Tiger Simile

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    Apr 15, 2008
    One of my cats, Tiger, died almost a year ago. A few months after he died, I had to write a simile for Enlgish class. So I wrote one about him. I got a pretty good grade for it. I still haven't been able to read it to myself without tearing up. But I figured I'd share it and see what other people think cuz my english teacher was just happy that people actually tried and understood what a simile was.

    Your purr was like a lion’s roar
    Endless shedding was like the brush had a fur coat
    Coming in from the rain you were wet like perfect morning dew
    Missing you is like a piece of the world vanished
    Forever wishing you were still here is like wishing for the impossible
    Thinking about you was like a river of tears all through the first week that you were gone
    Wearing the bracelet is like knowing you’ll always be in my heart
    Pictures are like the forever memories hoping I’ll never forget
    Waiting to see you again is like an eternity that I know will have been worth the wait