Top 5 Top 5: 4th November - 11th November

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    Hey kids, Plums here! I know this is a wee bit late (a few days oops :x), but here is the past week's Top 5! Unfortunately, there were not that many entries this week, but those that did enter were pretty fantastic! Anyway, enough of my rambles and onto the four winners, plus a runner up from last week:

    This Week's Judge(s): Plums

    1. Kingdom Hearts - A Beautiful Lie [Beta Wars]

    Kingdom Hearts - A Beautiful Lie [Beta Wars]

    Submitted by: Lea
    Song: A Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars
    Details: I really liked the editing you did here! The scenes you showed during Roxas' headache part captured to mood of the song well, and I especially liked the big flash out at the end.

    2. Kingdom Hearts AMV - Xehanort
    Submitted by: cwf123
    Song: Made of Stone by Evanescence
    Details: I thought the song was very fitting for Xehanort, but the video seemed to take the spotlight away from him for a chunk for Sora & co. Still really liked it overall, though.

    3. Kingdom Hearts - Our Truth [Beta Wars]
    Submitted by: Lea
    Song: Our Truth by Lacuna Coil
    Details: I thought the TV Simulator was used a tad bit too much here, but the video still came out really great.

    4. Hold On to Your Hearts
    Submitted by: Cloud4012
    Song: All Around Me by Flyleaf
    Details: The color overlays kind of took away from the effect of the video on me (and I thought the zoom was used a tad bit too much), but this was also very good.

    Runner Up: A Gentlemen's Con; KH
    Submitted by: AntiSora
    Song: A Gentlemen's Coup - Rise Against
    Details: This video did many things I liked, from the rhythmic build up with appropriate scenes to the good use of video editing techniwques. A special touch was the use of KH dialogue during the song as well, which fit very well and was well used with the song. Overall good effort and good execution!

    Congratulations to all who placed this week!
    Haven't placed yet? Don't give up! Your video certainly was not bad, and you may place in a future week.
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Plums, Nov 16, 2012.