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    So here we are again! After almost a year the top 5 has returned! This is the first time I've ever judged one of these so I was very excited and what a come back, the entries were brilliant which gave me one hell of a job picking the top 5. I enjoyed judging this and you've all helped inspire me to pick up my video editting again so thank you everyone who entered. Anyway, without further ado:

    This Week's Judge(s): Ienzo (Vashta Nerada)

    1. [KH] - Be My Escape

    [KH] - Be My Escape

    Submitted by: FurySp4rk
    Song: Be my escape by Relient K
    Details: I thought the editting was exceptional in this one, I liked your use of effects and making them superbly fit with the beats of the music. Not only that but you picked fitting video clips for the pace of the music and even the lyrics.

    2. [KH 10th Anniversary] LIGHT UP THE SKY
    Submitted by: lillovedoctor
    Song: Light Up the Sky (Solomon Olds Remix) by Thousand Foot Krutch
    Details: I loved the use of text and your timeline way of presenting the sesries as a whole. I thought you pitched the video well with the song and you kept it interesting throughout.

    3. Lights;
    Submitted by: Knightshade
    Song: Lights by Joel Faviere
    Details: Not many people can do text well but this is one of the few I've seen which does. I quite liked the yellow effect over the top of the entire video as it made it flow better. The song was calm and so were the clips you used which was done very well. I thought it fit Sora and Kairi as well and you portrayed their relationship nicely.

    4. [Look me in the eyes-]
    Submitted by: Anzu_100
    Song: Wild heart by Sabi
    Details: This also uses text well to the most part and I like the sobre effects you've given over the top. You incorporated the beats nicely into your video editting but the one bit which I thought could have been a bit better was 0:30-0:35 where the crackly texture over the top just didn't seem to fit. However, that is me being picky because I loved this video.

    5. Kingdom Hearts tribute- Awake and alive
    Submitted by: Sonicfan23
    Song: Awake and Alive by Skillet
    Details: I thought this was very different because they aren't effects I've seen a lot which is why this one stood out to me. I liked your use of clips overall and voices over the top although I thought it may have been better to put them in the instrumental parts of the song but that's just my opinion. Brilliantly done!

    Congratulations to all who placed this week!
    Haven't placed yet? Don't give up! Your video certainly was not bad, and you may place in a future week.
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Ienzo, Oct 28, 2012.