege, no one else. As you see, I’m a reincarnation of Clypso, my name is Neiko.” Link stood his ground, still slowly reaching for his sword. Neiko saw how close Link’s hand was to his sword. Neiko quickly took out his sword. Link prepared for battle, by drawing his own. Clack! The two swords hit, and Link was sent backwards, his sword lay a yard away. Peach gasped, and covered her mouth.
    Neiko put his sword at Link’s throat. “Now, we don’t want anymore Hyrule blood spilled, now do we?”

    Weh, a whole 5 pages on WinWord, but its done! Ismano? A referal to my character Hanako? Weird...
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    ....I approve. it's a good story, and you are focusing on character development, but not being overly detailed. We know the characters and you supply just enough details.

    Good job, keep it coming. BTW nice reference to the black spot.
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    *glomps Link* HOLY FRENCH TOAST! ITS LINK!!
    yea, I tried to make do with what I had from POTC and pieced it together, I'm working on the 2nd chapter at the moment, trying to make new characters and what not, but its being worked on. No worries, I'll have it out soon!

    Chapter 2~ The Beginning of It all
    Link flinched slightly as Neiko’s blade pushed into his throat. A small trickle of blood came out. Peach closed her eyes. Link closed his eyes. This is the end, he thought, I’m sorry Zelda. Neiko put his sword back in its case.
    “Now, don’t get on my nerves.” He turned and walked off. Link stared up at where Neiko stood a second ago. He breathed slowly, taking each breath as a last one. Misti tapped him on the shoulder.
    “Link?” she asked. Link nodded.
    “I’m ok.” He stated, standing up. A couple of new people walked in. Michiko balanced her sword on her shoulder.
    “Is this the party?” Jordan asked, smiling. Trevor came out, wiping his glasses free from dirt.
    “So, we are missing four players.” Neiko answered the unasked question. Michiko stared at him for a second. “Thank the sea gods for Jones, he’s the one that busted me out of that cell.” Jordan looked confused.
    “Davy Jones?” he asked, cautiously. Neiko looked up at him.
    “Yes, the ruler of the dead, Davy Jones.” Neiko answered. “His love, and his only love, Clypso, I’m her reincarnation. Davy Jones knew this, and as a token of forgiveness, Clypso told Jones to give her reincarnation anything they wanted. Trapped in that cell with a bunch of mortals was torture beyond death, so I asked him to get me out of there. As the oath, he had to, or be bound to the East Indian Trade Company forever. Norrington is a smart guy, for an English wimp.” Jordan nodded.
    “But what I don’t get is, why would Clypso make a reincarnation of herself, if she’s bound to her human bones forever, even as a reincarnation?” Jordan asked, careful not to touch on a subject that was not to be talked about. Neiko looked over at him.
    “Clypso was a nimb rod in that past life. Ever heard the Pirate song Hoist the Colors?” Jordan nodded at this statement. Neiko smiled grimly. “’The King and his men’ meaning the Brethren Court’s king and the fellow members ‘Stole the Queen from bed’ took Clypso from the sea. ‘And bound her in her bones’ toke her unmortal form, and bound her into a human form, or as most people knew her as, Tia Dalma. The Brethren Court did this so my past life could not cause more pain and suffering than they produced. But, in order to keep peace on the seas, and to rid Jones, they turned Tia back into Clypso. Jack, that witty pirate.” Neiko stated. Trevor coughed.
    “Jones was cruel. He was feared by the most bloodthirsty pirates. Even my dad, one of the greatest pirates, feared him.” Trevor replaced his glasses back on his face, his black bandana covered in dirt. Michiko looked at Link.
    “When does Sora get here?” she asked.
    “No one knows.” Link answered looking at Peach’s painting of her sister.


    Sora lay on the beach, staring at the blue sky. Its like we used to be, he thought. Me, Riku, and Kairi. Sora sat up and looked around. The island sounded awfully quiet. He got up and walked to the cave. The door stood open. Sora gulped. No way, we closed this door, what is it doing opened? Sora looked around and walked into the door. Sora closed his eyes and then opened them back up. He looked around and saw he was in a large room. A boy with blonde hair and blue eyes stared at him.
    “That’s him?” he asked Peach. Peach nodded.
    “That’s Sora.” She stated. Sora stared.
    “So, that leave three more. Kairi, Riku, and King Mickey.” Neiko answered to the once again unasked question.
    “Sora?” a voice from the back of a large crowd yelled. A girl with blonde hair and hazel eyes stared at Sora.
    “Macy?” Sora asked in surprise. Macy nodded.
    “Its me, where’s Hanako?” she asked. Sora and Michiko looked away. Macy’s expression turned grim.
    “She’s-“ Sora started.
    “Dead.”* Michiko finished. Macy looked from Sora to Michiko.
    “What happened?” Macy asked. Sora looked over at Macy.
    “Should I start from the beginning?” he asked. Macy nodded.

    Mickey raced down a hill, about 50 people following him, including Donald and Goofy. Goofy’s son, Max, ran after then.
    “Dad, wait! I want to help!” he yelled. Goofy stopped and turned.
    “Max, please stay here and-“ he started.
    “No! I want to help with the war.” Max interrupted. Goofy nodded. They ran back after Mickey and the others. They got on another Gummi Ship. Max stood by the rails, feeling as though this would be the last time he would ever look down at his home.

    “MALEFICENT! YOU WITCH!” Macy yelled, after Sora explained Hanako’s death. Sora and Michiko took their distance. Macy looked up to Sora, eyes puffy and red. “Sora.. what about Seoshi?” Sora smiled.
    “He’s fine, he’s back on your Islands.” Macy sighed at relief. Sora looked at Peach.
    “What’s going on, why is everyone here?” Sora asked. Peach stared at Daisy’s painting.
    “We’re having a war with the Liege.” She stated simply


    “You can’t possibly hope to take down key-boy in the war, can you?” a girl asked. The green-eyed guy nodded.
    “Yes, I can, Sora’s weakness is his love for Kairi, we take that away, and he’s left with nothing.” The man stated. “Then, he’s vulnerable.” The girl’s brown hair fell over her eyes.
    “We should really keep key-boy’s girlfriend out of this.” She suggested. The man looked over at her.
    “Quiet, losing patience with me, is not a wise idea. Now, we do as I command. We send Bowser out to get Kairi, and we see how hard it is for Sora to fight, knowing one wrong move toward us, could have deadly effects.”
    “Listen, Zen, I don’t think this is a good idea.” The girl explained. “The girl’s and key boy’s hearts are linked. Whatever happens to Kairi, happens to Sora, three fold.” Zen nodded.
    “That perfect.” He exclaimed. The girl sighed and walked over to the window.
    “I’m so sorry Sora, forgive me will you?” she asked the wind. A tear fell from her eye, making a small wet mark on the window seal.

    *Hanako’s not actually dead, I just added that to add suspense. Macy, Michiko, Zen, Seoshi, Hanako, Trevor, Neiko, and Jordan are my characters, and my characters they stay.
    Seoshi, Macy, and Hanako are from my other Kingdom Hearts Story I have yet to put up here. (believe me, I saved you all) Zen, Michiko, Jordan, Trevor, and Neiko are made up on random, but they still have personalities. The Shadow Liege used to be the Shadow Siege, but I thought it was cheesy. Yes Neiko is the reincarnation of Clypso, and those are facts from Pirates of The Caribbean at World’s End, so don’t read that part, if you don’t want it to be spoiled… More Video Game characters to come, and maybe some of yours if you ask. As for the girl who calls Sora “key-boy” we may find out about who she is in the next chapter. (If I can get her permission to use her name…) THIS HAS BEEN A SORARULZ STORY BACKGROUND TIME!!! (brought to you by kh-vids.net, home of Kingdom Hearts Clips, and the forums of truth, and suspense.) LATER!
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    One thing: it's Calypso, you forgot the a. other than that, nice chapter.
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    *glomps Link* HOLY FRENCH TOAST! ITS LINK!!
    darn, the spelling...... ok, well, I'm gonna start working on chapter 3. Its gonna be manly focused on Kairi and what happens to her. And, YOU! start the next chapter of YOUR story, Destined.
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    Started = check.
    realized that people want more = check.
    writers block = BOOOO

    It's coming, but i've got alot of school work stacked up, so it's coming. I'm about a third of the way done with the next chapter, and the last one as well....
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    *glomps Link* HOLY FRENCH TOAST! ITS LINK!!
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    *glomps Link* HOLY FRENCH TOAST! ITS LINK!!
    Chapter 3~ Everything Back
    Kairi looked out at the ocean, her blue eyes scanning for any trace of Sora.
    “Sora, where’d you go?†she asked herself.
    “I’m right here, but I’m not Sora, such a shame.†A man explained, stepping out of a dark portal.
    Riku opened his eyes the slightest bit and stared at the ceiling. It was his bed, on Mickey’s Gummi Ship. He looked around and saw Max sleeping in another bed. Riku sat up. What a dream, he thought. He rubbed his head, as he got out of bed. He walked down the hallway, scanning for Mickey or anyone else. A girl at the end of the hall stared up at the large clock hanging on the wall. Her white hair made her presence ghost like. Her pale skin shined in the light of the moon. She caught a glance of Riku and looked over. Her eyes were white as snow, as she stared at him, emotionless.
    “Hi.†Riku choked out. The girl held her arms out in front of her. A small glass like orb appeared, glowing a bright yellow. She closed her eyes, as the orb floated above her head. She mouthed a few words and the light coming from the orb started to fade. She opened her eyes and stared at Riku.
    “Riku.†She mumbled. Riku blinked as the orb floated into his hands.
    “What is this?†Riku asked, staring down at the orb. He looked back up, but the girl was gone. What was that He asked himself.
    Kairi jumped back. A girl walked up beside the man, scanning out in the ocean.
    “Zen.†She whispered. Zen turned and slapped the girl. She fell on the warm sand.
    “Quiet Kirsty!†Zen turned back to Kairi. “Now, where were we? Oh yes, Sora.†Kairi looked down at Kirsty, who was softly crying. “Sora seems to be in grave trouble-“
    “NO! HE’S FINE! KAIRI DON’T FALL FOR IT!!†Kirsty yelled. Zen turned to her, his expression grim.
    “QUIET KIRSTY!†he yelled, raising her by the neck. Kairi’s eyes flashed back to what happened to Tidus.
    “NO!†she tackled Zen. Kirsty fell a foot away, her breathing uneven and heavy.
    “You, I tried to warn you-“ Zen explained, his voice demonic and evil. Kairi’s black sleeveless jacket blew in the wind as Zen stood up. Her blue eyes showed courage and strength. ‘Just have a little courage, Kat, it’s nothing big’ Tidus called in her head. Just a little courage, and that’s all. Kairi thought. Zen grabbed Kairi by the neck. Kairi grabbed Zen’s hand and tried to pull it away. Kirsty’s expression turned angry.
    “I’m not letting you do this to another one!†she shouted, jumping on Zen’s arm, then biting him. Zen released his grip on Kairi, who fell on the warm sand, feeling her neck.
    “Ugh.†Sora complained, rubbing his neck with one hand and placing his other on his chest. “What was that?†Link looked over.
    “What?†he asked.
    “I felt like I was being strangled.â€* He answered, still rubbing his neck.
    “Air pressure, maybe.†Link explained, turning.
    “Yeah.†Sora mumbled.
    Kirsty stood in front of Kairi, summoning a dark portal behind Kairi.
    “Go!†she shouted. Kairi looked up. “Now!†Kairi nodded, a touch of courage. She ran through the dark portal, looking back at Kirsty.
    “Thank you.†Kairi told her. A large grin spread over Kirsty’s face, as Kairi’s vision of Zen and Kirsty disappeared. Kairi closed her eyes. A rush of air made her eyes open. She looked around, and saw she was on a giant Gummi Ship. She stared up at a boy’s eyes.
    “Neiko.†He answer, the again, unasked question. Kairi nodded. “SORA! YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S HERE!†Kairi jumped back as Sora entered the room, staring at Kairi.
    “Kairi?†he asked.
    “Oh my gosh, is it really you?â€
    “Are you ok?â€
    “Yeah.†Sora ran over and hugged Kairi. “You’re ok!†Kairi coughed.
    “Sora I can’t breathe!â€
    “Oh, sorry.†Kairi smiled. Sora smiled, his childish looking his eyes gleaming. I’m back with him, but where’s Riku? Kairi thought.
    ““I felt like I was being strangled.†He answered, still rubbing his neck.†Remember what Kirsty said in the 2nd chapter?
    ““Listen, Zen, I don’t think this is a good idea.†The girl explained. “The girlâs and key boy’s hearts are linked. Whatever happens to Kairi, happens to Sora, three fold.â€â€ Sora’s feeling what Kairi felt, when Zen picked her up by the neck. Well, since I had just thought about it when I finished. Sora only felt a bit of it, not 3 fold.
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    *glomps Link* HOLY FRENCH TOAST! ITS LINK!!
    I'm suffering from Writer's Block, so, 4th chapter will be dlayed.. STUPID WRITER'S BLOCK!!!:crashcomp:
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    *glomps Link* HOLY FRENCH TOAST! ITS LINK!!
    Chapter 4~ Darkness lies within
    Riku stumbled back to his room, into his bed, and began thinking about the orb. It just appeared, like she has magic or something. Riku thought. He turned over and faced the window.
    “Just a few more days, then I’ll be back to Sora and Kairi.” He mumbled, falling asleep.
    Link stared at his small picture of Zelda. Her graceful smile, beautiful purple hair, and her bright blue eyes, staring back at him.
    “Zelda..” he whispered, tears falling from his eyes.
    “Link?” Michiko asked, softly, not to scare him. “Are you ok?”
    Link looked around at her, and nodded. “Yeah, just thought of some painful memories.” Michiko nodded, and walked off. “I wish I could just call them painful memories.”
    Riku looked over at the clock.
    “Ugh, is it already morning?” he asked Max. Max stretched and nodded.
    “Yup, bet it is.” He explained. Riku nodded and jumped out of bed. He grabbed his black T-shirt and slid it on. Mickey slowly opened the door.
    “You guys awake in there?” he asked.
    “Yeah.” Max and Riku stated in unison. Mickey nodded and walked off. Riku looked out of the window, and the girl in all white was by the rails. Her white hair blowing with the wind. Riku rubbed his eyes and looked back down; she was gone! Max tapped Riku on the shoulder.
    “Come on, or we’re gonna get last calls on breakfast!” he explained. Riku nodded and headed toward the kitchen. Strange, he thought.
    “Come on Zen, locking Kirsty up isn’t gonna help. We should throw her in Hades’ pit.” A boy suggested, his collared shirt covering his mouth.* Zen shook his head.
    “No, we still need Kirsty. She could be of use to us, brainwashed. That little act of her’s, letting Kairi escape, was a rebel shining threw.” Zen chuckled. “She has just realized that she doesn’t want to be a part of the Shadow Liege.” The boy shifted his weight on his other leg.
    “Whatever, just hurry it up. Link owes me big time.” The boy stated, staring at the stars. “And I won’t lose this time.”
    Ash threw two poke balls and his Pikacu and Squirtal appeared.
    “Pikacu thunderbolt, Squirtal water beam, now!” Ash commanded. He unknown figure sprinted toward Ash, then disappeared. Ash’s face filled with fear, as he looked around. Misti threw out a poke ball and looked back over at Ash, her sea green eyes widening.
    “Ash!” she shouted. Ash looked over at her, when the unknown figure appeared behind him. It placed a knife up against Ash’s throat, as Ash’s eyes filled with tears.
    “Misti-“ he whispered. The figure’s black collared shirt came up over it’s mouth.
    “Where’s Link?” it asked. Ash squirmed. The figure pulled the knife closer to Ash’s throat. “Where is he?” Misti’s widened eyes filled with tears.
    “I- In the west wing, holding back an attack of heartless.” Ash choked out. The figure dropped Ash and cut an x in Ash’s back. Misti ran over to the panting Ash.
    “Ash?” Misti asked. Ash looked up at her and smiled. His gray eyes shined then he fell unconscious. “ASH!”
    The figure hurried toward the west wing, teleporting away from rebels and heartless. He came to a halt, as he spotted Link, panting and staring at the stars. The figure smiled and teleported to Link. Link jumped back and his blonde hair ripped by his face, as the figure appeared in front of him.
    “Its been a while, hasn’t it, Link?” it exclaimed. Link’s eyes widened with fear.
    “You- your supposed to be dead!” Link yelled, summoning his keyblade. The figure shifted his weight.
    “So, you do remember me.” The figure grinned grimly. “Good, this battle will be interesting.” Link held his keyblade out in front of him, as the figure brought a sword down on top of him.
    “What do you want here, Conan?” Link asked, blocking the attacks his opponent was throwing at him.
    “To get even with you, of course.” Conan stated, his grim smile spreading across his half covered face. Neiko ran into the room, throwing a Chinese spell slip on the back of Conan. Link stared in fear as Conan fell over, his eyes widened.
    “Good, Ash was out cold because of this bugger.” Neiko explained, looking at Link. “You ok?”
    “Yeah.” Link puffed. He stared at the picture of Zelda that slipped out of his pocket.
    “Zelda, your death will not be ignored.,” he mumbled.
    Another Sorarulz background story time.
    Conan’s shirt is similar to Sasuke’s shirt from Naruto. Neiko is a wizard… from China, but still. In the Next chapter, someone will fall in love, one will fall, and one will reveal a terrible secret about Zelda….. ALL THAT AND MORE IN CHAPTER 5! THIS HAS BEEN A SORARULZ BACKGROUND STORY TIME!!! XD

    Chapter 5~ One will fall
    Ash breathed lightly as Misti carefully put another wet cloth on his forehead. Link leaned up against the wall, staring at Ash.
    “I’ll get him for this.” Link mumbled. Misti stared up at Link.
    “It’s not your fault.”
    “Yeah, Conan was my opponent, and he got away. It’s my fault.” Link stood up straight.
    “Listen, Misti, it is my fault. I should have finished Conan off in Hyrule. But I was so young, I couldn’t kill another person.” Link explained. Misti smiled slightly and nodded.
    “I get it.” She turned back to Ash. “You should go check on Sora and the others.” Link nodded and ran toward the east wing.
    “Ash, you’ll be fine.” Misti whispered, kissing Ash’s cheek lightly.
    Sora and Kairi panted and leaned against the wall.
    “That’s the biggest flood of heartless I’ve every faced.” Sora exclaimed. Kairi nodded.
    “Me too.” She panted. Sora elbowed her in the arm.
    “You’ve never faced heartless… oh, wait you have.” Sora corrected himself. Kairi giggled. Link ran up as Sora and Kairi stood up.
    “You guys ok?” Link asked, worried.
    “Yeah, why?” Sora replied. Link away from Sora and Kairi.
    “Ash got hurt, by my enemy, Conan.” Link turned to Kairi’s worried face. “He’s fine though. But Misti’s not taking it lightly.” Kairi let out her held in breath.
    “Thank goodness.” She stated. Link smiled and turned.
    “Let’s get back before Misti starts worrying about us. But we need to go get Cloud, Leon, Tidus, Yuffie, and Aeith. So, let’s go get them.” Sora and Kairi nodded and ran after Link.
    Michiko and Trevor put there back up against each other.
    “Ready?” Trevor asked.
    “I was born ready.” Michiko answered. The jumped away from each other and started throwing attacks at heartless. Michiko finished killing a large body and turned to see Trevor. Her eyes widened.
    “TREVOR!” she yelled, running toward her injured friend. Trevor fought off the last heartless as he collapsed, his glasses breaking. Michiko ran over and set his head on her knees.
    “Trevor? Trevor, please don’t go.” Michiko pleaded, staring at the large stab in his side.
    “Michiko-” Trevor started.
    “So, my attack caused some damage.” Conan stated, teleporting by Michiko. Michiko held Trevor closer, as Davy Jones appeared.
    “Hand over the boy.” He shouted, his tentacles flapping.
    “NO! TREVOR!” Michiko yelled, as Trevor slowly disappeared, leaving behind his broken glasses. “TREVOR!”

    No special extras execpt Ash is OK.
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    Chapter 6~ The Secret
    Jordan wrapped his arms around Michiko, as she cried.
    “Trevor!†she cried out.
    Jordan’s look softened and his eyes stared to tear up. “Ch- Chill out. Pl-Please, Michiko.†He stuttered.
    “Jordan, don’t go.†Michiko demanded softly.
    Kirsty stared emotionless at Conan and Zen. Zen smiled and flipped a swift, and Kirsty’s blue eyes turned a deep and evil red. Conan grinned grimly.
    “Good, now, she can finally kill Sora and that pest, Link.†Conan assumed. Zen removed the wires from her, and she stepped down, slightly wobbly. Conan and Zen exchanged evil glances.
    “What’s your mission?†Zen asked.
    “Kill Key-Boy.†Kirsty pointed out.
    Sora stretched and stared out into the mass amount of twinkling stars. Kairi’s auburn blew in the wind. Her blue eyes stared at the slow sunset. Sora looked over at Kairi, a light blushed spreading over his face.
    “Um, Kairi.†Sora muttered.
    Kairi looked over. “Yeah Sora?â€
    “Nothing.†Sora lied. JUST TELL HER! He screamed in his head. Kairi shrugged and turned back to the sunset. I can’t…
    Misti and Ash sat in their room. Ash turned his iPod up a little, as Misti read her book. Ash inhaled.
    “Misti.†He stammered. He turned off the iPod and Misti looked up from her book.
    “Yes Ash?†she asked, a little annoyed. Ash gulped and a blush spread over his face.
    “Um, well… I… um…†Ash sputtered.
    “Out with it!†Misti yelled, still annoyed.
    Ash gulped and inhaled. “I like you.†He shut his eyes closed. Misti sat in her chair, and stared at Ash.
    “What?†she asked, confused.
    “I- like- you.†Ash repeated, syllable by syllable. Misti shook her head.
    “Did you just say you liked me?†Misti quoted.
    “Yeah…†Ash answered uneasily.
    “Well, cause, I like you too…â€
    Sora and Link ran, side by side, toward the north wing, heading toward the attack. Misti and Ash ran behind them, panting and wheezing. Sora halted as he saw the brown haired, blue-eyed friend.
    “Kir- Kirsty?†he stuttered. Kirsty turned to him, her blue eyes red, and her face expressionless. Sora gasped. Link growled behind him.
    “CONAN!†Link shouted. Conan turned, his grim grin showing behind his collared shirt.
    “So, we meet again.†Conan mentioned.
    “Yeah, after you left our battle, then killed Michiko’s best friend!†Link shouted, unable to control his anger, and charged at Conan, keyblade at hand. Conan sighed and blew a force of wind at Link, pushing past Misti and Ash, and slamming him into a wall. Conan teleported to Link, sighing as he stared down at the weakened Link.
    “I dreamed this would be a real challenge, but this works too.†Conan explained, raising his sword over Link. Neiko turned, but was unable to move.
    “NO!†A small voice yelled over the crowd of rebels and Liege members. Link turned his weary head to a small girl, dressed in white, with white hair, white eyes, and pale skin. “Don’t hurt Link.†Link’s half closed eyes widened.
    “Zelda?†he questioned.
    “Stop, you’ve killed enough people in your life time, Conan.†She lectured. The fighting seized as they all stared at the small ghostly girl lecturing the feared Liege member.
    “Who are you to know, Zelda, you’re dead.†Conan laughed.
    “Thanks to you.†Conan’s laughter stopped as he stared at Zelda once more.
    “What did you say?†Conan asked in a threatening voice.
    “Thanks to you I’m dead, and you can’t threaten me, cause I’m a ghost.†Zelda sassed back. Conan’s look darkened.
    “Just cause I can’t kill you, doesn’t mean I can’t kill your boyfriend!†Conan shouted, bringing the sword down toward Link. A flash back of Zelda’s murder flashed in front of his eyes.
    “N- NO!†Link yelled, his keyblade stopping Conan’s blade. Conan’s eyes widened with shock and fear. “Stop now.†Link pulled himself up with his keyblade.
    “N- no way.†Conan stuttered, tripping backwards. Link held the keyblade at Conan’s throat.
    “You imagined this as a challenge, and boy did you get one.†Link quoted, pushing the keyblade through Conan’s throat. Sora gasped. Link’s eyes slow closed as he fainted. Sora ran over, before hehit the floor, and held him up. He turned back to the small ghostly girl.
    “It was to much for him.†She explained, in a small, whispery voice. Sora nodded, as she and Conan’s body disappeared. The Liege members ran out and headed toward their ship. Sora looked at Kirsty before she jumped toward her ship. Kirsty…
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    How could you kill of Michiko!?!?! Answer me?! *tears apart thread in anger and hulk rage* lol.
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    ... omg, you getting back on me and the riku thing!! I KILLED TREVOR! NOT MICHIKO!! gosh, meany....
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    haha, dang you are on to me lol. Anyway keep the story going, it seems to be coming pretty natural to you.
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    Chapter will be out tommorrow, be now. nighty night! (PS, WORK ON YOUR STORY!!) This message will self destuct in 5...4...3...2...1... have a nice day!! ^^ *goes boom*
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    This is good! but kinda odd...:rockdover:
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    *glomps Link* HOLY FRENCH TOAST! ITS LINK!!
    it's like a bunch of diffrent video game characters and some of my own, plus SoriKai's and Destined's characters, Kirsty and Tray, IN ONE BIG HAPPY FAN-FIC!! ^^ makes ya happy, don't it!

    Chapter 7~ (Blank… Writer’s Block is taking over)
    Link clenched his crutches as he walked to his bed. He winced as he climbed into his bed, bandages on his cheek and legs, scratches all over his arms, and his brain confused and lost.
    “I- I killed Conan.†He stuttered. He gripped the side of the table as he sat up in bed. I can’t believe I killed Conan, Link thought. He stared at the picture of Zelda hanging in his room.
    “Zelda.†He smiled slightly, as Neiko rushed in.
    “Are you ok?†he asked in a hurry.
    “Yeah.†Neiko put a medicine on Link’s arms. Link flinched as the medicine stung the cuts and scratches. Neiko looked up, and smiled.
    “Chill.†He stated, going back to cleaning the cuts. Another boy walked in and held a box of bandages. His spiked golden brown hair covered a bit of his hazel brown eyes. He set the bandages down beside Neiko and looked up at Link.
    “Tray.†He stated in an instant. Link nodded, as he walked out. Neiko put the last bandage on and stood up.
    “You should be good now, so, just get some sleep, ok?†Link nodded and stared at the ceiling, slowly falling asleep.
    Sora looked around in the unfamiliar Gummi Ship and slowly turned the dark corner, careful not to accidentally bump into any of the Liege members. He stared at the large picture of Zen and continued. Kirsty stood at the end of the hall, staring at Sora, with evil, red eyes.
    “Kirsty!†Sora whispered through the silence of the ship. Kirsty ran forward, her keyblade screeching on the metal floor. Sora backed up, as Kirsty brought her keyblade across Sora’s cheek.
    “Kirsty, please, its Sora.†Sora pleaded.
    “I must kill Sora.†She stated, through an evil voice, unlike her own.
    “Kirsty!†Sora yelled, putting his over him, so it blocked Kirsty’s. A siren went off, and Kirsty and Sora were blanketed in red light and screaming sirens. Sora was grabbed by the arms, and forced to stand up. He stared at Kirsty, looking for her blue eyes in the sea of red. A flicker of blue flashed back from Kirsty, as Sora was dragged away.
    “Silly Key-Boy.†Zen intimated. Sora stared up at Zen, his lip bleeding slightly. “Why did you get on my ship, knowing you were gonna be caught soon enough?â€
    Sora looked up at Zen, a grin spreading over his face. “Cause, this is were I was told to go, its fate that I should save Kirsty.†Sora flinched as a small shock wave was sent threw his body.
    “Listen, Kirsty is not anymore your friend, she’s my servant, and slave. She does what I want her to do, and kill whom I want her to kill.†Sora flinched as a stronger shock was sent.
    “I’m going to save Kirsty, one way or another.†Sora announced. A strong shock was sent and Sora screamed. He panted.
    “Now, you’re not going anywhere.†Zen stated, walking toward the door. “Now, be a good key-boy.†Sora looked around, his keyblade laying a few yards away. Sora struggled with the ropes and they quickly snapped. Sora stumbled over to his blade, looking for Kirsty.
    “Kirsty?†he whispered. “Kirsty, you there?†Kirsty and her red eyes stared at Sora. Sora jumped up.
    “Kirsty! Please, listen, snap out of it!†Kirsty’s red eyes turned blue for a second, then turned to almost blue.
    “So-ra?†Kirsty mumbled, in her voice. Sora’s look turned hopeful.
    “Kirsty?!†he asked. Kirsty closed her eyes and shook her head. She raised her head back up and opened her eyes; they were red. “No.†Sora placed his hands on Kirsty’s shoulders and leaned down.
    “Sorry.†He whispered in her ear. He faced the red-eyed Kirsty then leaned in. She’s gonna kill me when she’s normal. Sora thought, before kissing Kirsty on the lips.*
    SoriKai is gonna kill me when she reads this…. Destined please don’t PM her…..
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    *laughs gleefully* we have an accord. BTW, kinda shocked me how tray entered, seemed as if you've known me a long time...
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    ... no, its like all my characters can read minds... like Neiko, how he's always answering questions no one has asked, I thought Tray should get that too, cause its kinda cool, and it would make Tray look cooler! ^^ Self Destruct?
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    Chapter 8~ (*sigh* Blank… again)
    Sora parted from Kirsty and stared at her. Her eyes were blue again, but her face flushed in anger.
    “What- was- that- for?!†she yelled. Sora sighed and held his arms out.
    “I’m guilty.†He confessed. He grinned slightly. Kirsty’s angry face softened.
    “You did that to save me?†she asked. Sora didn’t even nod before Kirsty ran up and hugged him.
    “Thank you. I’ve been running and hiding for so long, and when I met you, I couldn’t believe I actually had a friend.†Kirsty sobbed. Sora stared down at her. Kirsty… he thought. He smiled slightly.
    “Chill out, ok? Its fine, I’m fine wit-“ Sora gasped, as a dark energy ball hit his back, sending him and Kirsty to the floor.
    “Are you ok Sora?†Kirsty asked, worried. Sora nodded.
    “Y-Yeah.†He looked up at a girl with green eyes and blonde- yellow hair.
    “Did I hurt the little key-boy?†she asked in a mocking voice. Kirsty covered her mouth.
    “What did you sa-“ Sora started, but Kirsty shook her head.
    “That’s Rikku, she’s really mean, and powerful, so don’t mock her, or you’ll regret it.†Kirsty explained. Sora nodded and looked back up at Rikku.
    “Well? Did I hurt the little key-boy, and his girlfriend?†Sora jumped up, his keyblade in hand, aiming toward Rikku. Rikku sighed and held up a hand. Sora froze at the spot.
    “You should of listened to Kirsty over there.†Rikku fisted her hand and Sora coughed.
    “What the?†he choked out. Rikku held her hand tighter, Sora coughing more.
    “Can you breath, Key-boy?†Rikku asked, hand still fisted.
    “N-No.†he managed to answer. He coughed and fell backwards.
    “Sora!†Kirsty shouted, running over to Sora, who was unconscious. Kirsty placed his head on her knees.
    “Sora? Please, answer!†Kirsty begged.
    “Aw, is little Key-boy sleeping?†Rikku asked, balling her hand tighter. “Maybe I should put him to sleep forever.†Kirsty closed her eyes, a bright light shining over all three of them.
    “SORA!†she yelled, the light shining brighter.
    “What the? What is this?†Rikku asked, unballing her hand. She held her hands up to her eyes. “NO!†The light stopped, and Kirsty opened her eyes. Rikku was on the floor, lying motionless, and Sora was sitting up, rubbing his neck.
    “What was that?†he asked Kirsty.
    “I can’t really explain.†Kirsty said, looking away. Sora smiled and looked around.
    “Maybe we should get out of here.â€
    Ash and Misti looked around, as more heartless flooded toward them.
    “When will this stop?†Ash asked Misti, who shrugged, holding her keyblade out in front of her. The heartless jumped toward them.
    “Ash!†Misti yelled, a heartless bounding toward him. Ash turned on the spot and sliced the heartless down the middle. Misti and Ash nodded to each other and ran toward the north wing. Misti stopped.
    “Ash, its Kanto.†She mumbled. Ash looked around, and noticed it too.
    “Impossible.†He muttered.
    Link and Neiko back into each other.
    “This is impossible.†Neiko panted. Link nodded.
    “Where did they all come fro-†Link started, but a bow hit an inch away from his face.
    “Oops! Sorry Link, you never did teach me the next lesson!†came a voice from a balcony above Link.
    “No way, Ilia?†Link asked, uncertain. Ilia nodded and jumped down.
    “I meant to hit those black things, but I kinda missed.†She explained, her brown hair blowing in the slight breeze. “So, what are you doing here?†Her blue eyes twinkled.
    “Well, um, kinda helping with the-“ Neiko nudged him in the ribs. “What?â€
    “Who is this?†Neiko asked, pointing to the radiant Ilia.
    “That’s one of my friends from Hyrule, Ilia.†Link explained. Neiko nodded.
    “Helping out with this War.†Link finished from Ilia. She nodded and looked Link straight in his eyes.
    “Where’s Epona?†she asked, a slight edge in her voice. Link looked away.
    “Um…†he started, unable to look Ilia in the eyes. “Kinda not with me…â€
    “SHE’S WHAT!? WHERE IS SHE?!†Ilia shouted.
    “Back in Hyrule.†Link mumbled softly.
    “Why is she there?†Ilia sharply asked.
    “Cause I was about to get captured, and I had to escape.†Link looked up at Ilia. “Or get killed. I escaped, but I didn’t have enough time to get Epona.†Ilia sihed.
    “Only the gods could know where it is now!†she rambled.
    Short, I know, a surprise character, yes, taken forever, yes, happy to be on to the next chapter, not really, that means more work for me! >.< a little of Sora, Kirsty, Neiko, and Link, and Ilia, very intersting bunch, huh? Well, enjoy my homies! ^^