The "What Are You Writing Now" Thread!

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    The purpose of this thread is all in the name! This is a thread where you can describe what you're currently working on, and also request help or ideas from others in the Writers Nook!

    You are not meant to post your entire pieces of writing in this thread, but if you're struggling with wording or how something may sound, feel free to put it in here. If you want to share your whole chapter or whole poem, do so in the threads you usually would but link it here for us to see! If you've posted it elsewhere (Wattpad or etc) you can do the same!

    Confused? It's okay, I'll start!

    Right now, I'm writing a new novel called Astral. It's about a girl who goes into acoma, and her boyfriend learns how to use Astral Projection to make sure she doesn't die in her dreams so she can wake up and come back to the real world. I'll probably request some help when I figure out what I want to do for it, but if anyone has some ~cool~ character name suggestions I'll take them!
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    I'm currently writing a story that I'm calling "Shadowhood" for now since I haven't decided on a title just yet, the story is set in a world similar to the Final Fantasy series primarily XIV and XV but there are other elements to the story as well. The main characters are a boy named Sora and a girl named Scarlet who are betrothed to one another. But the story isn't heavily focused on just them, there are more characters, lots of characters, lots of personalities, lots of lore, it's really been crafted carefully. I haven't put it here in Writer's Nook yet since I've been writing it in my Discord server where I have a pretty good audience, I even have a professor who literally teaches literature and writes stories and stuff like that and he loves the story so far so that makes me proud! I'll post it here once I've gotten to maybe Chapter 15 or so, I'm on Chapter 10 at the moment :D