~The War~

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    This story is awsome:D
    When I read the part that Sora kissed Kirsty I was suprised.Well I like the story can't wait to read more.:)
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    *glomps Link* HOLY FRENCH TOAST! ITS LINK!!
    Thanks! Writers Block is hurting my stories, but I'm trying! ^^ I'll let you know when the next chapter comes out!
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    ok great:D
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    *glomps Link* HOLY FRENCH TOAST! ITS LINK!!
    Chapter 9~ InuYasha
    “Ash, you ok?†Misti asked, shaking her friend lightly.
    “Y-Ye-“ Ash stopped as a heartless appeared behind Misti. “MISTI! BEHIND YOU!†The Heartless disappeared into a black smoke cloud, as a figure came up behind Misti.
    “Stupid mortals, can’t defend themselves.†The figure complained.
    “SIT!†another figure yelled.
    “Ow, Kagome!†the boy yelled. Kagome puffed out her cheeks and placed her hands on her hips.
    “InuYasha, don’t forget that a mortal saved you from that fifty year sleep.†InuYasha sighed and looked away, his cat like amber eyes sparkling. Kagome looked over at Misti and Ash.
    “Oh, I’m sorry.†She bowed. “I’m Kagome and this my friend, InuYasha.†She explained.
    “I’m Ash, and this is Misti.†Ash introduced. Kagome smiled. “Thanks InuYasha, for saving us.†InuYasha turned his head.
    “Feh.†He puffed.
    Kagome’s faced puffed out. “Sit Boy!†InuYasha crashed into the ground.
    “Grr. Stop that!†InuYasha complained. His white hair started to turn grayish.
    “InuYasha…†Kagome started.
    “What?†he turned and glared at Kagome.
    “Your hair.†InuYasha pulled some of his hair in front of his face.
    “What the-?†he cursed. “Stupid mortal cr-“ A heartless appeared in front of Kagome.
    “Feh, stupid things.†He launched at the heartless, slicing it in two. He turned to Ash and Misti, his white hair black and amber eyes brown.
    “Drat! InuYasha! You never told me today was the day of the new moon!†Kagome screeched. InuYasha stepped back.
    “Chill ok. I’m fine. I’m just mortal for a f-“ he stopped and looked down. A sword was placed directly through his stomach. Kagome eyes widened as she covered her mouth. “Feh.†Blood poured out of the wound and filled the floor. Ash and Misti backed up. InuYasha closed his eyes. Conan grinned grimly behind InuYasha.
    “Were is Link, and I will spare this half breed’s miserable life.†He explained. Misti and Ash exchanged scared looks. “And you lives. Or die with you little Halfling as well.â€
    Kagome jumped in front of Misti and Ash, a bow and arrow drawn. “Not another move, or you get it, you devil.†Conan stared, his black eyes emotionless.
    “Good luck with that, you mortal.†He pulled the sword from InuYasha. He teleported in front of Kagome. “You’ll die trying.â€
    “CONAN!†Link yelled, jumping off a nearby balcony, and a few feet away from Conan. “I killed you once, I will kill you again.†Link drew his sword.
    “LINK! WAIT FOR ME!†Ilia yelled, jumping off the balcony and landing by Link.
    “Ilia, wait, its to dangerous! You’ll get hurt!†Link pleaded. “Please, go back with Sora and the others.â€
    “No way! I’m gonna help. I’m not leaving behind you. And remember, I was stuck in the twilight for the longest time! I can handle this!†She explained. Link sighed.
    “Fine, but be careful.†Ilia nodded and turned to Conan.
    “Now, you,†she pointed to Conan, “you get away from Kagome, or there will be heck to pay!†Ilia took out her bow and arrows and shot a arrow at Conan. It hit his arm, and blood trickled out. Conan sighed and the arrow vanished. The blood disappeared and the wound healed.
    “What the-?†Ilia cursed. Conan teleported to her. Ilia’s brown hair blew past her blue eyes. Link ran forward, but was frozen.
    “You little witch, you think you can kill me that easily? I’m not a normal mortal, I’m a devil.†Ilia backed up a foot, as Conan grabbed her neck.
    “Ah!†she yelled.
    “You and Link have a close relationship. Let’s see what the little hero does when his girlfriend’s life is over.†Conan summoned a dagger and held it to Ilia’s tear stained neck. “I guess we’ll see.â€
    “L-Link.†Ilia choked out, looking over at Link, as Conan’s dagger pushed in, bringing blood to a small trickle. “H-H-Help.â€
    “I guess we won’t. We’ll see what Link does when you’re dead.†InuYasha choked out, his white hair gleaming in the moonlight. He drew the Tetsusaiga and stuck it through Conan’s chest. Ilia stared as Conan dropped to the floor, motionless. InuYasha whipped the blood from his sword and placed it back in its holder. “You ok?†he asked Ilia. She nodded and Link ran over. He wrapped his arms around Ilia.
    “ILIA! YOU’RE OK!†he screamed, tears running down his face. Ilia’s eyes swelled with tears and she hugged Link back.
    “Feh.†InuYasha complained.
    “Now, why can’t you do that every time I’m on the brink of getting killed?†Kagome asked InuYasha.
    “Cause, we’re not that close.â€
    “Sit Boy!â€
    “Hey- I meant that we are, just not that close, you know, for hugging. KAGOME!†InuYasha pleaded. Link faced Ilia, his blue eyes twinkling with joy.
    “Ilia, there’s something I need to tell you.†Ilia nodded. “Ilia, I kinda- um- like you.†Lins face flushed red.
    “Link-“ Ilia started, but Link kissed her.
    “AW!†Michiko, Ash, Kagome, Kairi, Aerith, Yuffie, and Jordan cried out.
    “Such a happy ending huh? Girl’s about to be killed, and the knight in shining armor saves her!†Kagome cried. She glared at InuYasha. “Yet, I HAVE NO KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR!†She stamped off, leaving InuYasha confused.
    “KAGOME! WHAT DID I DO?†InuYasha rushed after her.
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    That was funny lol
    Loved it:D
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    *glomps Link* HOLY FRENCH TOAST! ITS LINK!!
    yeah, I try to be serious and funny, so that way it doesn't put to much gloom on the person reading it. ^^
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    *glomps Link* HOLY FRENCH TOAST! ITS LINK!!
    Chapter 10~
    Riku and Max ran to Mickey’s side as heartless flooded into the ship.
    “How’d this happen?†Max asked Mickey.
    “I don’t know, but be careful fellas.†Mickey explained, jumping for a nearby heartless. Max and Riku exchanged glances.
    “Contest to kill the most?†Riku asked.
    “You’re on.†Max challenged.
    Ash and Misti sighed.
    “Geez, what was with all the heartless?†Ash asked.
    “I have no clue, but something’s up.†Misti answered, looking around cautiously. Link and Ilia ran up, panting and wheezing.
    “Just secured the West Wing.†They reported. Ash and Misti nodded and turn. Link turned to the East Wing.
    “Where’s Sora?†he asked. Ash turned, in horror.
    “I don’t know.†Ash began. “Last time we saw him was… I don’t even know.â€
    Ilia looked from Link to Ash. “Well we’re not gonna find him by sitting here and arguing.†Link and Ash nodded. Ash turned to Misti.
    “Misti you stay here, and don’t go anywhere.†Misti nodded to this command and ran toward Kairi and Michiko.
    Michiko looked at the heartless with her angry green eyes, one taking form of Conan. She shook her blonde hair and the image was gone. Trevor… she thought, I’m going to avenge your death. She plunged at a cluster of heartless, slashing them to black clouds. She turned to Kairi and Misti. Trevor’s broken glasses dangled from a chain around her neck. She tucked them back under her shirt and ran after Kairi. A misty figure floated where Michiko was standing. His blue eyes shined a ghostly light behind his black hair.
    “Don’t worry Michiko.†He stated.
    Link and Ilia turned to each other as the floor caved in.
    “LINK!†she screamed, wrapping her arms around him. Wet tears soaked his shirt. He wrapped his arms around as the floor fell. Link let go of Ilia, as he hit the floor. He groaned, as Ilia lay motionless next to him.
    “Ilia?†he asked. She opened her eyes slightly and looked up at him.
    “L-Link?†she asked, her voice faint.
    “Hold on Ilia.†He pleaded, picking her up, like a bride. “I’ll get you to safety.†He ran out the door, dodging the heartless and people fighting. He entered his room, and laid her on the bed. Her breathing was faint.
    “No, Ilia, don’t.†he pleaded, holding her hand and crying.
    “Link.†Ilia mumbled. Link shot his head up. “If I never knew you, if I never felt this love I would have no inkling of how precious life can be. And, if I never held you I would never have a clue how, at last, I'd find in you the missing part of me.†She quoted. Link’s eyes filled with tears.
    “Ilia. I love you, and please don’t go.†Ilia smiled, with the last of her energy.
    “I love you too.†She closed her eyes, her breathing slowly returning to normal.
    “Ilia.†He whispered, kissing her on the cheek.
    Riku and Max collapsed on the floor, backs to each other.
    “Twenty- six.†Max reported.
    “Thirty.†Riku notified. Max sighed.
    “Fine, I have to do your chores for a week. PLUS, mine.†Max groaned. Riku grinned and stood up.
    “Nice try though.†He ran after Mickey, Max following not to far behind.
    Ilia opened her lazy eyes slowly and adjusted to the bright sunlight that filled the room. She looked to her left at Link, who was sleeping in a chair. She sat up, noticing the bandage around her waist. She looked over at the table; bandages and tape cluttered it. Link’s eyes slowly pried open.
    “I-Ilia? You awake?†he asked.
    “Yeah.†She looked in Link’s blue eyes. “Did you stay up all night, bandaging me, and watching after me?†Link blushed, looking at his shoes, and nodded.
    “Kinda. I really didn’t mean to, just kinda stayed up.†He mumbled. Ilia smiled. He’s acting like a little kid. She thought. Link looked up. He smiled weakly and Tray walked in.
    “Hey, how are you, Ilia?†he asked. Ilia smiled and nodded.
    “I’ve been better, but ok.†She explained. Tray nodded and picked up used bandages off the floor and gathered the bandages and tape sitting on the table. Jordan stumbled in and almost spilled orange juice and scrambled eggs all over Tray.
    “Opps.†He mumbled as Tray walked out of the room, cursing to himself. He set the tray down and turned to Link and Ilia. “Eggs?†he asked. Ilia laughed and nodded. Jordan handed her the plate, almost spilling it everywhere.
    “Jordan, just leave the orange juice on the table please.†Jordan nodded and walked out. Link turned to Ilia.
    “These are pretty good!†Ilia exclaimed. “Really good!â€
    “Yeah, everyonesays that Tray is the best cook on this ship. Makes the best food.†Link explained. Ilia nodded and set her empty plate on the side of her bed. She pulled her blanket over her head and fell asleep. Geez, does she get enough sleep? Link thought.

    Chapter 10! Huzzah! Enjoy my peoplez, and like my work! ^-^
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    *glomps Link* HOLY FRENCH TOAST! ITS LINK!!
    ok, ok, I'm so sorry I haven't gotten a chapter out in a while. My computer decided to screw up, and not let me on Word, so chapter 11 is going to be delayed untill i figure out what is wrong..
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    Thats suck but I'll wait:)

    I've already posted in my story.It took me a while but I got it:)
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    *glomps Link* HOLY FRENCH TOAST! ITS LINK!!
    Chapter 11~ New faces, old faces
    “AH! HELP!†Ren Okashi yelled, running and tripping over something. She looked behind her just as Ed Elric jumped in front of her and cut the heartless down the middle.
    “You ok?†He asked, looking behind him. Ren nodded and stood up. “Why didn’t you just transmute a wall or something?â€
    “I was too scared. I thought I was as good as dead.†Ren panicked. Ed put his hands on her shoulders, and she looked up in shock.
    “As long as I’m around, you’re perfectly safe, ok?†Ed assured her. She looked away for a second, then looked back and nodded.
    “Yeah.†She agreed, smiling. Ed blushed and looked away.
    “Right, now, let’s go. We need to find a way out.†Ed explained, running down the hallway, Ren following right behind him.
    “Freaking Ed, running off like that.†Elly Elric complained. She looked around, her spear at the ready. “He’s scaring me senseless… What is this place anyway?†Elly asked herself, looking around at the shelves of broken dolls and toys. She picked up a small teddy bear with a broken eye, and ripped arm. She looked at it in her hand and put it back on the shelf. She looked back, and stared into the darkness. She walked forward suddenly, urging to see what was into the darkness. Something fell behind her and she turned on the dot, and stared. Ed stood, staring emotionless at her.
    “ED! YOU SCARED THE HECK OUT OF ME!†she yelled at her older brother. He said nothing. “Ed! Stop staring at me with that clueless face!†Nothing. Elly started to get scared. “Ed, you’re scaring me, snap out of it.†Elly walked forward as Ed took a swing at her with his blade. “Whoa!†She looked up to see Ed’s eye’s dark and clouded, not the usual gold and bright. “Ed?†she asked. Ed ran forward, taking another swing at her. She dodged it, holding her spear out. Ed hit it, breaking it in two, then holding his blade up. Elly looked up at him with fear. “ED! NO!!!!†she screamed as the blade came down.
    “Ren! Ren! Where are you?!†Ed yelled, walking down a dusty hallway. He looked around, holding out his flashlight. “REN!†He yelled again. He looked into a small dark room and walked into it. He held the flashlight up, glancing around the room, watching for any sudden movements. He felt something at his foot and he looked down.
    “W-Winry??†he asked, his eyes wide with fear. He looked up to see Ren looking down at her, knife in hand. “R-Ren?†Ren looked up, her beautiful blue eyes, a blood red.
    “You loved her, you really loved her.†Ren glared at Ed. “And I couldn’t have that.â€
    “R-Ren…†Ed asked, his voice shivering. Ren held the knife up. “REN!â€
    “Ren! Ren! Ren! Wake up!†Ed yelled, shaking Ren’s shoulder. Ren looked up and stared at Ed.
    “Ed?†she asked. “I had the scariest dream.â€
    “I killed Winry.†The room went silent. Only the sound of a ticking clock that stood in the corner could overwrite the silence.
    “That’s weird, because I had a dream I killed Elly…†Ed shivered.
    “Could it mean something?†Ren asked, sitting up. “Could it mean that it was wrong to rebel against the military?â€
    “No, it’s not saying that!†Ed argued. “It was right to rebel against them! I mean, the State was under the command of a homunculus! You knew that the soldiers weren’t going to stand around and wait to be killed off one by one!â€
    “I know! But what about Hughes…â€
    “Hughes knew to much! There was nothing we could do!â€
    “But what about Riza and Mustang! They’re off fighting in some war somewhere! They’re going to get killed!â€
    “No necessarily, I got a call from them, they’re right behind us all the way, ready to send out their fleet of men when we say.â€
    “You mean-“
    “Yup, me, Mustang, and Riza have the whole thing planned out, and we’re going to win this war.â€
    Hmm… kinda strayed off to my FMA side of the story… heh, new side! XD
    I’ll get back to the others next chapter
    Ren Okashi- Ed’s friend
    Elly Elric- Ed’s sister
    Riza Hawkeye- someone Ed knows, good at shooting.
    Roy Mustang- some annoying person Ed knows, The Flame Alchemist
    Winry Rockbell- Ed’s best friend ^^
    Enjoy till next chapter! XD